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SWTOR Corruption Sorcerer Healer Class guide

A guide to SWTOR Corruption Sorcerer Healing for PvE. Written and edited by Invinc and Vindrik of Harbinger. Updated for patch 2.7


The Sorcerer healing class has been the all-around preferred healing class since the game’s release. This is partially due to a few nerfs to Sorcerer dps over time, but also because of the simple and relatively easy manner in which they heal. A Corruption Sorcerer’s healing basically focuses on 3 core abilities; Static Barrier (damage prevention), Resurgence (hot and support) and Innervate (Large, channeled heal), with Dark Infusion as the usual filler, Revivification as the AoE heal and Dark Heal for any on-demand fast healing. Sorcerers have the only 8 man AoE heal in the game, which is not only a great heal for the whole ops group, but when used properly can also help you regain HP while Consuming for Force.

Offensive Cooldowns:

  1. Recklessness: Gives your Force attacks an extra 60% chance to critically hit, and consumes a charge when they do. Has 2 charges.
  2. Polarity Shift: Increases your Alacrity, grants immunity to interrupts and prevents pushback.

Defensive Cooldowns:

  1. Static Barrier: Not technically a cooldown, however useful as defensive mechanic to shield yourself and friendly group members.
  2. Force Barrier: Channels a protective bubble that gives you immunity to all damage for a short while, however you cannot move or act while channeling. Grants a protective shield based on how long you were channeling Force Barrier after the effect ends which lasts for 5 seconds, and gives you immunity to interrupts while active.

Tricks of the Trade:

  1. Dark Heal & Dark Infusion: Support heals, Dark Heal is a fast, expensive and inefficient heal while Dark Infusion is cheaper, slower and heals for more
  2. Reanimation: Battle rez
  3. Unnatural Preservation: Instant self-heal
  4. Extrication: Pull a friendly target to your position and lowers their threat
  5. Consumption: Instantly regenerate Force in exchange for HP. Applies a debuff that lowers your Force regeneration for a short time, and stacks up to 4 times
  6. Overload: Frontal AoE knockback
  7. Force Speed: Massive speed boost for a few seconds


Corruption (37/7/2):


1.1 Rates (1-10):

  • Single Target Healing: 7
  • AoE Healing: 10
  • Group Utility: 7
  • Rotation Difficulty: 7
  • RNG Dependant: No
  • Burst Heals: 2
  • Dps Capability: 6
  • Signature Ability: Static Barrier

1.2 Gearing & Stats Priority:

  • **Must Have** Accuracy: 104% Force – 91% melee (1% from companion + 3% from talent = 0% from Gear)
  • **Must Have** Above 5% Alacrity.
  • 68-74% Surge
  • 100-300 Critical Rating
  • All other secondary stats in Power
  • **Must Have** Augments: Willpower (Resolve)
  • Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
  • Alternate Relic: Boundless Ages
  • Set Bonus: 2 piece Force Mystic PvE & 2 piece Force Mystic PvP (4 piece Force Mystic PvE will also work)

1.3 Gearing Overview:

  • Accuracy as a healer is a wasted stat, as your heals themselves will never miss. As such, you should always be taking other stats instead, with no exceptions
  • Alacrity gives the greatest benefit to the healer role, and is generally taken once you reach the soft cap for Surge, once the benefit per point becomes less incentive for Surge and more appealing for Alacrity. This generally occurs around 73%, but doing some quick personal number crunching based on your play style should give you a better understanding
  • Taking a small amount of Critical rating as a healer is a good idea, as the benefit of Critical rating is decent for the first few hundred points of rating. However, stacking it is generally a bad idea, as the high diminishing returns leave Critical rating granting a smaller benefit than Power
  • Choice of relics should be made on a fight-to-fight basis as well as personal play style. Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution will give you a greater overall healing increase, while Boundless Ages will allow you to focus your burst into a short window for fights with short phases of large incoming damage, or when you are required to participate in dps for tight burn phases
  • Getting your set bonus as quickly as possible is highly recommended. It will increase your healing efficiency substantially enough that having lower item level armorings with the set bonus is still a better option than higher item level armorings without it.

1.4 Ability Priority:

  1. Static Barrier
  2. Resurgence
  3. Innervate
  4. Overload
  5. Consumption
  6. Revivification
  7. Unnatural Preservation
  8. Dark Infusion
  9. Dark Heal
  10. Affliction
  11. Force Lightning
  12. Crushing Darkness
  13. Lightning Strike
  14. Shock

1.5 Healing Strategy:

Dark Infusion has a long cast, low cost and large heal, while Dark Heal has a quick cast, high cost and smaller heal. This makes Dark Heal a significantly less efficient heal which should only ever be used when someone requires healing as quickly as possible. Relying on Innervate, due to its 7.5 second CD is a bad idea, as this will leave you with a great deal of wasted GCDs and an overall inefficient style of healing. Static Barrier is not counted as healing done in parsing programs, so this should always be kept in mind when comparing parses.The Force Bending talent is the focal point of your healing rotation and how it should cycle through, as it buffs your Resurgence to give the following buffs to your other healing abilities:

  • Dark Heal: Critical chance increased by 60%, only useful in high pressure emergencies
  • Dark Infusion: Force cost reduced by 30%, useful to assist with Force management
  • Innervate: Critical chance increased by 25%, grants the greatest overall benefit, and should be utilised for every Innervate
  • Revivification: Force cost reduced by 30%, grants a significant benefit for Force management, should be used for every cast of Revivification

The Force Surge talent, similar to Force Bending, is the focal point of your Force management. It buffs your Innervate such that every critical will give you 1 stack of Force Surge (3 stacks max), which can be used for augment one of two abilities:

  • Consumption: Activates without triggering Force Degeneration, consuming 1 charge of Force Surge. This is a must use for proper Force management, as you will still lose health when Consuming, but you will gain Force without the regular detriment to future Force regeneration.
  • Revivification: Reduce the casting time of your next Revivification by 33% per stack (instant cast at 3 stacks), and consumes all available charges. This should only be used at high stacks in an AoE emergency, or if you have full Force and don’t require the stacks for Consumption. Otherwise, it is recommended to only use 1 charge on this at most.

