SWTOR Relics stats adjusted for patch 2.5

The stats for various endgame relics have being adjusted for patch 2.5. Here are the new stats on the various Dread Foraged Relics. The SA relic and FR relics, for example have been buffed, while the BA relic has not been touched. Special thanks to Jason for the info and picture.


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Only looked at the main stat one and that’s the same amount like the obroan power& crit with the same 20 sec cd now too. Power & main stat should be the way to go then, it’s even better than the double power proc from before.

Anyone checked if they changed the cooldown of the Boundless Ages relic? Would be nice to know if the 2 proc relic will be BIS, no question asked or there will still be some choice.

i dont see why they would change clicky relic cooldowns… what i think they should do though is give BA a larger effect, say +600 power for DF.

That is totally insane. FR + SA is going to be super OP for all DPS, and healers too apart from those who prefer a guaranteed clicky for intense phases.

no different than the double SA procs we get already…
for some classes FR is slightly better than SA, for others its slightly worse.

*Reads new relic effects*

Sad that they aren’t buffing the BA relics though. But for now, FR + SA are my new loves 🙂

Crazy that they buffed them. Not sure why they didn’t just bring the FR up to par with the SA. And the BA is clearly inferior except for fights with a really intense burn phase

I’ve been told the soft cap on diminishing returns for Main Stat is 3400. With Augments and 78 gear many of my toons are already nearing that cap, wouldn’t the main stat be wasted then?

When wearing Optimized Gear on my sentinel and on my gunslinger with main stat augments, a mix of 72/78 rated gear, even using optimzed 72’s that have low endurance, with a stim active my main stat is reaching 3200.

I’ve heard that the soft cap on bonuses from main stat (not sure if it’s the Crit Chance or what) is around 3400.

One could presume that someone wearing Kell Dragon/Dread Forged Optimized gear is almost certainly going to have a main stat near 3300.

In this case…..adding 750 is…well….wouldn’t it be worthless? I’m not sure just how the diminishing returns work, but even without optimized gear, when you’re sitting at 3000k Main Stat, hitting 750 every 20 seconds seems like a lot of wasted benefit since you’re only getting half the bonus you’d get otherwise.

Maybe they are expecting people to vary their augments but fuck that. A passive bonus that’s works with every attack is better then one that only works on 1/5th of your attacks.

ok I have done a graph of MS crit bonus.

with more and more MS for sure we need to start to swap some aug into power. that without count relic effect. so yes that relics will waste some bonus crit.
the bonus dmg from MS is linear with Q=0.2 so doesn’t matter but MS > Power cause it gives us some crit chance but if it starts to have high DR at certain point Power > MS

Well, I doubt I’d get my hands on this new relic anytime soon but, presuming I did. It would only affect the bonus crit. 2 or 3 power augments instead of main stat would drop my main stat about a hundred, I’m guessing…but still wouldn’t get max benefit from that MS bonus.

Aside from that crit bonus does MS affect damage directly too? It combines with power right?

Main stat contributes to damage with a 0.20 factor, whereas Power contributes with a 0.23 factor. So all you need to do is evaluate whether the Crit from MS overcomes that 15% difference.

Don’t forget that with the exception of Mara and Sin, all classes have +% MS talents (6-9%). That makes MS damage contribution up to 0.218, in addition to crit bonus is already gives.

you seem to have forgotten the inquisitor/consular buff.
and not all classes have MS buffs in their tree. sentinel and shadow do not. they get a 5% increase only, taking it to 0.21 bonus dmg per point.
for a class with +6% (sage and guardian) MS gives 0.22 bonus dmg per point.
for classes with +9% its 0.228.

I specifically said “with the exception of Mara and Sin”.

And I didn’t include the buff in my calculation because not all classes have access to it all the time. But for raiding, yes, it should certainly be included, which is why MS for most classes is a no brainer.

i seem to have overlooked that part :p
im not so used to reading imperial names of classes (even though i have 8 myself).
as for the consular buff, the only time BiS really matters is during content that you most likely have a full set of buffs anyway.

well np 😀 but I’m still working with oofalong on and see when to start swap augments into power. for example combat sent, he said me, the bis augments are 13ms 1 power.

sentinel doesnt have any bonus to main stat in its tree, i assume youre using might augments? overkill would be more beneficial to you anyway.
a class like commando can reach around 3400+ main stat in 72 gear no problem.
on a sentinel you shouldnt need to worry at all about DR on MS crit contribution.

Following the advice of the top parsers on the server im 100% might augment.
If and when I get optimized Dread Forged gear I’ll prolly switch 3-4 to overkill.

skill can account for a lot more than stat optimization. they probably haven’t tried using only power, if they had their parses might be even higher.

That it does, Well, these guys are pretty damn skilled they’re running NIM TFB SNV on the regular. Feel free to take it up with them. I think Tam is one of them.

There’s no right or wrong for Sentinels, it’s Tam himself that states in his Combat guide that Power gives more reliable results where-as Might have higher potential if RNG smiles on you. So either is fine depending on preference. As for diminishing returns, will have to see, so far they’ve only been on the critical part of main-stat, which isn’t too bad.

Don’t believe what “you’ve been told”, cos it’s clearly wrong. Main stat is linear (apart from the crit component, but that’s because crit isn’t linear)

This stuff with not being able to have 2 of the same type of relic is just retarded. It’s going to take me forever to get a proper second relic on all 4 of my 55’s now. I worked hard for what I had.

SA had the tooltip telling you they shouldn’t be double proc’ing since they came out. It was pretty obviously a bug.
Sucks that you have to replace ~4 trinkets but you should have seen it coming.

4 55’s? are u trying to brag? cuz thats not really anything 8-10 55’s is the norm fyi.. and welcome to mmo’s once u get BIS gear next patch will make u mid level geared lol.

Does anyone know if the Dread Forged Relic of Devastating Vengeance would be good for deception assassins due to how heavily we rely on RNG for crit? If not, what is the purpose of a relic that increases critical rating?

crit relics are useful for scoundrel/opp healers allowing them to remove all crit from their gear and focus on power

Your guess is as good as anyone’s, but given that it adds nothing to the 2.5 build, I’d hazard a guess that it’s gonna come to live in 2.5.

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