GW2 Upcoming changes for the Fractal of the Mists

Along with the usual release info for next week’s patch, Arenanet have also released a blog entry describing the changes to Fractals in detail.

More Developer Explanations from Official Forums

Here’s how it works:

  • Agony resist infusions are always +1 or above agony resist.
  • Agony resist infusions only slot into the Agony Resist slot, which is currently only found Infused Asccended Rings and Back Items.
  • Every time you finish a fractal, you’ll get at least a +1 out of the chest.
  • An artificer can combine any two identical agony resist infusions with a Thermocatyltic Reagent o make one of a higher resistance.
  • Existing Infused Ascended Rings and Back Items lose their natural +5 Agony Resist, and receive a +5 Agony Resist Infusion by default.
  • New Infused Ascended Rings and Back Items will have an empty slot.


Just keep in mind that AR infusions slots are still limited to Infused Ascended Rings and Back Items. The slot is the real value here, as it has unlimited potential.

  • Your total agony resist will not change. If you had 55, you will still have 55.
  • These are new slot types. You can only slot Agony Resist Infusions into them. Agony Resist Infusions are new infusion types like Offensive, Defensive, and Omni. Between the two rings and the back item, you can currently get up to 3 of these slots.
  • No changes are being made to Agony Resist on any other item.

In terms of Fractal Weapons

At higher Fractal levels the weapon skins become more common, and also start dropping in a container that lets you pick the one you wan

We fixed a number of bugs and made lots of balance changes to existing fractals. Also the difficulty scaling has been tweaked overall to create a slightly less difficult curve up to 50.

The weapons are skins now.

Ascended armor is not in the game right now, but if it was, it would drop in the Fractals.

In terms of Fractal Levels and Rewards

Every time you finish a complete set of Fractals (3 Standard Fractals + 1 Boss) you will receive the daily reward, restricted by account, which is consistent with other dungeon rewards. Each 10 levels of Fractals has it’s own daily reward. So if you played level 1, 11, 21, and 31, you would receive four daily rewards.

For now, 50 is still the maximum level.

40-49 has been slightly reduced. 50 is no longer impossible, but now represents the requirement for 50-59. More levels will be made available in the future.

Changes to Fractal Rotations:

For those not familiar with the current structure of the Fractals of the Mists, they’re like mini-dungeons which string together and present more of a challenge as you progress. On average, a single fractal should take 20-30 minutes to complete, depending on your group and difficulty scale.

Entering the Mistlock Observatory through the Fractals of the Mists gate near Fort Marriner in Lion’s Arch will place you into a random fractal from a common pool.  Completing the fractal will prompt your party to move to the next fractal, which is also chosen at random. After completing three fractals, the party will be taken to a shorter boss fractal, after which you’ll receive rewards for completing the run.

Completing a given fractal level will increase your personal fractal difficulty and reward level by one. As you level up within the Fractals of the Mists, enemies become more challenging (up to a maximum level of 50). Above fractal difficulty level 10, a new type of damage called agony is applied by certain attacks. This effect deals a set percentage of your health, but can be mitigated by special Ascended gear with the agony resist stat on it.

Fractals are now weighted according to their length and difficulty. Easier fractals will always show up earlier in the run, with more difficult ones coming later.

All 50 levels now have a boss fractal after the standard rotation of three normal, instead of only offering a boss encounter at the end of even-numbered fractal levels. You no longer need to worry about skipping levels to get the best rewards!

Your personal fractal difficulty and reward level is being made account-wide! Starting with the Fractured release, you can attempt high level fractals on a new character without needing to level up all over again.

New Fractals:

Three new fractals have been added to the fractal rotation:

  • Thaumanova Reactor Fractal: You voted, and Kiel delivered! Experience the moments leading up to the catastrophic destruction of the Thaumanova Reactor, caused by the Inquest’s reckless experiments with Chaos Energy.
  • Molten Furnace Fractal: Relive the beginning of the assault on the Molten Alliance base from the Flame & Frost release! Watch out for the supercharged Dredge Engineer!
  • Aetherblade Fractal: The Aetherblade pirates from the Sky Pirates of Tyria release can now be found in the Mists as well – and their traps and tricks are deadlier than ever!

Two new boss fractals have been added to join the Jade Maw encounter:

  • The Molten Berserker and Dredge Firestorm from the Molten Facility Dungeon are back! The deadly duo will challenge you to focus your fire while avoiding their attacks.
  • Mai Trin from the Aetherblade Retreat will also try to get between you and your well-deserved rewards. Avoid her first-mate’s cannonball barrages while bringing down her shields.
Mistlock Instabilities:

As Dessa has always been quick to point out, diving into the Mists is a dangerous hobby! Playing above fractal level 30, you will notice new Mistlock Instabilities that will force you to rethink your approach to what might otherwise seem like familiar challenges.

Every level starting at 31 will have a new instability to conquer. This instability is tied to the fractal level, so it will be the same for all three fractals and the boss, but will be replaced by a new challenge when you move up to a new fractal level.

These instabilities should offer new and varied challenges, even to veterans of the Fractals of the Mists!

