GW2 Trickster Viper and Phalanx armor skins

A gallery of the new Trickster, Viper and Phalanx armor skins introduced in the gemstore with the Tower of Nightmares update. Each armor set costs 800 gems.

Trickster Armor skin – Light

  • [&AgFeqAAA] Full Set
  • [&AgFsqAAA] Feet
  • [&AgFuqAAA] Chest
  • [&AgFwqAAA] Hands
  • [&AgFyqAAA] Head
  • [&AgF0qAAA] Legs
  • [&AgF2qAAA]Shoulder

Female Model

  • Female Asura/Charr uses the male model


Male Model

  • Male Norn/Asura modeled by Old Sayid




Viper Armor Skin – Medium

  • [&AgFdqAAA] Full Set
  • [&AgF4qAAA] Feet
  • [&AgF6qAAA] Chest
  • [&AgF8qAAA] Hands
  • [&AgF+qAAA] Head
  • [&AgGAqAAA] Legs
  • [&AgGCqAAA] Shoulders

Female Model

  • Female Asura/Charr uses the male model, Norn boots do not cover the knee



Male Model

  • Male Human/Sylvari modeled by Old Sayid




Phalanx Armor skin – Heavy

  • [&AgFcqAAA] Full Set
  • [&AgFgqAAA] Feet
  • [&AgFiqAAA] Chest
  • [&AgFkqAAA] Hands
  • [&AgFmqAAA] Head
  • [&AgFoqAAA] Legs
  • [&AgFqqAAA] Shoulders

Female Model

  • Female Asura/Charr uses the male model


Male Model

  • Male Norn/Charr/Human modeled by Old Sayid




  • kenshin

    strange as usual.. Dulfy excelent as usual πŸ˜€

  • Lladarya

    Yay, new armor skins.
    Boo, they are all ugly or boring.

  • Hyp

    they are so ugly lol

  • David Rodriguez Jr.

    I bet they look great on a charr. /s

  • Force

    Finally, decent light armor for males! I’m going to also pick up the Heavy one for my Norn since I’m tired of the CoF gear.

    • S

      Decent?? dude that armor sucks so much…i mean the only thing that is “decent” are those gloves the rest is just blergh

      • Dusk

        It sucks in your OPINION. Surprising fact, not everyone has the same one.

  • Mike Kelly

    How bad do these look on Charr?

    • trob

      Helm is a little awkward but not bad overall if you just turn that off

  • Deep Winter

    The male heavy looks amazing, especially that helmet… but why is the female one completely different looking?!

    • martin_pokorny

      So you can see those nice legs.

      • Deep Winter

        Like every other heavy armor available to female characters in this game. Gods forbid we actually have armor that looks like real armor.

        • Lemnzestmanatee

          Have you actually looked at the heavy armor for females in this game? The majority of it is normal plate/chainmail that covers everything. It just so happens that a lot of people don’t choose to use those. But it doesn’t mean that they aren’t available.

          • Raelynae

            Most of the female heavy armors are ridiculous and are only modeled to be “sexy”. There are like 3 normal ones and they’re for low to mid level game. I’d love to have one that actually looks cool for a change.

            • Sigil-of-Accuracy

              go here ” r” and tell me that most heavy armor “are only modeled to be sexy”. If you genuinely believe most these armor are “sexy” you are either a) not being honest with yourself or b) do not have a clear understanding of what “sexy” is supposed to mean. Please honestly tell me AC, CM, TA, sorrows embrace, COF, crucible, HotW, Arah, are sexy so i can type LOL in capital letters. Hey guess what, that is 8 out of 8 dungeon armors that are NOT sexy… i could go on with similar explanation for the rest of the sets. The only sets you can make the “sexy” argument for are glad, barbaric, and named. Btw sexy =/= awesome but gw2 heavies are really the furthest thing from …SMH

            • Lemnzestmanatee

              Again, I have no idea what you are looking at. Check this link out. You can click on every armor set and see what they look like.
              And there are plenty of heavy armors that cover everything and look good. Two of my favorites are the primeval armor set and the T3 human cultural.

