SWTOR: Ingame cartel coin purchase enabled for credit card users only

SWTOR players with a credit card can now enable in-game cartel coin purchase and enjoy 50% off their first cartel coin purchase until Nov 30 if they are a subscriber. Unfortunately, this option is only valid for credit card users and not players using Paypal or Boku.

To enable in-game Cartel Coin purchase, players must go to their accounts in the SWTOR web page and select Cartel Coins. From there, select the button to Enable in-game cartel coin purchase.


If you do not have a credit card on file, you will need to enter the details under Subscriptions. Once a valid credit card is selected, you can now use this option ingame when you select Add Coins in the Cartel Market menu ingame.


If you wish to use Paypal/Boku, you will need to disable the in-game cartel coin option or buy cartel coins from the web page

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2 replies on “SWTOR: Ingame cartel coin purchase enabled for credit card users only”

You also need to have purchased some cartel coins with a credit card *no longer than xxx time ago* prior to enabling this feature. I say *no longer than xxx time ago* because I bought some cartel soins in july (with the same credit card) and when I click enable, it still says I need to buy some cartel coins to activate this feature (the same credit card info is saved in my account); which leads me to believe that if you bought cartel coins too long ago, the system ”forgets”…or maybe it’s just a bug.

It worked for me. The first purchase pop-up has the price slashed in half, after that the normal price is shown.

Bought 3 Vice-Commandant hypercrates, only to see later the price is now 50% off. D’oh!

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