GW2 Tower of Nightmares achievement guide

GW2 Tower of Nightmares achievement guide showing you how to get all the achievements under Tower of Nightmares category of Living World introduced with October 29 patch.

Daily: Toxic Field Researcher (October 30-31 daily)

If you are trying to do this daily to finish up the meta, note that you need to gather from 20 toxic seedlings. It doesn’t matter if the toxic seedling you harvested yielded 5 spore samples or no spore samples, they all count as 1. The fastest way to do this is to look for toxic seedling patches. These patches are in addition to the toxic seedling you get after you have finished an offshoot event and they can be found randomly on the map (look at your minimap and look for gathering symbols, sometimes they can be found near toxic offshoots). Each of the patch usually have about 5 toxic seedlings so you only need to find 4 patches in total to finish it up (I found most of the patches in Kessex Hills but they could be in other maps with the toxic offshoots too).


Meta: Tower of Nightmares – 25 pts

  • Doing the achievements under Tower of Nightmares will grant you 11/14 towards this meta achievement. You will need to do 3 dallies to get the 14/14 achievements required for the meta completion.
  • Reward is a Krait Obelisk Shard which can be used once per character at your home instance to gain a skill point.


The Nightmare Unveiled – 3 pts

  • This is an achievement you get by participating the solo instance The Nightmare Unveiled. If you are level 25+, you should enter this instance automatically when you port over to Kessex Hills. If you are under level 25, then you will need to speak to Marjory at NW section of Kessex Hills manually to enter the instance.


Toxic Krait Historian – 10 pts

Toxic Alliance Slayer – 5 pts

  • Kill 100 kraits or members of the Toxic Alliance. This one should be easy to get when you do the Toxic Offshoot achievements so there is no need to grind this achievement.

Toxic Weed Whacker – 5 pts

  • You need to destroy 25 Toxic Offshoots. These Toxic Offshoots are marked on your map as orange flower icons. You can find them in Kessex Hills, Caledon Forest, Brisban Wildlands, Queensdale, Gendarran Fields, and Eternal Battlegrounds but usually Kessex Hils is more popular since the Toxic Offshoots respawn faster there. Near each Toxic Offshoot is an event to destroy it and which event is there is important for the next set of 3 achievements.


Toxic Siege Gardener/Toxic Demolitionist Gardener/Toxic Golem Gardener – 1 pt each

  • These three achievements all require you to destroy Toxic Offshoots in three different types of events. You need to do each type of event 3 times to get the achievement for each. Which type of event is at a Toxic Offshoot location is purely random but if you complete Toxic Weed Whacker then you should complete all three of these achievements pretty easy.
  • For Toxic Siege Gardener you to participate in [Group event] Defend the Vigil siege engineers as they attack the toxic offshoot. This is just a simple defend event where you kill waves of kraits.


  • For Toxic Demolitionist Gardener you need to participate in [Group event] Use the powder kegs to destroyt the toxic offshoot. The event requires you to manually use the powered kegs to place them under the offshoot to damage it. There are usually 3 kegs around the area. They are marked on the map and you can also spot them by holding down the ctrl key.


  • Finally for Toxic Golem Gardener you need to participate in [Group event] Escort the Vigil Siegemaster to the toxic offshoot. This event is a bit rare compare to the other two types.


Toxic Spore Sampler – 5 pts

  • For this achievement, you will need to give Marjory 50 Pristine Toxic Spore samples. These samples can be obtained by gathering from the Toxic Seedling that spawns after you have destroyed a Toxic Offshoot. Each gather yield 3-5 samples. Alternatively, you can purchase those on the Trading Post (just search for spore).
  • Once you have completed this achievement, Marjory will open up as a merchant and sell you recipes in exchange for more spores and gold.


Toxic Global Gardener – 5 pts

  • Destroy Toxic Offshoots in 5 different maps (if you have a hard time remembering which map you killed the offshoots in, follow this list from top to bottom).
  • Kessex Hills
  • Caledon Forest
  • Brisban Wildlands
  • Queensdale
  • Gendarran Fields.

