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SWTOR Opportunist’s Bounty Pack contents

A list of items in the upcoming SWTOR Opportunist Bounty Pack. Now updated with several ingame pics and videos of emotes and regen item.


Direct Purchase

Ashfall Tauntaun – 3000CC



Balmorran Arms Corporate Shirt (chest only)


Czerka Corporate Shirt (chest only)


Stylish Dress Armor set


Stately Dress Armor set


Formal Tuxedo Armor set


Charged Peacemaker Armor set


Galvanized Manhunter Armor set


Energized Manhunter Armor set


Sensuous Dress


Ulic Qel-Droma’s Armor set


Series 917 Cybernetic Armor set



Lhosan Nexu


Irradiated Varactyl


Rendili Shadow


Gurian Rose


Wetland Dewback – Modeled by Mirau



Ikas Spear – Modeled by Exile


Ikas Flamethrower


Ikas Shark – Modeled by Exile


Morlinger Imperator – Modeled by Exile



Verdant Gizka – Modeled by Exile


D6-S7 Astromech Droid – Modeled by Exile


Cobalt Vrake – Modeled by Exile


Striped Vrake


Frosted Vrake


Model Sandcrawler


Model Tatooine Balloon


Striped Blurrg



JM-30 Assault Cannon


AD-14 Heavy Blaster


CD-36 Blaster Rifle


MR-39 Sniper Rifle


Pitiless Raider Lightsaber


Pitiless Raider Dualsaber


Color Crystals/Emotes/Dyes/Misc

Title: Opportunist

Yellow Blue Color crystal – Left picture is with Bloom turned on and right picture is with Bloom turned off.



  • Funky
  • PBJ Time
  • Toe Touch
  • Nod Off



Camping (regen item)


Deep Brown and Black Dye


White and Dark Green Dye


Dark Purple and White Dye


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

126 replies on “SWTOR Opportunist’s Bounty Pack contents”

Wow, what a letdown on that last of the bounty hunter armor sets… Was expecting (although you never should) something from the lore. Maby another of the mandalores outfits.
But this? Heh, no thanx 😛

An underwhelming pack. 6 unique models and the rest are reskins or re-uses of already existing material. The camping emote looks quite useful though for roleplay though. 3000 cartel coins for a Tauntaun is obscene.

Yellow-Blue? What the fuck were they smoking when they designed that crystal? Jesus.Meh, the only good items I see from this pack are Ulics set, a couple of the speeder mounts and the droid set. Terrible pack.

I’m not Swedish but like Sweden and if it is nice ingame it will probably be the color of choice for a lot of my chars 🙂

Oh look it’s the “We’ve run out of fresh ideas pack”. I can hold off on this one knowing this wetland dewback is the first and most vanilla of a series.

Love the Sensuous and Ulic set. The Dewback is pretty cool, and I like that Pitiless Raider Dualsaber. The Camping regen is so great, I hope it doesn’t show up in the packs and gets sold for a credit!

I can tell for a fact though that the people who get the dewback are gonna make a killing selling it on the GTN. The camping regen will probably sell for a ton too. But i do agree that the 3000cc for a mount is fucking stupid

I don’t know why everyone is upset or surprised by this. It’s clear by choices they have made (treek, black/black dye,) that the Bioware sets the price based on the anticipated value of the item in game on the GTN since most of the animal mounts run AT LEAST 1-2 million on the GTN, Bioware doesn’t want to undercut or devalue the credit cost to get one on the GTN. So from this point on anything that would expect to sell 1.5 million + should be expected to cost at least 2000-3000 CCs. So I don’t see why everyone is upset by it

Dulfy, how are you able to get the preview windows to work before the pack is released? When I click the item details icon nothing happens.

Click on an item from another pack, don’t close the pop up window and then click on the items in the new pack. The items will be in that window and you can link it. It is annoying cuz you gotta close the collection window and reopen it etc.

If you turn on “enable movable secondary window” in ui settings you can move the pop up window to the side so you can still see it and won’t have to close collections window.

You have to “preview” something that’s already in game, leave the preview window open and click preview on one of the new items. The picture at the top of the window will show the old set you linked from, but the items on the preview list will be the new items.

Open up a diff pack in collections so the view window is open and then switch to the new one and you can view them that way. Hope that helps!

What a boring pack, hopefully it dramatically undersells so they step up their game a bit. And I know he wasn’t a very major character, but I’d love to see Darth Bandon’s armor!

Love the sensuous set. Want the dewback. Underwhelmed by everything else. Cant see anyone buying the tauntaun when you can farm one on hoth. Given they could have thrown some more kotor armor sets in or something from the game eg a cloaked hooded Malgus set or Thanatons mask this pack is wholly underwhelming.

