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SWTOR New cartel market items in collections

A list of new cartel market items that showed up in collections with Patch 2.5.1 update.These items are sold directly on the cartel market and some of them are already listed. Updated Jan 7, 2014


Items currently available on the Cartel Market

Dec 17, 2013    
Kuat Drive Yards Corporate Armor set 700 CC  
TM-59 Blaster Pistol 400 CC Video
R-30017 Aikion Blaster 400 CC Video
Dec 24, 2013    
Emote: Chilly 400 CC Video
Emote: Freezing 400 CC Video
Thermal Retention Armor set 1200 CC  
Title: The Winter Warrior 120 CC Gone
Dec 31, 2013    
Sienar PR-3 Speeder 1800 CC Video
Vintage Republic Military Armor set 1200 CC  
Jan 7, 2014    
Kyber Assault Cannon 600 CC Video
Armored Woodland Varactyl 2400 CC  


Sienar PR-3 Speeder – 1800 CC



Armored Woodland Varactyl Mount – 2400 CC



Thermal Retention Armor set – 1200 CC


Thermal Retention Goggles swtor-thermal-retention-goggles
Thermal Retention Jacket swtor-thermal-retention-jacket
Thermal Retention Boots swtor-thermal-retention-boots
Thermal Retention Gloves swtor-thermal-retention-gloves
Thermal Retention Leggings swtor-thermal-retention-leggings
Thermal Retention Belt swtor-thermal-retention-belt
Thermal Retention Bracers swtor-thermal-retention-bracers

Vintage Republic Military Armor set – 1200 CC


Vintage Republic Military Chestguard swtor-vintage-republic-military-chestguard
Vintage Republic Military Boots swtor-vintage-republic-military-boots
Vintage Republic Military Gauntlets swtor-vintage-republic-military-gauntlets
Vintage Republic Military Headgear swtor-vintage-republic-military-headgear
Vintage Republic Military Greaves swtor-vintage-republic-military-greaves
Vintage Republic Military Belt swtor-vintage-republic-military-belt

Kuat Drive Yards Armor set – 720 CC


Kuat Drive Yards Corporate Shirt swtor-kuat-drive-yards-corporate-shirt
Kuat Drive Yards Corporate Boots swtor-kuat-drive-yards-corporate-boots
Kuat Drive Yards Corporate Gloves swtor-kuat-drive-yards-corporate-gloves
Kuat Drive Yards Corporate Cap swtor-kuat-drive-yards-corporate-cap
Kuat Drive Yards Corporate Pants swtor-kuat-drive-yards-corporate-pants
Kuat Drive Yards Corporate Belt swtor-kuat-drive-yards-corporate-belt
Kuat Drive Yards Corporate Bracers swtor-kuat-drive-yards-corporate-bracers

THORN Sanitization Armor set


THORN Sanitization Chestguard swtor-thorn-sanitization-chestguard
THORN Sanitization Boots swtor-thorn-sanitization-boots
THORN Sanitization Gloves swtor-thorn-sanitization-gloves
THORN Sanitization Rebreather swtor-thorn-sanitization-rebreather
THORN Sanitization Pants swtor-thorn-sanitization-pants
THORN Sanitization Belt swtor-thorn-sanitizationbelt
THORN Sanitization Bracers swtor-thorn-sanitization-bracers

Thorn Containment Armor set



Kyber Assault Cannon – 500 CC



R-30017 Aikion Blaster – 400 CC



TM-59 Blaster Pistol – 400 CC




Freezing and Chilly



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100 replies on “SWTOR New cartel market items in collections”

As Dulfy stated earlier, the Festive Taun Taun hasn’t even appeared in Collections yet. I hope they do release it but I’m guessing next Tuesday, December 24th, possibly only for a few days on the Cartel Market.

Holy satellite dish Batman! I’m not quite sure if I love or hate that assault cannon. I’ll probably pick it up anyways, but it’s definitely unique.

what happened to the red-nosed-rudolph tauntaun? first thing in ages i’m totally willing to spend my subscriber CC on 😀

according to devs, will not be added to live servers
Hey folks,
Item prototypes are among the types of things you can see on the Public Test Server. Like all things on the PTS, they are subject to change and in some cases to not make it into the game at all. This happens to be one of those cases. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Thanks everyone.