Static Barrier should be used on tanks as much as possible, considering that they will be taking consistent damage throughout the fight, the shield will always help with healing. Shielding an offtank before a swap or prior to predictable incoming damage is ideal as well. Shielding a dps or heals in an average rotation is generally a mistake, as most of the shield during non AoE or low damage phases won’t grant any benefit. The best way to utilise your shields on non tanks is either before predictable damage (dots, timed debuffs, AoE, etc) or as a contingency if the person drops to <20%, as it’s a good backup in case the person takes any extra damage before you can get a heal off.

1.6 Ability Details:

  • Resurgence should be used on CD to buff your heals, and your priority should always be to use it on a tank or anyone else taking significant and consistent damage. The buff it provides has a 15 second duration with a 6 second cooldown, so this gives you the opportunity to use it on the main tank, followed by the off tank, then one other person, before refreshing it on the main tank. This is not only because of the hot that it applies, but also the increased armor rating, which is a great consistent boon for tanks to have, as well as anyone who is taking consistent damage, which includes yourself due to health leach from Consumption.
  • Innervate is your primary heal, and as such should always be used when its available. It triggers your most important talents, has the highest healing capabilities, and the target to use it on is irrelevant, which makes it your most effective and versatile heal. Since it is channeled, it’s a great choice to use on low HP targets, especially tanks, since you don’t have to wait for a cast timer to finish before seeing a benefit, and it will keep them alive with quick ticks while your other healer drops a big heal to top them off. Innervate is not affected by ability pushback.
  • Overload is often ignored, and Force Suffusion is one of the most underrated talents that was implemented after 2.0. It has a 20 second CD, is free of cost, has some nice utility in the form of a knockback and small damage to any enemies it hits, and is one of the few heals that affects everyone inside its area of effect, regardless of how many that may be. This makes it a great ability for 16 man or larger ops, but it’s also very effective for 8 man ops. It should always be used when it’s off cooldown to top off a large group of players, and it’s a great ability to pair with Resurgence to top yourself up after Consumption if the rest of the group is not taking any significant damage.
  • Consumption is your fastest way of replenishing Force; with Force Surge stacks from Innervate you should always Consume to keep your Force high, and try to avoid it without this buff unless you intend to burn the cooldown on your Force Barrier to remove the Force Degeneration debuff in emergency situations. However, as the debuff only lasts 7 seconds, it is occasionally worth Consuming in tight situations without any Force Surge, as in some particularly difficult fights you won’t have much time to naturally restore Force, and will eventually run out of resources even with Force Surge stacks. As long as you can stay alive and not cause too much stress on your other healer, in particularly healing intense fights it may still be worth doing, as described by the following. Consuming 4 times for 32% total Force is equal to 192 Force (at 600 max), while 7 seconds of no natural Force regeneration is only 63 lost Force. As such, if you are able to stay alive, and the GCDs spent on Consuming doesn’t put your ops at risk, that’s a net gain of roughly 129 Force.
  • Revivification is an incredibly effective AoE heal, which when used without Resurgence is an incredibly expensive ability. Because of this, you should only use it without the Resurgence buff in emergency situations when you have Force to spare. It’s generally a good idea to have Revivification active when you are having to repeatedly Consume, as it will not only heal yourself for the HP leached, but will also heal the rest of the group while you are spending your GCDs managing your Force instead of healing the group.
  • Unnatural Preservation is a relatively straightforward ability. It is an excellent self heal ability, which is free of cost. There are two schools of thought on the use of this spell, as you can either use it on CD to heal yourself whenever you’ve got lower than 75% HP, or you can save it for emergencies when your health is significantly lower or after Consuming. Using it as part of your regular rotation will help with Force management and make healing generally easier, however this does mean that you might not have it available in a tight spot when you particularly need a significant heal on yourself, and you’ll have to spend that Force you saved on yourself anyway. Using it on difficult mechanics and when predictably dropping to low HP is a must, as Sorcerer armor is weak, so you will be taking more damage than the rest of the group. Using Unnatural Preservation is the best choice to keep yourself up while still healing the rest of the group. It is also a great combination with Consumption, as it can take you out of a low HP danger zone quickly.
  • Dark Infusion is your overall healing filler. It’s a decent large heal with a low cost, the biggest downside is its long cast time. It’s not a particularly common ability to use, but with Static Barrier on lockout, Revivification active and Innervate on CD, there really isn’t much else that you can use. You’re better off using it and actually healing someone than standing there not doing anything at all. Using it with Resurgence is useful to further reduce its impact on your Force, but again, it’s not particularly high on your priority list.
  • Dark Heal is in general your worst heal, as it’s a quick, but particularly expensive heal which doesn’t have a huge impact. It is essentially an emergency heal, and even so, most healers will use Dark Infusion over Dark Heal in most situations. While buffed with Resurgence it’s significantly better, but should generally only be used as a clutch heal when a Dark Infusion could take too long to cast. It can also be used during difficult healing phases if you have full Force and you know that the fight is going to give you an opportunity to recover your Force before you run out.

1.7 DPS Strategy:

Dps as a Corruption Sorcerer can be tricky, but you have the best resource management and resource pool of all the healers to help with that. Unfortunately, you lack any decent AoE dps that is on par with Orbital Strike or Death From Above, and if your dots are resisted it’s an entirely wasted GCD. The dps abilities that you have access to are as follows:

  • Affliction is your best choice, as it has decent damage output, low cost and no cast time. In fights with only one target active at a time, you can just tab target and cast Affliction to quickly get some damage out without disrupting your healing much at all.
  • Force Lightning is also an excellent dps ability. It’s cheap, deals great damage, and grants an immediate benefit that can be cancelled at any time to either continue healing or to attend to more pressing issues. During fights with burn phases or tight Enrage timers, Force Lightning is an excellent tool to help out your dps as often as feasible.
  • Crushing Darkness is a decent ability, which although it’s less effective than Affliction due to the cast time, in periods where you think you can spend a few seconds dpsing it’s worth doing. Your best course of action is generally Affliction → Force Lightning → Crushing Darkness, as this will maximise on Force Lightning’s high damage and short cooldown.
  • Lightning Strike is your general filler dps ability as a healer. It’s normally used only during burn phases or particularly easy fights that don’t require much healing, as you rarely have the time to spend more than 6 seconds without healing, which is how long it would take before you’d get to Lightning Strike’s priority in the dps rotation.
  • Shock is your burst damage and go-to ability for high mobility fights. It’s useful to finish off an add with low HP, help push a transition or get through burn phases, as well as for decent overall damage. However, it’s also a very Force inefficient ability, as it’s very expensive for a single GCD and consistent use can put a large dent in your Force management.
  • Force Storm is your really only AoE ability. It does less damage than AoEs from the other two healers but it does not have a cooldown. It also has a component that can stun weak/standard mobs. You won’t be using this much on operations (unless on add heavy fights) but in flashpoints and soloing it can come in handy.
  • Overload is your knockback with an AoE damage component. Most frequently you will use this ability for its heal rather than the AoE damage but if timed right you can manage to do both at the same time.