  • martin_pokorny

    Not bad… but not awesome either. Best gem heavy armor skin is still Brahams, if I donΒ΄t count Primeval.

    • Cyzt

      Not everyone whants to look Nordish you know?

      • martin_pokorny

        I know, but comments are usually used to post your own opinions, you know? πŸ™‚

  • Gondz605

    Male heavy armor look really nice, n bout the others? hmm well…. sorry….

  • Lucas

    Light Male armor is missing boots on that picture πŸ™‚ still a great job Dulfy

  • Ew

    They really need to make light armor with pants and medium armor without a longcoat…

  • Drekoseko

    Can you use a single piece of the set? And can you buy a single piece?

    • Braghez

      You can use a single piece, but have to buy the whole set.

      • Drekoseko

        Well that sux πŸ˜€

  • Perry Su

    heavy armor always look cooler on male than female…imma go do some SRS with my guardian ;_;

    • Gollgagh

      I feel you 100%, mate; this makes me so sad. :C

  • Heretiko

    I’m in love with the heavy armor. But i’ve got a charr warrior. I definitely want to change to human. GIEF RACE CHANGE NAO!

  • meeee

    oh, again iam happy that that armor doesnt look better than my current, iΒ΄ll spare gold πŸ™‚

  • Cameron

    Happy they avoided the trench coat look on the medium armors.

    • tony

      indeed. As a thief, I agree.

    • Perry Su

      Thought trench coat fit engineer perfectly…well the mini skirt is even better πŸ˜€

  • Solus

    yay more pieces to mix match

  • Gragx

    I’m hoping there will someday again be interesting armor availavble after succeeding in challenging content. Just buying it is kind of… meh

  • someon

    um… Can I request other normal male character?

  • uh…

    Are we sure those heavy armor pictures are both actually correct? Normally they at least would have the same *helmet* across genders.

    • Yes they are correct

  • shujin51

    female heavy= super crappy style
    male heavy= super stylish -.-
    We can see that they definetly want to make money by getting us buy gender changes. Just stupid cause not everybody will like to have a male char

    • Shifted

      Other than the helmet, I actually like the female heavy more.
      Medium is pure crap, and light female is great, though not fitting any of my character designs.

  • Mesket

    Male heavy is a generic armor. You can get the same look with tiny little variations with what we had already. It says NOTHING.

    Female Heavy is a bit better but still has no taste.

    Medium sucks.. for both… is like a lvl 20 armor.

    Female light armor is great. The one I really like, it is unique and original.

    Male light; wth? when did the circus arrive? why couldn’t it be like the female?

    • BlkPrince

      it looks better for humans than norns on males

  • ThatGuyAgain

    And again, human medium armor wearers get shafted. Such a great job with the original Krytan armor and then…it’s just downhill from there. I smell a plot against Thieves…first the silly sword…now this? /sadface

  • hurg

    Getting pretty tired of the “LITERALLY EVERY FEMALE ARMOR HAS TO SHOW SKIN” rule.

    • durg

      I think the light armor is a nice exception here.

    • azurefiction

      See, I am a girl and I am a little miffed when it comes to female sylvari and medium armors and the lack of skin. Not that I all ways want to run around in something skimpy, but, hey, I play with my husband and sometimes I want something that makes him go “Oh, yeah, I DO like that character model.”

      • azurefiction

        … sigh, I take it back. Medium armor looks bad, bad, bad on my sylvari. My face, it is sad.

    • bleidd

      its just sad realy. I like skimpy sets for some of my female characters but not for all, not all the time. If a wanna see my guardianes full armored im forced to mix diffrent pieces and its still doesnt look perfect. One full plated set with place for boobs, and without this strange looking metal skirts its all im asking! πŸ˜€

  • Me, not you

    With medium armor, you can have a Doctor Who Eye Patch. Worth it :p
    By the way, this armors aren’t as good as the other available skins… That’s sad.

