SWTOR Galactic Starfighter Build Calculator

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter build calculator. Select and modify ships, components, and crew members! Calculator is coded with help of swtor_miner and that_shaman, prominent community members of SWTOR and GW2

Calculator updated to Patch 5.5 with the help of RedFantom

  • Bomyne

    It’s awesome but for some reason it’s slowing my browser down majorly.

  • Saratje

    Great tool!

  • Vicious

    HK-51 can be a co-pilot, can’t he?

    • Yes any companion can be a co-pilot

  • Joseph Estrada

    So I see a few new NPC’s in there. New companions for ship stuff only when we queue? Will they be in our ship? Do we have to buy them? I really want to know. Great guide and writeup by the way! Really informative.

    • Robert Hindy

      New companions are only for the Galactic Starfighter so far. You do not have to buy them: they are for players that have not unlocked all ground based companions to use as their ship crew. I don’t know about if they will show up in our ship or not.

  • Kuba Tomaszewski

    After all things they have revealed i can say GS is a blast…!!!!

  • Guest

    Awesome tool? I do have one request, though: could you make the descriptor text field a fixed size so it’s easier to compare the different stats?

  • Jason Scott

    Awesome tool! I do have one request, though: would it be possible to make the ship’s descriptor text a fixed field size so it’s easier to compare the different stats of the ships?

    • That Shaman

      Great idea, I will change this with the next update.

  • Falkenherz

    Great info, and to get acquainted with the new game, thanks a lot! Could
    you probably explain a bit about those “sensor …” values which appear
    in the ship descriptions? The values do not seem to translate directly into a distance radius.

    • Falkenherz

      Belay that order. The ship component guide has detailed tables and I derive from that that I just need to add “00” and I have the proper ranges.

  • Toggle

    Are the multiple upgrades in a single tier mutually exclusive (ex: Tier 4 Primary Weapon upgrade)? It was my understanding that you get both if you purchase something from that tier, but I didn’t get enough requisitions this past weekend to confirm. The tool deselects one upgrade if you click on the second one.

    • Yes they are exclusive so you can only pick one but you can swap between the two anytime you want.

      • Toggle

        It unlocks both options if you purchase one so you don’t have to purchase both, but you can only equip one then?

        • Correct, only one out of the two can be equipped

  • Kagesan

    Nice work, but the tool misses the point, it’s not a calculator. So if I choose a crew member that gives me sensor dampening +4000 i want to see it reflected in ship stats summary etc. Keep up good work!

    • Kagesan

      OK looks like it’s a bug, if you only change crew member the stats don’t update.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I can’t seem to select gunships since the update to include the cartel ships. So it’s a bug or I’m missing something…

    Thanks though, playing with this is fun and handy.

    • Ya gunships were disabled ingame so the calculator reflects that. We are going to turn it on manually though so check back a bit later 🙂

      • frickenWaaaltah

        Aha I wondered if that was it; didn’t see it in the patch notes though. Do you think it’s just temporary for testing or maybe they are considering removing them entirely? Or maybe removing them until they add bombers and related matches as well?

        • Just temporary I think

  • Vedauwoo

    several stats do not seem to update properly…..I fully decked out a scout and the stats shown were worse than the base ship stats….pitch and yaw seemed to stick at 1.8/1.08

  • iliac

    Just an FYI, in game the skill tiers that have 2 abilities, you get both abilities when you purchase. So, your not limited to just 1 or the other. i.e. tier 4 & 5 for primary weapon. your calculator only gives you one, not both abilities.

    • That is because you can only pick one when you purchase tier 4 or 5, but not both.

  • Lexo

    it just doesn’t work :'(

    plz do something!

    • What you talking about? It works fine on my end

      • David P.

