SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence and Life day events coming soon

New reputation, cartel market items, and achievements related to the revamped Rakghoul Resurgence event have being spotted in the PTS. Also new is a reindeer like tauntaun and a new title related to Life Day on the cartel market along with some Life Day event achievements. A regen item was also added to the Gree reputation vendor.

Rakghoul ResurgenceLikely around or after Patch 2.5   

Rakghoul Event Outfits

  • Both outfits are animated – the green/pink parts blink
  • They can be purchased in the Cartel Market- 1200 CC per set

Thorn Containment Armor Set

THORN Containment Chestguard
THORN Containment Boots
THORN Containment Gloves
THORN Containment Rebreather
THORN Containment Pants
THORN Containment Belt
THORN Containment Bracers


THORN Sanitization Armor Set

THORN Sanitization Chestguard
THORN Sanitization Boots
THORN Sanitization Gloves
THORN Sanitization Rebreather
THORN Sanitization Pants
THORN Sanitization Belt
THORN Sanitization Bracers


New Blaster Pistols

  • These are probably unrelated to the Rakghoul event but they are also on the Cartel Market
  • 500 CC each

TM-59 Blaster Pistol


R-30017 Aikion Blaster


THORN Reputation

  • The Hyland Organization for Rakghoul Neutralization (THORN)


Rakghoul Resurgence event achievements



Achievement Reward
Kill 50/250/1000 rakghouls in the infested tunnels Legacy Title: Rakghoul Ravager
Dispatch 50/250/1000 infected creatures and humanoids in the infested tunnels  
Dispatch every fungus-harvesting Rakghoul symbiote in the Rakghoul Tunnels  


Achievement Reward
Defeat 10/50/100 players in the plague infested tunnels  
Infect 5/25/100 players with the rakghoul plague  


Achievement Reward
Collect Plaguetail Kowakian Monkey-lizard  
Collect Plagueshard Lylek  
Collect the Plaguehorn Reek pet  
Collect the Plaguetooth Sleen pet  
Defeat the Tunnel Lurker with the following pets summoned
Pale Rakling, Crimson Rakling, Midnight Rakling, Fungal Rakling, Symbiote Rakling, Irradiated Rakling, Contaminated Rakling
Legacy Title: Lord of the Raklings


Achievement Reward
Defeat 500/1000/3000 NPCs while in the plague infested tunnels  
Complete all combat achievements for the plague infested tunnels Legacy Title: Cure for the Plague

The Eyeless- Rakghoul event operation boss


Life Day event

Festive Tauntaun mount– 1200 CC

  • Preview currently not working


Title: The Winter Warrior – 300 CC


Achievement Reward
During the Life Day event, find Snow-Covered Parcels by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb Legacy Title: Life Day Celebrant
During the Life Day event, find 25 Snow-Covered Parcels by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb  
During the Life Day event, find 100 Snow-Covered Parcels by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb Legacy Title: A Special Snowflake

Gree reputation vendor

Gree Digitizer Cube (regen item) – 6 Gray Helix Components and Hero standing


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

115 replies on “SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence and Life day events coming soon”

I hope they bring them back so I can get more flavours of them 🙂 I only got a few crit ones last time

Nooo! The old containment officer helmet (imp) wasn’t a full helmet! I have Lekku – and those stupid full helmets remove them! I don’t like full helmets – because why do i create a face for my character if i look like a robot!?

Will those two new pistols have custom sounds? I hope they will.

Anyways, the first one kinda resembles Vash the Stampede’s pistol from Trigun.

What about those of us that got bugged questlines the first time through? Do we not deserve a 2nd shot at armor, codex, and titles? I’ve been playing this game as a sub since day 1, and its not my fault the game bugged out and reset my questline at day 3! EAWare did nothing for me.

Sure seems fair doesn’t it?

If it bugged for you, you should have put in a ticket and CS should have fixed it for you.

Old things should remain old, exclusive things should remain exclusive, new content should be new content.

I did submit a ticket! And all they said was sorry, there is nothing they can do to confirm due to the limited nature of the event! That is why I was so stark raving pissed! I then submitted several follow up tickets to which all came the canned response of the event was limited and there was nothing they could do!

Do you think I am a friggin moron?!?!? I tried to get it set right. They SHOULD have made it right, BUT THEY DID NOT! EAWare dropped the ball on this and it is their responsibility to make it right to which they never did!

I did everything in my power to prove out what had happened including logs, screen caps, etc. My brother and I were running the quests grouped, mine bugged his did not. He got the gear, and titles, I did not. We submitted everything to no avail.

I am still bitter about this, and from the looks of how this is shaping out, forever will be.

