GW2 Flamekissed Flamewalker and Flamewrath armor skins in the gemstore

Gallery of the Flamekissed, Flamewalker and Flamewrath armor skins in the GW2 gemstore sold for 800 gems each. Included also are the Stag and Grenth helms which can be obtained during Wintersday (method unknown)


Video showcasing the flame particle effects on all 3 sets of armor


Flamekissed Armor – Light – No longer available

  • This armor has being pulled from the gemstore due to negative player feedback. A new version with updated graphics will be released in the future. See this post.
  • Charr/Asura females use the male model
  • Armor are modeled by Old Sayid
  • Flamekissed (Light) [&AgE4qgAA], Shoulder [&AgFQqgAA], Legs [&AgFOqgAA], Helm [&AgFMqgAA], Gloves [&AgFKqgAA], Coat [&AgFIqgAA], Boots [&AgFGqgAA]





Flamewalker Armor – Medium – 800 gems

  • Charr/Asura females use the male model
  • Armor are modeled by Old Sayid
  • Flamewalker (Medium) [&AgE3qgAA], Shoulder [&AgFcqgAA], Legs [&AgFaqgAA], Helm [&AgFYqgAA], Gloves [&AgFWqgAA], Coat [&AgFUqgAA], Boots [&AgFSqgAA]





Flamewrath Armor – Heavy – 800 gems

  • Charr/Asura females use the male model
  • Armor are modeled by Old Sayid
  • Flamewrath (Heavy) [&AgE2qgAA], Shoulder [&AgFEqgAA], Legs [&AgFCqgAA], Helm [&AgFAqgAA], Gloves [&AgE+qgAA], Coat [&AgE8qgAA], Boots [&AgE6qgAA]





Stag Helm

  • Identical for all 3 armor types and both sexes
  • Acquisition method Wintersday?
  • [&AgELuwAA]




Grenth Helm

  • Identical for all 3 armor types and both sexes
  • Acquisition method Wintersday?
  • [&AgESuwAA]




By Dulfy

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99 replies on “GW2 Flamekissed Flamewalker and Flamewrath armor skins in the gemstore”

Take existing skins, add flame particle effects (Anet LOVES the flames), and sell it off for $10 a pop.
Not impressed in the least

yep..that pretty much sums it up. At least there could have been a BIT of effort in something original instead of frantically popping out new skins every two weeks for the hope of quick cash. Then I look up and see names like ‘Ihatearenanet’…and I don’t even know what’s worse…this armour or the grade 1 mentality of some of the whiners. *facepalm*

Flamekissed (Light) [&AgE4qgAA]
Shoulder [&AgFQqgAA]
Legs [&AgFOqgAA]
Helm [&AgFMqgAA]
Gloves [&AgFKqgAA]
Coat [&AgFIqgAA]
Boots [&AgFGqgAA]

Flamewalker (Medium) [&AgE3qgAA]
Shoulder [&AgFcqgAA]
Legs [&AgFaqgAA]
Helm [&AgFYqgAA]
Gloves [&AgFWqgAA]
Coat [&AgFUqgAA]
Boots [&AgFSqgAA]

Flamewrath (Heavy) [&AgE2qgAA]
Shoulder [&AgFEqgAA]
Legs [&AgFCqgAA]
Helm [&AgFAqgAA]
Gloves [&AgE+qgAA]
Coat [&AgE8qgAA]
Boots [&AgE6qgAA]

the helms at the bottom look like Christmas rewards, maybe they are going back to the dwayna vc grenth motif from guildwars 1.

How dare they ruin one thing that was exclusive to my race, that i worked hard for and was forced to buy transmutation stones for!

the flame armor is the most unoriginal, uninspired, lazily designed armor I have ever seen
and I like having a flame theme, I was excited when i read the release notes on the wiki
designers of Anet, look at the f***king Firelands gear if ur THAT starved of inspiration!!

Reskin armor just shows how lazy Anet is starting to get now.They should drop the whole update every 2 weeks and go back to once a month.

