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GW2 chat codes provided through the GW2 API and constructed by that_shaman. New items are listed whenever they are discovered or flagged as available. Check back after a content patch.

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It’s the lowest AR infusion for infused gear (pertaining to Back and Ring accessories only). You take a +1 and a +1 to make a +2. Then a +2 and a +2 to make a +3, all the way up to +10. AFAIK, you cannot combine a +1 and a +2 to get a +3. Any infused you currently own will have a natural +5 to compensate for the loss of the standard +5, but you can now scale it to +10 AR, for +15 AR, AR infusion slot plus MF infusions.

Well, if you mean +5 AR from a Simple Versatile Infusion, then no, if you mean +5 AR for having an Infused Ascended item, then yes. Those Infusions only work on Infused Ascended items, though

Does anyone know how you make “colored text”? Apparently some people advertising their guilds use some sort of modified tooltip where they change the name so it is very long = their text they want to use to advertise which appears in the color of the rarity used.

Max infusion is +30 [&AgEtwQAA], Notice that there is no Artificer(100) at the bottom whereas any other, +29 is [&AgEswQAA], moreover, the chat code that should be +31 is the letter of influence. Though they can add more later, but crafting one +30 takes 536 870 912 +1 infusion and a LOT of thermocatalytic reagent (It cost more than 200 000 000g to buy one from TP, knowing that the max pricing is 9 999g) I don’t think there is any +31.

wish there was a search bar: that way i can look for the chat code of things i want that dont appear in TP to preview

Do you know the chat codes for the Waypoints? Also, how do you figure out the chat codes, brute force? Thanks.

if you want to get a chat code for ingame item just type /wiki than link the item and press enter it will open wiki with chat code in search dialogue.

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