SWTOR Patch 2.6 sneak peak

Eric Musco went on the forums today to sneak in some info regarding Patch 2.6 which players can expect in early February 2014. Patch 2.6 will introduced new gunship variants, bomber class and some buffs to various classes.

First off, Happy New Year everyone! I am back in the office now from the holidays so we are right back to some yellow posts
Game Update 2.6 first and foremost will mark the launch of Galactic Starfighter! That will mean the introduction of:

  • The Gunship unlock available for F2P players.
  • A new Gunship variant.
  • Two Bomber variants!
  • …and more! We will talk more about this next week.

Also, Game Update 2.6 will come with a few class changes, here is just an overview of some of what you will see:

  • A fairly significant DPS boost for Operatives/Scoundrels.
  • Mercenaries/Commandos will now have a skill to eliminate pushback on Tracer Missile/Grav Round and Power Shot/Charged Bolts.
  • Sorcerers/Sages will now have a skill to eliminate pushback on Lightning Strike and Force Lightning/Disturbance and Telekinetic Throw.
  • Mercenaries/Commandos can now cast Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe on more than one target at a time.
  • Mercenaries/Commandos can now use Rapid Shots/Hammer Shot on themselves while Combat Support Cylinder/Combat Support Cell are active.

As always, look for the 2.6 patch notes for a full list of all changes that are coming! That is just a preview of what is to come.

Source: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=7078501#edit7078501

  • VladimΓ­r Odznak Gregor

    Since when do Operatives/Scoundrels need a significant DPS boost?

    • ObiWanJabroni

      They don’t, not really. What they needed was better sustained and more survivability, at least as far as DPS Ops go. A DPS boost is the cheap, easy way out on that.

      I would have liked them to set the class apart from Sins and instead of trying to match the DPS and opening burst, really give Op DPS a role of its own.

      • Nateous

        For those, who don’t “understand” where these class updates are coming from, you may want to hop over to the SWTOR forums. There was a 6 month Q&A where key community members and forum reps accumulated what the playerbase felt were some key issues with balancing. These changes are the result of that, and are by and large welcomed. For an idea of what was discussed:

        1) SC/ops – advocated more survivability, quality of life improvements (for DF tree). The “significant boost” is probably more scrapper/concealment focused

        2) RDPS classes (except snipers) had significant vulnerability with knockbacks (delays to casting) which hindered their DPS output for both pve/pvp
        3) merc healers are the only role who cannot self heal (easily), and who could not provide a viable means of damage mitigation (compare to bubble and probes on other classes)

        These are only 3 areas of improvement, of so many others that were suggested to be in the works.

      • nwstud

        The “more survivability” part had me laughing.

    • NarwhalsFTW

      Since they got completely nerfed back in 2.0 at 55 now they are useless DPS

      • darkfather

        My Lethality Operative does fine DPS in raids.

        • Areneth

          Its about concealment prob

  • Gareth Grist

    I really cannot fathom where they get their class balance ‘ideas’ from. It feels like they believe that if they make really simple changes instead of tackling some of the more complex balance issues that it will somehow appease the player base. Personally it just makes me feel like they’re trying to fob me off…

    This is just an example of how you shouldn’t let combat/class developers choose the direction they develop in. It should be left up to a person/group who has a more holistic view of the game.

  • Cipher

    Seriously? So, 2.5 was Early access for GS. 2.6 is again GS. Whats 2.7? Skins for GS? Don’t get me wrong, GS is fun, but two big updates in a row for the same thing? That’s kind of slacking, just a little. Even for Bioware.

    • LordElfa

      GS only exists because its a new way to sell things. Yes, they are going to milk it dry.

      • Macewindy

        Sssssh, dont tell this further but thats the reason why we have games you know πŸ˜‰
        How many games do you know where the makers of it dont want to earn money from either donations, ingame credits or subs?

        • LordElfa

          Hi, I defend greed.

        • LordElfa

          There is a difference between making money and being greedy at the expense of customers.

          • iceberg265

            So how much money have they milked out of you with GSF? Because I play it every day, have a blast, and have spent exactly $0 extra on it.

            • LordElfa

              Well, that’s two out of two million and this just began.