TBH i wanna know what Dulfy thinks of this, because imo i want original and cool looking shit, not to mention the low blow on the T3 Human cultural armor, what i see though they retaiend the female look only for human, and the male look of the T3 light armor applies to the rest of the races male and female, but still, it’s a cheap thing to do, i was happy with the achievments helm/shoulders/gloves and when i read the name of flame kissed armor i thought woot something to complete my flamey look…but didnt expect this CRAP

Holy shit, just adding a few particle effects to existing armor and calling it “new”? How fucking lazy can Anet get, and to make that human cultural T3? Well what the fuck is the point of even trying for that if you can just throw $10 in anet’s face and pick up a set

I’m with you dude. I’ll play the game you design and develop with your mad skills. Or maybe you should just stfu.

how about you stop defending pathitic money grabs and destruction of people hard work that they earnd that t3 that cost them 119g this is only 65g or $10 with fire slapped of its a lazy money grab

Thank you anet, tier 3 that i worked so hard for and grinded for about a month at launch to get is now available for $10 dollars. This is such a joke thank you anet for being greedy and lazy.

Eh, not a huge fan of the armors. But at least they are giving us some options now. Personally, I like re-skins. I often find that I would use a piece of armor, or a weapon, if only it looked a bit different. I also would MUCH rather have some re-skins over having NOTHING.

Your argument makes no sense whatsoever!, If it was an option then don’t sell it as a skin. Also it’s normal to see people pissed, the light armor was supposed to be humans only and now any moron can buy it.
Honestly i would rather have nothing than have this

It must drive you crazy that charrs can wear your human armor. I mean, first they took your homeland, now they are taking your clothes!

P.S. My argument wasn’t an argument, it was an opinion. My opinion makes sense.

Ascalon was Charr Land long before the Humans arrived on Tyria and took it from them, much rather than the other way around, you uneducated baffoon.

It’s because of kids like you that Anet it’s making more and more armor.
Your opinion doesn’t make any sense, you’re agreeing that these armors are for their worth

WAH MORE ARMOR OPTIONS WAH! I hope in the next patch Anet just deletes some current armor, I hate it when they keep adding stuff!

Honestly I previewed the light on my Sylvari female and its pretty bad looking imo. Maybe some Sylvari that is made for it can make it work, but looks bad on mine. Heres a small picture, dont have time to bother with the preview codes right now.

That’s just down right stupid regardless of how you see it. There are people that spent time saving up to get that armor and all of the sudden the armor pops on the black lion trading post and with some effects, kudos, the best idea ever.

your right about that why do ppl flame this COZ they rich madafuking idiots who dont care about the poor ppl just for them self

That’s half of the issue, the other side I see which most don’t expound upon is the unique-ness of the armor. It’s available to a specific race (and a certain Asura politician), giving it to all races would anger some because they felt like they’ve been backhanded, it was intended and originally designed as a Culturally based armor set. Converting gems to gold would be about half the price of the current armor, about 60-ish gold total out of the near 120 gold. On top of that, adding in spiffy effects to an armor, making it better and selling it for cheaper will always rub people the wrong way.

If they upgraded the Tier 3 Cultural sets to have the special effects such as flame, frost, lightning, crystals (think Kralkatorrik’s Minions), water, earth, light, darkness or poison, just to name a few extras, and released the other sets to all races as they currently exist, I don’t think as many would be angry. Granted, some will whine for the reason of whining and those who don’t want special effects.

As it stands, Anet has backtracked and is removing the armor for purchasing. If you have it, it’s not going to disappear and make your character naked. Once the redone armor, either modified T3 or another light set, is complete, they’ll re-issue it back on sale and change all the players who bought it previously to the new design. If you don’t like this, you can contact Customer Support to get a refund.

Other races were already wearing human tier 3 light before this. The Stonemist lord wears some, and one of the asuras at the beginning storyline for asura wears it as well.

Some random npcs wearing it is different to everyone being able to wear human t3 for less gold then human t3 costs.

This sucks badly

It’s neat, kind of crappy for everyone who paid for the human t3 armor, but still.
My only real complaint is that you can’t dye the glow color! It’s fine, I guess, but if I could have blue fire on ANYTHING I would be so happy. The only reason I’m attempting to build a guardian (besides future tanking options) is that they can spout blue fire everywhere.

Agreed, really disappointed in this heavy armor… I usually get the gem store armors since they usually look cool but this one is basically that other ugly armor turned into a birthday candle so I’ll pass. If they had chosen a fairly cool existing armor like they did with the medium, I wouldn’t mind that they just added some flame effects (though $10 is still pretty expensive just for that) but this heavy armor looks so cheap…

This is because it’s one of the few heavy armors that shows skin and showing skin seems to sell. While it’s not my favorite heavy armor, the effects of the armor do make it tempting. Personally, I’m most disappointed in the medium armor. My character wore that armor to death before I changed it and I really don’t want to go back to it, just for the cool particle effects.

