GW2 The Nightmares Within achievement guide

A guide to all the The Nightmares Within achievements Living World update. This is a work in progress.

Meta and AP breakdown

The meta achievement, The Nightmares Within, rewards 25 AP and a Gas Mask skin that can be applied to any headgear.

  • Gas Mask Skin [&AgH9vgAA] with 3 dye channels.


All 10 achievements in this category counts towards the meta but you can also do dallies related to this category for meta completion.

Achievement AP
The Nightmares Within (meta) 25
Tower Nemesis 5
Tower Explorer 5
Tower of Nightmares Survivor 5
The Nightmares Within 5
Tower of Nightmares High Diver 2
Tower of Nightmares Diver 3
Tower Antitoxin Injector 5
Tower Hybrid Slayer 5
Tower Hybrid Master 5
Tower Treasure Hunter 3
Total 68

Getting to Tower of Nightmare

The entrance to Tower of Nightmare can be find in Kessex Hills. All of the achievements in this Living World category can be completed inside the tower.


Getting through Tower of Nightmare

The tower has 3 levels and you get a checkpoint for reaching level 2 and level 3. Just talk to the Priory Travel Golem not far from the entrance if you wish to quick travel to level 2 or level 3 after you have unlocked them.


If there is an event in a specific level, you must complete it before you can proceed further through that level. There are usually two events that are chained together. Completing the first will unlock access to the second event in which you must defeat a champion to proceed further.

Tower Nemesis- Kill 4 different factions of Scarlet’s minions   

This is a very easy achievement you can get probably within 10-20 minutes of getting inside the tower. The four factions you need to kill are Aetherblades, Molten Alliance, Toxic Alliance, and Clockworks.

Tower Explorer – Find 9 chambers in Tower of Nightmares

There are 9 chambers in Tower of Nightmares, 3 on each level. However, only 3 chambers are active on a specific map/overflow. Since there are a lot of vertical layers within each level, if you don’t see the chamber at the location marked, look up.

You will need to approach all 9 different chambers to complete this achievement but you don’t have to enter them. (Chamber locations & map provided by Godd)


Tower of Nightmares Survivor – Survive 10 chambers in Tower of Nightmares

Unlike Tower Explorer achievement, you do not have to enter 10 different chambers. You just have to enter a total of 10 chambers and complete them. Since there are only 3 chambers active in a specific map at anytime and you cannot enter them again after completing them, you can either enter a different map/overflow or wait for the set of 3 to “rotate” in the same map.

If you have already completed Tower Explorer achievement, try find maps/overflows with active chambers that are in level 1 or very end of level 2 (since it is next to checkpoint for level 3). The level 3 chambers are a pain to reach and not really worth the time investment.

The Nightmares Within – Complete 15 events inside the Tower of Nightmares

Since the tower forces you to do events to proceed through a level, you should already have some event completion credits when you make you way from the entrance to the very top of the tower. For addition events you can just hop around the levels and maps to see which ones have events.

Achievements at tower top

The next couple achievements are only able to be completed if you have reached the very top of the tower.

Tower of Nightmares High Diver

When you reach the very top of the tower (above level 3). You will find the Tricolor chest and the entrance to the final story instance The Nightmare Incarnate. Nearby is a platform with diving googles. Using it and land in the water below will give you the Tower of Nightmares High Diver achievement.


Tower of Nightmares Diver

Once you landed in the water below, swim back and make you way back to the same location. This time, instead of using the diving goggles, go through the The Nightmare Incarnate instance. Do not exit the instance after you have defeated the final Toxic Hybrid boss.

Instead, look for a portal in the SE portion of the room. Go through that will port you to Kessex Hills and land you on a branch with a pair of diving goggles.


Tower Antitoxin Injector

You should have received this achievement when you completed the Nightmare Incarnate instance for the first time. After defeating the Toxic Hybrid, you will be asked to inject antitoxin into the tower.


Tower Hybrid Slayer – Kill the Toxic Hybrid three times   

This achievement is only unlocked after you have killed Toxic Hybrid once. You will need to kill him 3 more times to complete this achievement.

Tower Hybrid Master – Kill the Toxic Hybrid without dying/downed

Like Tower Hybrid Slayer, this achievement is only unlocked if you have killed the Toxic Hybrid once. This means that you must kill the Toxic Hybrid a second time without getting any party members downed or die.

There appears to be a second requirement of all party members not die (downed is okay) in the entire instance (not just Toxic Hybrid) but you can do this either solo or in a party (it is easier in a party).