Agony Resist Infusions:

To assist you in your ventures into the mists, a new agony resist infusion slot has been added to all infused rings and backpacks.

  • All current infused rings and backpacks will start with a +5 agony resist infusion (this replaces the +5 agony resist that was previously on the item itself).
  • Players will be able to find +1 agony resist infusions commonly in the fractals after level 10.
  • Artificers of at least 100 skill will be able to combine two infusions of the same level with a Thermocatalytic Reagent to make an infusion of the next level. For example, you could take two +2 infusions, combine them with a Thermocatalytic Reagent, and create a +3 infusion.
Reward updates:

You will be able to receive a special daily chest for finishing a boss fractal once per day. This chest will contain a number of items based on your current fractal level:

  • Empyreal Fragments
  • Fractal Relics
  • A Pristine Fractal Relic
  • Gold

This boss chest will also have a chance at containing a number of other rare rewards. As your fractal level increases, so do the odds of obtaining these items:

  • Fractal Weapon Skins (starting at level 10)
  • Ascended Rings (starting at level 10)
  • Ascended Weapons (starting at level 10)
  • Infused Ascended Rings (starting at level 20)

Starting at level 40, this chest will have a small chance to contain an Endless Fractal Tonic. Using this item will transform you into a random creature found in the fractals. It is account bound, so it can be used on any of your characters.

Completing a fractal will yield a repeatable chest that contains the following (this chest can be obtained any number of times per day):

  • Fractal Relics
  • Agony resist infusions
  • Character equipment (blue quality or higher)

Above level 30, this repeatable chest also has a chance to contain a brand new rune or sigil:

  • The Rune of Resistance grants bonus toughness, a reduction in condition duration, and aegis upon using a signet
  • The Sigil of Momentum grants a stacking toughness buff every time you kill an enemy

As you delve into old and new fractals alike, we’re hoping these changes will keep you feeling challenged and better rewarded than ever before.


  • Homer

    need confirmation on the amount of gold the daily chest will give.D’oh!

    • Braghez

      I think that we ll see that only at release xD…i hope it’s a scaling reward !…i mean, the higher you get, the more gold it rewards, it would be logical thanks to the difficulty scaling…

    • AKGeo

      Some. That’s all you really need to know. I’m guessing it’ll be on par with existing dungeons in terms of time required.

  • paardenmesmer

    looks realy nice!

  • Erk1209

    I do not understand the new agony resist. Will the extremely expensive infusions we added to already infused items (i.e. Mighty Infusion) be removed and replaced with the new system? I’m looking forward to more details on this.

    • Elithrion

      It sounds like only the “Infused” item property will be removed and replaced by a new slot. E.g. if you have a mighty infusion in an infused ring, the mighty infusion will remain, and the +5 default infusion from the ring will be replaced by a second infusion slot.

  • Banjal

    Did FoTM the first day it came out and never went back,This update wont do it for me.

    • Braghez

      Kinda the same, even if i played a bit more…it was nice the first times, a bit more challenging than most dungeons at that time. yet it deluded me pretty hard on the long run…the concept of difficulty scaling was merely an insane increase of dmg from mobs, wich wasn’t the idea of “elite dungeon” i had…

      • AKGeo

        The increased damage from the mobs forces players to re-evaluate their play styles and utilize utility skills to mitigate that damage, rather than simply tanking it and outdamaging it. Because even with a full berserker group, you’re going to get wrecked if you don’t blind/CC the mobs.

        • Banjal

          Played EQ for 7 years,I know all about CC and mobs killing you in one hit.

        • Braghez

          Problem is that what player want isn’t a singular char doing CC and stuff or all of them doing it…people want team play, wich isn’t what you described…teamplay is dividing into different roles phisically, like the boss at the dredge fractal, wich require some cc, someone who can kite, someone who deals dmg and one that pull that damn lever (imo i would make it even a bit different…like that only the magma does dmg to it and other players would have to defend the lever trigger from some mobs with heavy cc that will be near the lever…and when the armor is took down from the mob, i mean reaching 0 life, another part will start when you beat the dredge in it.)
          That’s what i want as an “elite” dungeon…not just petty mobs that deals way more damage than a boss (yes, because most bosses in gw2 are ridiculous, normal mobs are far more a threat…i can’t feel the actual pressure of having a boss in front of you)

          • AKGeo

            Uh…I’m trying hard to get through this post of yours, but here goes:

            You can have CC AND damage AND party support all in one class. You don’t need to split roles up between players, if each player can bring utility skills that can help the team with blinds/blocks/ccs. Thief can do plenty of damage while still dropping smoke screens and black powders to keep mobs blind and projectiles from hitting. Same with mesmer, and guardian. Guardian has aegis, warding skills, chains, reflect wall, and blinds. Warrior has stomp, condition removal, healing shouts, blocks. Mesmer has blocks, damage, stuns, diversions, etc. Necro has blinds, weakness, etc.

            All of which are in utility slots, leaving the weapon skills up to the player’s choice. It’s called learning how to most effectively mitigate damage while dishing our your own.