            • LordElfa

              Well, since my non-inflammatory posts keep strangely vanishing from this conversation, we’ll just agree to disagree.

              • Hmm disappearing as in gone once you have posted it? If so let me check and see if the disqus thingie is going haywire or soemthing

              • LordElfa

                It only happened a few times, not sure its anything to worry about Dulfy, stuff happens. You just worry about this amazing site and keep up the great work, thank you.

    • HumorPrint

      It’s not that much and most of that was already done, just not released, ie; the bomber class was playable on the test server, but got delayed..

      The class changes are most welcome, especially for healing mercs, makes my New Year bright!

    • Robert Hindy

      2.6 is the official release for GS. 2.5 was really just a filler update.

      2.5 is similar to 2.1: both were just filler updates. The real meat came with 2.6 and 2.0.

  • darkfather

    Enough with the gunship garbage. Please. Let’s get some content I actually care about now. These class balance ideas seem like they came out of nowhere and for no reason. My Lethality Operative DPS does great damage in raids, I don’t see why the need a boost. Let’s get a Guild Ship and more Guild Tools, SERIOUS Bug Fixing, Apartment on Capital World, Personal Class story continuation as well as Companion story/romance continuation (I don’t care what Bioware already said about this, they need it anyway), Legacy Datacrons, etc. Enough with these dumb GS ships and skins crap.

    • Draezele

      Sadly, they’ve already said the class stories are a thing of the past and have chosen instead to go with faction stories like they did with Makeb. Supposedly for faster development time and ability to focus on game improvements, but I suspect there’s a big cost component to that decision as well.

      • darkfather

        And their wasn’t a big cost in GS? I know what they have said, but if enough people demand it, you know….the people paying their bills, they will rethink that.

    • Apostatizer

      Couldn’t agree more. As a subscriber since launch, I’m finally considering moving on, after sticking it out through everything else.

      GSF is fun. It’s a nice time-waster when I don’t have any thing else going on. Unfortunately, it’s also extremely shallow and mostly a cash-in, and it’s now taking developer time away from actual ground-based content. Since RotHC went live, we’ve had one new Op (You can could DF/DP as 2, but that’s a technicality). We’ll see NiM of that same Op before we see a full new tier, and even that is likely months away. Chances are we won’t be seeing all-new PvE content until the next “Digital Expansion,” at this point, since even NiM DF/DP will likely mark a full year since RotHC’s launch. With Arena’s flopping, that leaves pretty much nothing new for extremely long periods for anyone who’s not wanting to drop hours each day into GSF.

      Oh well.

      • Robert Hindy

        They said that they are releasing new PvE content soon with a new Flashpoint. Most likely, it will happen with 2.6, since the story behind the Flashpoint is supposed to explain GSF.

        • darkfather

          A few FP? Boring. There are things people have been requesting for over a year or since launch that we STILL don’t have. THOSE are the things they need to work on, not another boring flashpoint you will just spacebar through.

    • Robert Hindy

      Class balance ideas came out of the Q&A that they had last summer. (Remember “heal to full?”) These suggestion were made by the community.

      GSF is their new content currently with the expansion coming out in 2.6. If you do not like GSF, sorry. Other people do not like Arenas or new Operations or Guilds.

      • darkfather

        You play an MMO to do space flying? LOL. Thats not what MMO’s are. The direction this game was supposed to go has been ruined by sidetracking stuff like GS.

    • deanh

      Lethality is not the only operative DPS tree…

      • darkfather

        I am sure everyone knows that.

    • Chakra

      Oh I’m sure the Devs at Bioware are just waiting to add stuff that YOU personally care about.
      After all, the game is all about you isn’t it.
      Doesn’t matter if I or others like gunships or other stuff you don’t care about.
      The most important person in the universe is you.

      • darkfather

        Your reply is that of a child sir. I never said they couldn’t add the GS, I am saying its been done now so move on to things other people actually care about. No one said any hog wash abo9ut the game being all about me. Absurd.

        • Chakra

          Oh come on now, both you and I know that GS isn’t even fully released yet.
          You are just pissing and moaning because YOU don’t like GS.
          That makes you the child.

