GW2 Grenth Stag Helms and Wintersday minis in the Gemstore

Images and videos of the Grenth Hood, Stag Helm, and Wintersday Minis introduced to the GW2 Gemstore on Dec 3 update.

Special thanks to Old Sayid for the modeling on various races.

Video of Grenth Hood and Stag Helm


Video of Wintersday Minis


Grenth Hood – 500 gems

  • Item code: [&AgESuwAA]
  • Single dye slot






Stag Helm – 500 gems

  • Item Code: [&AgELuwAA]
  • 4 dye slots






Wintersday Minis – 500 gems

Mini Puppy


Mini Fawn


Mini Arctic Fox Kit


Mini Dolyak Calf

  • Combine the above 3 minis with 25 Ugly Wool Sweater, 50 Ugly Wool Hat or 100 Ugly Wool Socks in the Mystic Forge to make this mini


By Dulfy

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38 replies on “GW2 Grenth Stag Helms and Wintersday minis in the Gemstore”

Ah well, my bad, I thought Falla would make an ironic joke like “ugly wool things” = the furry Wintersday minis. 😉
I got pretty much Wintersday materials from last year too, I hope it was worth to block all these bankslots for a whole year. >:O

Dulfy, do you really buy all these gem-contents to show it to us or is there a way to preview items ingame? Btw, I don’t know recognize this arctic map where you make your fotos usually. Is it a regular Kodan temple? Thanks in advance and for this great website of course. ^^

Btw, the Mini Fawn and the Mini-Dolyak are supercute, but I wish I wouldn’t have to buy the package two times to keep them all, 1000gems is just not worth it, especially because trading gems for gold to close the gap is way to expensive atm. (100 gems cost about 9 gold now.)

I think because they are so small and wouldn’t fight humans except if they got sick by rabies, on the other hand I wouldn’t expect such little birds, that we already got, as pets, too. So yeah, why not? 😉

Btw, I am a bit disappointed that we don’t get these hats for the Winterday-finale for free (or as achievement reward), like we did in GW1 as I was originally thinking after the preview.

Well, let’s wait what we get as achievement reward, storywise Grenth and Dwayna aren’t really available to gift us their hats. 😉

I was talking about the 3 wintersday minipet set, not M. Sparkles.
I was wondering if Anet offered a free Wintersday set for those who bought gems in the previous months as they have done it before (kite, and halloween mini pets if I remembered well).
But there is no IG mail about this, so I think they won’t do it

are we getting an actual update preview page today at this is as late as i can remember it ever coming out on the tuesday before an update? is that content still under embargo dulfy?

thanks. i just find it weird that not only is the official preview page not up, but no sites are carrying any info beyond the mini and hat preview.

I really want the minis but its a bit pointless since I don’t use the minis I do have. Keep forgetting to get them out even when they are in my backpack! T.T

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