Light is almost same as T3 human cultural. Anet it is time to design female light with pants. Make armor look like armor or at list something like uniform comfortable to wear in the fight not like 18 century whore outfits

i dont think its en outrage i think more of it as makeing some armors accesble for every body not just the rich guys who got the cash for it me as casual player like this armor prity much and fire effect is great for an ele =)

It would’ve make sense if all the T3 cultural were available, I already have a T3 human armor, what’s the point in buying another one with gems? -.- Maybe they will add the other T3 armors in the future (would love T3 norn heavy armor on humans) but anyway this is lazyness on ANET graphic department to create new armors.

The stag helmet was in the video for the next patch I think that it might be a reindeer helmet and it might be the reward for the next patch.

Flamekissed light armor skin has been removed from the gem store. Anet is making a new skin that isn’t identical to Human T3 cultural (they got too many complaints from people who made human characters just to get that set or invested loads of game time or bought gemsto get the set) with no timeline on when the new skin will be released.

And for those who bought that armor set already it will be reskined when they up the new skin. If you don’t like it you can contact customer suport to get a refund since they changed it on you.

Dev just posted this on their forums
Regina Buenaobra
North American Community Team Lead

Hey, everyone. We’ve been reading all your feedback about the Flamekissed Armor Skin that was released into the Gem Store yesterday.

Although the Flamekissed Armor uses the same mesh as the Tier 3 Human Cultural Armor, it was not our intention to create an armor skin that so closely matched the existing Tier 3 Human Cultural armor set. The intention was to use the mesh as a basis for creating an armor set that stands apart and is distinct in appearance. However, after reading your feedback, we agree that the Flamekissed armor is not visually distinct enough from Human Cultural Tier 3 armor.

We will do a few things to address this issue.

We will temporarily remove Flamekissed Armor Skin from the Gem Store.

Players who have purchased Flamekissed Armor Skin will keep the skin.

We will make new art for the Flamekissed Armor Skin that achieves our goal of making a visually distinct and attractive armor set and does not closely resemble the Human Tier 3 Cultural armor.

Once this new artwork is completed, we will then update the Flamekissed Armor Skin so that all existing sets that players have purchased get the new art. We will also offer the Flamekissed Armor Skin for sale again at that time.

When we update the Flamekissed Armor Skins with the new artwork, any player that has already purchased the set and who does not like the new, updated look, can get a full refund by contacting Customer Support.

Note that there is no ETA on when this change will happen. We need to work with the Character Art Team to determine when we can have a new armor skin ready, and this could take some time.

Thank you everyone for providing your feedback. We appreciate that you took the time to let us know how you feel about the new armor set.

i put the light flamekissed armor on my t3 human, because its the same and just looks better.
now if they reskin it and i dont like the new skin i’ll get back my 800gems.

but whats with my t3 armor then? its just ruined then or what?

if this happens, i’ll be very very pissed…

present your cases to the support through a ticket. They are surprisingly helpful, if you yourself stay rational and friendly when explaining your problem 🙂

I wouldn’t be so sure – I accidentally transmogged over my Aetherblade chest armor and when I talked to customer support they said it’s their policy not to replace any items at all.

That may yet change, they disabled the armor for purchase in the gem store and said they’ll update the artwork. So all the stuff people wrote on the forums had a purpose in the end.

The question is, why does Warlock’s Tier 8 helm looks like Grenth’s Hood?

Grenth’s Hood looked like that even since Original Guild Wars. Just go to the first Guild Wars’ Wiki and search for Grenth, or just go to google and Search ”Avatar of Grenth”

Because all the GW2 stuff is being made by the Blizzard rejects they hired on during the development of GW2. They were also the money grubbing asshats behind the Gem store and the BLTC (taken right out of WoW). Story goes that a bunch of blizzard game designers and programers quit after a proposal to sell game currency for profit was rejected and the programers and the idea was grabbed up during the GW2 development and tested in GW1 with costumes and other small items.

Funny because the model that Grenth’s Hood is based off of came out in ’06 while WoW’s Warlock T8 came out in ’09… Stop spewing sh*t out of your ass.

Can’t Anet just make cloak for every class? Seriously I will try another shot to play the game. And I will buy 2 copies of the game for my friends if that’s not a hit on gems store. Pretty make sense to me since every heavy class just use Orrian and Kodan legging. We need a little bit of fabric there.

never seen a short description of ur race and profession combinations of ur characters and alt.. (mostly because i do not know what race to be when i make my mesmer)

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