  • Cheek

    Awesome! I’m glad to hear Bombers are coming in on time! This is rather exciting news and I’m looking forward to more info πŸ™‚

  • wiponk


    “We will ruin the balancing in a totally new way, this time…”

    • Blackdeathteal

      Balancing you say oh you mean powertechs and juggs crushing ranged classes urgh

  • ZakarosTarsus

    There is speculation that Kuat will be coming in 2.6 as a new daily area and I believe one flashpoint that is part of the Kuat Drive Yards like with the Czerka story. Again, it’s speculation.

  • Seg

    Heard anything else on the Rakghoul Resurgence Event yet?

  • Kaellan Smith

    Any word on upcoming PVE content ? I know that with the expansion the focus is on pvp… Also, any idea when the next cartel pack will be out? Before the next patch?

    • Sometime in Jan 2014 is the next cartel pack. I am guessing mid-Jan maybe

    • Abbaton

      The Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint should also drop in February, if all goes to plan.

  • Noroxus

    Nice useless sorc ability.

  • Draezele

    Any info on the bomber class from the PTS? I’m curious to see how it affects the balance of power for each of the three ship types.

    • Bomber in the closed beta was very unbalanced and went through 2 rounds of nerfing (and was still a bit overpowered). The main issue players had it were the AI controlled drones and mines that could kill players very easily (they shoot missiles and can use railguns if you pick the right types) and rack up alot of kills for the bomber pilot even though they might be somewhere else entirely. If you think the gunship QQ on the forums were bad, the bomber one was 10x worse lol.

      Bomber is an excellent objective defender and provides some support role as well by healing friendly ship hulls (if you spec into it) or drop respawn points anywhere on the map (if you spec into it). This combined with heavy shields and AI controlled drones pissed off alot of people.

  • Kubrickian

    GSF is a blast. I can see playing only that as it expands with new ships and maps. An ops mechanic where a group of 4/8 players in a pve operation would also be a blast. Can anyone say Death Star Trench?

  • Alk

    Wish they’d just let GS die. It’s a minigame in a game – it might be fun to some, but it’s hardly a critical component to the game whatsoever. It shouldn’t even of had its own “expansion” for that matter. Is this a MMORPG still or a variety show?

    • Gareth Grist

      I don’t think they’re going to let GS die, seeing as they just spent the last year or so developing it. My biggest issue with GS is that they built the fighter models smaller than player models. In my opinion they just look like miniatures, but I fear it pretty much rules out ever getting SWG-style PoBs (Portalised OBject / Party On Board vehicles).This is a real shame, as I think I would feel a little more engaged with GS if I could actually see my character sitting in the cockpit, or have my body blown into space when I get defeated. I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall at BioWare Austin when they have their game system design meetings, as I’d love to hear the justification for some of their design and system architecture decisions. “I have a great idea! Let’s scale down everything in GS so that it creates the illusion of larger scale…”

    • iceberg265

      That is an incredibly selfish attitude. GSF is one of the best things they have added to the game so far, in my opinion. Maybe I should start advocating they get rid of whatever it is you enjoy.

      • Alk

        Hardly selfish if people actually agrees; this is a minigame in a game. It has no meaning whatsoever to a character progression aside earning you some extra credits. It doesn’t give you better gear for the main game. It doesn’t unlock you some fancy outfit, or a nice mount. It doesn’t grant you anything which can be used in the main game, aside credits. On the other hand, your self-centered view on the game ought be that the whole game be shut down while a completely fine MMORPG be transformed into a rushed out flight sim MMO. Maybe you should just quit the game and play something else – like a dedicated flight simulator.

        • iceberg265

          Yes I should definitely quit the game just because I enjoy a minigame that they added to it. You and logic just do not get along.

          By that logic I should quit the game because I also enjoy PvP as a side activity even though my main interest is raiding.

          Hell, I sometimes craft things too, so I should quit the game because of that too, since that doesn’t have an impact on my raiding either.

          And yes, it is still selfish to want to remove something that other people enjoy, even if other selfish people agree with you.

          • Stecho

            You should quit. Be the smart one for a change. Dedicate your MMO time to someone that actually respect’s their subscribers. Logic and him get along just fine. Its you and fanboyism that is keeping you from seeing that.

            • iceberg265

              Your post has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. its you and douchebagism that keep you from seeing that.

