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GW2 Ascended armor stats

A list of GW2 Ascended armor stats and their comparison with exotics.

Ascended Armor Stats

All Ascended armor pieces contain a single defensive infusion slot per armor piece, which can be outfitted with infusions containing agony resists or infusions with +5 stats. See this guide on acquiring them (they can be crafted or brought from laurel vendors in PvE/WvW).


Defense stats on the Ascended armor pieces





Ascended Armor Stats compared to exotics

The major thing to take away from this comparison is that the stat differences are all ~5%. For items such as boots/gloves etc the stat difference is 1-2 stat more between exotic and ascended. For items such as coat/leggings the difference is slightly bigger but that is because they have more stats. It all rounds up to about 5% stat increase by upgrading from exotics to Ascended.





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Well, it is still best in slot option, so it is worth it if you are looking for best stats.
If you are looking for almost best stats for decent cost, ascended is not for you.

(With a little exception of crit damage on leggings.)

what have about the Slot? Infusion slot? I’ll be sure getting those, but it’ll be filled with agony only =p.
Or it have more slots than commom?

Prolly only 1 same as on 1 handed weapon, only 2 handed weapons have 2 slots (because it takes 2 weapon slots for 1 weapon)

Best stats per inventory slot. Nothing complicated here.

Also: Defensive Infusion slot can be filled by infusions that have +5stats and/or +5agony

Ascended armor comes with an extra infusion slot though right? If you do WvW and put a WvW infusion in each slot it makes a pretty large difference.

Thinking of adding the Vital WvW Infusion ones on my Soldier Light set – so that’s +30 Vitality // -6% damage taken from Guards and Lords – on top of the Soldier stats increase (Melandru runes). Should be fun. I would go more Toughness but I have a Momentum sigil for that ^_^

Those % for the difference between Exotic and Ascended are just armor set vs armor set, for 6 pieces. But one should look at how much the ascended set affect the total stats compared to an exotic set.
For example, my warrior has a full knight-armor set.
With the exotic set I have 2081 power, 1566 precision and 2195 toughness.
The ascended set would increase power by 11, precision by 11 and toughness by 14.
That means that overall I will get an increase of 0,53% in power, 0,70% in precision and 0,64% in toughness.
Am I doing the right math?


That is correct if counting you base stats, weapons and traits together.
That’s why, imo, the only reason to get it is for higher Agony Resistance for fractals.
Stat-wise, it’s an abysmal small overall bonus…

In the previsualisation it seems that this conbination ” power / toughness / vitality” is not available. When I open it and sélect Ahamid I have in description : condition damage. Maybe it is Anet error in the freetext description.
It is when I open the recipe to select the one I want, just to be sure, to not lost karma for nothing

Thanks all for your reply and screenshot. Indeed it was an Anet error in the French translation version. Thank for quick reply and continue with all your usefull article on gw2

This is a known error. Something to do with translation in different languages – a French player was talking about it in Map Chat the other day. Ahamid is indeed Soldier PVT stats.

Every ascended equip has exactly 5% higher stats than the exotic version. Ingame 0.XX is just not visible. Nothing new and just a lot of needless work tbh, but still – ty for all those who have to “see” it.

The game is made, and will be made, for exotic stats in mind. Don’t rush or spend a money to get ascended armor. Take your time. Also, if you are a bit of a penny pincher like myself, just make the chest and leggings.

I’m frankly relieved to find out that there’s no legitimate reason to grind out an entire set of ascended gear. The only reasons anyone should really want a full set is if they’re a completionist and just HAVE to have the “best,” or if they plan on going to lvl 80 fractals and need the extra infusion slots.

There’s never going to be a return on that 600g investment needed to level crafting and then craft a full set of ascended. Especially when you consider how long it will take.

They will almost certainly move the vertical grind to the infusion slots. They’ll introduce higher and higher stats for these slots. So even if the stats difference is insignificant right now, I doubt it will stay that way.

Something a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that crit damage is not a hard integer percent, there is actually a hidden decimal component to it. So two pieces of equipment that both say “1% crit damage” may very well be 1.1% and 1.3%. You can see this change occasionally swapping pieces when you’re right on the borderline of rounding up.

Of course it’s all moot now since we’ll be switching to the “ferocity” stat soon. RIP.

Hey everyone,

I have a question that nobuddy seems to be able to answer clearly. I have searched on the web as well as asking around (forums eather). I hope that someone can help me out here.

I have currently an Berserker Exotic gear (medium) + an Ruby orb as upgrade slot. I was wondering if an Zojja’s gear would improve my character. To make it more clearly i take my coat and the asc for an comparasing:

Exotic berserker coat
– 101 power
– 72 precision
– 72 Ferocity (Critical hit)

+ Ruby Orb as upgrade slot:
– 20 power
– 14 precision
– 14 ferocity (critical hit)

I was wondering if this would be better than a Zojja’s armor coat (also medium) with these stats:

Zojja’s Guise coat:
– 106 power
– 76 precision
– 76 ferocity (critical hit)

i dont plan on using infusion slots (yet)

Normally, i would say that asc would be better. however since i have an ruby orb, i am not sure if the asc would still be better.. I hope that someone can give me an clear answer to this..


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