GW2 Ascended armor gallery

GW2 Ascended armor gallery showcasing the Ascended armor introduced with the Wintersday 2013 update. Include also are pictures of the Shadow of Grenth and Light of Dwayna backpiece.

Looking for Ascended armor crafting/stats info?

Light Armor

  • [&AgE+uwAA][&AgE/uwAA][&AgFAuwAA][&AgFBuwAA][&AgFCuwAA][&AgFDuwAA]
  • Charr/Asura shares the male model



Medium Armor

  • [&AgFEuwAA][&AgFFuwAA][&AgFGuwAA][&AgFHuwAA][&AgFIuwAA][&AgFJuwAA]




Heavy Armor

  • [&AgE4uwAA][&AgE5uwAA][&AgE6uwAA][&AgE7uwAA][&AgE8uwAA][&AgE9uwAA]




Shadow of Grenth Backpiece/Light of Dwayna Backpiece

You can get the recipes for these backpieces by opening Wintersday presents. They are a super rare drop but if you open 1000 of them you will probably get one.

  • Light of Dwayna: [&AgFGwQAA]
  • Shadow of Grenth [&AgFHwQAA]

Video showing their animation effects



Mat Cost

Light of Dwayna Shadow of Grenth
  • 1 Vision Crystal
  • 50 Icy Runestones
  • 15 Bolts of Damask
  • 7 Charged Lodestone
  • 1 Vision Crystal
  • 50 Icy Runestones
  • 15 Bolts of Damask
  • 10 Glacial Lodestones

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81 replies on “GW2 Ascended armor gallery”

Did you take the picture of the human heavy armor in this patch as well or is this just from an older source ? The Female model, aside from looking quite different, looks a lot more polished.

i am not even suprized… ascendet armor looks like sh_t and that cape is awesome idea, cape of shadows.. like gastly shield

Honestly putting the female armor on a male character would look more masculine than what they designed for the male armor….for light and medium anyway.

Here’s the light of dwayna recipe 🙂 Also, it shows as statless when i hover over it, so I assume stats can be chosen

Seem there is one for all gods, [&AgFFwQAA] Balthazar PvP still looking for normal one.
2 hounds of Balthazar head.

hey man appreciate all the work u put in this was wondering if there is any recipes and stats on those armor thank you

Geez, the male humanoid medium armor helmet looks like an ugly fish while the female version is badass helm…
I’m getting the male heavy armor but the only noteworthy piece is the helmet. Their design standards for armor is so inconsistent, sometimes they make great stuff like the Phalanx armor and sometimes they’ll put out stuff like that re-skinned gemstore armor with fire effects, smh.

I assume the end product armor is all account bound? Or can it be sold? I ask because the insignias can be sold…

Bought 200 giant gifts with glory. 1 of each of those special skin recipes… so not 1000 chests(or I was a bit lucky). Also some quartz(about 15 which is nice if you have lots of glory and need fast quartz for PvE) and luck essences(not that much).

Anyone knows the stats of that special back items? Or i this skin only? In crafting window(unfortunately I can’t craft it yet cause I don’t meet the requirements) it only shows blank item with description and infusion slot. Nothing about stats.

Would like to know this too. 🙂 The Light of Dwayna backpiece would look great on my human, but dunno if it’s worth crafting if it’s just a skin.

Yeah someone on my server got it and it’s a one-time choice for the stats. Pricey but may be cheaper in some ways than the fractal backpiece.

sadly these armors are so ugly. I don’t even want + stat.. which is very minor. No class no individuality. T.T horrible designs. It’s like they just popped them out of their ass

I can’t say that I agree. They’re not my style either, but the amount of detail in each of them is incredible. The embroidery/embossing on the armor pieces actually has depth; it’s not just a texture painted onto a surface like some of the existing armors.

you kidding? this is the ugliest crap that they released yet. it looks like a joke rather than like armor. if I wanted characters that looked like poker cards I’d play freaking poker.

you wouldn’t have a character tho, just the cards. On a more serious note they are very detailed, that you don’t like them yourself, well that’s your own personal taste however textures and meshes are all highly detailed and with the right dye combo they might even look a lot better

They might have all the detailyou want but if an armor makes you look like a freakin clown or a jester it’s either for people who are into tthat stuff or people who like to make fun of it by wearing it. But at least half of the community hates that “armor”

I think it all comes down too is style. If you like it, great and if not then the very minor stat increase won’t make or break your gameplay. I for one don’t care for the style and see no point in something that takes that long to farm/grind matts for with such a minor stat boost. I want function, not so much on style, just want it to be better and not just in looks.

