GW2 Dye gallery

A list and gallery of all the GW2 dyes sorted by hues. 433 dyes and counting. Last updated Jan 14, 2014.

General Info

This list is sorted by hues and features six armor sets (2 for each armor type). Three of the sets are there to reflect the dominant material for each armor type (i.e. cloth, leather, metal) while the other three sets are popular gemstore armor as they may sometimes dye differently.

The way the dyes are sorted is the same way it is done ingame but in reverse order (generally go from light to dark colors). It isn’t the best way to organize and sort dyes as not all dyes with similar colors are grouped together but lacking complex algorithms it is the best solution currently. (Manually grouping dyes by similar colors with just human eyesight on 400+ dyes isn’t really feasible for me)


If you know the dye you are looking for, open up the dye list section and do a ctrl +f to find the name. This will tell you which hue it is under so you can open up that hue section to do another search to find the exact dye.

If you have a general idea of color you are looking for, it is best to look through the hue sections directly but don’t restrict yourself to a single hue as other hues can contain similar colors.

If you are looking to compare two or more different dyes, it might be best to open up the dye image on a different tab in your browser and flip through the tabs to compare.

New dyes

Metallurgic Dye Kit Jan 14, 2014    
Amenity – [&AgF1wQAA] Blue Hue    
Fling – [&AgF2wQAA] Orange Hue    
Onset – [&AgF3wQAA] Green Hue    
Perseverance -[&AgF4wQAA] Yellow Hue    
Prosperity – [&AgF5wQAA] Yellow Hue    
Recall – [&AgF6wQAA] Purple Hue    
Toxic Dye Kit Nov 5, 2013 Deathly Dye Pack Sept 24, 2013
Limonite – [&AgEfvwAA] Green Hue Acrid – [&AgEiuwAA] Green Hue
Violite – [&AgEhvwAA] Purple Hue Algae – [&AgEguwAA] Green Hue
Cobolt – [&AgEdvwAA] Purple Hue Acid – [&AgEhuwAA] Green Hue
Cyanide – [&AgEevwAA] Purple Hue Toxin – [&AgEfuwAA] Green Hue
Blacklight – [&AgEcvwAA] Purple Hue Caustic – [&AgEeuwAA] Green Hue
Vincent – [&AgEgvwAA] Purple Hue Swampblack – [&AgEduwAA] Green Hue
Flame Dye Kit April 15, 2013 Frost Dye Kit April 15, 2013
Flare – [&AgEbowAA] Yellow Hue Deep Glacial Teal – [&AgESowAA] Green Hue
Pyre – [&AgEaowAA] Orange Hue Glacial Teal – [&AgETowAA] Green Hue
Molten – [&AgEZowAA] Orange Hue Shiver Sea – [&AgEUowAA] Green Hue
Cinders – [&AgEcowAA] Red Hue Deep Glacial Sky – [&AgEVowAA] Blue Hue
Charred – [&AgEdowAA] Red Hue Glacial Sky – [&AgEWowAA] Blue Hue
Flame – [&AgEYowAA] Red Hue Shiver Sky – [&AgEXowAA] Blue Hue

Dye List

Use this list if you know the name if a dye but unsure which hue it belongs to. Use Ctrl + F to search for the dye name.

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Grey Hue Dyes

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Brown Hue Dyes

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Red Hue Dyes

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Orange Hue Dyes

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Yellow Hue Dyes

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Green Hue Dyes

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Blue Hue Dyes

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Purple Hue Dyes

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Thanks to Pitty Phap, Neko, Hayden, and countless others for their help with the dye gallery!

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awesome list, i hope for this someone make it 😀 now i can die peacefully 😀 i have almost 3/4 of all collors, i missed only gems and most expensive collors 🙁 give 20+ g for single collors is insane to me (but i have sell few 20+g colors already, so there are insane people 😀 )

Holy cow, can’t even imagine the work this took to compile….very nice. Thank you! Blue Ice has always been one of my favorites…looks very close to white but much cheaper.

If only SWTOR used this dye system!! Look at that variety meanwhile SWTOR can barely manage anything out of primary colours!! 🙁

I can’t imagine who long this must have taken to prepare. Thank you so much for the great work you do here. I appreciate this type of work so much more than just another YouTube video.
Thanks again,

veeeeery nice job Dulfy! now we’ll wait all colours preview with sylvari dresses xD i’m joking! very very good! 😀

I thought I would have seen Midnight Ice in the grey hues .. it looks black like midnight fire but on some items looks more black than midnight fire does

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