Where the hell did they get the design for the Republic Trooper helmet?! It looks like the old, crappy concept art, and I really wish it didn’t. The helmet used in the old KOTOR game was great! I always wanted to have one while playing. It looked very similar to the one that Rebel Alliance soldiers use in episodes 4-6. Why did they have to change it? I would have used that helmet for my Commando for the rest of the game, no matter what armor they came out with, but now I’ll just use the rest of the suit for my Companions with no helmet, because that is one of the worst looking helmets I’ve ever seen in a Star Wars game, and that’s including some of the Sith Inquisitor’s best efforts…

I hate the new Assault Cannon, absolutely hate it. You see that they added two traditional looking, small, and simple blaster pistols, and then they give us Commandos another outrageously strange, oversized, and generally ugly cannon. Thanks guys. Make a cannon that looks like a cannon, or a heavy repeater that looks like a normal weapon, don’t keep giving us weird shit that looks impractical like this god damned Death Star cannon…

Smugglers and Bounty Hunters have been asking for those pistol models for years as they are currently only available once from class story rewards. They finally tossed them a bone by making them a Cash Shop item. Better than nothing I guess.

If that’s the case, I hope we get some smaller Assault Cannon models for Commandos, because I know that more than half the people I talk to hate large, badly designed cannons, and want more traditional smaller ones, or even a better minigun design that doesn’t look like a vacuum cleaner.

Unless it’s simply not going to be in collections. Suppose we’ll see what happens next tuesday for x-mas eve.

I must be doing something wrong… I keep the preview open and try clicking on items not in-game yet and nothing happens.

Where’s the Festive Tauntan? Dulfy, do you know anything about it or if its gonna be added? Any info would be nice. I really wanted that mount.

I really like the R-30017 Aikion Blaster, the assault cannon, not so much. Thanks for breaking down the armor piece by piece Dulfy, you do a amazing job!

Hope that pod is available on the market and not like the gambling pack rep one. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I had to have it, but since I wasn’t willing to shell out $200-300 for a mount, I had to grind credits the hard way and buy them a pack at a time off the GTN. Took me ages!

The THORN mask does work with hood up. To preview it open a window for one of the items that are in game already then select the THORN gear. The pic will be of the other but in preview window it will show the up on your toon

Okay, what? The problem is I can’t select the THORN gear to preview it. In the Collections window, the Preview button doesn’t show the item description and “show items” option. So I’m not clear on what you mean by “select the THORN gear”.

You need to select something else in collections first, then without closing the window that opens with the item(s) you selected, you click on the THORN one and it should display the individual pieces of the THORN set.
That will let you preview it.

Portable Death Star Superlaser… I want it ^^

Oh… And seems like new daily area is coming or… whatever Kuat Drive Yard is

I bet you’ll get great reception when surfing the holonet tho 😉

But they really need to release some slimmed assault cannons tho… this is getting out of hand.

I like the addition of the Republic soldier armour from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
Yet always with their SW:KotOR sets they manage to screw something up. In this case, the helmet should not have that weird overhang at the front.

*Tisk tisk tisk* BioWare…

Nevertheless, it won’t be stopping me from spending a few hundred CC on packs and possibly a couple of hundred creds on GTN pieces.


Actually they didn’t screw it up, they just followed the original concept art for the armor rather than the in-game one.

It looks horrible there, and it looks horrible in TOR judging from the preview here.
Seems BioWare had mor brains when they made KOTOR1 to correct it, and they now lack that for TOR to make the same basic judgement call???


Well, that explains a lot.
Can this BioWare PLEASE play KOTOR1 and KOTOR2 then. Even if not, one would probably scratch their hat at that helmet, no?

That’s exactly why they screwed it up. The rest of the concept art armor is great for the game, and they didn’t follow that part, they only followed the crappy helmet. If they had made it with the thickened armored parts and the helmet from the actual game, then I would have bought it in an instant, no questions asked, and worn it for the rest of the game. We got the skin tight version and the weird helmet that you can’t even see past. I love this armor from KOTOR, and I’ve been hoping for an accurate remake of it in SWTOR, but now my hopes are ruined.

need to read the article, it says in cartel collections which they are and it also says which ones are available to buy atm

Yeah, BioWare we get it. For playing the game, and doing quests we get ugly recolored mounts with gift boxes, for awesome stuff you want our money.

i am a long time pet collecttor for over a year and i have a total of 115 pets, i would love it if when you get pictures of the up-comeing pets please post them, btw AMAZING job 4.5 taun taun’s out of 5 🙂

New email today with the line at the top “Galactic Starfighter Preferred Access Opens, New Ship
Role and New Cartel Market Items!”

