GW2 Gift Snowman Finishers and Upgrade Extractor in the gemstore

Permanent Gift Finisher, Permanent Snowman Finisher, upgrade extractor and fancy winter outfit are now available in the gemstore with the Dec 17 GW2 Gemstore update.

Upgrade Extractor

  • 250 gems each, 5/1100 gems or 25/5000 gems
  • Works on infusions, sigils, runes etc all type of upgrades.


PvP Finishers

Permanent Gift Finisher – 600 gems



Permanent Snowman Finisher – 700 gems



Fancy Winter Outfit (Town Clothing) – 700 gems

  • Return from last year, account bound.
  • Includes a hat, coat, gloves, boots, leggings, and a snow globe scepter with five winter themed costume skills
  • Female Asura and Charr will use the female version of the outfit.






By Dulfy

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14 replies on “GW2 Gift Snowman Finishers and Upgrade Extractor in the gemstore”

why bother extracting runes… the cost of the extractor is 19g what rune cost like that? and i used it for infusion just for the testing and gave it to one of my alts..

I was so mad they didn’t have this last week with the update.. Glad they finally brought it back. I missed last years winters day.

Upgrade extractor : the extracted upgrade should be account bound instead of soul bound.
How can you upgrade Agony infusion if it become soulbound ? That means every character should be artificer lvl 100…

You have a point there because as you said, if you remove an AR and still is soulbound and not account bound then 🙁

If i am correct the Transmutation Splitter make the item account bound so i think this should work the same

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