GW2 Dreamthistle Logging Axe and gathering boosters in the gemstore

GW2 gemstore has being updated with the a Dreamthistle Logging axe and gathering boosters. Here are some pictures and videos of the logging axe in action.

Dreamthistle Logging Axe – 1000 gems

  • Account Bound


Gathering Boosters – 150 gems each or 5 for 550 gems

  • Gain 10 seconds of swiftness when gathering, 33% chance at extra resource when gathering.
  • Lasts 1 hr.


Crafting Boosters on sale – 20% OFF (120 gems each or 5 for 440 gems)

  • Vaeris

    I like the effect.

  • Ares Zax

    Oh man, that looks WAY better than the Aetherblade axe. Now I have to decide if it’s worth spending another 1000 gems when I already have 5 chars equipped with the former. D:

    • motoko_k

      If I’m correct you can get a gem refund for your duplicates. More infos here:

      • Mario

        Did it work for someone, did everything they ask and still waiting to get a refund after 2 days.

        • Læce

          I emailed them about my unwanted unlimited harvesting items. Got a response in one day with instructions and the refund within an hour after receiving the instructions (note that your refund will be 800 gems, the price of the soulbound logging items, so you still need to make up 200 gems to buy the new account bound ones).

  • Night

    When the first tools were introduced they “only” cost 800 gems. Why have they raised the price =( it looks awesome but im not sure if it is worth 1k gems =/

    • Pureblade

      The prices of the unlimited tools were raised because they are now account bound, rather than soulbound. I wish we could still buy soulbound versions for 800 gems, alongside the account bound versions for 1000 gems.

      • Andrew McCunn

        if i recall correctly, the old tools were labeled account bound but the second you equipped them they would bind to you.

        • gbtygfvyg

          They were labeled account bound but soul bound on use (like most account bound stuff in the gem store). They since then made them only account bound.

    • chili

      I think when the molten pick came out, it was 600 gems.

  • Mag

    too expensive u_u

  • Do you think they will put out a pick and scythe with the same look?

    • Madoka

      From the past trend, no.

  • ZiemnyJ

    Anyone wants to complain about the gathering boosters? You have to pay if you want a chance for more resources? And considering that you can earn money only from gathering ndoes and doing dungeons these days, it’s simply unfair…

  • Xeritoz

    how long will be on sale this object? someone tell me plz

  • Viraxel

    I’m just curious if this is the start of the next 3 set of harvesting tools or the end of the “Halloween themed” ones. If there’s going to be a scythe and pick of this type, want. If not, do not want.

    • Madoka

      The only Halloween themed one is the sickle, the pick is Teq themed and this is the toxic theme. The last set was molten theme pick, southsun cove sickle and aetherblade axe. Usually only one per theme but not a set.

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