The interesting part is the New Ship Role. No where in the email does it discuss a new ship role. Typo or hint the bomber is coming out? You tell me.

It’s the gunship. Some people who didn’t subscribe early enough didn’t get access to the gunship at the launch of early access.
They do now.

Finally with the Kuat Drive Yards Armor set I can take my UPS man in Space to the fullest reaches of my fast food imagination and escape reality.

Heh, that made me lol 🙂
He does look like an UPS man doesn’t he?

I can imagine the helmet on a trooper maby, but the rest is pretty boring.
I’m sure someone will make use of it tho (after all, I have seen people running around with the turncoat set)

I have been waiting for ages for them to make the KOTOR Republic Trooper Armour, but that looks absolutely nothing like it, that helmet is just bananas! 🙁

Yup, just a minor (imho) detail on the helmet that sets it apart from the original.
I wish they would be more exact but it’s close enough for me to be happy.

question completely off topic ( hope you do not mind ): is there any item in the game, no matter if its obtainable through regular gameplay or cartel: an item that make syou perform an animation of sith inquisitor trainer: you know, he/she is moving hands and there is some sort of force explosion

It’s look like it’s the designer of “Sex in The City” tv show who design armors in SWTOR … just kill this guy plz !

What makes you say that? The vintage republic set is obviously from KotOR and the thermal retention set is obviously based on Han Solo’s outfit on hoth.

Chakra, you like your job in bioware ? Every armior set in this game look absolutly awful, dont tell me it’s look like in the movie, or Ill tell you to stop smoking crack. Gimme the exact moment in movires or extended lore, where you can see the THORN Sanitization Armor set or Kyber Assault Cannon ? Or even a Obroan set … No I repeat, the guy who make armor design is just a big big looser and he’s probably blind …

I’m chakra.
And apparantly someone cannot fathom that other people can have a different view than them without being employed by “the enemy”.
I’m guessing he meant to reply to my post a bit below where I answer his complaints about the armour sets.
I stated specifically that the vintage republic set is based on the KotOR set and the Thermal retention set is based on Han Solo’s outfit on hoth.
Apparantly I work for bioware because of that.
As for the THORN sets or the kyber assault cannon, no there are no similar ones in the movies. But that doesn’t matter.
Does every single set that comes out really have to look like something in the movies (that take place 3600 years later btw)?
That would make for a very limited and dull look.
Every trooper would look like either a storm trooper or a clone trooper.
Bounty hunters would look like boba fett or dengar (the others are either droids or aliens).
Smugglers would always wear vests.
Sith would look either exactly like vader or exactly like the emperor.

Now, how much fun would that be?

Actually, it does matter. Because 90% of all the armor in this game is FLAT OUT UGLY!!!! The pics above just prove that.

I have to agree with Chakra, I’m sorry guys but just because you dont like the look of the armor sets (hell even I dont like alot of them) That does not mean others might not, now get out of your tight-panties and accept that this world does not revolve around your tastes and your’s alone, thank you…

Chakra, while I agree that the armor should be unique and such. I do think some adaptive mandalorian armor should be added because there are RPers who RP mandalorians but arn’t bounty hunters or are on the republic side who can’t look like mandalorians. And maybe add an (adaptive) coat similar to the smuggler conq. one . Thank you for your time.

Have you watched my youtube channel?
I have a mandalorian sith warrior. I will be making a mandalorian Imperial Agent too, and I was planning on a mandalorian trooper as well, but the Bounty Hunters Event helmet doesn’t have voice modulation so I won’t use it.
So yeah, I want an adaptable mandalorian set too.
But that wasn’t the discussion here.
Namroth was simply making a broad statement that basically all armour sets in SWTOR look like they were designed by the designer of Sex in the City. (which I assume is a complaint).
I simply questioned that notion and then he pretty much blew up on me.
And so did darkfather.

But yeah, I’d love a mando set, and I have been (politely) asking for it on the forums, but like I said, that is not what the discussion was about.

Guessing that the Khyber assault cannon and the vintage republic set will be out on the 31st…

(first one came out on 17th, next on 24th, so 31st would be a good guess)

Edit: Seems I was wrong 🙁

Edit2: Nope, I was right except the kyber gun wasn’t in the 31’st update…

So excited about the Vintage Republic Military Armor set. Now I hope they release the Vintage Sith Military Armor set.

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