Getting this achievement reward you with Mini Toxic Nimross


Tower Treasure Hunter – Open the tri-key chest 5 times

You get 1 set of keys for free in the mail but this is once per account.

Additional keys can be found as drops via the mobs all over the tower. The key drops off the random mobs inside the tower are random. However, if you complete the chambers on various floors, they have a chance to give you specific colored keys

  • First level chambers drops Mysterious Blue Key
  • Second level chambers drops Mysterious Green key
  • Third level chambers drops Mysterious Pink key

If you are lazy like me, you can also purchase them from Marjory’s Helper Dee for 10 Pristine Spore samples and 15 silver per colored key (30 samples and 45 silver for a whole key). You can purchase 3 colored key or 1 complete key per account per day.

The vendor is located in Kessex Hills in the camp just west of the Tower but make sure you have completed Toxic Spore Sampler achievement from the previous Living World achievement category by giving her 50 Pristine Spore samples.


When you combine the 3 different colored keys together to form a tri-key, you can open the tri-key chest at the top of the tower which can contain some rare stuff such as


  • Air-Filtration Device – [&AgH/vgAA]— a headgear skin for all weight classes with 3 dye channels. Comes as skin (account bound) or as rare headpieces (tradable) so there are 4 versions in total (skin + 3 armor types)


  • Toxic Spore Skin back-slot item- [&AgEJvwAA]– Tradeable


  • Mini Toxic Hybrid – Account bound (Modeled by Handin)


  • Infinite Toxic Krait Tonic – Account bound (Modeled by Handin)
  • Recipe (400 Artifice): 50 Armored Scale, 250 Pristine Toxic Spore Sample, 20 Bottles of Elonian Wine and 3 Bloodstone Bricks


  • art vandalay

    Oooh thats where it is 😀 thanks

  • Godd

    I made an image with all of the possible instances on one map. only 3 will be in one overflow at a time but if you walk up to where it shows the instance on the map you will get progress on the Tower Explorer achievement.

    • This is very handy, thank you! 🙂

  • Huntdog

    Here is the rare mini from the Tri Chest (Mini Toxic Hybrid) – Huntdog

    • Ekree

      you get this for completing the achievement for killing final boss without getting downed

      • Kiba Shadowpaw

        no that one is from the chest, Mini toxic nimross is from that achievement.

        • Huntdog

          What Kiba said 😛

  • digi_owl

    Ugh, so there are only 3 active chambers pr map? Now i am sitting on 8/9 and i have no clue which of them i missed…

    • Claudio Kim

      you probably missed the one in third floor , teleport to golem in third floor , but don’t turn left, it’s right in front of you.

      • digi_owl

        I am assuming they have to be open to register. Even tho, i could have sworn i was close enough to that one at least twice.

        • No they don’t have to be open to register, I got all 9 in a single map and some of them are not open.

          • digi_owl

            Oh “joy”, guess i’ll just have to run each and every one of them then…

            • digi_owl

              ok, found it. It was the last one on level 1 of all places.

              I see why i missed it, as i had to pretty much do a 180 up a walkway right before entering the level 2 starting area.

  • Handu

    Where can the tower of nightmares be accessed?

    • Kiba Shadowpaw

      around the bottoms of the big tower in kessex, there will be living story stars at the enterences.

  • Ekree

    is the achieves for killing final boss bugged? me and a buddy did it, neither of us got downed at all, and it didnt give either of us credit for killing him without dieing OR killing him at all, still at 0 kills for him…. but got achieve for injecting antitoxin…..

    • Claudio Kim

      Because you did story mode , second time you open will trigger exp mode which is the same but no cutscene, gotta do it twice for slayer and once without dying for master. it’s so lame it doesn’t even count the kill if you help someone else do their story.

      • TFMurphy

        Not true. You can get it in Story mode, and you can even have someone be downed during the instance (but you definitely cannot have any deaths, even before the Hybrid). However, both Tower Hybrid Slayer and Tower Hybrid Master are *locked* until Tower Antitoxin Injector is earned, and you can’t get that until you complete the instance the first time (whether Story or Explorable).

  • Claudio Kim

    Tower is infuriating , 4 hours of stress with friends and guildie but meta done in 1 day.

    • TerrabyteX

      if you do them solo, it will take much less time. I did it solo in 2h and a bit. Especially that soloing chambers don’t spawn Champions but Veterans at the end you can 3-4 shot.

