GW2 Toxic Dyes Mantles and Gloves in the gemstore

Gallery of the new Toxic Mantle, Toxic Glove, and Toxic Dyes introduced to GW2 gemstore update on Nov 5, 2013.

Toxic Mantle skin and Toxic Glove skin- 400 gems each

  • Same for al three armor types, and identical between male/female.
  • Toxic Mantle code: [&AgGBvwAA][&AgF+vwAA][&AgGDvwAA]
  • Toxic Glove code: [&AgGIvwAA][&AgGFvwAA][&AgGKvwAA]



Some dye patterns





Male (just to show that it is identical)








Toxic Dye Kits – 125 gems each or 5 for 500 gems

Pack contain a pool of 25 dyes with a chance at 6 new exclusive dyes.

Codes taken from that_shaman’s post on reddit.

  • [&AgEcvwAA] Blacklight Dye
  • [&AgEdvwAA] Cobolt Dye
  • [&AgEevwAA] Cyanide Dye
  • [&AgEfvwAA] Limonite Dye
  • [&AgEgvwAA] Vincent Dye
  • [&AgEhvwAA] Violite Dye

Other possible dyes

Fine Masterwork Rare
Khaki Dye [&AgEpUAAA] Dark Chocolate Dye [&AgGIUAAA] Taro Dye [&AgG0TwAA]
Bronze Dye [&AgHSTwAA] Eucalyptus Dye [&AgHqTwAA] Crisp Mint Dye [&AgH3TwAA]
Lemon Dye [&AgFCUAAA] Heirloom Dye [&AgELUQAA]  
Root Dye [&AgHsUAAA] Graphite Dye [&AgGJTwAA]  
Sour Dye [&AgH1UAAA]    
Grape Dye [&AgF+UAAA]    
Spring Breeze Dye [&AgH2UAAA]    


  • Gossip Goat

    Pretty neat stuff. Fingers crossed they make the whole set!

    • Ayson Currax

      dream on…they never do that simply so it fits all 3 armor classes. why else would they always just make the minor pieces like gloves, shoulders and headpieces? let alone that those are the only pieces of armor you can hide if you want to.

  • Chris Alvarez

    Love how you can dye the gloves

  • Ares Zax

    Damn. Vincent looks niiiiiice.

  • Buttercuppy

    Starry starry night
    Paint your palette blue and grey….

  • RevengencerAlf

    Nearly all these dyes look barely a hair different from existing dyes. Cyanide is almost exactly deep teal, limonite may as well be zest, and the purples all seem to be close matches to existing ones as well. It’s literally like someone just took an RGB picker and ticked the hue slider one bit to the right or left.

    • Magic

      I know, they need to stop releasing dyes, running out of colors lol.

  • Crash

    those gloves are cool hope i can make a set with them on my charr necromancer that looks good

  • Brandon Fields

    I’d like to know why the gloves and shoulders are budgeted at 400 gems a piece when complete armor sets are 800…. the logic fails me here if there is any at all.

    On the bright side damn that Vincent dye. I can haz?

    • Ania Borkowska

      Same reason why not put it in reward for actual living story, but sell it instead. $$$$$ > fun.

      • Eerena

        nobody wants something everybody has, if it was a reward from living story nobody would want it nor use it. Look at the other rewards we get that is free/common: even if it looks okay nobody wants it.

        • ZiemnyJ

          Seriously? Look at the Mantle, Helmet and Gloves from the achievment rewards, everyone loves them, even thought they are so common. It’s clearly a way to check how much we are willing to pay for the awesome skins. Arena Net is only thinking about money these days, it’s not the same company it used to be during Guild Wars 1 times. Just to compare – how many armor / weapon sets did we get during the first 1 of gw2, in our crafting disciplines? 0 armors, 1 weapon set, incredibly expensive and time consuming. And what about the Gem Store? At least 4 armor sets, awesome looking weapon skins – I’m speaking about tickets, you have to buy black lion keys for a random chance of getting a ticket from the chest – at the other hand we are served “revamped” skins, like ascended weapons with green glow effect, and reskined ugly TA weapons. End of the line for me.