        Dulfy, for the Major Components (for example, the Concussion Missile on the Pike) the Costs of all levels of upgrades are wrong on the Calculator versus the Live Servers. For instance it says rank 1 costs 1500 according to your calculator, but on the live servers it costs 1000 req. This goes for levels 2, 3, and 5 as well. Level 4 is right (at 10k). Please fix. This error is repeated throughout the GS build calculator.

        • Just pushed an update, should be correct values now.

  • Vicious

    I don’t get what’s going on with co-pilots. Why is Khem Val not showing up?

    • Khem Val only show up as co-pilot if you selected him for offensive. Same with everything else. They only show up for co-pilot if you selected them for something else. Co-pilot is not an independent position.

      • Vicious

        Ahh, I see now. Thanks

  • Cert

    Nice work adding the bombers. I’m already looking forward to see them in action 🙂

  • Mortúùs

    For some reason I can’t see the calculator. All I see in the space where it should be is basically a screenshot of the front page of this website, but with all the links working.

    • Hmm thanks for the heads up, looking into it.

  • Mortúùs

    I posted this on your SWTOR forum thread as well, but you should make a page with videos of the different engine abilities, would make it easier to choose which one to get.

  • David B

    OK, I must not be as smart as I thought i was. I’ve filled in all the components, crew, etc. Now what? I don’t see any list that shows what it all means/does. I want to play around with different builds so I can compare them.

    • Tesla

      The tab that shows ship will show you increased stats when you pick abilities iirc.

  • Knightmare

    I have the latest java and flash, using Firefox 26. You aware of any other settings that could cause this? I’ve screened the issue, I see nothing but the background.

  • _RyanFury_

    Having same issue as Knightmare, except for me it isn’t even showing up. And it was working just about a week or so ago.

    • Ya we just moved servers and the shipcontent folder wasn’t carried over. Should be up tomorrow.

  • Cheek

    Just a note: the Warcarrier/Firehauler Bombers no longer have access to the Hyperspace Beacon. You’re probably already on top of the issue, but I thought I’d help out if not 🙂

    Thanks for such a great tool! Those of us at work or out of the game still love to theorycraft :3

    • Ya we are updating this calc tomrorow 🙂

      • Cheek

        Awesome! Thanks for all the hard work you put into your site!

  • Quish’ian’adur

    Hey Dulfy
    Great Calculator, thank you so much.

    I have one Question about the Burst Laser Cannon (like on the Flashfire). It has a “skill” so it ignores 100% of enemy Armor. Now my question is: What is Armor. I know Shield, Hull, and Evasion as the Defstats. The “Armors” you can choose from give Evasion, Hull Strength or dmg reduction. So what is ignored if the skill ignores 100% of Enemy Armor?

    Thank you

    • It ignores the armor’s damage reduction ability I think. Evasion is just ability to evade attacks, hull strength is just hull HP I believe.

      • Quish’ian’adur

        So it is basically only usefull if the enemy has an armor with dmg reduction? Thats the same as i thought

  • Outis

    A quick question about the “skill tree” of the components: The last / last two tiers are split up – does that mean that I have to choose between one of the two, or am I able to choose both?

    • Outis

      And a quick follow-up question: If I unlock the “split” tier – do both skills unlock, or do I have to unlock both abilities of the same tier separately?

      • Tesla

        4th tier unlocks both abilities. You just have to select which one you want.

  • David B

    I swear the devs at SWTOR must have been dropped on the head to give the FT-7B the role they did. I mean it should be the biggest badass in combat with it’s quad engines and S-foils. Instead they took the most badass-looking ship in the fleet and made it a BUFFER?!? And WTF is this BS about it “sacrifices a bit of speed and maneuverability”?!? IT HAS FOUR BIG ASS ENGINES! It should leave other ships in the dust! What are the extra engines for if not to make it go faster?

    Once again the SWTOR Devs prove they have their heads up their asses.

    • Hiroshi Perez

      It adds weight, not extra support boost features on the engine, seen as cosmetic.