So just because something bugged for you, the rest of us should all have to redo the same event instead of getting new stuff?

iceberg is a fanboy. His opinions are not his own, his judgement compromised. He can only defend swtor out of loyalty, not reason, even for minor criticisms of the game. You can see this in his posts. Not someone you want to take seriously, he will just say it’s perfect.

I find it hilarious when people say stuff like this to me when I might be quitting SWTOR when Wildstar comes out.

I am critical of them when they deserve it, but unlike people like Vox and the person I was originally talking to, I keep my criticism constructive.

If you say something stupid, I will let you know its stupid. If you have a genuine complaint and act like an adult, I respect that. I may disagree with it, but I will respect it.

and here I thought if they ever came out with it again they would just do what they did last time, I’m impressed with this so far, curious about how the Eyeless will function and what it drops

Me too, and I would have been very disappointed if they did. I am very happy that this is a new event with a new story though, looking forward to it!

Only one new item for Gree? I like the regen item but I was really hoping for a new (not so ridiculous looking) mount and some vibro/tech weapons. Bit disappointed…

I think the devs make it a point to not have useless items/commendations in the game. They want to avoid what SWG was notorious for, 1000 plus 1 items you can’t turn in or delete anymore, filling inventories. So I’d think yes. Or it can be traded for something valid.

I think I still have around 200 DNA samples… And I did not bough Pale Rakling so I hope the Jawa vendor will come back…

They seem to have somewhat merged the Sith Raider Armour, Thana Vesh Boots and Red Blade Armour with perhaps the Scalene Armour appearance. I know they recycle stuff with glowing bits so that it’s different from the rare and no longer available items, but this is mostly combining meshes, a bit disappointing. It still looks nice, though.

Hopes up for a fair chance to gather half of those items.

Hmm, seems the new patch is coming again.
But on the news they told that “warzones” would also be unlimited for F2p’s in the future.
But won’t be with this patch it seems, i hoped it would be.
@Dulfy, do you perhaps have any information when they would release this change..?


They never really said that they said the restrictions for f2p would be lifted or something to those lines we just assumed f2p would get unlimited was which isn’t necessary as there’s always plenty in wz and the point of the f2p players is to make sure subs can access al the content 🙂 and so BioWare can claim they have 10 mil accounts

But wait! There’s more!
What about PvP post-2.4? What is coming next, you wonder? Well it wouldn’t be a dev post without some teasing! Here are some of the things on the horizon we have in store for PvP.
Removing the F2P restriction for entering the Warzones
Additional Arena map coming soon!

The above was taken from

So ya, they’re going to lift the restrictions at some point…we just don’t know when.

you missed the coming soon tm bit like what was said about class stories, take dev statements with a pinch of salt until they are at least in pts.

Oh I’m fairly certain that it will be a long while before we see this particular change…the point was just that they DID say they would lift the restrictions someday.

“During the Life Day event, find Snow-Covered Parcels by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb”

Looks like we are going to get a new event. Might be something small that only involves hunting for certain items in the snow kinda like the tauntaun quest.

Probably not, and I personally hope they don’t. I farmed up two of the sets back when the event first came out, and I like that they’re introducing a new one instead of taking away what made the first occurrence unique. Same goes for the title.

Unfortunately, the way the old event was set up, if you missed one day of the very short event, it meant you weren’t able to get every piece. At the time, having a complete set or not wasn’t a big deal because, even though it was the first legacy armor available, armorings didn’t lock to slot and we were told the event would be recurring. That set is part of an achievement now. You’ll recall that achievements and collections did not exist at the time of the first rakghoul event and one of the reasons given for including the containment officer gear in the achievements was that the event would be returning, strongly implying that we would be able to complete that set.

If they had wanted to keep the containment officer gear unique and rare, only available to those who have been playing for a long time, they still could have accomplished that by bringing the event back in sometime in the 12 months that have passed since it was live for a very short time.

Not true.

You could afford to miss ONE DAY, and ONE DAY only.

But yeah, that was honestly tough for most people: BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T MENTION THAT BEFOREHAND.

Yeah, you’re right. It was 6 pieces and 7 days. I think I missed one day because of work commitments and another day because I was grinding it on two toons and only had enough time to pick one toon on one that day.

You could only get a specific piece after so many days of doing the event ON THAT TOON. So I couldn’t buy the belt on toon 2 even though that was all I needed to complete the set on my account because belts were day 3 (or w/e it was) on a specific toon. I ended up with two gloves, two boots, and no belt on my account.

Yeah, the whole no warning beforehand thing was nuts.

Most games inform you that they’re making something A) limited time only, B) specific requirements (6+ days), and C) part of a future meta achievement (“Sharp Dresser”).

The only kind of people that will interpret my statement the way that you did, are those that don’t want veteran players to have anything to show for the time they’ve put into this game.