1.8 Tips and Tricks:

  • Static Barrier will heal you since you have Corrupted Barrier talent. It will heal you for 1% per second for every second the barrier is active on yourself. It can be a good way to keep your HP up while healing rest of the raid. If you do take a huge hit and failed to barrier yourself in time, Unnatural Preservation can be used to recover from it.
  • Extrication is a very helpful way to save people from deadly mechanics that they won’t otherwise be able to avoid, but remember that it will also lower the threat of the target. Because of this, if you are going to Extricate a tank you should always tell them to ensure that they can taunt the boss back afterwards to regain the threat that they will lose.
  • Force Speed allow you to escape quickly from undesirable raid mechanics such as AoEs or one shot kills, use this to your advantage. If you don’t have time to run away, pop your Force Barrier as this will make you immune to damage most of the time (there might be a limit on how much damage it can absorb).
  • Recklessness won’t have any effect on your Innervate or Revivification, but it will affect Overload and the initial heal from Resurgence, so keep this in mind when planning its use. It’s particularly helpful to ensure a significant heal from Dark Infusion.
  • Besides Polarity Shift being a great speed boost for your casting times, it can be very helpful in recovering some extra Force naturally during heavy healing phases due to boosting your Alacrity.

1.9 UI Setup:

The default UI setup is fairly horrible so I always make sure to adjust the following to suit my playstyle. Use ESC to open your options menu and go through the Preferences and Interface Editor. Here is an example of my operation UI. I use a Razer Naga mouse so the middle column of abilities is designed to match my thumb grid on the mouse.



  • Under Controls, make sure Enable Focus Target is checked. This allow you to use alt + f to keep a boss on a focus target so you can see its health and abilities that are casted out. Also make sure Camera Max Distance is turned up to 100% as this allow you to zoom out much further.
  • Under User Interface, pick Use Operations Frame as Group Frames. This will help you out in flashpoints as the default 4 player group interface is not very healer friendly.


Interface Editor

  • Selecting the Operation Frame will allow you to adjust the width, height of the red bars and also display health information. You can also adjust the size of the buffs/debuffs icons to suit your needs.


  • Click on Focus target, make sure Show Information is checked as this will display boss health % and other info. Also make sure Focus Target Castbar is enabled as this will allow you to see the boss abilities.


1.10 Healing Parses

Healing as a role is not very well represented numerically, as it has nothing to do with how much overall healing you’re doing, but moreso that you’re healing the right people at the right time. As such, both hps and dps numbers for healers aren’t necessarily representative, as the two healers may have a system whereby one heals as much as possible, topping up everyone as the fight continues, while the other deals as much damage as possible, stopping to heal when people are taking large amounts of damage that the first healer can’t heal alone. Being at the top of the healing parses is actually something that can only be done by gaming the system, and having these enormous numbers actually means that you’re not being efficient, and were not benefiting the group to the best of your ability. Having high hps in a parse may mean:

  • Your healing partner is either a poor healer or is allowing you to heal while dpsing themselves.
  • The group is taking significantly more dmg than it should, so there is more health being lost that you can heal.
  • You are gaming the system, being less effective but parsing higher numbers (e.g. Sorcerer | Sage not shielding but AoE healing at every opportunity despite the fight not requiring it, Operative | Scoundrel rolling hots when completely unnecessary).
  • The group is collaborating with you to get higher numbers (e.g. Fight requires the group to be spread out, but instead stacks together to take significantly increased damage that is then AoE healed over time).

While dps can be judged at least partially based on their number parsing, as healers there is no numerical representation that properly demonstrates how effective you are being. As long as the group is surviving and you kill the boss, you have done your job, and the overall hps for the fight means absolutely nothing. The only real way to judge a healer’s efficiency and ability is through feeling, which sounds out of place, but if they aren’t healing when they’re needed to, or they’re healing the wrong people at the wrong time, you’ll be able to feel the difference when compared with someone who is on the ball and always doing exactly what is required.

About the Authors

Invinc and Vindrik are both members of <Hatred> on Harbinger, an endgame progression guild with world 3rd clear of Nightmare S&V, World 2nd clear of Nightmare TFB, world 1st speed clear (under 2 hrs) of Nightmare S&V, and numerous server firsts at the 8m level.

Invinc is the guild leader of <Hatred> and mains an operative DPS but plays pretty much every and all classes for operations. He currently leads the parses on operative lethality DPS on multiple boss fights and dummy parses. Also known as Carlenux, Carlenix (sniper), Carlenx (Sorcerer), Pyrotec (Powertech)

Vindrik mains an operative healer and is the raid leader for group B in <Hatred> (World 5th speed clear of Nightmare S&V). He is the former raid leader of <Notorious Synergy> on Dalborra, one of the world top guilds pre-2.0 (World 4th).

While the information here are mostly written by these two players, numerous other Hatred raid members and guides were consulted. Questions, comments, concerns will be answered by Invinc, who goes by the name of Carlos Eduardo Mata in the comments section below. 

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

104 replies on “SWTOR Corruption Sorcerer Healer Class guide”

Very similar guide to what I’m already using, but nevertheless good info to ‘augment’ on what you already know, thank you for sharing!

I have been using the 2 PC 61/63 armorings plus the 2 PC 69/72 armorings. Is this still viable or should I be using all 69/72s?