  • yoyi

    For the achievment ‘kill the toxic Hybrid whitout dying/downed’ you can solo, but you must not have dying or downed in all the instance not only fighting the hybrid, I have done this achievment solo.

    • Thanks that would explain why I never got it solo as I got downed before Toxic Hybrid fight.

      • LazyTonite

        I just did the boss with 2 others, and i was downed 3 times, and the others were downed about the same, no one died, and we still got the master achievement.

    • Arthur Monahan

      I also just did this solo

    • Ruke D

      i did it downed a few times but did not die

    • Aster

      I did the entire instance in solo without dying/downed but I didn’t get the achievement because Marjory was downed.

      • Arthur Monahan

        Then it wasn’t the right one. You have to beat him 1 time then when you go back to kill him again you will be by yourself. This is when you can’t be downed/die to get the achv.

  • Anon

    cant buy from dee wasted 100 pristine spores…………………

    • What do you mean you can’t buy from dee. She sells 3 colored keys that you need to combine together..

      • Connstanine

        You can only do this once; think the unlimited was patched out.

        • MauricioCezar

          As Stated on the guide, they can only be bought one time per day. Wait until tomorrow an you’ll be fine to get another one.

  • John Gaches

    don’t let handin model for you Dulfy…it gets to his head…and he fb’s me with a link on it…though I applaud you…as a toxic krait he has a better chance of getting a gf now than ever before

    source: I’m his bro…the king of top hatted Asura’s

  • Namzor

    You can also get the Recipe for the Infinite Toxic Krait Tonic. Got that on my first open.

    • Namzor

      Recipe below

      • Mockingbird

        is it tradeable?

        • Shak

          I just moused over it to try and see the tooltip.. been playing too long 🙂

        • digi_owl

          Yep, already bought one off the TP for 2 silver…

  • name

    I wish that gaz mask was underwater helm…

  • Eskedor Cronos

    Would have been so much better if gas mask was underwater helm!

  • Atlantis Grecian

    What lvl do you need to be to complete this please? I have just started playing and am lvl 18

    Atlantis Grecian

    • I think you get scaled up to 80 but might be tough if you are low level though

  • Flaming F

    Is the daily nightmare within achievements count toward the nightmare meta achievement ? im at 8/10 and i dont really want to go inside again.

    • Spectral

      Yes they do

      • Flaming F

        sweet, thx you .. ill do that instead. killed final boss about 6-7 time. Opened 3 times the tricolor chest only to get crap. I missed one chamber .. .. ill do what ever the daily require than exit from the tower. The Boss is fun .. the update is fun .. but the maze is hard and players always try to skip stuff

        • Spectral

          Yay doing with dailies is much easier, I did 6 with LS and 2 with dailies. Not gonna bother with suicide content anymore.

  • Scorpi

    Is this actually a group instance or is it all singleplayer only?

    • The Tower itself is designed for multiple players since there are tons of vets/elites mobs that will cc you and mines that will one shot you. The story instance on the top and the chambers along the tower can be either done solo or in a group

  • Voxtr

    The color per floor is inaccurate to a degree, I’ve gotten different colored keys on different floors before. Just looked both a green and blue on floor 3.

  • LOL

    The color per floor is quite inaccurate. Some people are farming just the 3rd floor constantly and getting all 3 colors.

    • I got the info from the ingame tooltips..

  • Falkin

    I am constantly getting blue keys as drops, no matter what floor I am on. so the idea of blues being floor 1 etc etc is bs

      • The Dread

        Does that burn sting?

        • umph

          technically, it says, “…primarily found on…” meaning it’s your best chance, but not the only place it’s found. digi-owl is more accurate in that it’s simply an ambiguous statement and not 100%.

      • TFMurphy

        The key descriptions relating to specific levels of the tower refers to Nightmare Chambers only. Completing a Nightmare Chamber on a specific floor gives a chance of getting a specific key. The mob drops throughout the tower, however, appear to be random.

        So the phrase “on the first level of the tower” is only applying to “in chambers”, not to “on enemies”. Rather ambiguous sentence construction, but it’s not incorrect.

        • That makes sense, thanks for the clarification 🙂

        • digi_owl

          ” Rather ambiguous sentence construction”
          An Arenanet specialty…

    • Isla

      Yeah, I had only done the first level, but received two pinks and one green. No blues yet.

  • Champion of Hope

    Does anyone know if the key buying is 24 hours from when you bought the first set, or is it up again at daily reset?