Although I only obtained the Republic version of Containment Officer set and would have still liked to have grabbed the Imperial one, I still feel very strongly that these rewards should remain unique and never be made available again. I could care less about a meaningless achievement that very few people will be OCD enough to obtain to begin with. If anything, they could always change the achievement to not include the Containment Officer or the Bloodguard set to sate the whiners who didn’t get their precious armor sets.

Point is, there is a very short list of things in-game that truly say, “I’ve been here a long time,” and the Rakghoul event stuff is on there. This is less about being a, ‘Special Snowflake,’ than just being able to show off a little and relate to the other players that have stuck with the game through thick and thin.

The one thing I would like to see is making the title tied to legacy somehow. Took the time to nab it on one toon, but swapped mains, and I miss having that title.Otherwise, totally agree.

Not at all true! The quest line bugged out on me on the 3rd day and I didnt get the chest piece or the belt for the set! And EAWare did nothing but say sorry. I’ve been waiting and hoping to finally be able to get the full set. I’ve been playing this friggin game since closed Beta, bought the CE on the first day of pre-orders, and have had my sub since day 1 with no cancellations. So yeah I feel just a little entitled to be able to get a set of gear that I grinded my a$$ off for during the event, only to get bugged and miss out.

If you can’t tell I am very bitter about this, and it is the longest held grudge I hopefully will have with the game. I just want the chance to get the gear I played for and should have earned. And the title would be nice as well.

Heya Dulfy, Thanks a lot for this, as usual ! Great stuff coming.

Also, Careful you’ve got a typo 😀 “Green reputation vendor” should be gree and not green. ALthough animations are, indeed, green 😀

Thanks for your great work !

So instead of earning the gear in the Rakghoul event like last time, they’ve turned it into yet another reputation grind and put the gear on the Cartel Market?

Why am I not surprised? Disappointed but not surprised.

Did you even do the event last time?

If you wanted the containment gear all you needed to do was run a handful of dailies for a week.

How is that the same as grinding out 70,000 rep points and still having to buy the gear off the cartel market?

OMG!! They did it, those beautiful bastards did it!! They finally made another gun based on the A-300 Heavy Sonic Needler model!! I can finally have an actually gunslinger-looking gunslinger!

I’ve been wondering if they would ever do it as well. I can finally quote Dirty Harry: ‘I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well,
to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track
myself. But being as this is an A-300 Heavy Sonic Needle, the most powerful handgun in
the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask
yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?” ^^

RP, here I come

Any info about the old rakghoul bosses? I never got the chance to kill that Urtagh boss last time. Hope I get a second chance on that.

I can see why you didn’t include them now. Before, I thought the theme was “Stuff they added to the 2.5 PTS that is not part of GS” instead of just the Rakgoul, Gree, and Life Day stuff.

Although, if we use that as the theme, then the awesome pistols shouldn’t be there. ;P

Something else that was just spotted: You can now set the Operations Training Dummy to a discrete amount of health with items bought from the Repair Astromech on player’s ships. You can also apply a 20% armor debuff this way too.

For more images:

Might want to start a new page with all these other changes spotted on the PTS that doesn’t already fall into the category of one of your pages.

They’re always on Ebon Hawk server GTN for anywhere from 500k to 2m depending on the type you want. How I got mine since I wasn’t around for the first event either.

I feel like I’m the only person that doesn’t like the glowy bits on the armor.

I’d totally love those THORN sets if they didn’t have the bright distracting green/purple lights on them. they just make the set look silly.

so much for not doing real life holiday stuff. life day stuff i understood since thats been around for decades with the life day special. but a rudolph like tauntaun??

I’m not wild about the tauntaun either, kind of too ridiculous and ruins the star wars immersion if you ask me. Same with that damn pumpkin they put in for Halloween.

I really hope I’ll be able to finish my containment officer set. Exams kept me from fully enjoying the original rakghoul event. I wouldn’t mind seeing the companion customizations again either, or any of the original rewards for that matter.

Of course, new content and rewards are always welcome 🙂

There aren’t any pets that talk, and almost all pets make some sort of noise.

If you are looking for Rakling pets, Dulfy has a guide here for the 3 that are currently released:
Note that you can only get the Midnight Rakling right now: the other two are from the event. The Midnight Rakling comes from HM Lost Island.

I assume that the other Raklings will come with the reboot of the event.

lol, finally they put in the coolest blaster for smugglers, but wait! 500CC… this is so awesome, i wanna die… soon.

I am so sick of all this blinking armor. I was initially remorsed at buying the covert pilot suit and unlocking it in collections since I then got the same model on all my toons in the mail. Then I cracked it open and saw all the blinky crap so the original was well worth it.

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