SWTOR Patch 2.4.3 patch notes

SWTOR patch notes for patch 2.4.3, which is scheduled to deploy Nov 12 after the maintenance.

  • PvP Season One! Ratings have been reset to mark the beginning of the Ranked PvP Season One. Get in there and go berserk!Ranked PvP Leaderboards! Players can now visit the website to compare Solo and Group Rankings. Details under PvP
  • Character Name Renewal Program! Many previously held names have been released!
    • Subscribers are unaffected by the Name Renewal Program.
    • Preferred Status:
      • Characters below level 10 that have not been played in the last 60 days are flagged for rename.
      • Characters below level 30 that have not been played in the last 120 days are flagged for rename.
      • Characters level 30 and above are unaffected.
    • Free-to-Play:
      • Characters below level 10 that have not been played in the last 90 days are flagged for rename.
      • Characters below level 30 that have not been played in the last 180 days are flagged for rename.
      • Characters level 30 and above are unaffected.
    • If a character is flagged for rename, players can choose the name originally used if no one on the same server has chosen that name yet.
  • Bounty Contract Week Event! Invite your friends and help the BBA clean its long list of contracts between November 12-19, 2013.
  • Added Item Modification Tables to the VIP Area of the Republic and Imperial Fleet Stations.
Cartel Market
    • Certain pack armor sets can now be contained in the new Supplementary Body Armor box. These boxes now contain belts, bracers, and headgear.
    New Items
    • New Mount! A new creature mount, the Ashfall Tauntaun is available on the Cartel Market! Cost: 3,000 Cartel Coins
    • New Bounty Pack: The Opportunist’s Bounty Pack!
      • The Opportunist’s Bounty Pack items can now be viewed in Collections.
      • The Opportunist’s Bounty Pack will be available on November 15th! Cost: 320 Cartel Coins
      • Hypercrates containing 24 Opportunist’s Bounty Packs will be available on November 15th. (Discounted by 10% for a limited time!) Cost: 6,912 Cartel Coins
    • Added a new "Events" category to Collections:
      • The "Holidays" sub-category has been added and now contains all Holiday items.
      • Some items formerly located in the "Special" category  have been relocated.
    Flashpoints and Operations
        Dread Fortress
        • In Hard Mode, Corruptor Zero now properly disables his "Concussion Mine" ability and he no longer uses it upon switching to his "Unified Beam" ability during the final phase of the encounter.
        • Grobthok now drops Unassembled Dreadforged Gloves instead of Unassembled Dreadforged Boots in 16-Player Hard Mode
        Dread Palace
        • Dread Master Brontes no longer becomes untargetable by melee Classes during the final encounter.
    Items and Economy
    • Removed the erroneous Level 3 Speeder Piloting requirement from the JA-3 Speeder.
    • Removed PvP Rating requirements from following items:
      • Advanced Black-Orange War Hero’s Crystal
      • Advanced Black-Purple War Hero’s Crystal
      • Ubrikkian War-rider
    • Effects no longer trigger simultaneously when the following relics equipped at the same time:
      • Ephemeral Mending
      • Fortunate Redoubt
      • Reactive Warding
      • Shield Amplification
      • Devastating Vengeance
      • Serendipitous Assault
    Missions and NPCs
        Class Missions
          Sith Inquisitor
          • Giant Killer: Lord Zash has been given pronoun training such that she no longer refers to male players as female when speaking German.
        Daily Area Missions
          • [WEEKLY] Czerka Takeover: This mission will now progress for completing "Manual Shutdown" in instances where players have first completed and turned in "Workforce Reduction ".
        World Missions
          • Spoils to the Victor: This mission can now be completed, and Imperial players are no longer subject to death by exhaustion upon entering Lormarr Cave.
          • Crystal Ball (Republic)/First Strike (Imperial ): This mission now clearly indicates that players need to use their Personal Starship when traveling to Ilum.
        • Ranked PvP Leaderboards! Players can now visit the website  to compare Solo and Group Rankings.
          • Rankings are grouped by Advanced Class/opposite Faction’s  mirror Advanced Class. (For example, Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior share a single leaderboard.)
          • The Leaderboard data is updated every 2 hours.
        • Rating changes applied at the end of matches are now more balanced and accurately reflect Rating disparity between teams.
    • Dread Forged and Oberon Serendipitous Assault relics now state that their effects do not stack with other Serendipitous Assault relics.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

34 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.4.3 patch notes”

So glad Bio did the rename program. It’s very hard to find a good name, even most of the names given by the ‘random’ button were taken. Thanks Dulfy for posting!

“New Mount! A new creature mount, the Ashfall Tauntaun is available on the Cartel Market! Cost: 3,000 Cartel Coins”

WTF?!?! 3000CC?

