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SWTOR New Cartel Market ships for Galactic Starfighter

The latest PTS update added two new Cartel Market ships for each faction. They are identical to the Sting/Flashfire scout and Rycer/Star Guard Strike Fighter in loadout and stats but has a different appearance that is shared across factions.

These ships costs 1500CC to Cartel Coins to unlock, basically bypassing the 5000 fleet requisition requirement to unlock their counterparts (except for the Strike Fighter as it is already unlocked by default).

New: This concept art for the upcoming cartel market ships was posted to the official site. Give you an idea of some of the other models you can expect.


Scout: IL-5 Ocula/IL-5 Skybolt


  • Identical in stats and loadout to S-13 Sting/Flashfire.
  • Costs 1800 Cartel Coins
  • Appearance is identical between Empire/Republic but the various components have different appearance for each faction.


IL-5 Ocula (Empire)
The Czerka IL-5 Ocula was the company’s first entry into the modern scout starfighter field, and utilizes a number of proprietary miniaturization techniques to ensure that nearly all popular internal components can be accommodated. Imperial military officials have shown a particular fondness for the design, ordering thousands of the craft through intermediaries while Czerka executives turn a blind eye. Imperial pilots often employ the craft on long-range reconnaissance missions into territories where their standard scout ships would be quickly recognized.

IL-5 Skybolt (Republic)

Although the Republic military officially passed on Czerka’s IL-5 Ocula in favor of designs from Corellia StarDrive, a number of regional governors and "flexible" fleet admirals have made the craft a common sight on Republic flight decks nonetheless. Flight crews have a great appreciation for the ease of installing a huge variety of aftermarket components (a rare feature from Czerka), and many pilots have come to favor the design over their standard-issue scout models."

Strike Fighter: TZ-24 Gladiator/TZ-24 Enforcer


  • Identical in stats and loadout to FT-6 Rycer/FT-8 Star Guard
  • Costs 1800 Cartel Coins
  • Appearance is identical between Empire/Republic but the various components have different appearance for each faction.


TZ-24 Gladiator (Empire)

As a venerable starfighter design sold to security forces on many of the worlds conquered by the Empire, uncountable thousands of TZ-24 Gladiators have fallen into Imperial hands over the years. Adapted from the larger TZ-2 transport, the Enforcer was designed to serve as a rugged, no-frills combat fighter for long campaigns in remote regions. The Empire has done little to alter the model given its excellent performance record, and regularly fields the Enforcer alongside its standard starfighter complements.

TZ-24 Enforcer (Republic)

Designed before the start of the Great Galactic War, the TZ-24 Enforcer remains a highly popular design, and serves as the mainstay of dozens of planetary defense forces throughout the Republic. The ship’s designers took great pride in the rugged simplicity of their design, hoping it would provide long years of use even the galaxy’s most remote sectors. Given its extended history of service with minimal need for upgrades, the model has surely lived up to its designers (and buyers) expectations.

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44 replies on “SWTOR New Cartel Market ships for Galactic Starfighter”

Its not as bad as you think. their stats are equal to the starter Strike & Scout. It’s more an skin you are buying instead of pay2win ultra-stats

it’s pretty typical of standard F2P MMO fair really. P2W would be if the strike fighter had 2 main weapons and 2 secondary

I don’t think the game could even support a 2/2 ship. We use the 1 key to swap either Prim OR sec. weapons. Dunno how they could make it two swaps. Unless it swaps both weapons….which kinda sucks.

I think everybody was pretty much sure that there will be a CM skins for GS ships. That is the purpose of CM that BioWare tries to hold on to – no Pay to Win, just skins.

Honestly, I think these models look weird, unless there is a option to recolor them.

Ermmm… they removed gunships on the PTS, so player who don’t have one can’t help to test them. Instead they are now testing cartel market items on the PTS?!?!

Cartel Market > game mechanics?

It has a second advantage you can take in two ships with the exact same stats but different loadouts to the same combat switching as needed.

Actually really glad these exist. I play a Bounty Hunter, and I RP him to not care for the empire, just for where the credits come from.

Glad I won’t have to fly around in some kind of a tie-fighter reject.

They look cool, I hope they release more. Would be great with some old models and maybe a few Mandalorian fighters!

Sorry, was busy lately. Anyhow, Cel, no need to be rude, you prick.
((I’ll give the fast variant.))
Proof Number One:
Quite Recently, SWTOR Devs updated their Enjin Section. When you sign up, you chose species. All of them were there, including Kel Dor, Chargian and Togrtua.
Proof Number Two:
The latest cyber hands has three fingers. My guess is, their trying to experiment how it looks like on everything, and in hope for no bugs, they can implent that. Kel Dors has three fingers.
Proof Number Three:
Some of the latest Cartel Market hats has weird tops, and stuff like that. My guess is, their trying to see if it glitches through any clothing, due to some of these Hat-forms has the same as Chargian and Togruta.
Proof Number Four:
SWTORs Team stated that “If the Cathar Sells well, we’ll defo keep them comming.” They said this a year ago, and on their latest tour they said “We’re quite happy on how the Cathar sold” When asked about the Cathar.
Futhermore, Dulfy made a post from Paris or Germany where they said “We wont add any unnatural Species, for example Jawa or Wookiee to play as.”
Isn’t that a sign? They wouldn’t go around saying that unless their planning it.
All in all…
It shouldn’t be that hard, considering they got Ashara, who can fit into most clothings. We got Sergeant Rusk, who is a Chargian, and can fit in Medium or Heavy, and Adaptive. We got Tol Braga and so on.
Futhermore… One of the hottest topics on the SWTOR Forums is about “Add more Species!” And think about all the Money they could earn.
Anyhow, hope this satisfied you. And with the New DLC I see no issue about them comming, just like Cathar and Hutt Cartel.

