SWTOR: Life Day and Gree event starts on Dec 17

Life Day event will be coming to SWTOR from Dec 17 until Jan 1. Rewards include Sleigh and Cyan Sphere mounts. The Gree event will also be returning at the same time. Updated with more info on the Life day event released on Dec 16.

It has come to the Empire’s attention that dissident elements engaging in a tawdry and potentially dangerous seasonal event are planning to infect Imperial space with their insipid notions. This so-called “Life Day” encourages activities unbecoming of an Imperial citizen, including but not limited to:

  • Dancing in inclement weather
  • Singing unpatriotic carols
  • Nonviolent physical contact with Wookiees

This disgraceful menace of a “holiday”, during which time you are expected to comply fully with this edict, will last approximately two weeks on the Galactic Standard Calendar.*

The alleged ringmaster of these activities–dubbed the “Master of Ceremonies”–has somehow obtained an official license to peddle his “holiday cheer” in the Galactic Trade Market sector of Vaiken Spacedock. While those responsible for this error in licensing have been punished to the fullest extent of Imperial law, the sale of Life Day goods will proceed. However, these items are under review under Section 53-T of Imperial law and their purchase may constitute an official Contraband Violation:


This is not an actual explosive device, as its name would suggest. The “bomb” generates soft, compact spheres of crystalline water ice (“snowballs”) which are intended to be lobbed at unsuspecting targets, covering them with a layer of harmless snowflakes. Explosive Ordnance Disposal has expressed concerns following reports of “Snow-Covered Parcels” – small, suspicious packages which are sometimes found within these snowballs. Life Day dissidents appear to exchange these parcels as some kind of currency. If you happen to come across such a parcel, DO NOT EXCHANGE IT FOR GOODS WITH THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES. Deliver these parcels to Imperial EOD immediately for processing and disposal.

SLEIGH I – 24 Snow-Covered Parcels

This speeder far exceeds the guidelines for maximum “cheerful” ornamentation; furthermore, its engine emits a strange jingling noise characteristic of small bells. Imperial EOD has not yet ruled out the possibility that the parcels and other various Life Day paraphernalia strapped to the rear of the vehicle contain explosive devices, so if you hear the telltale sound of “jingle bells” heading your way, evasive action is STRONGLY advised.


If it weren’t enough that thoughtless pranksters have sliced various holoprojectors throughout the Fleet to broadcast images of gaudy “Life Day Trees,” the Life Day dissidents are now encouraging the lighting of fireworks which produce patterns resembling the trees. It is our best determination that these fireworks are meant to signal membership in this ludicrous “celebration.” You are reminded that, as with all fireworks, you are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for any and all scorching damage pursuant to ignition.

CYAN SPHERE – 16 Gray Helix Components, 36 Snow-Covered Parcels

This vehicle, apparently of Gree design, has [REDACTED]. Not much is known about the [REDACTED] though it is safe to say that [REDACTED]. If the dissidents are somehow in league with [REDACTED] a proportional response will follow. Be advised, this vehicle has not [REDACTED] and all further information is officially CLASSIFIED by Imperial order.

While the behaviors of these nonconformist Life Day “celebrants” are certainly enough to contend with, it should be noted that the alien vessel designated Gray Secant has reappeared over Ilum, marking the return of the Gree Enclave to known space. Whether the two events are related is presently unknown, but historical patterns suggest that the craft will remain for the duration of the Life Day “festivities.”

Remember: be vigilant this Life Day. Should peculiar sounds emanate from atop your ship’s hull, they may not be mynocks. Engage all defenses, ready your weapons, and alert your local Imperial authority.

For the Empire.

Source: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/blog/20131216

LEVEL: Levels 10 – 55
MISSION: Celebrate Life Day with two weeks of snowball fights! Every snowball you throw during the Life Day Event has a chance to award you with a Snow-Covered Parcel. Collect and exchange your Snow-Covered Parcels for festive rewards at the “Master of Ceremonies” located in the Galactic Trade Market sector in the Imperial and Republic fleets. Snowball Bombs and Fireworks can be purchased for credits from the Master of Ceremonies. Watch out for those snowballs!


  • Mount: Sleigh I
  • Mount: Cyan Sphere (requires Snow Parcels from Life Day Event and Gray Helix Components from the Gree Event)
  • Achievements:
    • Jolly Parcel Peddler (Legacy Title: Life Day Celebrant)
    • Merry Life Day To All!
    • To All A Good Night! (Legacy Title: A Special Snowflake)
  • Fireworks: Life Day Tree
  • Life Day Snowball Bomb

LEVEL: Levels 50 – 55
MISSION: Explore Ilum’s contested area in the Western Ice Shelf to uncover the mysterious purpose of the Gray Secant, an enormous ancient Gree starship. Get ready to face a powerful opponent that awaits you at the center of this ancient vessel. Visit the in-game News Terminal located on Carrick Station or Vaiken Spacedock to get started on your adventure!

  • NEWLY ADDED: Gree Digitization Cube (Gree-themed rest-and-recharge item)
  • NEWLY ADDED: Cyan Sphere (requires Snow Parcels from Life Day Event and Gray Helix Components from the Gree Event)
  • Reputation with the Gree Enclave
  • Armor: White, Red, Blue Scalene Armor
  • Weapons: Gray Helix Weapons, Gray Helix Lightsaber
  • In-game pets: L1-L Defender, L1-L Scout, Miniature Gray Secant
  • Mounts: Blue Sphere and Red Sphere Transport Enclosure Vehicles
  • …and more!
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  • TJWoo

    Do you know if the Life Day cartel market stuff that is up now will remain up for these two-week events? Or do they plan on taking it down next week and replacing it with new Life Day stuff?

