GW2 The Nightmare Is Over achievement guide

Achievement guide to GW2 The Nightmare Is Over Living world achievements.

Meta – Nightmare Aftermath

All of the achievements and dallies below  will count towards the meta. Doing 12 achievements/dallies will reward you with another tricolor key and 25 AP points.


  • Aftermath Toxic Field Researcher II – collect 10 toxic spore samples by destroying toxic offshoots. Look for toxic spore samples to gather after completing a toxic offshoot event. Sometimes you can also find a patch randomly while running around in Kessex Hills. (Dec 10, 2013 daily).
  • Aftermath Toxic Consumer I – Use 5 Toxic Maintenance Oils, Toxic Sharpening Stones, Toxic Tuning crystals or Experimental Chiles (Dec 11, 2013 daily)
  • Aftermath Molten Extinguisher – Head into Nightmare’s End instance and click the combat option for the Molten puzzle. This will spawn mobs from the Molten Alliance (Dec 12, 2013 daily)
  • Aftermath Cobweb Cleaner – Destroy the toxic spider queen’s cocoons – same thing as Aftermath Cobweb Cleaner achievement below except you just need to destroy one cocoon. (Dec 13, 2013 daily)

Nightmare Ender/Nightmare Euthanizer/Nightmare Terminator


This map shows you the location of the Toxic Spider Queen (has 2 spawn locations, usually people camp by the Viathan Waypoint and run to Gap waypoint – spawn location 2, if it gets contested), Toxic Wurm Queen,Toxic Alchemist, and the Tri-color chest.

  • Toxic Spider Queen seems to spawn the most frequent
  • Toxic Wurm Queen 2nd most frequent
  • Toxic Alchemist least frequent and bugged on a number of servers.


Aftermath Arachnicide/Aftermath Cobweb Cleaner

You have to kill the Spider Queen once to unlock the achievement Aftermath Cobweb Cleaner. You have to kill 5 cocoons. Players will randomly get turned into cocoons during the fight but each cocoon has very little health so they will get destroyed quickly and you may not get the kill credit.

  • Slow DPS on the Spider Queen, the faster you kill her, the less cocoon she will throw out and the less chance for you to get the achievement.
  • Once you have done sufficient damage to her to get the kill credit, stop attacking her and just look for cocoons.


Aftermath Vermicide/Aftermath Shock Wave Jumper

You will need to kill the Toxic Wurm Queen once to unlock the Aftermath Shockwave Jumper achievement. You need to jump over 5 shockwaves, which is harder than it sounds since the shockwaves are very narrow cones.  The best way to get this is to have everyone stack on top of the Wurm Queen and jump whenever you see she putting her head down to do a shockwave. This increases your chance of getting hit by the shockwave since it is a more of a cone.


Aftermath Toxic Counteragent/Aftermath Detoxifier

You will need to kill the Toxic Alchemist once to unlock the Aftermath Detoxifier achievement, which requires you to kill 5 Toxifiers. Toxic Alchemist has the longest spawn time and is located on top of the hill marked on the map. He has two forms – a veteran form and a champion form. During his veteran form he will become immune to damage and spawn 2-3 Toxifiers near him. This is your chance to get the achievement for Aftermath Detoxifier. If you manage to get lucky on the kill credit, you should only need to kill the Alchemist twice to complete these achievements.


Aftermath Treasure Hunter

You have to open the Tricolor chest 5 times. If you have any Tricolor keys saved up, this is a good time to use them. Otherwise you can buy one them Majory’s Helper Dee for 30 Pristine Toxic Spore samples and 45 silver once per day.


Aftermath Viathan Cleaner

Complete 10 events in and around Viathan Lake in Kessex Hills – you should get this automatically when you do the Spider Queen/Wurn Queen/Alchemist events.

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29 replies on “GW2 The Nightmare Is Over achievement guide”

The last achievement, Nightmare Terminator, where is it in Kessix Hills? I have 11/12, where do you go for the last one?

That was one ridiculously expensive 1 AP.. Total cost is 1.5-2.5 depends on food. I don’t think anyone in right mind got it.

What is the tricolor key you get for doing everything? Just the same ones that opens chest or is it a trinket or something?

Tip for Shockwave Jumper: There is a dead Serph Archer on the ground near the worm queen (you can kinda see him in the shockwave picture above towards the far right). I stood around there and literally every shockwave came straight to me every time. Knocked out the entire achievement in one encounter. Kept screaming at the zerg to stack here but they insist on stacking right in front.

I’ve been slaughtering mobs around the tower looking for keys, but nothing yet. Any specifics on mobs likely to drop them? Does the green key tooltip indicating the central area around the tower mean that green keys will drop off the underwater mobs?

I don’t like the forcing players to get into that instance again just for killing Molten Alliance mobs – but i think it would be cool if they would add random daily event based on map exploration (i know this would be difficult but still…)

I stood right on top of the wurm queen and got the achi in 8 shockwaves after stacking further back and trying over 20 times. Much easier to get credit as you’re jumping multiple ones rather than single ones.

THANK YOU! I spend a couple of days on that achievement at 0% ! I stacked on the worm and jumped and I got it in one event! Thanks!

So, the most recent daily mentions killing one of several toxic creatures, most of which I know where to find: Alchemist, Spider Queen and Wurm Queen. They also listed the Toxic Warlock. Was that a mistake, or is he somewhere on the map?

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