              • The Architect

                Now are you angry because he’s 100% right about you? Or are you angry at yourself because you don’t want to admit it? Hmmm? πŸ˜‰

              • iceberg265

                I’m not angry at all, not sure why you think I am. I actually find him, and you, pretty hilarious. You follow me around attempting to belittle me and make me feel bad for enjoying a game by calling me things that I am quite obviously not…How can I not laugh at something so pathetic?

              • The Architect

                Because you are a fanboy. You can deny it all you want. It doesn’t change anything. If you find something funny about it then thats your defense mechanism to keep you in that denial. You are angry, no doubt about it. “douchebagism”<—.
                GS is not SWTOR's savior. Its a distraction from the main scenario. A mini game within a game that serves no true purpose and does not contribute to anything other than being a distraction. It wasn't even done expertly. To a Star Wars fan its fail. Doesn't feel emmersive. So yeah, you are a fanboy and have problems with your denial to think subjectively about SWTOR. You see, Andryah also has this huge issue with denial about SWTOR, to the point of needing professional help. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy certain parts of the game once in a while. But, denying it's short comings blinds you from truth and promotes mediocrity in addition to laziness and lack of effort on their part. The point is to show you you're wrong, which you are. Some people want to take the blue pill, some want to take the red pill. Depends how brave you are.

              • iceberg265

                I’ve posted more criticisms of the game than you have. The only thing you ever post is personal attacks on me. I don’t deny its shortcomings, I just have a different opinion about what they are than you. And I don’t foam at the mouth like a rabid dog about them. Its a freaking game. Its supposed to be fun. Enjoy it or don’t, getting all worked up about it is stupid.

                I play and enjoy the game, sue me. By definition, that does make me a fan, so what? You come to a fan website dedicated to the game, that makes you a fan too.

                Honestly, why do you even come to this website? Do you even play the game? This is a fan website for a video game, if you don’t play that game, why on earth would you visit the site? Do you play GW2? Post in that section then. I think GW2 is a terrible game, but you don’t see me trolling in that section.

                I am just as big of a Star Wars fan as anyone, I love the movies, I love the EU and you have no right to tell me that I am wrong for enjoying GSF. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to play it.

                Its about time for you to grow up, don’t you think?

              • Adam Baum

                face it dude… they both got you…

    • DaGhostDS

      if they come up with a pve version of it, i might come back..

      • vin b

        there’s been PVE space combat since launch…

        • DaGhostDS

          the rail shit? Sorry to say but i was never a fan of Starfox or Rebel Assault 1/2, was fine the first time, got bored fast after that.

          • vin b

            if you dont want on the rails, than what difference does it make if the enemy is player controlled? the pvp space combat is going to be the same thing but with smarter enemies that dont just sit in one place doing nothing.

            its not like its open world space combat where you can get ganked, a pve version would just be easy mode

            • DaGhostDS

              You seriously have no idea what you are talking about..

    • darkfather

      Same here. I tried GS many times and hated every second of it. The controls are utter horrible with NO way to turn the sensitivity down or up, couldn’t do anything and only died over and over. I gave it a shot, but it’s crap to me. Instead of new content I actually would want to play they are focusing on this mini-game GS.

      • BrianDavion

        except some people DO enjoy it. I don’t enjoy ground PVP but don’t begrudge ground PVP content

      • R315r4z0r

        There is a way to increase turning sensitivity… you play with that ship and unlock turn speed upgrades.

        Allowing you to change the turn speed on the fly through settings or something would be like cheating.

    • Kaellan Smith

      I don’t enjoy GS either, I am severely twitch impaired so it is no fun. However, I don’t think they should do away with it, I think they should have balanced it out with something else. But they can only do so much with the budget they have.

    • Chakra

      By that same reasoning they could remove PvP, flashpoints and Ops too.
      They are minigames and in no way a critical component to the game.
      Or rather, I don’t like them so they can remove them (because that is what you are saying since nothing except the actual leveling up is a “critical component to the game”)

  • Sens

    6/8 of my raid team left to WOW till new content – it’s bothered but there’s no another normal game with raids yet. After 8-9 weeks from new HM ops (patch 2.4), when all allready have 78 gear and achievements – what a raid team should do in game ffs? It’s clear that BW has lack of developers, so they can’t make new ops and launch new game (GS) simultaneously , but it’ll be 16 weeks in february and not even a mention of Nim for DF and DP from Bioware.