            • Braghez

              Why did you waste so much time pointing how one class can do dmg, support and cc ?
              I perfectly know that and, if you notice, i only wasted two lines about that topic…That was just to say that it doesn’t matter if you make only some run heavy cc or the whole party…you could even just run a team full warrior and it’s so lame that you ll get easilly top dps, top cc, almost top defence and insane base hp regen while do nothing…with supports etc too for the party, same for necros.
              BUT, read carefully, people in annoyed that all you have to do in an elite dungeon is kite mobs and do stuff into corners, or at least many of the people i know are. We would like harder stuff that actually requires teamwork and communication. Stages where the team should split up to complete separate obejctive to open the room or to kill the boss, while the other ones distract it and/or deal some damage to it. Some of those mechanics are already present, but still not developed enough well.
              I tried to put it in the simplest way possible, i ll just mark again:
              “I do not care about build cc/dps/support/tank etc, the mechanic itself of the dungeon/fractal should be more complicated and require actual teamwork”.

    • AKGeo

      Too bad, So sad. I’m sure those who do fractals totally miss your presence.

  • OD

    yes this has nothing to do with topic but,i would like to talk about why anet is playing on bg’s side for wvw while jq is once again being double teamed by 2 servers becuase 1vs1 jq cannot be defeated.i have screenshots proving anet is working with bg during wvw .how can i post this evidence?

    • You sure they are not Anet employees who simply resides on BG and plays wvw sometimes? I know TC has a few of them. Anyways you can post the screenshots here in the comments.

    • OD

      heres 1 being double teamed from bg n sos with anet playing in a tourny,theres somethings anet should not be aloud to be involved they can be cheating seeing every move jq makes on other screens….once again jq is being double teamed by 2 servers and bg is paying or blowing sor,sos etc…they need to make 1vs 1 server tounry’s to really find out who is the best in the world.

      • OD

        here the pic for some reaosn it did not show

        • UNDERSCORE

          Wow OD i dont know what to say thats some serious tears your letting out. If the battes too much then go to a top tier 2 or 3 server. So far the times Ive been on, BG has stomped most of the JQ zerg mostly (not all the time) on movement and teamwork. I can understand if your getting frustrated in wvwvw getting spanked and need a answer, so your overthinking things.
          One night I was on JQ and SOS teamed up to take out a keep BG held and upgraded. Lets just say, a particular guild was once in JQ and is now in SOS so they got some ties.
          So my point is it goes both ways on any server any tier, NA and EU, any match up, so please man stop the QQ’n. Its wvwvw not pve.
          To even say anet is working with BG is even more paranoid talk,…whats next? what other stuff are you and others gonna come up with cause your being downed every breakout, every golem rush, every open field battle. Not our problem go do something more productive on your server like rally, teach the part- time wvwer’s stacking and movements, communicate better…stuff that will actually win you battles in wvw.
          I was looking up frac updates and wanted to read comments on this topic and read your grassy knoll theroy and had to even sign up to post lol, hilarious.

          • RabidCoqui

            Being on JQ I can understand why he would come to the conclusion that they are being double teamed… because they are… just like BG and SoR sometimes get double teamed too. The first week there was an understanding that they would do all they could to have JQ come in 3rd since we had the easier schedule. It’s called strategy. I was very frustrated being on the receiving end but it’s just the way things are. Even though it’s just the game, I do still get annoyed when one server fights us with the express purpose of allowing another to cap our keep… but again, it’s just the way things are. Not cheating.

            • bid

              I agree, in addtional Anet wouldn’t team w/ any1 rather they wants see how good is each servers as a community .

          • Kamls

            Why not mention the guild? It was AGG from SOS and they worked together with JQ to take hills. It took em an hour but they got it. I Was there too. You didn’t even mention how easy JQ’s season 1 wvw schedule was either.

    • Kamls

      um. last week agg and jq double teamed BG at hills. So not sure what you are talking about. And have you seen JQ’s WVW schedule for season 1? EASY MODE

  • AysonCurrax

    Well, only took them a year to fix some things about the fractals. I suppose we can expect more fractals and fractal levels up to 80 by November 2014 then.

  • ec0n0mist

    Fractal weapon skin chest… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  • MrGulli


  • hurpa

    Who even cares?? Who is still playing this terrible content??? Oh boy, minor tweaks to the slightly harder versions of the exact same thing everybody’s already run 1000+ times!

    • loseordietrying

      Sigh… you need to learn that not everybody shares your opinion. One day.. one day you will understand your ignorance in this situation.

    • Braghez

      I would gladly replay it, if they put something that actually makes it better and a bit “different” for every level.
      Sometimes minor tweaks as you say can do quite a difference, just think of DoA in gw1…when they separated the zone debuff from NM to HM…fighting mallyx or completing the domains with or without those debuff was quite a difference…and it was just a minor tweak of debuff, nothing much…yet it played a big role.

  • r00t

    Any word on when fractals >50 will become accessible?
    Currently don’t see another reason to complete ascended armor set when there is no use for the additional AR and one isn’t into the looks (or wvw infusions, idk)…
    On the other hand having to wait because AR missing when they set them free doesnt sound that nice neither..

    Great work on this site btw 🙂

    • Sorry there is no info on when the fractal cap will raise atm 🙁

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