Toxic Spore Cleanser – 5 pts

  • Important note about the Toxic Corruption buff: This buff does not occur on every champion/veteran. There is a % chance for them to get it. Some vets/champions may not get this buff immediately when they spawn so you may have to wait anywhere fro 10s to 2 minutes for them to get this buff. Do not attack and kill them immediately. Wait a bit to see if they get the buff. If they don’t get the buff after 2 minutes then kill them.
  • You need to kill 25 champions and veterans with the Toxic Corruption buff. The ones that spawn during the Toxic Offshoot rarely have this buff so you will need to camp this achievement separately.
    • However, this achievement can be completed in any zone with champions/vets so you don’t have to restrict yourself to Kessex Hills and surrounding areas.
    • It appears that only champions/veterans that spawn with events can have a chance to have this buff


  • You can try the Scarlet Invasions but your experience may vary. Some players got their achievements really fast via the invasions but other people (myself included) find it to be a waste of time as there were only 2-3 mobs with the buff for the entire 45 minutes of the invasion.
  • You can also do the Queensdale champion train to get this achievement as well (Frostgorge Sound champion train does not work well for this).
  • A third method to get this achievement is via camping the 3 Champions that spawn in Kessex Hills. Each of them have their own event called Defeat the Toxic Alliance Champion.
    • They spawn near Overlord Waypoint, Meadow Waypoint, and Auld Red Wharf POI. What people do is camp near Auld Red Wharf POI since the two other waypoints are contested when these champions spawn so you can easily tell when they have spawned (the waypoint near Auld Red Wharf POI does not get contested).
    • There is only a chance for them to have the Toxic Corruption buff. This means that not every champion kill will grant you a tick towards the achievement. Only the ones with the buff (see pic above) will count towards it.



Krait Bane – 10 pts

  • You need to kill the Krait Witches that spawn in Kessex Hills, Timberline Falls, and Caledon Forest.
  • Kessex Hills and Timberline Falls ones are on a timer while the one in Caledon Forest require you to do pre-events to spawn her in addition to a timer.
  • Kessex Hills witch is located next to the Lair of the Seawitch POI. To get to her cave, swim towards the tower and once you are at the vista, you will find a tunnel that leads to her cave. She will pop up once [Group event] Stop the Blood Witch occurs. This event is based on a timer.


  • Timberline Falls witch is located on the very top of the krait tower near the vista. She will spawn once [Group event] Kill the krait witch occurs. This event is also based on a timer.


  • Caledon Forest one is located on the shares of Ventry Bay. Unlike the previous two witches, her group event is based on a timer and have pre-events you must complete to trigger it. Her event is [Group event] Locate and kill the transformed krait witch. To start the pre-event, you will need to open a Mysterious Chest to free Patli. Wait at the pre-event location indicated on the map and interact with the chest once it appears. Doing so will trigger the events you must complete and then escort Patli back to the Hylek village to spawn the Krait witch.
    • Pre-events
      • Return transformed hylek to their true form
      • Escort Patli back to the Zopatl Grounds
      • Locate and kill the transformed krait witch


By Dulfy

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56 replies on “GW2 Tower of Nightmares achievement guide”

Dulfy we confirmed that the Caledon Krait witch does not give the kill count twice, only once.
Just letting you know~!

Toxic Spore Cleanser
Just do a Scarlet Invastion. Clockwork champs and veterans have the buff, too. Once invasion should be enough for this achievement. Just tested on Iron Marches about an hour ago.

Did the entire Scarlet Invasion in Dredgehaunt Cliffs and got a grand total of 2 with the buff. Lots of others in map chat were complaining that no mobs had the buff. So either it’s based on zone or you were just lucky. Certainly it’s not a guaranteed way to get the achievement.

Had one one every portal when the invasion started. Either a champ or veteran and this continues with every new wave until a portal closed. So it’s probaly just RNG and I was lucky.

Actually all champion events in game can have toxic spore buff, so like queensdale champ train would be good too for the cleanser achievement

hey guys have any of you completed all 14 tower achievements i did 13 of 14 i did all the main and i think 2 daily’s

Is it ONLY Champions/Veterans that have the spores on them? Has anyone ever seen normal mobs with them? I’m wondering if we might not be going about this the wrong way; we should be checking normal monsters in the world for spores and killing them if they do.