There is a mistatement about Static Barrier: “Remember that Static Barrier absorbs damage, and won’t heal you.” If you have it Talented (and the skill tree shown does), SB will heal YOU, the Sorc who cast it, 1% of total health per second, but will not heal anyone else. That’s important, and combined with the 6000+ points of damage absorption and constant availability makes SB a great way to keep yourself alive while healing the rest of the team.

in general what you say is right, and it can be miss leading, but the general idea of static barrier is to absorb dmg, in this case, majority of sorc healers for example do: 1 person takes 50% dmg, force barrier, the person doesnt take dmg in 20 seconds, you wasted GCd/Force on something that wasnt used, Force barrier is not a heal, it prevents dmg, you should use it to prevent other people dmg, not to heal them up… the use of the talent on yourself is true, yet u never want to use Static barrier on yourself just to “heal yourself” any other heal would be better in terms of Cost Vs amount healed, it is useful, and something to keep you up during burn phases, but should never be considered a heal to be used on yourself, if u are at 70% and u want to heal yourself, use a heal, not a Static Barrier (unless you are predicting an incoming dmg, which is the whole idea of barrier)

In general, I find that if my Sorc healer has taken damage other than from Consumption (e.g. because of a tanking mistake, an off-threat-table attack, too many dang adds, or an AoE) then she is likely to take damage again. 😉 YMMV.

exactly thats the point of predicting, but not because someone take dmg, that means they will take dmg again, boss fights have phases and mechanics, that people should know, a tank losing aggro (which shouldnt happen in a good raid) or a mistake, is not part of the fight, you cant predict that, on a nightmare title run, or nightmare run, you dont have “room” for this kind of mistakes, and these guides are done so people play at those lvls, not a random FP, or a heroic daily, if its a phase where you should be taking dmg, you know it, its a boss fight, you can predict and u can use static barrier, if its not, using Barrier on anyone taking a random hit for something that shouldnt happen, often leads to wasted force and a non used shield, this is why knowing the fight is important part of healing… then again the shield self heal on the sorcerer, is useful, but nothing u should be taking in count unless you know the fight too well to exploit this heal to your favor perfectly. 9/10 times the healer will end up using a static barrier “waitting to heal yourself” by the 3rd second mark your other healer already topped u off with AoE or quick heal, so there is no real room in a hard fight for a wait to heal… neither is 1% per second good enough to keep you up when healing others with AoE heals and AoE dmg going out.

Most people don’t (and most can’t) do NiM runs, and good tanks are thinner on the ground than I would like. You have to adapt your strategy to the group you are in. And then there’s pugs …

i know and thats the idea, the majority of the people dont play good because they dont know how to play good, the idea of this guide is, if you follow what is written here on any spec, i assure you, if you are a decently good player, you will be able to play nightmare raids, the thing is, majority of the pugs or random players guilds recruits, either have no idea how / what to play or gear and have their own wrong ideas of how to play the characters,, thats what we are trying to help here, it has to be simple enough and good enough to reach those lvls, unfortunately there is “NO ROTATION” as a healer, it is dependent on fight, mechanic, difficulty, raid size, there is no such thing as “following a rotation” anyone that follows a rotation is doing a mistake, there are Talents that work together, Resurgence + Ability, thats not a rotation, thats knowing how to play, thats why we try to explain each ability utility so people know, not to be afraid of consumption, or Dpsing, stop using Force Surge charges on revivification, stuff that would make a bad healer into a decent one.

BTW, Force Barrier will protect you against the SM TC laser, but NOT the HM TC laser. It looks like there is a limit on how much damage per tick FB will absorb, and the HM TC laser is several thousand points higher than that limit — my geared sorc lasted three ticks.

Dulfy can you also share some tips and tricks on the overall UI?
I know that is personal, but some other good indications would be very nice!

Both ;D
The most important are, of course, the ability position, hotkey and the layout for them and the operation frames.
This is pretty important for a good healing and less waste of time 😉

Okay I will upload my UI setup but since I use a Razer Naga mouse, my setup is a bit different from other players who don’t use a naga or similar mouse. The middle hotbar is for my thumbgrid on the mouse.

A UI gallery would be neat. Just to see what is possible and the different approaches people take. When viewing different UI’s you may see things you may not even thought off, and find inspiration when designing your own UI.
While a one fit all UI is rather unlikely, a person may find a certain element is a solution for their own design.
When I came back 2 months ago I found my old DPS design was not well suited for the Vanguard tank I rolled. I scoured endless screenshots for ideas, since I’m a bit creatively impaired, before I made a UI that fit my criteria of maximum visibility, information presentation (see relevant information without drawing my attention away from the action) and in support of my key binding scheme.

Tip&Tricks should mention that by editing the UI’s XML file directly you can unlock moveable Main windows. A great feature for large wide screen resolutions to rearrange character, inventory, GTN, cargo bay and crew Mission windows. Also gets rid of this for me annoying windows swapping.

Yep, for explample I have problem on where to put the operation frame in 16 man, because it really take lot of space.
Also bind and ability position is not easy to set sometimes 😀

I used full power-surge building, but when the 78 gear came I switch to crit-surge +power. Now I have full 78 gear with 40K hp, 40% crit, 86% surge and 0% alacrity and this is so much better as I see than the power-alacrity building. When I use the AoE heal is criting 6-8 times each char, but when I used power-surge only 3-4 times. If add the numbers the crit-surge value is 10-12% higher.
Example: if the AoE heal deals 800 heal, and when you got crit its 1400 then you got 6 normal /800/ and 4 crited /1400/ heal = 800*6+1400*4= 10400
But if you use the crit-surge the AoE deals normal 700 heal, 3times and 1300 7times then you got: 700*3+7*1300= 11200
But this only my experience 🙂
I totally agree with the set bonus,sadly I havent got 78 gear with set bonus, but I working on it 🙂

BTW: Great job Dulfy, you’re my hero 😀
/Sorry for my bad english ^^/

NO CRIT…let me repeat…NO CRIT…the base amount is more than enough at 25%…3 pieces of power Surge….the rest Quick savant…Stack Power instead of crit!!
…if you are a decent healer, you can sustain your heals and not need huge crits to survive any boss fight….

thats completely wrong unfortunately, the only reason everyone went with 0 crit stuff was in 2.0 after change on the formula, and low amount of stats pool, with higher stats, all the classes including dps are gaining more benefit from high crit numbers because the secondary stat pool (power / Crit) is high enough to keep high power while using crit that wasnt able to do with the new gear, its just like comparing old school gear, Compare the itemization Of tionese Vs EC nim gear (i dont remember the name atm /facepalm) its a complete diferent itemization and stat pool to play with… then again, its up to preference, this is our point of view, much likely from anyone in our guild, and it works for us, if something else works for you, go ahead and use it 🙂 there is no “perfect” in a game, also math is useful, but is not skills, or RNG or mechanics, its just numbers, the game is way more than math, thats why good players give their opinions and ideas and people discuss them 😀

“something else works for you, go ahead and use it 🙂 there is no “perfect” in a game”
Thats the point. SO many way to build a char, and if someone good as full crit or full power or full ….. then use it. I like when use Dark infusion+Inervate 10 times and crited it 8 items, but someone like when use the AoE and got 8-850 normal heal but only crited by 1 or 2times. I hate when someone wanna tell me H how to build MY char, cos he read a “perfect” building somewhere.
I always said: Try it first the both building after say anything
I tried the both way but I like better the crit-surge-power combo.

well thats the idea of the guide, none of the class guide forces you to play with any specific stat or style, a room from 100-300 Crit is what we recommend, people can try what they want, there is no such thing as a perfect build for any class.

