GW2 Edge of the Mists developer livestream notes

Notes on the GW2 developer livestream featuring the new Edge of the Mists WvW map.



  • Main goal for this map is to offer players something they can do that is similar to WvW and allow them to continue their WvW progression while waiting for existing WvW map queues.


  • Able to get to this map anytime from a drop down in the WvW menu. Once the map is full, it will create more instances of itself so you can always get into this map at any time.


  • Able to place siege, capture objectives, which affect your scores in the Edge of Mists map but does not affect WvW scores (so that servers with higher population does not dominate the WvW matches as they can fill up more Edges of the Mists maps).
  • Matches are shorter than current WvW matches (in terms of scores). More in terms of hours for a match rather than a week long.
  • All the objectives are very different in gameplay, mechanics, and creatures.
  • Generate supplies differently in this map – build generators to supply a reactor that give you supply ticks to your keep. No dolyaks to kill.
  • gw2-edge-of-the-mists-wvw-map-developer-livestream-4

  • The more objectives you own near your keep the greater bonus you will receive.

Three sectors

  • Three sectors of map with unique creatures and unique objectives. Arctic sector, Desert sector, Jungle sector.


    • You can expect to see kodan in arctic, grawls/trolls in jungle, and ogres in desert.
    • Each sector has a keep, 2 resource camps, a tower, 3 unique objectives (i.e. for arctic sector the objectives are a shrine, bell tower, and a forge. For desert sector the objectives are beastmaster workshop, desert airport, worm tunnel. For jungle sector there is an altar, statuary, observatory)
    • Each objective is guarded by a different enemy with an unique set of skills. They are designed for 3-5 players minimum.
    • Getting an objective in the jungle sector guarded by an air elemental grant you a new skill that allow you to jump further.
    • Getting an objective in jungle sector guarded by a grawl grant you a thing you can commune with that act as a giant stationary siege weapon.
    • Getting an objective in the desert sector guarded by a balloon pilot allow you to call down airstrikes.
    • Enemies have unique skills – petrify you, turn you into a rabbit et
  • Sentry turrets can be placed on the map once you have controlled all 3 objectives that allow you to spot enemy players and zergs nearby these turrets.
  • Can build and destroy bridges between the different parts of the map. There are certain bridges that cannot be destroyed so you are never locked out of an area.


  • Since the map is a series of interconnected islands, you can get knocked off the island and fall to your death.


  • Sentry points are currently not in the map but might be implanted later to give solo players some things to do.
  • Owning a keep and objective in the arctic area will grant you a blizzard in the area that cause perioidic damage to enemy attackers (you will get a buff that make you immune to it). More objectives you control the hard the blizzard ticks. Blizzard also can obscure your vision.


  • You will get World XP in this map, same as the standard maps.
  • There are no world completion stuff inside this map at this time.
  • You can also complete your WvW meta achievements in these maps.
  • There are no jumping puzzles in this map yet but one could be added later.
  • Parties can enter the same map together but getting into the same map together as a guild is very tricky since there are multiple instances of the map once it begins to fill.
  • New achievements for this map.
  • Rewards for winning this WvW map (not sure what they are yet) but they will not affect the current WvW scores/rewards/rankings.
  • Lots of hidden bridges to traverse between the islands so you can stealthly travel through parts of the map undetected.

By Dulfy

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14 replies on “GW2 Edge of the Mists developer livestream notes”

Thanks for the notes Dulfy!

I wonder why AN is committing resources towards building a new map to solve the WvW queue problem. AN could have taken the existing WvW Maps and built a system for making those maps playable by overflow players.

What will be interesting to see is whether players prefer the new map and its mechanics over the existing WvW maps.

Hey Taugrim! my guess is that they are also testing out some of new mechanics like destructible bridges, sentry turrets, supply generators on a mass scale and potentially incorporate them into the existing WvW maps later. It is a good way to add new things without changing the current WvW balance.

Agree with what Dulfy said…moreover what you said would just go in contrast with the point “Edge of Mists map but does not affect WvW scores (so that servers with higher population does not dominate the WvW matches as they can fill up more Edges of the Mists maps)”. It would be the same, some wolrds would fill up so many maps that they would utterly win by mere number…it’s already like this now for worlds that can’t even fill a single wvw map…
You would just end up maximizing even more the zerging, while they’re trying to eliminate it and make players manage their “human resources” wisely.

Hopefully after this season they put some of the small servers together so they can compete with tier 1. Its fairly boring not having many top servers. sor,bg and jq is… ok but BG still smashes them all. SoR and JQ need numbers.

SoR and JQ have quese all the time since the first match. They just
fear BG because they can tag/double team anymore. SoR and JQ are a couple since BG up to T1.

Correction, SoR and JQ have queues at NA prime time. It’s the new guild that BG got that plays during off hours that is the reason they are able to dominate. currently in WvW coverage> numbers> skill

I’m not a WvW player because I’m not interested in it but this Edge sounds fun to me!!
Imho this is better designed than WvW itself.

Sentry turrets can be placed on the map once you have controlled all 3 objectives that allow you to spot enemy players and zergs nearby these turrets.
Dulfy, you’re wrong at this point. Jessica was talking about Observatory, that has 3 capture points. Once you capture these 3 – you can purchase turrets, not when you control 3 objectives. On the stream you can see two of these capture points.

12:45 in the video : Again these enemies aren’t designed for solo, but more likely for 3 to 5 players.
Me : Lol, not

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