For the “Toxic Spore Cleanser” you can wait until the champion(s) get the debuff. It may not spawn with it, but wait about 1-2 min and it will get the debuff, at least that’s the case in Kessex Hills.

Toxic Spore Cleanser can not be done in Frostgorge. After 1 hour and 15 minutes in the champ train I realized the Frostgorge Champions never ever have the Toxic effect required for the Cleanser achievement. Not one single champion had it.


After being in Queensdale for less than 1 cycle(less than 5 mins), I already got +2 in my achievement progress. The Troll had it and the Oak had it too.

Queensdale champ train is best to do this achievement.

I think it is the same but the 3 champions from Kessex I listed are all spawned from events so they have a bigger chance to have the buff (buffs only go on champions spawned from events apparently)

Does anyone here know the time respawn of witch or how much time do we have to wait for it. Or is it still bug after the update been here for 40mins now and only champion krait hypnosis spawn we killed it twice but no witch. – Timberline

i think the Toxic Spore Cleanser is more easy and fast doin it in Queensdale (champion train farming)

the krait witch in timberline also follows a meta event chain. The “Defend Chief Eztlitl from the krait” event at the village to the north of the lake must be in progress for the witch to spawn. If all the Hyleks there are downed, they will need to be revived before the krait witch will spawn. The event itself does not have to be completed before the witch will spawn, so you need to make sure you have enough time to get back to the top of the tower

This is wrong, the krait witch spawns regardless the status of the event at the north. Here is a screenshot I took the other day – the north event has failed and Hyleks needs to be revived. No one revived them and the krait witch still spawned.

Yep, one doesn’t do anything with another. Same as Dulfy, when I got the witch, no one cares about the other events, they failed, but the witch spawn anyway in about every 30 min.

It seems the reward skill point is only “once” not “once per day”. I can use it for making crystals once per day like other power source but not for the skill point.

So the entire point of this reward is to somewhat fix the mistake of the crystal fusion? Rather than give this lame reward, might it have been better to move the fusion to crafting?

You are right… I thought the reward is a skill point once a day, but unfortunately, its just fusion once per day… (and an extra skill points for each of your characters… which still lame)

For what it’s worth: the Timberline Falls Krait witch is on a ~30 minute timer, assuming it’s always the same. I know because I just missed the event and waited for it to spawn again.

She also tends to go down quickly if there’s much of a zerg: far too fast for you to get up the tower if you’re not already on it.

Problems with Toxic Spore Cleanser? Easiest way I know to do it: in front of the Bridge of CoF is an event with 3 veterans wait for that buff and kill them, then guest to another server and do this event again and then guest to another server and do it there too, then go back to your homeserver and the event should be able to do again. Its able to do solo but a lil bit hard. Best way to kill them as 2. But it could be possible that otherpeople guest on your server and do this event so maybe ask them which server they are using and wait for each other or just be fast, what ever:) This is how i did this archivemt

I just wanted to point out that “Reward is a Krait Obelisk Shard which can be used once a day per account at your home instance to gain a skill point” is wrong, you can only get the skillpoint once per character, for me at least.

Has anyone else had a problem with Krait Bane bugging? I killed all 3 champion Krait Witches and didn’t get credit, so I went back and killed them all again, still to no avail.

Hi, can any one point where in the Grove i can find place of power from this achivement? cannot find it. Uncle google also cannot find it.

Once you unlock the place of power, it can be found in your home instance, which in the grove is Dreamers terrace, on the bottom level, go to Ronans Waypoint, Then NE from there. If you look at the world map, in the bottom right there are layers you can select to see different layers of the map, click the bottom one in the grove to see it. Good luck!

Toxic Spore Sampler: Can I still get this now that the other living story is out, or is it took late because Marjory has gone into the tower?

so because the Nightmare Unveiled is not availeble anymore….i cant complete the living world…Tower of Nightmares…meta anymore…because if i read it correcly there are 11 archievements in that + 3 dailys would make it 14…but because Nightmare Unveiled is not availeble anymore i would be stuck at 13/14.

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