Having crit with low enough diminishing returns is beneficial. This isn’t a spec where your abilities autocrit most of the time so stacking crit is useless. Instead, crit can help with dealing spike damage and force management with innervate procs.

the same way u dont need a big crit to survive a fight, you dont need extra 350 power to survive a fight… it all depends on fight, preference and point of view, this is what we run in our guild, and trust me it works, if u play in a good guild too and that works, perfect keep it up :), crit / power is all relative to way too many things, its not like using Accuracy as healers, so there is no absolute in gearing up (on useful stats) , there is no such thing as 0 crit or 0 power, you need to find a balance or what you like the most as long as it works for you.

It really depends on what skills you rely on. I myself go with a power / alacrity build and carry 0 crit. The reason being is that I rely heavily on static barrier which crit does not impact – it’s strength is entirely dependent on force power which power increases.

The only crit mechanic a sorc heals has is Force Surge stacks from crits on Innervate. And if you always do the resurgence + innervate combo, you crit % on innervate is going to be over 50% anyways. I’m often capped at 3 stacks of Force Surge and often wasting new stacks of Force Surge.

If you rely heavily on standard heals, then a crit build might work better. But if you rely on bubble and resurgence + innervate combo, then a power / alacrity build might be better.

a lot of people uses your theory, but your are contradicting yourself, you say you rely on a an instant ability that cant crit to use power, thats fine, but you focus alacrity… you say you focus on innervate (which is obvious) that gain benefit from crit, but says u dont want crit and use alacrity for it that has minimal influence thanks to the speed up talent for innervate…. also, you say you heal only with that, so your tank has 1 shield = 16 second lockout, and two 6 – 7.5 Second Cd, so basically if your tank is only taking dmg, u stand 5 second there doing nothing? or let the other healer carry you? or you shield people that wont take dmg wasting force… the idea that shield doesnt crit is fine, but thinking you dont benefit from crit is wrong, Static Barrier would probably take like 25-30% at most of your Healing done, the other 70% is capable of crit, Resurgence + hot, innervate, Overload, Dark Infusion, Revivification.. Even the self heal from static barrier on you can crit… so going 0 crit or 0 power is a mistake, you should always find a balance, if u like more power, get 140 crit, if you like more crit, get 320 Crit, there will come a case when u need that recklessness Dark infusion that doesnt happen, and your 250 extra power wont help you :).

It is not a contradiction to value alacrity and rely on instant abilities. Alacrity does more than just reduce cast time – it also increases resource regen and also lowers the global cooldown on those instant casts. To insinuate that alacrity has only the benefit of reducing cast time is not only wrong but does a grave disservice to the discussion at hand. At the amount of alacrity I have, I’m seeing an 8.5% increase on resource regen. That’s probably why I am wasting Force Surge procs because I don’t need to rely on Consumption as much.

And also when I say that I rely on Barrier and Resurgence + Innervate, it doesn’t mean I don’t use other heals. It is that those abilities comprise my core rotation. I do use other heals where appropriate and yes crit would benefit those. Also I do have Recklessness and the Crit Adrenal when I do need to crit.

The other thing to remember is that healing a 8 man vs 16 man is also very different. In 16man it is much easier to find a use for revivication, not so much for 8 mans (in the ones I run anyways).

My point was that you can’t say all crit, all power, all alacrity or any combination of them across the board under all scenarios. There are too many variables including size of raid, gear levels, raid composition, etc to make a blanket statement. You need to find what works well for your style and composition.

bottom line, the arguments are the same, i never said full crit, our guide says 100-300, it was some other people comments saying 0 crit because “add comment here”, you should never be an extremist on either side, or few or too much, and have to adjust to what group / fight / raid size requires as you said.

And just so we are all clear and no misinformation is handed out, you can’t crit on the self heals from your Static Barrier. It is a flat 0.5%/1% based on your max health unaffected by any other stat. If you check your logs, you’ll see that it never crits. It still is a very minor contribution to total heals though.

I haven’t checked (partially because I don’t spec into it), but I believe the self heal while in cover for sniper is the same way in that it isn’t affected by crit.

“The Sorcerer healing class has been the all-around preferred healing class since the game’s release. This is partially due to a few nerfs to Sorcerer dps over time, but also because of the simple and relatively easy manner in which they heal.”

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha -deep breath- hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…ha!

No. Sorcs are meh. I can only thing of one thing they do better than mercs or ops and that’s Bubble.

For 8 man Operations, Mercs are generally the only class you don’t want 2 of.

You can have 2 Sorcs or 2 Ops, but 2 Merc healers is something I rarely see a progression group use.

You never want two sorcs. That’s two pad healers. 2 mercs work but…I’m not a fan of having two of any healer personally.

No progression group wants 2 of the same anyway. But even then I would prefer 2 mercs over 2 sorcs. A mercs aoe heal is one of the most underappreciated things in the game while it easily rivals a sorcs aoe healing. I think any good merc will tell you it is one of their most important heals.

Agreed. The only things I will take two of are dps classes. Though, with the top Marauder spec losing Bloodthirst, and mercs dps going through the roof, and Ops getting a boost…we’ll see how that goes later.

I have been playing with the 2 pc PvE armoring (63) and the 2 pc PvE armoring (69), is this no longer a viable combination to get innervate in line with resurgence? Would it be preferrable to go with the 4 pc bonus set of the same lvl (69, 72, etc)?

Mercs can have better heals if done right. With no limit on the after effect of their aoe, they can hit the entire raid. Does more healing iirc as well.