  • AshlaBoga

    Cyan Sphere requirements: God I hope it doesn’t need 48 Helixes.

    • Totgewicht

      Expect the worst. Hope for the best!

      Isn’t the blue sphere already cyan/lightblue?

      • AshlaBoga

        1st Picture is a Blue Sphere
        2nd Picture is CYAN

        There’s a decent colour difference, but hardly comparable to the difference between the Blue and Red Spheres.

        • Haha I love how you found a pic of cyan just for this 🙂

          • more likely that Cyan Sphere, http://www.swtor.com/info/in-game-events where you get the info about the events features down below a screenshot

            • Thanks, i missed those pics.

              • Mortúùs

                Would be nice if it was a green sphere, since it’s for the life day event.

              • Davzen

                That’s for the cartel market 😉

  • Kim

    Cant wait for it 😀

  • unknown

    Still no Legacy Knife, Generator/ shield or focus Sigh …

    • David P

      Le triple Sigh…

    • RabidCoqui

      I’m guessing it’s because you can’t see them so they may have decided it isn’t worthwhile. Frankly, I’m not really seeing why you want them since you end up getting an orange version relatively early on through missions and/or with comms… can’t remember which missions in particular have them as rewards.
      Am I missing something?

      • y2z

        For transferring slot-bound offhand armourings.

        • RabidCoqui

          Ah… gotcha.

        • Mortúùs

          Seeing as you’re not supposed to do that in the first place, I don’t know why they would add one.

          • unknown

            do what in the first place ? you do know there is a legacy off hand . that came out before they made slot -bound barrels , armoring.

            Don’t forget the legacy basters etc ..

            SO please tell me why were not suppose to ? , if they keep letting us do it .
            and if they stop letting us then your comment is true . so until they take that away . why not ?.

            CYA >>

        • unknown


      • unknown

        a lot pf players want it and it took them what a year to put in a legacy Light saber . I’ll even bet this is a over site .I can being a few other examples that were over sights they put in months later, i was hoping with this update they would ,, and legacy basters and rifles took a while ….

      • unknown

        Tell me were that is or what mission no knife yet I’ve found is legacy .. there is a legacy OFF Hand , but no knife , i only thew in the Generator/ shield or focus.

        it might matter to others .not me i just want the knife, i don’t care about the rest but to be fair those should be included,

  • Totgewicht

    We don’t have to buy snowballs from the Cartelmarket. That’s a surprise!

    I hope this will be fun like investing people on the fleet with the rakghul plague.

  • Areneth

    But what about Rakghoul Event?

    • Konoha the Wiper

      gree was always coming before rakghoul it was announced ages ago for december

      • Areneth

        Okay 🙂

  • Nono

    Guild Wars 1 still had better events, years before SW:TOR. Even on the birthday of the game itself BioWare is still lame!

    • Yo-man

      Let it all out, feel cool now?

    • Ookla the Mok

      Life Day is older than Guild Wars.

    • chakra

      Hey, I had better events as a kid years before GW1 was even thought of. Bloody copy cats!

  • J

    How does one get the winter warrior title?

  • EleniRPG

    I’ve been a serial tinsel-bomber since last Life Day (showering friends with confetti is never out of season!), and I have also been known to throw freeze grenades at group members while exclaiming “Snowball fight!” (though the 3-min cooldown kind of kills the momentum). So this snowball event is right up my alley. It may not be as elaborate as the Guild Wars 2 Wintersday events, but I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  • pduggie
    • pduggie

      maybe just a background char, or maybe a companion customization?

      • Shaddarah

        So two wookies walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Duck next time!”

    • Konoha the Wiper

      stand up comedy wookie

  • DesperateKatmewmew

    I’m sorry, – it is a little bit *A LOT* offtopic but I’m shocked, negatively, horribly and demonically. I just was to renew my subscription, eager to wear republic squadron commander pilot’s uniform – but theennn I saw that this extraordinary suit is no longer avaible – is it true? is it for real? is it as it is? disbelief struck my heart and mind! and my already poor english grammar became a japanese choco sticks of impossibru coding lines. now I can only hope for some mirakulu – is there a way to get this suit in the game???? I want it, I need it!

    • You will get it on Jan 14 🙂

  • Knopperz

    Any Infos yet on that Part ?

    Jolly Parcel Peddler (Legacy Title: Life Day Celebrant)
    Merry Life Day To All!
    To All A Good Night! (Legacy Title: A Special Snowflake)

  • Konoha the Wiper

    will there be any new items apart from the cyan mount and the gree cube which is already available im sure

  • Malice

    Very lazy they just repallated some items and called them rewards.

    • iceberg265

      I know right, Walmart is selling the same stuff they sold last christmas too…wtf is up with all the lazy companies this year?

  • Jstgetitovrwith

    so wait, are the snowballs consumed on use, ie do we have to spend hundreds of thousands to get these items?

    • TJWoo

      The snowballs are re-usable. Sold for 1k from vendor across from GTN.

      • wiponk

        Vendor or GTN?

        • TJWoo

          Master of Ceremonies vendor.

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