Yeah, I definitely do not see the value of the Tauntaun. ~$30 for a darker re-skin of something I can earn in-game? It better do tricks and allow for mounted combat. That’s Expansion Pack money! I’d pay $30 to have mounts I could fight from.

i’m fine with them charging that much as long as I have an alternate way to get it which I do from the Tuantaun nests on Hoth.

If someone wants to pay $30 for an optional mount i’m all for it.

I have my fingers crossed the Dewback is that big. Gone are the days when you only hid the lift button, with that you can hide the entire lift!

There’s already an official statement that the mount itself is not as big as it appears in the preview. its going to be either slightly larger than the Varactyl or; like what has become the norm, incredibly undersized for anything but Body Type 1.

Awesome work Dulfy (and donators) but this pack is AWFUL ! worst one yet, barely anything new just seem like the same stuff with different colours. The weapons look identical to models already released, yet more blurrgs, gizkas and another varactyl ! 🙁

except they already have a giant amount to pick from, so stop being choosy? and two handed axe? go play guild wars

Awesome that they added Ulic Qel Dromas armor I hope they continue and add more comic book armors from that era.

I hope, if they come out with a new set of these damn packs, that they come out with a new set of weapons. I use Cannons, and these ones are way too bulky. At least these items eventually make their way to the market.

I really like the new dress armors, though would prefer if one was hoodless, and the sensuous dress is cool, too. I’m also excited about the vrakes and the dewback…and camping! The camping would be really funny as a group heal, like the musical therapy probe–making everyone standing nearby sit down by the campfire 🙂

This relic thing makes me want to quit the game. Seriously. I worked hard getting two good relics, now one wont work with the other because of a patch. F U BIOWARE!!!! Seriously.

Everyone knew this was coming. It was clear that relics were not supposed to work that way. It was BIS so you went with it, but it was clear this was coming.

this has happened twice and both times tons of people said BW said they are gonna patch it coz its not suppose to be, i ask people which 2 relics to get (not the same) and they also want the NOW rather than the permanent because they like to exploit

Lol “hard work” it’s a game.The only hard work around here is done by Dulfy. Plus you know enough to come here you should be aware enough to know it was gonna get patched just like last time.

What’s up with the manhunter set headgear? It seems to me the head pieces are getting crazier in every pack. Like the camping regen, that will be very popular.

Vrake Pets! Love all the mounts, except for the Gurian.
Gear sucks. Camping is interesting. No more Cybernetics gear! It is all the same, just a different dyes…

I’m guessing the Tier 4 packs will probably be very space based. But if that’s to be, it’d not release until in a few months. I wonder if they’ll briefly reintroduce Tier 1 packs to keep people busy. Then again Tier 4 packs may simply be something entirely different.

Also that corset top is really lovely, from the sensuous dress. Imagine that with some Thana Vesh trousers.

Sensuous Dress – Should look good on my Jedi
Cybernetic Armor set – Oh FFS. Either make it DIFFERENT, or at the VERY least make it left handed for a change!!!!
Dewback – It’ll do till I can get me a Bantha!
Vrake – Finally, a ‘cute’ pet…
PBJ Time – As FG fan, this’ll be used to death by me!
Camping – Cute, especially for those with a RP bent.

PS: Dulfy, thanks as always for an amazing job!!!

I.. I think this might be my favorite pack yet. All those dresses, like Sensous… I HAVE WANTED SOMETHING LIKE THAT FOR SO LONG. *so happy*

This is the worst pack I’ve ever seen. Blue-Yellow crystal really? They should be more concerned about fixing the lighting of the green, yellow, cyan, white, and orange crystal before they release a horrible looking two-toned lightsaber crystal.

The cartel team and the lighting team are two different groups working with the same base code. cartel packs coming out does not reduce the amount of resources that are put into the game. What does reduce resources? Making an expansion. Blame GS, not the CM.

Dulfy, is the frilled wrist part of the stylish dress the wrist piece, or the glove, or attached to the top? Inquiring minds want to know. I guess I could be patient but….

the pistol has a different colour (and different lights colours).
The rifle has a longer scope than the one 2 packs back that had the same camo.
Don’t know about the sniper and assault cannon since I have no interest in those. (not that I care much about the pistol or rifle either, but at leats thats what I saw)

SWG was far more than just a chat room they tried calling a game. Still to this day people want an SWG 2 or to have systems implemented into SWTOR like player housing, JTL etc

yes there is a very vocal minority that still clamors for SWG 2.0. But thats just it they are a minority. If they were a majority SWG would have enough players to keep it from shutting down.

There will never be a SWG 2.0 due to the fact of how unsuccesful it was. SWTOR on the other hand at its lowest point has more subs then SWG had at its peak.