          • ArsenicSundae

            Totally agree about ANet not being the same company from the days of GW1. Back then, the costume pieces you bought were yours forever, always available across your entire account and they didn’t even eat up your storage space. Now, each piece, in addition to being grossly overpriced, gets bound to each character when used, can’t be transferred to another character, requires another gem purchase just to move it to another armor piece while destroying the gear it’s skinned over (at level 80) and eats inventory when not in use. Right now, I have an entire inventory section devoted to skins that I’m not using but want to hold on to because they cost so damned much. Had to buy that extra inventory section too, by the way.

            And it’s not just armor skins but useful stuff like that molten pick you could get with unlimited uses. It’s so nice to have and saves me such a headache dealing with making sure I have the right pick for the right node … but just for one character. It’s Soulbound, not Account Bound, so I can’t trade it off to my *active* character when I no longer feel like playing my Thief. It’s not as if I could be farming with two characters at once so it wouldn’t be abused. It would just allow me to continue enjoying the convenience I paid good money for, on the character I feel like playing at a given time. Now I feel forced to whip out the Thief just because of the investment I’ve made. That was a lousy choice they made and it wasn’t necessary.

            They had a GREAT system in GW1 and a great business ethic, but they tossed it out of GW2 in order to nickel and dime their players. In the good ol’ days, customer satisfaction was up at the top of their checklist. I’m not sure where it is now, but it’s not high enough.

            • Brandon Fields

              Just to be fair they did essentially go bankrupt(not entirely) with GW1 and had to do restructuring. Which ultimately lead to a portion of the company being sold off to NCSoft. If memory is serving me correctly here.

              • zerkberk

                wrong. Arenanet was aquired by Ncsoft in 2002

              • Brandon Fields

                Thank you for the correction. You are correct their first restructuring occurred after it happened. Will need to get the financial reports to confirm when exactly. I think it was before Eye of the North went into production.

                The 2nd was actually a NCSoft restructure in 2009 which ultimately gave ArenaNet more money/resources for GW2 development but cutting strings on other projects.

                December 11, 2002 – NCsoft acquires ArenaNet.

            • DarkChaosGames

              I wouldn’t go as far as “nickel and dim[ing]” their players, but it is pretty freaking ridiculous how every new armour set they make is exclusive to the gem store other than the achievement pieces which aren’t even a full set and all the new weapon skins are locked away by RNG with the exception of super adventure box. (which had a much better reward system and I guess new champ skins aren’t bad)

              All on top of the fact that minis are cumber-sum to use leaving most of those ‘free’ minis we get just rot in storage with the 15+ backpieces every 2 weeks.

              EDIT: Also, why do 2 of the legendaries require boxes of fun? They aren’t a problem to get now with the achievement boxes but they previously had a REQUIREMENT to buy something from the gem store. :/

              The game is still fun, but there needs to be some additional rewards (not stupid easy to get like most living world things…) for PLAYING the game on top of just some fine tuning their systems.

      • Yinello

        If your fun is dependent on a few shiny armor pieces, then you might not be playing the game right. ANet needs the money and that’s fine. I’d rather not have them charging me for jumping puzzles, pvp battles and such.

        • Ania Borkowska

          How about you don’t tell anyone how to play the game right, since you have no right. And anet would do perfectly well with selling name changes and minis instead of story-involved gear wich should be involved in story loot, not in the cash shop, this isnt f2p game where everything is purchased with money, get your reality facts straight. We paid for the game and for the content, and they don’t need to release items for real life money every 3 days.

          • DS

            Says you. They can do what they want.

          • $35497034

            I only disagree a little on this point: they can put whatever they want in the cash shop in an effort to make money. They need to make money to keep the game going and the content flowing (bad rhyme). But you make a good point in that they should be putting an equal effort into making little items for seasonal events and such.