Now I know they’re taking the mickey.

I agree with Nick, tho. If you figure it’s $40 for 5500 cartel coins, that means the mount is roughly $22, which is OBSCENE, especially when compared to previous mounts. It’s also a freaking tauntaun — it’s not like it’s unique the way the Life Day or pod racer mount was.

Aren’t most of WoW’s mounts $25.00 when they first release? If so it doesn’t seem all that high. Not something I’d personally pay, but someone with more money than time probably would. Also bet they end up on the GTN for 2 million credits or less, for some reason the CC to credit ratio on stuff you can buy direct is very low, like the 600 CC race unlocks that I regularly see for 150k.

That’s because people buy them to sell them, thinking they’ll make a killing. Then they see that others have done the same and instead of actually staying at a decent price, they undercut eachother and waste their own hard earned cash…
Aka. People are morons…

Voice your displeasure by not buying it.

That will serve two purposes:

First, you are voting with your wallet, which is much more powerful than “ERMEHGUD BIOWEAR UR CHARGIN UR LAZOR TOO MUCH”.

And second, it saves the rest of us the trouble of listening to you complain.

Of course I’m going to vote with my wallet. There’s no way I’m buying it. However, I disagree that just ignoring something is a more powerful expression of my disgust than actually proclaiming how much I dislike their “micro” transactions.

Sure, if everyone spurns them they might think it’s overpriced, but actually asking them “are you trying to rip me off?” is a more pro-active position to take, IMHO of course.

They are a business, their objective is to make money. Did they make a mistake with that price? Yes. Is it worth throwing a temper tantrum about? No.

If you sit here and stomp your feet and act like a child, they will just chalk you up to being a ‘vocal minority’, if no one buys it, that will hit them where it actually matters, their balance sheet.

Technically, it’s their Income Statement…but whatever 😛

I get the feeling that BW is trying to test players to see how many people needed to buy coins to get the mount vs how many complimentary sub monthly coin purchases they have.

i am personally sitting at like 6k coins because i’ve never bought a thing. BW gets nothing for me buying the mount. Sorta.

This is funny, its a gray version of the mount you can get for Free (irl money wise) in game already. If any idiot buys this I will laugh until I die. Go spend an hour or two on Hoth getting the Data’s, its really not that bad.

I wonder which pack sets will be in that Supplementary Armor box. Whether it’s just the new name for the what was the Auxilary Armor boxes since they added a helm, or if it’s older sets getting rotated back in (my personal hope of course is the Revan pieces becoming available again).

Same here for the Revan stuff. It’s kinda bs that the gloves, boots, and belt were rarer or just as rare as the helmet. Makes you wonder if Revan ran around shoeless and always having to hold his pants up.

So i wish as clear answer as possible! 😀 Will any 2 sametype relic work together any more? (and if yes, do they work in beneficial way?)

jes but i dont like clickys – what would you suggest instead of ba ? are the new pvp relics ( not sa / couldn find the name yet / one pushes mainstat the other one pushes crit ) worth a try ?

What about 2 different proc types such as Fortunate Redoubt and Shield Amplification? Do they work together or no. I’m confused as I thought they just changed it in a recent patch so they do work together.

Yes. You can have two different procs working together, just no two of the same type of relic (no two SA, or two BA etc). If you have two of the same type, they won’t proc together and also will share a cooldown. But you can certainly have a Redoubt and a Amplification together.

Nope proc FR and SA is not working together as it is stated above, at least Kell Dragon FR and Arkanian SA is not stacking in my toon.

So they are not procing at the same time, but do they share a cooldown? Or they have separate cooldowns – so after FR procced and is on 20 sec cooldown SA can proc during that 20 sec?

Very glad that they finally fixed Brontes. It was too annoying to be doing well on the boss only to have your DPS cut short because she was having “displacement” issues.

As a pretty regular PvE ops player, I’m really happy to see them fix the relic bug. I hated it from the start. Yes, it was there, but no, it was never intended. You knew it, I knew it, we all knew it. Bioware never wanted you to stack two of the same relics, especially when they introduced a boatload of new ones. Good riddance.

The DF and DP changes are also VERY welcome. Thank you, Bioware!

I’m almost positive it’s the same- they only fixed the way the mines behave, so no more wipefests when he starts jumping.

I was hoping to see the damage being fixed too. And the fact that the gravity field seems to glitch if you don’t jump or whatever,

The gravity field glitch isn’t actually just for gravity field. I’m not too into the tech, but it’s an engine problem or a server problem. Basically, it happens with any thing like that. Where you have to be out. It leads people to believe the circle is larger than what it actually is…but the real problem (as you know) is that the server doesn’t update your location. But jumping forces it.

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