    • Kylar

      it is at daily reset

  • Desmadona

    Any Idea how long the Nightmares Within event will last?

    • 2 weeks?

      • champion of Hope

        4 weeks, just like the past living world events

        • Nope, typically the first update of the month lasts 4 weeks while the 2nd update of the month lasts 2 weeks. Halloween is an exception to the rule

          • Desmadona

            Great, thanks! Can wait to get back to the states, then. <3

            • Weeheehee

              No, the content will only last until all the antitoxin has been injected into the tower. This means it could last until next week, or christmas

              • lol. nope, the toxin bar does not actually represent how much antitoxin the players already have injected into the tower ^^
                Think of it more as a 2 week timer 😉

    • Crimson Call

      I thought it was until the Antitoxin bar filled for each server (?)

  • Elithrion

    Does the toxic krait transform from the infinite tonic have costume brawl skills?

  • Ruben

    Maybe it would be handy to mention that when people do the external diving bit for Tower of Nightmares Diver, they should make sure they land near the tower, cause further away from the tower its shallow water and thus you will die… (atleast thats what happend to me) Though you will get the achievement anyway…

  • Errant

    I did the final instance twice. The first time was solo, and really easy. The second time was with one friend, and a lot harder. The boss had at least one or two more phases. I’m wondering whether it scaled based on there being or of us, or is always harder after the first time. Certainly, the second time there were no allied NPCs and no cutscene, so it is at least different after the first time.

    • Luthan

      First time is more like “story mode”. 2nd+ always is without allies. And can be soloed. Don’t know the differences between solo and 2+more people in scaling since I only soloed it.

  • crabapples

    There seems to be some discrepancy with the filtration device. You (and the wiki) claim that the device is a skin, and the wiki says that it is account bound. However, the devices are available on the TP, as actual armor pieces with stats (for light, medium and heavy). Are there a total of 4 versions (1 skin + 3 armor pieces) available from the chest? Perhaps that should be included in the rewards section?

    • Ya sure I will add it in 🙂

      • crabapples

        Thanks for your hard work!

  • Luthan

    Krait Tonic can drop directly(not only recipe) from chest? Did I unterstand this correctly? (Post seemed like it with different bulletin points for tonic and recipe). So I need to get 1 mini, 1 back item… and maybe tonic but not that important since I also can craft it.

    Don’t know about the scaling and if it is really easier with party do to the achievement without dying. But with engineer I soloed it. 20/0/30/20/0 and bombs + elixirs. Traited a bit with bigger bomb radius and healing bombs. Elixir reduced CD and using the ones to convert conditions to boons + the one to refill endurance(and for revive from downed). Max only 2 normal mobs + 1 vet. At boss: boss + 2 normal mobs. Only trouble I had was with the last Aetherblade vet that spammed confusion too much, was not careful… but only got downed.

    • Pot Hawk

      Yesturday I got the tonic out of the Tri-Chest, but then next few hours 3-4 more of them dropped. 1 from chamber, 1 from spider queen, and 1 from just a random mob. So it can drop from nearly everywhere, enough so that it sells for only 5 silver on the market >.>

  • Wintersun666

    Just got Mini Toxic Hybrid by the last chest in the istance!

  • digi_owl

    Between the key pieces and the pr char levels, this place is not exactly alt friendly…

  • moi1234

    is chamber 9 the final chamber where you defeat the final boss or is that different?

    • Rina


  • Lord

    Hi, Mini toxic hybrid is no more account bound. (trade on tp)

  • SSohPKC

    Any hidden achievement ?

  • trapsocks

    daily is aetherblades, are they in a certain area?

  • Guest

    First level chambers drops Mysterious Blue Key
    Second level chambers drops Mysterious Green key
    Third level chambers drops Mysterious Pink key
    I think this is completly wrong – it seems to be random.

    • Read the comments below you, it is on the tooltips of these keys

  • Bob Dobalina

    That gas mask is pretty sweet. I’d love an entire armor set with that aesthetic.

  • Peter

    This tower is quite good and bad, very infuriating it should be a permanent area! Now in the Nightmare incarnate I just realised today there’s a cutscene to watch, is it just the one where Scarlet makes no effort to hide her insanity or are there others? Also my server has only done half of the injections to bring it down, the thing shouldn’t vanish just yet!

  • stu

    removal of the checkpoint teleporting??

  • rob

    Yes where did the check points go? can’t find anything on wiki as to why they were no longer there

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