GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Kasmeer’s Staff and Marjory’s weapons

Images and videos of the Kasmeer’s Staff and Marjory axe and daggers available on the gemstore for 600 gems each.

Kasmeer’s Staff Skin – 600 gems – [&AgF7vwAA]



 Marjory’s Dagger skin – 600 gems – [&AgF4vwAA]



Marjory’s Axe skin – 600 gems – [&AgF1vwAA]


By Dulfy

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40 replies on “GW2 Kasmeer’s Staff and Marjory’s weapons”

REALLY, REALLY AWESOME. Very hard for me to say no to spending gems on these.

The staff reminds me so much of Angela character from the Spawn comic book series. And 2 of those daggers will look great on my thief.

Amazing! Now if only we had a scepter skin like the both of them, then I’d TRULY be thrilled! Finally some good staff skins for a change!

Is it wrong to say i love you dulfy for all the amazing and quick work your doing every single patch/living world/anything comes up

The dagger has an effect. When I apply this on my elementalist and use fire or water skill 1, instead of throwing fire/water, you throw the dagger.

The dagger is really cool but idk if the axe is worth the money. That being said I wish my thief was worth playing so i could have a reason to get the dagger

I wish these were a drops or something. Also I wish staff mesmers were a more viable option, ’cause my mesmer’d look awsome with this staff.

I think staff clone bomber mesmers are viable in WvWvW. One of my guild’s commanders was using it. Though it has been quite a few patches ago.

On the other hand, I have a Norn guardian and don’t think this staff’s look would fit her that much…

All weapons are great. That being said, weapons like this are why I’m not going to worry about getting a Legendary. Eventually ANet will make a gem store weapon better than a legendary. It is only a matter of time.

there will be no greatsword that looks better than twilight 😛 and no sword that will have better aura than bolt. (and i dint mention that footmarks are important too. they r simply sign of another level. without it u only have “some” inferior weapon)

this staff looks better than the legendary staff, then again, almost any staff looks better than legenadary… cheers

Don’t buy it….Anet need to stop to put new skins only in cashshop, weapons and now armors, the game has not really new contents,(Ls sucks) and the only skins are those that people need to be payed in real money, stop this, the game is killing himself .

That answer mean, that they rippoff every sheep that buy tousand of dollars for gems…you think 1 skin/object for a game need to cost 10$ or euros ?

Just think that if you buy 5 skins,you just have buy another full game, with tousand of skins inside…..If i put 10$ in a game, i want several skins/stuffs, and for all my char, not only one…

People loose clearly their brain with black lion chest ect.They killing the game,because you have nothing new to do when you play, to get new armor or new weapons cosmetic 1 year later, its crazy.And this game is based on “skin farming”…you see what i mean ?

There will be soon no other things to do, that “use your credit card farming”, and enjoy useless LS for success.

I am sorry but that doesn’t make sense. WoW subscription is still $15 or $20 a month right? So by that argument, a couple of months of WoW = a new game. So does that mean people shouldn’t play WoW? Maybe they don’t want a new game, maybe they just want to enjoy cool looking skin in their existing game.

As for the pricing, no one skin doesn’t have to cost $10 but it doesn’t have to cost $5 or $50 or whatever price you attach to it. A skin doesn’t have to cost anything. It could just be free or just cost time, as dungeon skins do.

But you know, there are skins listed on TP for which the max buy offer is 950 gold (the ghastly grinning shield skin). If you buy 950 gold with gems, that’s $219! That’s how much players are willing to pay for skins in either cash or time (as some people have mentioned, you can buy using in-game gold that you get by spending time farming). So I don’t really see what’s wrong with charging $10 for a skin.

It’s a price point. If its too high, don’t pay. If you are okay with it, great! But paying $10 for a skin is no more right or wrong then paying $10 for coffee.

why to pay real money for gold if i can play game,farm, for gold and exchange it for gems. one can farm few days or 1-2 weks and will have then 800 gems. there are games where u have no other option than to put real money to cash shop, that are real “evil” games, not gw2

The wiggly snake bit on Marjory’s dagger is nightmare fuel. *shudders* But my necromancer’s Gollum voice is whispering “Me wants it.” The phobia or the voices?

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