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Let’s hope the vendor gear is better than the two sets that showed up in collections. Yet more gear ruined with Christmas lights…

I talked some shit when they put in the ewok companion but I came back for this new feature. I must say they have done a good thing here and if they can keep adding to it I may have to throw money at them with a long term subscription again.

I’ve been using the BT-(??) Gladiator since Launch this morning, and it is SOOOOOOO nice. If you need info on how it handles in combat i can provide that info! (So you know, the way the cannons are firelinked on the wing sets up for PERFECT dogfighting. Also being that I’m one of the only players (at this present moment) with a Sting already unlocked….

I bought the CC scout ship so that I could avoid paying the fleet requisition costs. The only downside, for those who hunt achievements, is that you only get credit for fully upgrading non-CC ships. It’s only 50 achievements points, but if you care about such things, just keep it in mind.

So are the “Ground game” rewards they’ve been talking about for Galactic Starfighter just the Legacy titles you can get from the achievements? Or am I missing something…

I’d be ok with that, provided the items are cosmetic only and have a distinct ‘Galactic Starfighter’ feel to them.

I have absolutely no interest in GSF, and I know many others who feel the same. I also know there are plenty who are excited for it, but dislike much of the rest of the game Given the divisiveness of the content and how utterly separate and different it is from anything else, they need to keep the ‘ground game’ and GSF far apart, with as little interaction as possible outside XP and credit rewards.

I hear ya Apostatizer, but couldn’t those complaints also be addressed by integrating everything a lot more? You said you dislike the divisiveness of the content, so they should keep GS and ‘ground game’ apart, but that would only serve to maintain the divisiveness. I think integrating things more would improve the experience.

Maybe we’ll never get randomized dungeons, PvPvE, OPvP or free flight, but if you can make the rewards for each of those more meaningful by finding ways to integrate them into the other parts of the game, it’s a win in my book.

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