  • knave7

    Heavy armor on male reminds me of Lann’s armor from Vindictus…and now that I think about it, the female one reminds me of Fiona’s…

  • Airwolf

    Here are the item codes if needed. (credits for these codes go to Reddit)
    [&AgFsqAAA] Feet
    [&AgFuqAAA] Chest
    [&AgFwqAAA] Hands
    [&AgFyqAAA] Head
    [&AgF0qAAA] Legs
    [&AgF2qAAA] Shoulder
    [&AgF4qAAA] Feet
    [&AgF6qAAA] Chest
    [&AgF8qAAA] Hands
    [&AgF+qAAA] Head
    [&AgGAqAAA] Legs
    [&AgGCqAAA] Shoulders
    [&AgFgqAAA] Feet
    [&AgFiqAAA] Chest
    [&AgFkqAAA] Hands
    [&AgFmqAAA] Head
    [&AgFoqAAA] Legs
    [&AgFqqAAA] Shoulders

  • caloy

    why does the Charr character always lose their horns when wearing a heavy helm? So Stupid!

  • Cayla

    Anyone got a screenshot of female medium on a norn?

    • sabreene

      I don’t have a screenshot atm, but was disappointed to see the boots are only knee-high on the norn for medium armor, instead of being taller like on the human πŸ™

  • digi_owl
  • Hawa

    You should post a picture of the medium armor on a norn female, since the boots actually look totally different on them.

  • Hedge

    Meh, I’ll buy a cash shop armor when they make me able to add it to the achievements panel skin-bank. The idea of having to – one day – destroy Ascended armor just to transfer a skin I paid money for don’t sit well with me.

    On another note, that heavy armor looks amazing for human males. The boots especially. Nice and stylish.

  • Filippo Chinello

    Much better now πŸ™‚

    • Iris Nguyen

      It is lovely. Being properly dyed does make a difference. These armors are never as ugly as people have described.

    • RogerDAce

      Could you please let us know what dyes have you used in this plz?

    • RogerDAce

      What’s the weapon name too? It looks great with the armor?

      • Filippo Chinello

        Weapon: Zodiac Greatsword – [&AgEnrwAA]
        Dye: Metal > Celestial // Leather > Deep Glacial Sky // Decorations > Shiver Sky

  • Ali

    Anyone know the dye job of the last of the heavy male human or char? Would really appreciate it thanks in advance

    • RogerDAce

      I would like to know as well. That armor looks cool with those dyes

    • Midnight Ice and Illumination

  • Vin Dy

    This maybe just mere speculation, but do these new armor skins indicate that there will be a new story character or villain in the upcoming Living Story series?

    Not counting the Primeval, Krytan, and Profane armor sets, the list of gem store armor skins connected to the past and current Living Story is as follows:
    1) Aetherblade Light Armor Skin (based on Aetherblade minion)
    2) Aetherblade Medium Armor Skin (based on Aetherblade minion)
    3) Aetherblade Heavy Armor Skin (based on Aetherblade minion)
    4) Phoenix Light Armor Skin (Kasmeer Meade’s armor skin)
    5) Magitech Medium Armor Skin (Scarlet Briar’s armor skin)
    6) Braham’s Heavy Armor Skin (Braham Eirsson’s armor skin)
    7) Trickster Armor skin (Marjory Delaqua’s armor skin)

    If this trend continues, then to whom are the Viper and Phalanx armor skins attributed to? Furthermore, anyone know what armor skin is Rox Whetstone using?

  • Plume

    Has somene tried the phalanx armor on a male sylvari ? When I do a preview, the soulder are HUGE. I mean, if you compare the human’s shoulder to the sylvari’s, it seems something is wrong. is it just the preview or does the shoulder really are that big on a sylvari ?

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