SWTOR: More traditional robes coming to SWTOR

More “traditional” robes will be coming to SWTOR in the next few game updates to fulfill some player requests.

Eric? Update as promised? | 12.18.2013, 10:43 PM

Hey everyone!
As requested, here is an update on “traditional” robes being brought into SWTOR. I think the first thing that is important to realize is that traditional can mean different things to different people. Although I know many folks are looking for the “Obi Wan” appearance, we won’t just copy and paste that in. With that being said, we have already brought some armor into the game that is a bit more traditional, such as Relnex set in the Supreme Mogul’s pack. In talking to the Cartel Market team we also have two more “traditional” Jedi armor sets in the works. One you will see in a future pack… and another which will be a direct sale item. You should see both of these within a few Game Updates from now, I don’t have exact timing at this moment.

I hope that answers your question!


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Like all appearance armour, it’ll be for all classes I’m sure. Cathar honour swords aren’t a Cathar-only item either.

I would be happy if they just allowed for a “hood down” option. I think it’s weird most of the sith armor has their hoods down while the jedi have theirs up. seems it should be the opposite.

Traditional robes will probably be plain, simple robes. That means they’ll be without the glowing LED lights, armoured pauldrons, patterned paintjobs and mean looking spiks. Just traditional, nomadic robes.

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