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SWTOR Galactic Starfighter Medals list

A list of medals obtainable in SWTOR Galactic Starfighter. Note that Medals are not correlated with requisition, which is obtained mostly via capturing objectives.

Kills (last hit)

  • Assassin – 1 solo kill
  • Quick Draw – 2 kills
  • Ace – 5 kills
  • Ravage – 8 kills.

Kill Assists

  • Support – 4 kill assists
  • Fighter – 8 kill assists
  • Wingman – 12 kill assists

Damage Dealt

  • Combatant – 10k damage dealt
  • Destroyer – 20k damage dealt
  • Annihilator – 30k damage dealt

Killing turrets

  • Assault – destroyed 2 defense turrets
  • Siege – destroyed 4 defense turrets
  • Demolisher – destroyed 8 defense turrets

Capturing Objectives

  • Offensive Basic – Captured 1 objective point
  • Offensive Bronze – Captured 2 objective points
  • Offensive Silver – Captured 3 objective points
  • Offensive Gold – Captured 4 objective points

Defending objectives

  • Defense Basic – 1 minute defending
  • Defense Bronze – 2 minutes defending
  • Defense Silver – 4 minutes defending
  • Defense Gold – 6 minutes defending
  • Defense Platinum – 8 minutes defending
  • Defense Diamond – 10 minutes defending


  • Mechanic – 2k damage repaired

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17 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Starfighter Medals list”

Currently, only self-repair is possible. Bomber class ships should come in the future with the capability to repair other ships.

Some bombers do have the repair drone ability and they usually repair more than 2k to other ships as long as they have modest upgrades

As of 2.6.2, Hydrospanner has been somewhat nerfed, and pretty much impossible to get the mechanic medal with it, but the warcarrier bomber comes with repair drones as systems ability.

I’ve gone through matches where I’ve totaled more than 10k damage, but didn’t get the medal. I have a theory that it is somehow tied in to whether you did it on a single ship or switched out ship types.

for all achievements need to count the whole run with same ship, from start to the end. i get the 10k dmg and all the defend medals while i was with 1 ship in a same run

Each achievement is per ship. I’ve had matches where I got the 2-turret kill achievement on three different ships. Though it makes your score look bad because it resets your kill count as well. 🙂

About the killing turrets … if u do 4 kills u get only 1 siege medal not and 1 assault, dont think is enteded this or fair

Achievements are supposed to be hard to get. That said, unless you are focused on killing 8 turrets in domination matches, no you won’t get those medals. You have to be focused on killing 8 turrets, even if it means not trying to win.

Well, I agree with you on that, but still, those achievements are considerably hard to get . Each time I try going after the turrets either my team gets the satellites, making me run back and forth because there ain’t many turrets to kill, or I get a couple enemies minimum after my poor-shielded GS – therefore dying instantly. Either way I don’t get enough turret kills :-(…

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