SWTOR devs have nothing to do with Enjin. They do not update Enjin or tell them anything the rest of the SWTOR population doesn’t know. Rest seems like speculation though than proof 🙂

Oh… Well… Without the Enjin Page as my proof, all my other proofs sounds like speculations. But we can hope it, though.

Absolutely none of what you listed is proof in any way, shape or form. And I’ve been pushing for Kel Dor for over five years, now.

Oh wow! You’ve been pushing for it for five years even though the game has existed for two!?!? Gee, well that must have been a tuff one….

1) What is the status of GunShips? From what I read, I could not tell what was pre-release that will be changed, what was beta-only to test and what we currently expect to see live.

There was a Gunship on the CM. There was some tooltip text about increased reputation. Which some said was just for eventual f2p players; others said was an (GS) XP boost.

Are there any other ships on CM?

2) In addition to cosmetic, you can spend CM to convert Ship to Fleet Req and spend CM to get still-locked companions in GS. Anything else?

3) Another way to ask this, what will Dulfy do on the 3rd? CM upgrades? Ship? first few upgrades you will grind for?

Status of gunship is unknown atm. They removed gunships from weekend testing that just ended. Not sure if that was temporary to fix some balance issues or what.

These two ships are the only ones I saw via the Galactic Starfighter menu, there could be more on the cartel market that I didn’t get a chance to see.

You can use cartel coins to convert ship to fleet requisition but I am not sure about unlocking companions directly with cartel coins.

As for what I am doing on the 3rd, probably use some cartel coins to unlock cartel market ships just to fly them around and then grind ship requisition to convert to fleet requisition to unlock gunships if they are available and not nerfed drastically.

there are roumors the shipment one packs are gonna return mid december, is that true? do you know more? thanks!

My god, everything is cartel crap in this game now. Getting real sick of it. Goodbye to the days where you could earn everything in a game the normal way. Nope, now you have to open your wallet, and this is why my interest in gaming has died off big time in the past 2 years.

How does this complaint have anything to do with this article? It is a different skin of something that is available for you to earn in game…that is how games with free to play options make their money. If your interest has died, stop playing. No need to constantly bitch about a business trying to make money.

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I’m not buying it, and even if I did, it would basically be free for me since I have accumulated 5k unused FREE cartel coins.

The problem is that THIS IS CONTENT THAT COULD BE FOR SUBSCRIBERS!! Stuff to earn normally. Since we subscribers pretty much get next to nothing anymore. ALL content should be earnable for subscribers without one cartel coin ever being spent. PERIOD! And, what is this “constantly bitch about a business” stuff? Who constantly did that?

The game has a free to play option, its time to accept that and move on. This is how games with free options work. If you can’t get passed that, maybe you should find a new game. This is nothing more than a skin, it has no different stats or anything, you do not gain any benefit by buying it or not buying it. You can earn exactly the same ship in game. Why does it bother you so much?

So let me get this straight. You are actually angry because a skin is not available to you as a subscriber for free…
Something that has no effect whatsoever on the performance of the ship and that gives you no advantage at all.

So basically your complaint isn’t about the ship being on the CM… it’s about the game going F2P in the first place.

Well, either suck it up and realize that if it had not gone F2P it would have died by now, or just quit the game in anger.

In fact, please do the second…

While I don’t have the same complaint (Don’t care that they offer these ships in the CM), it’s not true that they don’t have any performance benefit. These ships come “Mastered” meaning that while you use them you gain 10% bonus requisition. Just FYI>

What part did you miss that subscribers are the only ones who currently can even play starfighter AT ALL until January? The only things on the cartel market are cosmetic and convenience items. As a subscriber you have EVERYTHING you need to play the game and be competitive. There is no reason you have to buy these ships, no reason you have to buy the cartel packs, no reason you have to buy anything on the cartel market as a subscriber. If you don’t care what your armor looks like, if you don’t care what your speeder looks like, then you have no reason to buy it. Also, give it some time and these ships will be up on the GTN more than likely (unless there isn’t a category for them yet?) so yeah you are just complaining when you have no reason to complain.

Premium Redeemer and Mailoc Gunships can be directly purchased with
Cartel Coins in the Cartel Market or the Hangar, providing an alternate
look for the Quarrel/Mangler.

It’s the other gunship from the website preview at the top of this page, the V-shaped one.

When you look at it straight on, it rather looks like Pinocchio on a barge throwing four arms in the air out of frustration.

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