Which do you think a game company would make?

The majority of SWG community left the game after NGE was launched which destroyed the game, what was left of the community kept the game running for a further few years.

SWG was closed down by lucasarts to open up SWTOR.

If you had a SWG game made merging SWTOR and the old SWG it would be awesome but of course that will never happen.

no it was SOE that decided to not continue the contract with Lucasarts. The contract lasted X years and they had the oppertunity to renew it but they decided against it.

Again there is no reason to combine the two. SWG wasn’t even a hit by the pre WoW standards. Even at its peak it wasn’t as big as SWTOR is at its lowest.

SWG was a huge hit when it launched. Remember, pre WOW days a success was ~ 500k subs, If I remember correctly SWG had close to that early in its life span.

Anyone looking for the ‘next SWG’ type game should check out The Repopulation, a sci-fi based sandbox MMO that’s in development.

Yeah and it peaked at 350k subs. It wasn’t considered a hit by even SOE that’s why they did the NGE and CU.

SWG never got above 350k

I’ll check out Repopulation, it sounds cool.

To Vicarious Fan you clearly have never liked SWG, that’s your opinion and that’s fair enough. I enjoyed the game when it was out during Pre-CU and CU stage and many other Star Wars fan’s did so it certainly was far from a chat room that they tried to call a game.

I should add that SOE presidetn did state that it was their decision to close down SWG NOT lucas arts or Bioware.

And there are people still playing the original DOOM… doesn’t mean it is a great game by todays standards.

DOOM is still a great game, it’s not all about graphics that makes a great game.

Comparing a and old game to modern age standard doesn’t make a definition of a “great” game.

A game like DOOM can be classed as a retro legend, if it wasn’t for wolfenstein 3D, there be no DOOM if it wasn’t for DOOM there be no call of duty or Battlefield. The original great games inspired modern great games, just cause they are old don’t discard them away.

SWG was a great open world sandbox MMO and that’s what it was a sandbox game where most of the content “came from the community” but it was great fun.

Most bad SWG experiences came from the notorious few servers where trolls and grievers gathered. There were two or three servers wih bad economies, no help to new players, near ghetto like gathering of people with the same rotten attitude. The best step was to leave that server and pick the more dense and nice ones. Those two or so crappy servers indeed were like horrid chat rooms that put WoW’s Barren’s chat to shame.

There were plenty of great servers.

I was thinking the same thing as I sat down in front of it. The glow of the fire glistening off my armor, the smell of roasting womprat in the air, and the memories of SWG dancing in my head!!!

If you are smelling roasted womprat when playing a video game I think you might need to call the fire department.

I was thinking the same thing camping in SWG was great as the planets were that big sometimes you needed to camp. Also the Dewbacks reminded of SWG as they were mounts in that game too.

We need some nice blue/yellow yellow/blue dye modules to make new outfits to match that sexy new yellow blue color crystal!!

If you don’t want to buy the packs with real money just wait for them and the items to be put on the GTN. It really is that simple. For I greatly enjoy the new packs and items. My only complaint is they actually have a cap on how many CCs you can buy a day! Why is it so hard to give Bioware/EA my money?! 😛 LOL

What weakness are they exploiting? How are these packs any different from a pack of baseball cards or a pack of Magic cards? Do you call Topps an immoral company for selling baseball cards? Please.

Exploit what, people with gambling addiction who keep buying packs? It’s their own responsability. If they can’t buy stuff in MMO’s, they’ll put money in a slot machine or buy a pack of trading cards hoping it has a valuable one in it.

They usually give coins away at events or holidays, you can get a pack that way. And there’s always the GTN. Even someone who really doesn’t know how to make money can go to their level planet and kill normal NPC’s, 500 credits at a time, vendor selling items until they hit 500K and can buy a pack off the GTN.

At least you have a decent chance to get what you want here or something to trade for what you want. GW2 all you get is a 1 in 100/1000? chance not to get generic trash that cannot be traded.

Not seeing that Ashfall Tauntaun in the market. Must’ve been a delay in getting it out or I’m blind as a bat.

Question on the AD-14 Heavy Blaster. Aren’t the other blasters in this series both main and off hand? And the AD-14 is main hand only, is that correct?

Not sure if someone said this already, but the lightsabers are labelled wrong. there are pitiless, not pitless. The labels are missing the second i

Still no video of the dewback? There are complaints about its animations on the forums so I am kinda curious as to what it looks like.

that thing looks like the dewbacks scrawny cousin… really dont like it and im pretty sure they made it like that so they can keep recycling the veractyl animations and rigging….

lol ok I will…. you’re right though after seeing it closer in game it is different soo I’ll admit I’m wrong about that but I still think it looks wierd… but that’s just me

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