GW2: Flamekissed armor removed from gemstore to be updated with new artwork

Due to the overwhelming negative player feedback on Flamekissed armor, which uses the human light cultural T3 armor skin, Arenanet have decided to pull the Flamekissed armor from the gemstore and update it with new graphics soon.

Hey, everyone. We’ve been reading all your feedback about the Flamekissed Armor Skin that was released into the Gem Store yesterday.
Although the Flamekissed Armor uses the same mesh as the Tier 3 Human Cultural Armor, it was not our intention to create an armor skin that so closely matched the existing Tier 3 Human Cultural armor set. The intention was to use the mesh as a basis for creating an armor set that stands apart and is distinct in appearance. However, after reading your feedback, we agree that the Flamekissed armor is not visually distinct enough from Human Cultural Tier 3 armor.

We will do a few things to address this issue.

  • We will temporarily remove Flamekissed Armor Skin from the Gem Store.
  • Players who have purchased Flamekissed Armor Skin will keep the skin.
  • We will make new art for the Flamekissed Armor Skin that achieves our goal of making a visually distinct and attractive armor set and does not closely resemble the Human Tier 3 Cultural armor.
  • Once this new artwork is completed, we will then update the Flamekissed Armor Skin so that all existing sets that players have purchased get the new art. We will also offer the Flamekissed Armor Skin for sale again at that time.
  • When we update the Flamekissed Armor Skins with the new artwork, any player that has already purchased the set and who does not like the new, updated look, can get a full refund by contacting Customer Support.

Note that there is no ETA on when this change will happen. We need to work with the Character Art Team to determine when we can have a new armor skin ready, and this could take some time.

Thank you everyone for providing your feedback. We appreciate that you took the time to let us know how you feel about the new armor set.


  • Crixus

    Well I’ll be damned, so that tsunami of negative reactions did do something. Kudos to the Guild Wars community for doing a really good job.

    I just wanna point out one thing that I find extremely stupid: ” it was not our intention to create an armor skin that so closely matched the existing Tier 3 Human Cultural armor set” – funny how it was exactly the same as the specified armor.

  • Mailune Rose

    I actually love this set, so I’m sad they’re changing it, and I hope they don’t botch it. I love the phoenix and phlanx sets, but the rest are just terribly unappealing to me. I have a feeling the “updated” flame armor series will continue in that trend.

    I’d rather use the gemstore to get an updated version of the T3 armor, with distinct aesthetic differences (flame effects) as opposed to the dull T3 set for 120-130 gold.

  • Karl Kael

    I know im on the minority, but i liked that armor, kind of disappointed i didn’t get to buy it.

    • TheWach

      I actually liked it as well, it looked pretty good on my ele 🙁

  • Riaine

    But ofc. They finally manage to make a gem store armor set, thats actually wearth purchasing. And what do they do, they remake it. And u can rest a sure that what ever they come up with for the new skin art, will be, well, look at the heavy and medium armor. Nough said i think. Sry to be mr. negativity here. But i love this armor! Best looking thing in the game atm, imo. Dont see why the ppl who already bought it have to get the new skin look aswell 🙁

    • Elena Callegari

      it’s totally fair because you’d have a unque item that other ppl might have bought a day or a week later and never got the chance. not to mention how unfair it would be to whoever spent 120g to buy the human T3 set when the skin on the tp was going for 63 g (gold vs gem conversion at the time it came out) and usable on all races.

  • Matt

    Really happy that they did this, surprised by it. The T3 Human Light armor is possibly the most played out armor in the game, we didn’t need a flaming version of it. Happy to see our constant complaining finally accomplished something. Though I agree, with the look of the Med and Heavy, I’m not expecting too much from the new version.

  • AmarisLynn

    but now it looks exactly like the tier 5 crafted armor…great job anet … not!

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