SWTOR: Reindeer tauntaun mount didn’t make it to the game

The Reindeer tauntaun mount seen by players on the SWTOR PTS didn’t make it to the live servers.

What happened to the Christmas Tauntaun? | 12.19.2013, 09:06 PM

Hey folks,
Item prototypes are among the types of things you can see on the Public Test Server. Like all things on the PTS, they are subject to change and in some cases to not make it into the game at all. This happens to be one of those cases. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Thanks everyone.

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9 replies on “SWTOR: Reindeer tauntaun mount didn’t make it to the game”

Maybe too many players found it to break in-universe immersion? I don’t know for what other reason it has been cancelled. I can imagine that a lot of testers may have said “This is not Star Wars, there’s no reindeer Tauntaun’s”. And I must somewhat agree that they will certainly stop being fun when you see them run around everywhere around July, mid summer. Even though they looked nice.

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