            • Magic

              It used to be like that, anyways. Not long ago we got Teq back piece, they weren’t sold on gem store.

              Some people fart money out of their asses and just wait a single complainant to say the classic “charging $4 for a piece of armor when other MMOs make you pay 20$ a month just to play blablabla”.
              We did not say WE WANT THIS FOR FREE WTF ANET, we’re just finding it odd and overpriced for the usual ANet. Maybe they want to see how many id- sorry, I mean rich people, buy their stuff and compare their income to how it was, in which case I wouldn’t buy the skins even though I can afford them, because many->cheap better than less->expensive.

              • Ania Borkowska

                You really can’t read, can you?

          • piniondz

            Masz rację, tylko że nikt cię nie zmusza do kupowania przedmiotów z gemshopu podczas promocji/części LS o ile nie są jakoś wybitnie przydatne – jak np. maszynka do rozbijania przedmiotów za miedź.
            Osobiście te powyższe w żaden sposób mi się nie podobają.

            • Ania Borkowska

              I understand all of the above, but when did they add any decent in game rewards that didn’t come out of black lion chest or straight from the store? How come gear thats titled from the STORY, is not obtained by doing the story? I wont even mention the halloween fail of the farming “fun”. How come I do daily dungeons, fractals, bosses and I still can’t afford to even buy the new releases in the store for in game money? Stop being so defensive and be objective for christ sake. And to everyone here – no, you wont make me feel guilty for wanting gear in the game I’m suppose to play, you’re being ridiculous. and just as FYI, they make tens of thousands of dollars just on transmutation stones from the store, DAILY. So they are being greedy, and you’re encouraging it.

              • Ania Borkowska

                Oh and just one last thing with good intentions – if the story is what creates the game, but I would obtain more just by farming money and spending it in the store, then whos giving the wrong idea? I can do champion farm for a week instead of living story achievements, and have tons more of story involved gear. Is that a game we want to play.. really? I really don’t. And I bought a lot of items past 7 years in GW/GW2, but now I feel used.

              • ShadowBroker

                Just remember. You paid for the game on release, with the content
                provided, on release. Arenanet DOES NOT have to provide free content
                updates every few weeks. They DO NOT have to provide new items in the
                game both through drops and through the Trading Post. The fact that you
                think they should be giving EVERYTHING free, is just beyond stupid. I much rather play a game that is fun, has new content quite often, and rewards even then play some subscription based MMO game that hardly ever has new content outside expansion packs you purchase (e.g. WoW). If you think you are entitled to more… well they do have a Support line, and forums you can go whine on. Otherwise just leave the game. Nobody is asking you to stay.

              • Ania Borkowska

                who are you to speak FOR them, and nobody is asking for YOUR opinion, looks like you didnt play much mmo’s cause what youre talking about is pure horeshit.

              • Vance

                I guess I start from the most recent and go back:
                New full face mase coming next week
                Free mad king mask
                Poison Backpiece
                Tequatl Wings
                ALL of the SAB items
                Clockwork tonic and Sovereign weapons
                Desert Rose and Backpack
                ACHEIVEMENT ITEMS!!!
                Wind Catchers and Helmets
                Flame and Frost gauntlets (awesome armor)
                The First set of SAB gear

                All these FREE items you get for just playing the content, this doesn’t include all the items that are dropped randomly that end up on the trading post that are very attainable if you play even a few hours a week.


              • Ania Borkowska

                lol are you seriously trying to come up with everything that wasn’t for money released in game? proves what? that list is shortly sad compared to new things in store every 4 days, haha, aww now I’m sad. That should have came with /sarcasm tag before post, ridiculous.

          • Anderson

            He has the same right to tell you what to do as you have to tell Anet.

          • ShadowBroker

            Stop complaining already. If you don’t like it. STOP PLAYING. Not a hard concept. Although it seems to be the hardest concept to grasp for negative players around here.