  • Wakka

    So, the targeting telemetry system for scouts dispels cloaking effects… what cloaking effects? I swear I’ve seen them used, either that or had insanely bad lag such that a scout disappeared right in front of me (I’m a gunship) and then 5 seconds later destroys me from behind at like 3000m… 6 times in one warzone…

    Been trying to figure this out for some time now, but I dont see any components or systems that grant cloaking effects. Anyone?

    The closest I see is EMP field, but that only reduces enemy sensor range by 5000m. Even with a scout’s sensor dampening maxed (4000m), a gunship should still be able to see them coming from behind at like 6000m, aka more than a scouts weapon’s range. Also, from this I don’t see any “cloaking” effects that could be dispelled by targeting telemetry.

    • Cloaking isn’t in yet, it is a feature of infiltrator ships

      • Wakka

        Welp, that’s good to know then. Thanks! Still mad about the magically-disappearing-scout-incident tho (I mean, srsly, 6 TIMES!!!!) >.< but nah, I just wanted a disappearing scout is all 🙁

        Thanks again!

      • Guest

        Is there any eta on them adding these ships in? Can you tease any information about them? or was that part of the NDA?

      • Meetr’ika

        ONce these infiltrators hit the live servers, I will have to make sure to only fly premades.
        I can see the tactical advantage of them, but getting pugs to work together would be like herding cats.

        ANd we thought Scoundrels/Shadows were a menace in dirtside PvP, wait till these things hit.

      • Hiroshi Perez

        When, when?!!?

        • Mee

          Well, I recenly heard they pulled the plug on them.
          Rumor one: Too much complaints about OPness of gunships (with which I disagree) so they figured that a stealther would be too much.
          Rumor two: Devs are lazy and can’t get the components right.

          • Hiroshi Perez

            Well they should do it for the rates and for our fans here.

            • Meetr’ika

              I could not agree more.

              I have recenlty discovered the joy of flying a bomber, a ‘real stealther” would be a great tactical tool in my bag of tricks, but many people are whiners, and the louder they whine, the more the devs listen to them, after all, they want money, and the more subs they get, the better for them.

              • Hiroshi Perez

                The only thing we should whine about are only the bugs in our system, that is something everybody should really worry about. Dulfy, what features do you think the Infiltrator will offer besides stealth??

              • Meetra Actual

                My info on that comes from this reddit thread: tinyurl.com/stealthship (posted by Sookat on GSF chat, Ebon Hawk server, pubside). I believe a feature set was listed on the third comment down, though this was true at the time of the link first being created, I am not sure to it’s current state.

                I have also read swtor-miner’s datamined files on the subject, and, as I recall (this was about 3 months back) the feature set included:
                • AoE conal attack (I’m guessing a gunship railgun that got supersized)
                • DoT missiles
                • IFF mimics (makes you look like a friendly for some time)

                Those are the chief things I remember, and we must keep in mind that this info is dated end of March/Start of April, and furthermore that these are rumours and have not been confirmed.

              • Hiroshi Perez

                Thanks for the info.

              • Meetra Actual

                You’re most welcome

  • Nycos

    Can’t use on my iphone since the new site…

    • That Shaman

      I’ve just fixed the lay-out to work on mobile devices once more.

  • Meetra Actual

    To me, as a GSF pilot, this proved most helpful mapping builds for my ships.
    A slight suggestion though: skill trees for classes often have a “number of skill points” counter as well as a “required level” tag, would it be possible to add a “Requisition needed” counter to help estimate the cost of a particular build? (Assuming you buy different components, for instance)

  • Corran

    I put in all the components and crew, but it does not change/update the stats on the ship. I am using Chrome. I cannot use IE. After putting in all the components and crew I go back to the ship tab everything is stock, nothing has changed. Even changing just the weapon component and all the abilities I go back to ship tab and nothing changes. Adding missiles does not even show up either.

  • Updated for patch 5.5

  • simurgh559

    Calculator is not displaying right now.

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