SWTOR Galactic Starfighter PTS Patch notes for Nov 22

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter PTS patch notes for Nov 22. A lot of changes to various abilities and components.

Galactic Starfighter

  • The “F–T6 Rycer” and “FT–8 Star Guard” Strike Fighters now feature Quick–Charge Shields as their default Shield component instead of Charged Plating.
  • Missile lock–on is now more reliable and will no longer break lock-on incorrectly.
  • Credit rewards from Galactic Starfighter have been lowered and are now comparable to PvP Warzones.


  • The “Increased Cannon Range” upgrade for Targeting Telemetry now has a buff duration of 10 seconds.
  • The “Increased Duration” upgrade for Targeting Telemetry now correctly increases the buff’s duration by 5 seconds.
  • The “Precision Targeting” upgrade for Targeting Telemetry now increases Critical damage by 25% and Critical chance by 10%.
  • Fortress Shield now has a default cooldown of 30 seconds. As a result, the "Reduced Cooldown" upgrade for this component will now reduce this by 10 seconds when applied.
  • Fortress Shield now properly draws power between fore and aft shield arcs when deactivated. If one of the arcs is drained completely, it will no longer draw additional power from the opposite arc.
  • All weapons should now consistently reflect an ammo increase when Ammo Capacity Magazine and its associated upgrades are purchased.
  • Sensor Dampening can no longer be used to prevent turrets and drones from attacking you.
  • Sensor Beacon debuffs now persist for the lifetime of the beacon, rather than dispelling after 10 seconds.
  • Armor piercing now works as intended across all weapons.
  • Burst Lasers have had their base damage reduced.
  • Burst Lasers are now much less effective the further you are from a target.
  • The “Tracking” upgrade for Burst Lasers has had its effectiveness slightly reduced.
  • The “Improved Firing Arc” upgrade for the Light Laser Cannon now correctly indicates that it gives a 4 degree improvement.
  • Ammunition capacity upgrades for all missiles, torpedoes, and rockets now give a fixed number of missiles rather than a percentage increase.
  • The tier 5 upgrade options for the Tensor Field are no longer duplicates of the tier 3 "Reduced Cooldown" upgrade.
    • Tier 5a is now "Increased Evasion" and will add a 9% evasion bonus to the Tensor Field effect.
    • Tier 5b is now "Engine Power Regen" and will regenerate engine power while the Tensor Field is active.
  • The targeting cursor now properly updates range indication after a weapon has been swapped.
  • Rotational Thrusters now require a target for ability activation.
  • Using Feedback Shield will no longer trigger an improper global cooldown.
  • Thermite Torpedo armor reduction and debuffs will now stack and refresh properly if reapplied to a target.


  • Nadia Grell now features her correct Passive Abilities – Power to Shields and Response Turning.
  • Bypass’s tooltip now correctly shows shield piercing is increased on all weapons by 35% rather than 25%.
  • Hydro Spanner now repairs the ship’s hull for 245 over 6 seconds (reduced from 400 over 6 seconds).
  • Lingering Effect now causes an additional 115 damage over time the next time the target is hit (reduced from 125 damage over time).


  • The default color option for Imperial paint jobs has been switched to Red/Grey.
  • The Requisition purchase dialog will no longer display erroneous warnings about needing Fleet Requisition when the purchase can be made solely with Ship Requisition.

In-Game Tutorial

  • The tutorial minimap has been updated to properly reflect the environment.
  • Made improvements to the tutorial information provided for destroying enemy drones.

Map and Minimap

  • Objectives on the minimap have had their icons updated.


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