GW2: Updated Obsidian Sanctum map scheduled for Nov release

The newly updated GW2 Obsidian Sanctum WvW map with area for large scale player fights will be released in November.


I wanted to let you all know about the progress we have been making on the new area in the Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle. We’ve been taking feedback and testing the area and we are planning to release the new version of the map in November, barring any unforeseen difficulties. The changes to the map will remove the Borderlands Bloodlust buff from players in the map and will introduce a brand new area of the map laid out for large player fights. We are also adding the map to the dropdown menu so that players will be more quickly able to enter the map from anywhere, without being required to load into Eternal Battlegrounds.

We hope these changes will create a better WvW experience for everyone while providing a space for players to explore the large scale fights that have organically grown up around the game.

I, personally, would like to give thanks to the WvW team which has done a ton of great work in a very short period of time to make this happen quickly and to accommodate the feedback we have received. We hope you enjoy the new space and thanks for playing!

Devon Carver
          WvW Coordinator


  • Grimcrotch

    so what is this supposed to be, a new wvw map or a new jumping puzzle. i dont do jumping puzzles; if i wanted to do those id play Monkey Quest. and if its an integration of pve/wvw, if you havent already noticed the attempts at that have been epic failures, take a look at wow’s attempt at that. no one does that pve stuff in their bg’s either. we are there to kill players, not bounce around like a nub blocking genuine wvw’ers from the maps in 3hr queues.

    • Obsidian Sanctum is a jumping puzzle map revamped to add an area for large scale player battles

  • Lord

    Hi, will it be like Borderlands (jumping puzzle with camp, tower.. to take over ?)
    Does this new map gives Server points too ?

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