GW2 Fractured developer update livestream notes

GW2 Developer livestream notes for the upcoming Fractured update scheduled to be released on Tuesday, Nov 25.




  • With the fractal reset, new content added to 30-50 fractal range. 50+ fractals are not possible at the moment.
  • 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 have separate rewards that are daily and account bound. Gold gain on these rewards have being increased.
  • Fractal rotation changed so easier fractals come up first.
    • Fractal 1: Underwater, Swamp, Urban, Sky (harpies)
    • Fractal 2: Sky, Snow, Urban, Molten, Cliffside
    • Fractal 3: Aetherblade, Grawl, Thumanova Reactor, Dredge, Cliffside
    • Boss Fractal: Kraken fractal, Molten Facility boss fractal, Aetherblade boss fractal.
  • Lots of bug fixes for fractals and lots of rebalances. Harder fractals made easier, easier fractals made harder etc.
  • No returning rewards from previous Living World releases (i.e. Aetherblade Retreat, Molten Facility)
  • Endless Fractal Tonic – rare drop, but less rare at higher levels.
    • Has a number of transforms, one of them is a phallic shaped tentacle that flops around.


  • Higher level fractals will drop fractal weapons in a container, allowing you to pick them. Fractal weapons are now skins instead of just weapons with no stats that force you to use a transmutation stone on them.
  • Pristine Fractal relics do not have new uses this update but maybe in a later update they can be turned into regular relics.
  • Mist Essence is required for the new recipes for runes/sigils.
  • No changes to Ascended rings (i.e. ability to salvage them) this update.
  • New slot type called agony resist, only agony resist infusions can go in there. Those with infused rings and backpieces will get a new slot that allow you to put in agony resist infusions in.
  • You can combine two agony resist infusions with the same resists to make new ones of the next tier up (i.e. a +2 resist infusion and +2 resist infusion put together will make a single +3 infusion. You cannot combine say a +1 and a +3 together. You can reach infinity agony resist with this method, which is useful when they add more levels in the future beyond level 50.
  • Future updates will add in new levels in 10 increments (i.e. 10 new fractal levels or 20 new fractal levels).
  • No Fractal armor but once we add in Ascended armor you can get those. You can also get Ascended weapon drops as well.
  • No new weapon skins in this release. Fractal tonics and runes/sigils are new.
  • Storymode available for Thumanova Reactor, allow everyone to see it without having to wait for them to come up.
  • New runes/sigils are only craftable, fractals will drop their recipes. These runes/sigils can be sold on the TP
  • New achievements for new fractals. Meta achievement for Living World release will reward a hoard of Ascended materials (bloodstone brick, dragonite ingot, empyreal star are given as examples).
  • Change to agony overall, and non player characters (i.e. pets etc) are no longer affected.
  • No gathering nodes in the fractals.

Mistlock Instability

  • New debuffs placed on players at higher fractal levels (31 and higher)
  • Example: Last Laugh: Enemies explodes when killed (Fractal 39)
  • Every level past 30 has its own instability so there are 19 instabilities in total.


  • First come first rank basis – if you are the first to reach a fractal level, you are ranked first for that level. Everyone that comes in later is ranked below you.

Aetherblade Retreat

  • Very similar to the Aetherblade facility from before
  • The trap near the entrance of the facility has being changed and new traps have being added. They all require pattern recognition to get pass through. 


  • End boss fight is the one with turning lasers. (Mai is now part of the boss fractal and her fight length have being reduced)
  • Aetherblade/Thumanova Reactor fractals are typically 3rd fractal in a series due to their difficulty. Molten Facility is 2nd fractal in the series.

Molten Facility Boss Fractal

  • Better jump detection and exploits people were using to stand under the boss to avoid the shockwaves are no longer possible.
  • Health reduced for fractals.

Thaumanova Fractal

  • Asuran fractal
  • Change with different fractal levels.
  • Everyone is converted to a bald asura as you are now part of the Inquest Infiltration team trying to breach to the reactor.
  • Wolves pop out of the walls and made snack of all the tasty bald asura.


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12 replies on “GW2 Fractured developer update livestream notes”

Looks promising.. I do fractals daily, and I like all of the ideas, need to experience the ladder and infusions to tell for sure, but everything seems very nice. keep it up

seriously this game has gotten boring.. FrAcTaLs REALLY? THAT’S JUST A NICHE area of the game people play when they bored, like pvp. This game has lots of target niche areas but doesn’t work so well at bridging those rewards TOGETHER IN OTHER NICHE AREAS. STill waiting on map expansion… why create a game with lore of other areas and then not unlock them is disappointing. Don’t believe everything you hear about this game i guess.

this will only make finding a group more difficult. Prepare to “LFG level 31 No ranger since instability makes mob reflect proictile” “LFG level 32 no necro since mob are immune to condition” and so on. Just pray to reach higher level before people will stop running lower ones and keep doing all the same easier levels.

WoW had a much better social community for RP’ers then this game. Can’t find anyone/ any guilds in game easily enough. Everyone seems to be a hater of RP even on TC(unoffical RP server) The game btw is LORE based ROLE PLAYING aka(SRP=specific role play), not the basic URP’ing (universal role play) like other games. So if u don’t SRP u get hated on by those that say others hate on them for RP’ing LOL Hypocrites!

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