GW2: Fractal weapon skin not currently available

Arenanet has confirmed that Fractal Weapon skin box mentioned in the Fractured patch is not currently available until Fractal levels increase beyond 50. The Fractal Weapon skin box would allow you to pick any fractal skin you liked.

This is not considered a bug.

The Fractal Skin Box is not dropping for the Fractal levels currently available (up to level 50).

It’s not accessible to anyone at this time.


  • x3n0n

    as i read this a few days ago i just stopped running fractals. there is no reason to waste one hour inside fractals when u could do 3 dungeons in the same time and earn and have fun much more outside .

  • Zonko

    another big fail of anet – why did they even announce it (at the official site!!) when it’s not available at available levels? -.-

    PS: we did lvl 50 a couple times yet and noone of us got a daily chest at that lvl (and no, we didnt do a lvl 41-49 before at those days).

    PPS: drop rate of fractal skins decreased significantly at all lvls! 🙁

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