GW2 New Total makeover kit faces

Gallery of the 30 new faces added to the total makeover kit from the gemstore with the Wintersday 2013 update.











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44 replies on “GW2 New Total makeover kit faces”

My first impression was that they were rather ugly or disfigured looking, which initially left me feeling a bit disappointed. Rubbing a few brain cells together a few minutes later, realized that was the intent. In comparison, there’s a wide variety of attractive or cute faces, but very few of the aforementioned. Still, the last female asura face creeps me the hell out.

Well I like the female human ones, but other then middle one. They look like the same faces we already have…still not much difference. :/

Sylvaris without noses are disturbing though.

Quote: “why all 3 humans have justin bieber face ?”

Just the hairstyle…
Change the settings fo the face the way you like, and they dont look like justin biber. ^_^
I change every face. Too many players use just the standarts.
They look like a clone army. >_<

Part of me wants to make a Sylvari with the big-eyed, no-nose face, give him grey skin, no hair, and call him We Come In Peas.

None of the Human strike a chord with me. The Norn scarred male could be ok… I hate that males have no necks. The Asura is best summed up by the previous comment of “The Asura are all stoned”… kinda funny but nothing I care to have on a character. Charr female ones may be ok and one of the male ones too. I’m digging the Sylvari ones. The first and third for the female look ok but I’d probably go for the middle one. For the male Sylvari, I’d have to try with some “hair” to see how they come out.

Dog faces for Charr?! Really? Why not give them a bull face, a duck face? So I have to buy this face makeover to get face leftovers?
Noseless sylvari though make a lot of sense because plants dont have to breath like we do, Anet should’ve done them more alienated from the very beginning.
Humans looks like teens with identity crisis.

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