Sorcerer has been by far the preferred healing class since release, i dont know how much time u have played, or how “real raiding” have you done, but they are. they used to be way too overpowered and had to nerf it back in the days with consumption, after that People discovered the utility of operatives and now both are the preferred classes considering Mercs are rarely used in 8 man raids since they are harder… just look at the group composition on almost every top guild that cleared nim SaV, majority uses Sorc/Op, some use 2 op or 2 sorc, 1 raid in 8 man uses Merc, in majority of the cases A sorcerer is included, but you can have your own opinion i guess :).

Ha, haha…no. I would take a merc (and plan to) over a sorc any day. The same if not better aoe healing, and they’re able to heal a tank in the chance that the other healer dies for some stupid reason.

Sorcs are padding, and more padding.Their healing is terribly slow and god help you if you need them to actually heal someone quickly.

I have played since launch and raided shortly after. I am a MT and do know sorcs can heal…but I can’t find a reason to take them over a Merc in 8m. They are designed to be the best AoE heals but aren’t…and if Mercs get that Shell upgrade they’ll go even further down. They need a way to be able to respond to damage faster.

For some reason people seem to prefer playing it indeed but in terms of bringing it on operations it ranks 3rd far behind mercs and operatives who are relatively close to eachother. No 16m group in their right mind would ever bring more than 2 sorcs and no 8m group in their right mind would ever bring more than 1 sorc.

My main is a sorc healer and I love playing it and wouldn’t pick another class as my main class for the world. But the fact of the matter is that any 8m group can do fine without a sorc healer.

unfortunately Mercs are way harder so there are less people that play it, if you compare the Ratings of Merc Vs Sorcerer, u would see merc win in almost every rating, in fact my main concern was how to explain a class that has almost everything good, is the worst “played” / less played class as healer, they have great potential, but require WAY higher concentration, skills and Awareness, as a sorc healer you have 2 things, Barrier and resurgence on tanks, the rest is obvious, as a merc healer you have to keep kolto shell, manage a hard heat dissipation, know how /when to use kolto bomb and residue, exploit The Hot + Armor buff on tanks, knowing how and when to gain more benefit of kolto bombs + supercharged as well as no CD healing scan… so yeah overall a mercenary is and would be better if played correctly, it just require more from the player than a sorcerer does.
Eventually a merc can become really dependent on the fight, LoS or terrain and Range for kolto bomb, high Burst healing form merc not necessary means better heals, because without vent heat a mistake on a Burst phase, would end up overheating and forcing you to spam Rapid shots, which is what happens to the majority of the merc healers that doesnt know how to play right :s.
Bottom line, mercenary have the tools to be the best healers, but there are very few people that uses them correctly, because they are way harder and require way more things to be good than other healers, an Average sorc healing doing the “simple Stuff” would be better than a Average Mercenary now knowing how to do what is written up there ^ and constantly overheating, thats why sorcerers are often more used than merc healers. At the end of the day comparing end game guilds / Players, there is no Advantage against the other, a class played almost perfect is great, regardless of “what class” it is 😀

I know Carlos. I’ve had the fortune of healing with an incredibly good merc healer. The difference between an average merc healer and a good merc healer is huge. An average sorc will beat an average merc any day of the week but a good sorc is just not even close to as good as a good merc. With the buffs mercs are getting I think they will be the new OP healer but they are the hardest healing class to master so I guess that’s fair.

I think most people have dealt with average merc healers and therefor think that sorcerers are better than mercs when they truely aren’t. A good merc healer will rival a sorc in aoe heals and outright beat him in everything else. The only reason sorc healers generally beat a good merc healer in aoe heals is because the merc healer drops his kolto missile inside the revivication which gives it increased healing.

yeap exactly the thing is, good merc healers are hard to come by, really hard, and often the number of good players influence how good or bad a class is, all classes have great capabilities for all different fights, some people are just better at some stuff than others :), i remember the pub guild that killed DG nim before nerf with an assassin dps, i mean, thats something only he could do.

i would have to disagree on a good merc healer being better than a sorc healer, i believe all classes played well are equally good when they do their job, there are WAY too many pros and cons to debate to decide which one is better than Other.

as far as changes, the changes they have are not much a big deal, rapid shot on yourself is useful, because healers often heal others before themselves because they can control their own hp and using stuff like diagnostic scan / Rapid shots on self is usually what most healers do, but kolto shell, is just too expensive, to spam before a fight is good, one shell on everyone is HUGE, but you barely have room to refresh 1 Shell on a hard healing fight, you wont have much room to deploy 2-3 spending 48 Heat on it, on fights like Trasher NiM for example, i really dont see room for “exploiting” this change, maybe on long transition fights like Styrak or DP Dread council, but still i dont think is something that will make Merc heals new FoTM, they need something to control their heat better if they want average players to play them like other classes in my opinion. :).

I agree that heat is a mercs main problem but we have mostly encountered this problem due to poor execution of mechanics by the dps and tanks rather than anything else. A merc indeed isn’t as resilliant to human error on the part of the dps/tanks as a sorc is that is true. But with some help from the other healer mercs can recover from their high heat.

I personally don’t agree with every class being just as good as this is just impossible. Minor differences will always be there since the odds of reaching the exact same spot on a continuous scale are 0. Sorc healers are far from unviable and bringing 1 sorc healer will never hurt a group but sorc healers are the 3rd healing class these days.

the first argument is right, but you know most nim fights have lots of RNG as well as often force people to commit few mistakes, and that heat dissipation problem is really important, often a good healer will be good enough to not have this problem much while off healer keeping people up while you vent some heat, but i believe for a merc to become FoTM heal spec they need to add something like Rapid shot crits Vent 2 heat, diagnostic scan style, not much, just useful.
when it comes to a burn phase, lets think for example, Council HM / NiM last phase, it has like 10-15 seconds of HEAVY burn, the rest is manageable, considering on a nightmare fight where you used your CDs and probably Vent heat on CD. having a sorc with 45 Force VS a lets say 15 Heat merc starting the phase is better, Sorc can spam shields and revivification and eventually innervate + Dark heals (if needed) after all u just need to survive 15 seconds, burning all your force is not a problem, while a merc 15 heat + 16 bomb + 16 heal or shell + jet boost + 16 heal, at the point where merc should have close to 90 Heat, sorc probably still has 20% force to spam as he please, he has the option to spam couple of consumption after to keep healing while merc is stucked with rapid shots,… this are all random numbers and i know supercharged gas + dmg reduction + heal buff as well as resurgence and revivification are too many factors to count, but bottom line on it is, even if merc could be somehow considered more “useful” as i like to call it the best utility heal, sorcerers are often good enough to heal any situation, paired with an op or merc you will rarely notice its “low cast” when a merc has way too many weaknesses with heat and Burst phases; i would rather start a burst phase with 8 static barrier than 8 kolto shells, also sorc has a way to deploy 8 barriers and regen energy while 4 kolto shells and u are done with heat.

