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SWTOR Austin Cantina Tour thumbdrive assets

Images and concept arts from the SWTOR Austin, Texas Cantina Tour. Special thanks to DurtaDurta (Slade), Lendyl from Jedi Covenant, and Jess (iamthehoyden)) for sending me the files! Items of interest includes Sleen mounts.

Minipets from Cartel Market cards

  • – Model S-12 Blackbolt
  • Bestbuy – Model Flashfire


Cartel Market Concept arts

  • Sleen mounts!



Galactic Starfighter Concept arts/Screenshots

  • Kuat Drive concept art







By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

43 replies on “SWTOR Austin Cantina Tour thumbdrive assets”

Another armor that will be worthless because of some ugly backpack.Just love how they ingone all feddback as always.Anyways not much new here.

Maybe we can start requesting a Hide Back Item button. They gave us Hide Headslot… >.>

and yes, I know it would be near impossible.

Jedi have been asking for the “hide hood” option since beta testing. Don’t see the backpack option coming anytime soon. 🙁

According to everything I’ve seen on Reddit, there will be a new flashpoint and a new daily area, both based around Kuat.

I honestly don’t think it’s coming after, either. I think it’s a part of, and tied into, GS. Likely you’ll need to complete the quest series on one character of your legacy before using GS on other toons. Pure guesswork though.

Not quite, BioWare has stated that you could start a brand new toon, and at level 1, queue up for Galactic Starfighter. BioWare’s not COMPLETELY evil 😛

Bioware also said you could inherit abilities from a ‘parent’ character via the legacy system. It didn’t quite turn out that way. The point is, maybe you CAN do GS at level 1, but you need to have done the quest series on a 55 first. After all, you can get HK-51 on a level 1, I believe. Still have to have done the quest, though.

They have said there will be one minor flashpoint which will lead to the whole space pvp. As in why its all happening etc.

It’s a new flashpoint they plan to release in February that is role neutral like CZ-198 but also Level Neutral. It will also be the first dynamic flashpoint, meaning every time you go into it it changes

Whoa whoa whoa, level neutral? Whaa?! This should be interesting.. Although I see how its not impossible, now all we need is cross faction raiding.

Not much new here Tommy? Ignore all feedback? Don’t worry, maybe Santa will finally write you back this year bro.

They can recolor the ships skin! Not impressed by LazyWare. One over the top Taun Taun, and a reskinned Lizard… oh yeah they put together existing armor pieces to a ‘new’ one. Whooo! Very lame, even for BioWares promotion.

The fact that such rampant fanboyism is completely left unchecked, and even thumbed up, is absolutely vile and disgusting.

Your complete and utter ignorance being thumbed down restores a little faith in humanity. I said nothing about the game, and just because someone has a different opinion than you does not make them a ‘fanboy’. Time to grow up.

Surprised that you used the word ignorance, because this is you in nutshell, buddy. That you’re posting that you “said nothing about the game” really drives this point home. Listen, guy. The ratings you’re seeing, are the unfortunate state of the community. It’s called ‘Cyberbalkanization’ (look it up, don’t be ignorant) and it’s not a good thing. It also doesn’t validate or let you off the hook as a fanboy. If it looks and sounds like a duck, well, too bad, it’s a duck. Responding to genuine criticism of your one true love with cheap name calling (annoying, lame, dramalama, child), and with such constancy, you might as well get your face tattooed with the word ‘fanboy,’ my friend.

You are a huge hypocrite, buddy. You and the person I originally responded to are doing the exact same thing you accuse me of. And did you even read the person’s post that I responded to? You really consider what they posted genuine criticism? No. It was “cheap name calling”, which I attempted to respond with irony to prove how dumb they sounded.

You keep trying to make yourself sound all intelligent and better than everyone, but you just make yourself look like a douche.

Astounding. Maybe you should have another look. The entirely of your posts are childish name calling, which is incredibly poor form, which sucks for everyone else because you’re rudely interrupting discussion, and yes, it is disgusting.

You think you’re not a fanboy, holy hell do you have you head firmly in the sand. Have another look at the post, it’s genuine criticism. Thinking it’s some sort of attack, yeah, that’s fanboyism. lol

The post I responded to was nothing but insults, I posted a ‘parody’ of their post, to point out how ridiculous they sound. Nothing more, nothing less. There was no constructive criticism, no discussion, just childish insults.

Its obvious you lack the reading comprehension to continue this discussion, so I will just wish you the best of luck in whatever game you decide to play in the future.

I would also encourage you to not make wild accusations and assumptions about people when you know nothing about them.

Oh, it was just a parody, well that changes everything now doesn’t it. You really think people are dumb enough to buy “just kidding”?

Geez, boy, you sure got a lot to learn. Listen, son. Firstly, if someone is criticizing the game, it doesn’t mean they don’t play it, doesn’t mean they’re not part of the community. You’re making an absurd assumption here and making yourself look foolish. Another common mistake fanboys make. But what you really need to do, is be a man, and learn to control that temper of yours. Reading comprehension huh, you’re still at it. Holy hell, tantrums don’t get you anything, even if they’re followed by “just kidding.”

You could have just posted ‘no u’ and/or ‘u mad bro’ (I think if you had any level or reading comprehension whatsoever you could pretty clearly see that I am not at all mad) and saved yourself some time because that’s basically all you said.

icebergbaby, the new andryah. both think they know everything but prove they know nothing. every. single. time. unknowingly making fools of themselves in a not so public forum, while remaining constantly delusional when they open their mouths. the more they attempt to defend the deeper they fall into denial. ergo they believe they are correct and anyone that says contrary to that falsehood is ingnorant and blind. ladies and gentlemen, i give you the fanboy :p

Buy the cartel card from best buy online. The codes they are giving are still for the old pet. Not sure when they will correct that.

Likely a mount as it says in the pdf that came with this and they didn’t label it as a pet: Ready for new mounts and gear? The Cartel Market is your one stop shop for all the coolest new items in the galaxy! Check out the Cartel Market shots and get ready to shop!

It’s interesting to see the concept art for the Kuat Drive interiors, so we’ll probably see some ground stuff on Kuat then?

The Best Buy Pet says its a Model Flashfire, but shows a picture of a Novadive (the Flashfire is the 2nd Republic Scout; the Novadive is the default). So is the pet actually a Model Flashfire, and they got the name wrong, or is it a model Novadive, and they got the picture wrong?

Hey Dulfy, I love following your news and supporting your work, I was wondering if you have put any thought towards Carbine’s upcoming game Wildstar. I would be very excited to see you play it and get my info from your site.

Thanks, Kray

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