Actually these armors are very nice. They look almost royal. I’m guessing if they looked more metal with about 70% less actual armor people would like them more, eh? Personally I think they look great and very good quality.

k Light of Dwayna is stat selector for those interested in knowing and defensive infusion. But I don’t recommend getting this item until you see someone in combat animation ingame. It looks kinda weird with giant bird on your back. Think hard about it first, I regret it despite how epic it looks in preview standing upright. in combat you lean forward and bird protrudes ALOT.

Ah, really? 🙁 Will definitely get a look first then. Was thinking about getting it on my Human (cost-wise it seems to be cheaper than getting a Yakkington/Thousand arrows backpiece too), but if the looks isn’t what I thought it would be, maybe I’ll pass.

Why is the helmet not complete on a charr? Wow. No wonder the Charr are an underplayed race. Anet visibly does not care about them.

As a fellow artist and designer I can tell that they tired to put so much work into these armors. But there are some questions like why the heavy helmet on charr looks like a cap on a Norwegian fisher?
I’m freelancer designer, but I could have design it 10x times better.

I agree they are not horrible but they don’t exactly stand out, either. They look basically similar to a lot of other armor sets in the game, but isn’t “ascended” armor supposed to be better? Then it should look better too.

Since stats dont really matter much, why on earth would you waste your life away making these garbage-looking armors?

some infos from the asc. backpiece i’m wearing since some days. the only stat i know you cant choose is giver’s and maybe assassin’s. there were 2 stats which are just “named” with the stats like precision(main) power and toughness and another one. atm there are no upgrade functions for mystical forge. in battlestance there is nothing that changes. as you can see here at my posing 😛 screen was made for an another site. the only thing you cant really good see on the preview is the little bit shining dust thats flies away from the backpiece. its a stated animation so it can fly through you or not. depends in wich direction you stay. you can see it a bit on the screen. i like it and in my opinion it doesnt look like a birdie thing ^^. depends on the style you are after.

Why do they even make charr race if they’re not even bother make the armors. I’ve deleted my carrs because in the end they’re just going to use the cultural armors.

I actually kinda like the designs. (Although I’ll admit the the best out of all of them is the Heavy) Aesthetically they do look a little displeasing I’ll admit, but at the very least they look different. I mean they look like something out of Final Fantasy. If you were to look at it, they seem to take inspirations Greek god designs. Essentially i would almost call it Godlike designs. What seems unappealing might be the colors they used for the previews, but if we look at them with our preferred colors, then you might start liking them. Surprisingly, the armors look better on the Asura than all the other races. (Although I do feel that the Charr got the worst of it with that heavy helmet, so I hope they could fix that soon. On the other hand I don’t feel that the Charr even need helms, they look awesome the way they are.) I feel sort of the same way with the weapons, but they really reminded me of Soul Calibur weapons, which I love honestly. I say these sets should be given a second chance.

Sadly this is yet another Guild Wars 2 disappointment. The armors are indeed the worst looking yet. This puts me off a bit from playing the game considering the time it would take to craft these terrible looking armor sets with not much to look at. I would have thought that there would be four stats for ascended. Guild Wars 2 is one of the most fun games I have played online so far and the Guild wars community is fricken Fantastic! i just dont get the designs, maybe its just me. The characters and armor looked better in GW1

Seriously…I’d love a set that is like Artorias the Abyss walker from Dark souls. More than anything else I want some more cultural armor, armor that actually FITS the Charr, lets face it, The Charr and Asura always seem to get shafted when it comes to the latest armor sets.

Medium armor in particular isn’t very interesting to look at sadly.

I will say the ascended back pieces are a step in the right direction design wise though, makes me wonder if they’ll do the rest of the deities.

Should I ever take the time to craft a set of these lack luster armor sets, I will most definantly be transmuting the stats onto my current cultural armor. Sorry but Arena Net has gone done hill with weapon and armor designs, GW1 had a much better selection of skins especially shields.

The main problem is, the dyes on those screenshots suck. Once you’ve got those armors and found the right dye combination, they look much much nicer than this.
And keep in mind: not everyone likes over-the-top, spiky armors. Some people prefer it simple but refined, and this is what ascended armor skins do. At last one heavy armor set that is not all about who’s got the most flames/spikes/light/special effects on it.

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