            • Ania Borkowska

              stop stalking me, thats not a hard concept to mind your own buisness and stop yapping, youre NOT arenanet, so shut the fuck up?

        • Ania Borkowska

          This is a self dick sucking community, none of you can be objective at fucking all, and youre bunch of casuals that have no idea what they are talking about, so quit comparing what are they not charging me with to look good lol pathetic.

    • DarkChaosGames

      Boycotting it despite how perfectly the gloves fit my character’s gear just in case it’s Anet’s way of testing what we are willing to spend…

      I don’t have cash to dish out nor the gold if single pieces are that much.

      • PJ

        Boycotting a game charging $4 for a piece of armor when other MMOs make you pay $10-$15 a month just to play? And often have their own cash shops?

        Pure silliness. I’m VERY willing to support Anet by buying because I appreciate how hard they’re working to churn out content and there are still a vast array of in-game armors and items without spending money. Not to mention you can exchange coins for gems anyways.

        • DarkChaosGames

          I am not boycotting the gem store, I am boycotting this specific gear as it is rather overpriced for an individual piece.

          • Pride

            I would laugh if anet realized by this that making money out of direct purchases was a bad idea, and that RNG from chests really was the way to go.

          • Faze

            And ugly.

          • Vance

            T3 Armor cost the same amount.

      • Moonjelly

        I don’t mean to be rude, but if you can’t afford it either via gold-gem conversion or buying gems-real currency, just move on. In comparison to other games that sell single piece armor skins, $5 isn’t unreasonable. Blizz charges $15 for a helm skin, SWTOR it works out to $2.5 (or more) for a single skin, Rift isn’t too far off the mark either from what I recall.

      • ExAstrisVox

        I wonder if the financial situation isn’t getting tight. I’m just as taken aback. But I would almost prefer it be a case of greed than desperation.

      • Mario

        So i guess you don’t have T3 cultural armor

  • MoneyMoneyMoney

    Disgusting, ArenaNet.

  • ExAstrisVox

    Would not the gloves and mantles been a reward for a meta-achievement not too long ago? Gloves, back/shoulders, and helms…were rewards for metas…not too long ago. I am perplexed by this new turn.

    • Acidicore

      Yeah, it is a rather weird decision, however getting saddled with one version of the item was obnoxious to be honest. Considering that the next patch adds a gas mask, an on land air breather and a back piece, not sure why it couldn’t also drop from the reward chests from inside the tower, unless either the tower itself or the items are temporary.

      Despite that, the gloves are lovely with a sickly green pulsing glow. Shoulders look rather awkward to wear however, don’t mesh with too much, though they go nicely with the trickster set just from previewing them both together.

  • Kafar

    More and more gem store stuff…..every fucking nice looking armor will be gem store. Sure, why they should bother to add those as drops why they can just pop it into GS…..even crappy F2P MMO’s with uber huge cash shops are adding nice armors into game as drops while Anet adds them only into Gem Store…..Not to mention that 100 gems are like 6 and half gold coin now.

    • Vance

      it really isn’t hard to make 24g, not to mention there are plenty of weapons on the tp that are well over 50g. Play the game and if you want the new armor save up for it. No one is forcing you to buy the new items, especially with cash.

      • Eyeballz

        It’s not about the 24g. It is about the fact that anet really doesn’t come up with any “free” armor. You pretty much have to farm/pay for any new content item-wise. But hey there were not much loot-mechanics besides farming to begin with, so i am not surprised that anet has a very poor understanding of how to run the GS properly.

        • ShadowBroker

          You’re clearly playing the wrong game then kid. Go back to WoW if you want your farming. There are PLENTY of ways to gain enough gold if you just play the game. Anet even awards you Gold, singular or multiple, from various activities.

  • nathan goossen

    what is that armor combo of the heavy armor when you where displaying the dyes?

  • anon

    everything is so ugly

  • guy

    Any idea when they will take the Toxic Dye Set out of the tp?

    • guy

      Oops, I meant gemstore instead of tp.

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