    • crimson

      because we all know that SoO isn’t old content in wow yet, released in september cleared in september. Same will any guild that considers themselves raiders. SWTOR releases content on pace or quicker then blizzard has thus far. Blizzard also will not have any new content before warlords so I hope they have fun will all the new content they will have since there hasn’t been a new patch since September 10th just a graduated release. While dread war was released on October 1st. So I guess let them go have fun playing old content

  • Areneth

    Mercenaries/Commandos can now use Rapid Shots/Hammer Shot on themselves while Combat Support Cylinder/Combat Support Cell are active.

    It will be looking like self-kill on merc πŸ˜€

    • vfm

      yeah, but FINALLY! no group heal rotation mess.

    • Macewindy

      don’t forget that the poor commandos now need to point a giant assaultgun towards themselves ….. I allready have pity on them πŸ˜›

  • Seph

    I’m sure there are people who like the gunship addition, but it just hasn’t piqued my interest at all. Tried it and was not compelled to try again. This is very disappointing to see their development resources put into The gunships, while the current ops grow stale.

    • Sciclex

      I personally find the Gunship to be extremely fun in GS, my only gripe is how easily the Scouts and Strike Fighters can find me when I’m hiding due to the easy targeting system.
      But on to the stale ops statement, I find a game flourishes more when it has a large scale of content to offer, being set to a strict New OP every X Months, new Warzone every X Months, new GS Map every X Months, new Daily Area every X Months, new Event Every X Months, you begin to run out of time to make new aspects of the game that will enrich the atmosphere much more than rinse repeat.

    • Chakra

      So what you are saying is that there is something that you don’t like personally that is being added, and you think it is dissapointing to see them put their resources into something that you, personally, don’t like.
      Got it.

      So I should just feel free to chime in every time they add a new op then since I don’t like ops?

      • darkfather

        No, he stated his opinion and you reacted like a 2 yr old, as if his opinion effected your life somehow and was a threat to you.

        • Chakra

          No he is saying that he doesn’t like GS and therefore their effort should be elsewhere.
          Basically what he is saying is “I don’t like it so they shouldn’t put more effort into it”

    • darkfather

      I tried it for all my 13 toon’s for the intro mission. I’ll never play it again. Controls are utterly horrible. Also the sensitivity is WAY too high, they need to add a sensitivity slider for GS only that doesn’t effect your normal game. Had they made it more like a Rogue Squadron style control layout I may try it again, but all I did was die and get frustrated. People say “keep trying and you will love it”. I tried 13 times. I wont like it. End. I hope the next expansion ads some of the things people have been wanting forever!!!

    • Jaxin

      I would just like comment that based on datamined info, the gunship will either be a missile skiff or an assualt gunship. My guess will be a missile skiff. The gameplay wont be anything like the rail sniper varient we have now.

    • Moraxx

      Swtor shouldn’t have been a raiding mmo in the first place if you ask me. I believe the game should’ve been built with Story and Space at it’s core. It got the story right but now all they do is add dailies and ops that are unaccessible to a lot of the player base and are usually exclusive to the elite.

      I like the space addition but I think it should’ve been much bigger. By that I mean more than 2 maps and one gametype. I can sort of accept the fact it didn’t come with PvE at launch although it should’ve since they’re calling it an expansion. Which I also find strange because it’s patch 2.5, not 3.0.

      • DocVak

        You have to remember, we’re still in early access, open beta in a way. Their current content isn’t even fully launched yet. At 2.6, the actual launch of GSF, there should be three different game modes, all new starfighters, and a few more maps. Plus the Flashpoint and, daily area and reputation line. So there is more coming, you just have to be patient.

  • Phlinn

    I’ve had a Commando/Heals as my main since Swtor came out. I have since made quite a few ops, but my commando has always been in my heart. lol. I have wondered many times: “When are Commandos going to become the favorite class. Now, all my dreams have come true. *sniff, sniff.

    • Phlinn

      *alts, not ops

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