GW2 The Nightmare’s End Scarlet’s Puzzle guide

A quick guide to Scarlet’s Puzzle in The Nightmare’s End story instance involving Nightmare Euthanizer and Nightmare Terminator achievements.

General Information

Retrying the instance

You can redo this instance by talking to Majory’s Helper Dee in Kessex Hills after you have finished the instance.


Getting to the puzzle

Click on the disabled injector to take the remaining antitoxin and apply it to the Vine Passage.



Completing this story instance for the first time will grant you the Antitoxin Injector backpiece.


Nightmare Euthanizer

  • You must solve all of Scarlet’s Puzzle correctly to get this achievement.

Molten Coolant Box

  • Pick Examine Controls for shutting down power.
  • Pick set slider to flame
  • Pick set slider to icicle
  • Pick set slider to iron.
  • Click on Throw the switch to receive Molten Iron Scrap

Inquest Terminal

  • Pick try to interpret the analytic code
  • Pick collate into quantitiative results.
  • Pick sort by effectiveness
  • Click on Apply this Data Sorting to receive Aetherblade Data

Watchknight Puzzle

  • Revive Watchknight, Look at the different options for various phrases on the Asuran Recorder.
  • Talk to Watchknight and pick Nobody breaks my toys but me! to get Watchwork Core

Toxic Spore Pod

  • Pick Dry Root and Sturdy stick off the ground.
  • Interact with the Lab Table to make into a makeshift torch. After that interact with the little flame thingie to make it into a torch.
  • Interact with the Toxic Spore Pod and pick Hold torch up to the pod. You will get Dried Toxic Spore.


Put all of the 4 items into Scarlet’s Forge. Defeat waves of Toxic alliance mobs and when you inject the antitoxin you will get the achievement.


Nightmare Terminator

  • You must brute force each option and spawn mobs to get this achievement.

Molten Coolant Box

  • Force an overload and defeat the mobs that spawn. Don’t forget to collect the Molten Iron Scrap off the mobs.


Inquest Terminal

  • Turn off power to the console and defeat the mobs that spawn. Don’t forget to collect Aetherblade Data off the mobs.


Watchknight Puzzle

  • Revive the watchknight, go through all the options on the Asuran Recorder.
  • Talk to the Watchknight and pick These watchknights you’re so proud of? Mine now.


Toxic Spore Pod

  • Try to smash the pod open and defeat the mobs that spawn.


After you have done all the above, put all of the 4 items into Scarlet’s Forge. Defeat waves of Toxic alliance mobs and when you inject the antitoxin you will get the achievement.


By Dulfy

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32 replies on “GW2 The Nightmare’s End Scarlet’s Puzzle guide”

How is this a puzzle? Did you solve it, or just brute force the answers thru trial and error? How would one derive the correct answer?

the molten box , by the name of the patch, it was flame & frost (snowflake or icicle), the iron part can be iterated or (chars = iron (legion)) and stuff, the inquest by chosing the logical way to sort the results of an experiment, the toxic spore was easy, the only one hard to catch for me was the watchknight robot.

That’s an interesting way too look at it too! I was thinking:
you melt things with flames, you cool things with ice, boxes are made of iron 🙂

Agreeing with all of the above (Oruam) – the watchknight robot wasn’t that hard though if you took part in the Queen’s Jubily Patch and didn’t jump the cutscenes.

The first prize, the backpack skin, can be earned with any toon. You only get one. Spores and Champion backs can be earned indefinitely. (At the time of writing this, Arenanet might change that in the future.)

The chest is now on Kessex Hills. You can trade spores in for key parts once a day with Mallory’s friend, indicated with the yellow marker.

When do you get the back piece… after doing all achievments or blowing up the tower the first time? I did that and did not get a back piece… just wondering.

Ok so I have done both ways prolly 10 x exactly the way you have said here and I am not receiving the achievement.. what else could I try??? thanks

Although hang on…when you say “finish the instance”, does that mean I should NOT take the portal at the end, after injection? Because I’ve definitely taken the portal each time.

I’ve tried 4 times in the past 2 days to get Nightmare Euthanizer, with no success. I’ve solved the puzzles perfectly each time. Two runs each on 2 different characters, all the way through the instance, nothing.

I’m about to try brute force to see if at least that achievement is working.

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