GW2 Wintersday 2013 patch coverage

A list of guides and galleries for this year’s GW2 Wintersday patch.

Living World/achievements



Chat Codes

  • Chat code tool made by that_shaman, check back for new additions as they are discovered by players

Recurring activities from last year

Patch Notes

  • David Milnes

    So, those new Ascended Back Items……

    • Tierr

      I wondering how much time they spend on designing junk like that ..-1

      • Sina

        I imagine this was a failed monster model type, took 2 minutes to remodel as a backpack ^^

  • Blix

    light of dwayna back 🙂

  • Herc

    For those asking about what makes the Light of Dwayna ascended back item

    • Mana

      how do you get recipes, gifts? if yes how many

  • Herc

    And the preview

    • herp derperson

      we’ve seen these a few times, NOBODY has yet to link *where* they got the plans from.

      • You can buy the recipe from TP or get it as a rare drop from wintersday presents.

  • Elena Callegari

    is the alchemist broken on anyone else’s server? tried yaks and FA, bugged on both

    • It is, I got it on overflow.

  • AstraStarr

    No other way of getting Winters Reach except the exact same I could have if it was the dead of summer? (Chests). Not even anything like drops in toxxs inf. thing or collecting a million sweaters (like the candy cob thing for arachne whatever bow over halloween)??? Nothing but scraps? 50 scraps for five tickets. Doing at one every ten is $60 usd. If I had that much in gold I’d just hold out for a precurser. Never had one drop and been playing since day1. All I want for wintersday is a Silly wooden bow that’s impossible to get 🙁

  • Stefan

    Do ascended armor chests drop in FOTM?

    • Somedudeonthissite


      • Stefan

        Any picture, proof, link?

  • Jen

    the dwayna back piece is stunning!

  • Lord

    Dulfy, Will you create a Wintersday 2013 Meta Achievement Guide ?
    Thanks a lot

  • ham

    Hey, i finished all the achievments and didn’t get anything. do i have to wait until the last day? also i finished the repeatable achievments once. says 18/20 though

    • Do the wintersday dallies 🙂

  • IAMike

    Any map of where the giant presents are that spawn toys/skritt when opened?

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