on the last thing, i dont believe either all classes are equal, i just believe all classes played well are equal, all classes played by a good player can clear content is what i mean regardless of how and which class, each one has its pro / cons, but doesnt exactly mean one class should be better than the other.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about a NiM progression group. Any healing composition can clear the HM runs because they are so dam easy.

you are free to choose whatever you want, this is just a guide, no one is going to convince you about anything here :).

Too true, I do enjoy the guide…not sure about the crit either way. I should spec my sorc heals sometime just to see for myself…or find a superb sorc healer to run the trials for me. Math says no…but we all know how that works with Sins and Defense / End stacking.

I play a Sorcerer healer and an Operative healer. I’ve found that people tend to think the Operative is healing them more effectively even if they die more. People see the little green numbers pop up and rightfully associate that with healing. When a sorcerer heals, there’s a completely different cadence. If your healers can’t respond fast enough they either need to get some more alacrity, respec, or play as a different class.

A healer has 1 job: to keep the operation members alive. How it’s accomplished is irrelevant.

I’ve never heard of anyone thinking Op healers are the most efficient healers…iirc that’s actually the opposite.

Problem is, responding just isn’t the sorc’s role. It’s padding. And a good one at that…but it’s not a tank healer. Not a fast recoverer. Though, PvPrs will see that changed I believe.

I would remove boundless ages all together. It only applies if you have 2 sorcs in the group which you should avoid at all cost. Operatives and mercenaries are FAR better at spike healing than sorceres so sorcerers should focus on their strengths instead of trying to improve their weaknesses when there are already other classes that have spike healing as a strength.

i agree on that the thing is, you have to give options to the people, lets consider anyone that can get an obroan relic or Dread forged of focused retribution, then their option would be that, the whole point is giving the 3 viable options specially so they dont use something like Ephemeral mending or other kind, remember this guides are read by all type of raiders that might or might not know what they are doing.

True but even then slightly less wrong information is still wrong information. I have never even considered picking up a boundless ages relic. In fact I had been so unlucky in relic drops that I still used an underworld relic and an EWH relic untill a few weeks back (got both 78 in 2 weeks time), and still I would have kept that EWH relic over a boundless ages relic. Your gear should match your role and strenghts and this is something we should teach less experienced people too. Not tell them another relic is good too coz it doesn’t suck as bad as some of the others.

LMAO dude do you research before you look silly, try picking up an Obroan relic before even ever considering an UW. Good information Carlos, you have to give them options or they end up close minded as such. ANY relic will work regardless but to be effective those three are your best choices for Dread Forged.

thanks 🙂 and yeah lake knows what hes saying too, hes information is useful, i wont argue with that, maybe he doesnt like pvp or something for obroan but pretty sure he knew that :), but you are right the whole idea is giving options, i would rather see a guy with boundless ages than ephemeral mending and ill be happy with that lol, going so extensive on itemization with relics, a relic ranking and all that would have made writing 30 guides (for all specs) impossible, pretty sure anyone interested in a in depth relic ranking should just ask on reddit / forums and find oofalong’s Spreadsheet and will answer more Questions 😀

I personally use the Boundless ages relic, especially when healing. Yeah, it won’t outheal my obroan FR relic on fights like Nefra, Bestia, Grob’thok, and Tyrans, but most fights need the burst in the new ops. It comes off CD every healing challeng on Raptus, Draxxus has lots of downtime, Brontes has lots of downtime, Calphayus has healing downtime.

Boundless ages becomes far more viable every time a fight has down time, because you can time the CD based on when you need the heals. The lower burst is a slight issue if anything, because it lasts for 30s. Adrenals require burst heals to be as effective, but a relic up for 30s? that’s going to affect more than a small amount of burst and you have control over when you want said burst.

Minor correction: Force Accuracy will be 104%, not 101%: +1% from companion, +3% from the Electric Induction talent shown as taken in the Lightning tree.

I thought having high accuracy on heals helped with delivering a top heal to a player with a healing debuff, The accuracy over rides the debuff if you have high ACC.

Hmm then the developer Eric Musco lied to me he personally told me that was the case when the whole crit nerf happened. I have gone with Acc and pull off 11k+ heals all the time.

Personally told you? Do you have this documented?
I pull off 12 and 13k heals, but that doesn’t prove anything either. Easy way for you to confirm yourself – record a healing parse and upload it to torparse. Swap out your accuracy gear for surge and parse again! You’ll see higher numbers.
Also at least in PvE, I can only think of one boss (NiM TfB itself) that has a healing debuff as a mechanic.

If I read the information from the other class guides here correctly, the Sorc Healer threat drop seems nearly useless, because it only affects the threat table of the mob you are targeting. Does that seem to be true in practice?

Yes, I hardly use the threat drop except for TFB last boss in the last phase but that threat drop description is correct. Usually healing doesn’t pull much aggro, it is DPS who usually pulls.

Overall, an awesome guide. (And finally, someone who agrees with me regarding a small amount of crit rating! I am no longer the Cassandra!) One thought:

Reverse Corruptions can be useful in extremely high-burst fights where it can be difficult to Corruption burn your way back to a reasonable amount of Force, but using Force Barrier to clear Consumption stacks prevents you from using it as an “oh crap” button in dangerous situations like a Kephess red circle stomp.

Especially in less stressful fights, skilled Healsorcs can keep Force up respectably well with Consumption burns on their own, and they might consider moving the point in RC to Sith Defiance for a slightly higher amount of DR.

I’ve played both, though, and I think it’s a matter of preference and your confidence in your ability to regenerate Force more than anything, though.

“Set Bonus: 2 piece Force Mystic PvE & 2 piece Force Mystic PvP”

Wtf? Unless they re-enabled this, the same effect from a PvE and PvP set bonus stacking was disabled *months* ago.

