• LegacyOTS


    • kaneda979

      Agreed. It’s not that hard to come up with good finishers, but I haven’t seen one in a while. Although I haven’t seen one at all, since launch, that’s made me want to spend gems on.

  • Qaju

    For those that are more pacifistic, I think it’s nice. i mean if you don’t like the aspect of stomping someone, this is a good alternative. Looks like you’re redeeming the soul of the victim.

    That being said, I still prefer my SBA nuke <3

  • Hating_101

    I mean its a lot better than the last few they have put out

  • Stavri

    They were on a roll with the Giant, Assassin and SAB finishers but it’s been “meh” since then. Mad King had potential but the laughter was not loud enough, Vigil was way too slow, Raven, Toxic and now this one are just not cool enough to be worth the price.

  • Putin the Terrible

    I wish there was a way to earn these instead of having to purchase them.. money greedy whores 😛

    • you know you can trade ingame gold for gems, right?
      in other words: you CAN earn them. just a lot of farming :-/

      • themfrom

        But us PVPers have no gold income

        • FaithRei

          that is not true, you can sell 18-slots bags and unidentified dyes to earn gold XDD

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