Thanks, was thinking of PvE 61/63 + PvE 69/72/75/78. Interesting to consider if the lockout is worth the major loss of mainstat.

I personally prefer the 2 piece Force-Mystic’s PVE & 2 piece Force-Master’s PVE myself. The 1.5s decrease in the Static Barrier Debuff doesn’t seem to be worth losing that much Willpower and Armor Rating. Rhe extra 50 Total Force hasn’t ever been critical to the Sage/Sorc Healers anyway other than being able to burst heal slightly longer. The 15s decrease in Polarity Shift’s CD does seem to make a difference though in any situation.

Not to mention the fact that the static barrier buff last for 30 seconds. While the lockout debuff only lasts for 17 seconds. Giving you a 13 second window to rebuff your target before they lose the affects anyway. Combine that with losing 24end/37wp (186) or 16/28 respectively (180) and I really can’t see the advantage in having the pvp set bonus.

“Giving you a 13 second window” – only if barrier is still on target… You don’t put SB on ppl that avoid dmg… Usually SB is down after 3-8 seconds and you need to wait another 9-14 seconds to reapply it. 1.5s decrease can be very helpful in fights where you are in constant move (lack of time for casts).

I may have missed it in the comments but I’ve read through your DPS section and you do not even mention Force Storm, in fact you go so far as to say Sorc’s do not have an AOE damage. I have to disagree a LOT here. While the damage output of Force Storm can be less than other AOE’s, it does not have a cool down, which others do, it also has a chance to stun normal mobs. Did I perhaps miss something in your guide or do you discount this ability totally??

I personally like to use the 2 piece PvE for the Mystic set and the Master set for healing. I use polarity shift quite a lot while healing to make my casts faster and the 2 piece Master set reduces the CD time of polarity shift by 15 seconds. It also doesnt come with the lower stats from the pvp gear.

Love your site, thanks for everything you do. not sure how you manage playing AND keeping us up to date. I am returning to the game, and last night re-discovered just how difficult it was for me to realize when a debuff cleanse was needed on a team member. any suggestions?

Generally in operations you are generally told what needs to be cleansed but for everyday stuff try cleanse if you can but alot of the debuffs etc may not be cleanseable.

I’m late to the party, but some cleansables and non-cleansables hare the same icon, like Mass Affliction and Affliction, the former being cleansable. I find it helps if I memorize which of the two get cast during which boss/phase. However, some stuff can only cleansed by force or Tech.

I generally set the UI for the raid frame to have the group members Debuffs much larger than the buffs. This really makes it apparent… some of the Debuffs, like the rez lockout and Static Barrier debuff will also show, but for me this generally works out for me.

Hey Dulfy, could we get stat numbers and percentages for the Sorc heals like what you’ve done for the Jugs, please? Thanks for all you’ve done!

Dark Heal is only good until you get Dark Infusion which is not too much later. At 55 there is no reason to even use Dark Heal as Dark Infusion heals for much more. I also only go into burst mode if I need to heal people fast. Polarity + Reckless + Triage is a great combo if you really need to heal an ops fast.

Thanks for update to 2.7 Dulf, ur the best(as per usual). Oh I am wondering if the Skill Tree is current as well. I am only asking because my dumb ass needs to know if the pictures of the skills in the tree are different, does that mean they skill attributes for that particular skill(the ones with the wrong pic)could be different as well? maybe? Just want to be sure is all =) B4 I start telling ppl that it doesn’t matter if the pics don’t look the same, thanks again for every second you spend putting this together for us Dulf cheers!

The skill tree havn’t updated to 2.7 yet as the 3rd party sites don’t have the the updated skill tree. The point allocation is the same, just that they moved some of them around

Ah yeah that makes sense. I was looking at the surge rating because it just says surge on the guide. Thought you wanted 68-74 surge. Critical multiplier isn’t so bad 🙂

Hey there,

I was looking into your post and after reading it all i coundt completely agree with some of your afirmations, and i hope you could make me understand it better, or if my way of seeing this build is more logic than yours

Lets star with the Skill Tree Itself.

1)You Put 2 points in the “Lightning Barrier” skill under the Lightning tree, making the barrier absorve 10% more incoming damage, however… this is rather useless since this 10% arent any “Huge” increase on the barrier itself, since it doesnt absorve that much damage, and the sorcerer himself hardly waste his time spreading barriers along a fight, i myself think that those 2 points could be expent in something more usefull like “Froce Sufission” giving Overload an Aoe heal or even “Subversion” which would increase your force regen by the cumulative use of Lightning Strike, which could be usefull when offdpsing (assuming you keep an eye on the dots).

2)I dont think that there is a need to emphatize the “Must Need” for accuracy, since you will get it with your Tree+Comp Boost anyways..

2)i cant agree with the fact that only 100-300 crit are needed to be expent for this build, since Critical Rating is the Trigger of Surge Rating, i dont think its logical to keep it ranging from 100-300 which would only give about 5.5% plus, which is faaar away from the cap.
I think it would be wiser to boost the Crit Rating BY 30-35%, along with the Surge Rating BY 70-74%, in exchange for the Alacrity Rating, and only when both are achieved would the healer be “adviced” to put alacrity and power

3)Why do i say that? i really dont see any pratical uses for the alacrity in the sorcerers build because of the nature of the class itself, i dont think it is worth to expend lots of points into alacrity to increase channeling or cooldowns by 0.1-.0.3 depending on the original duration, and nor i would say that the Force regen is usefull, since the sorcerer got a very high ammount of energy pool and thus being able to recharge it as much as he wants using Disruption (which isnt the case of a Merc/Op), i would Rather give priority to Surge and Crit, those being the 2 major healing modifier (power excluded).

i will wait on your answer so i may understand understand your point of view

1. Static barrier- you will be using that a lot and the 10% increase is huge on static barrier given how often you will be using them.

2. You do know that you get crit from willpower, skill etc right. So with the crit rating I suggested you should be able 30ish% in crit chance

3. Alacrity is great for healers. It make you cast fast, lower your GCD, and give you a better force regen. Saying force regen is not necessary is nonsense. There are fights there you need to heal constantly and don’t have the time really use consumption for force.

I have to agree with dulfy my sorc is min-max and static barrier is absorbing 12k-14k hits so lets say that 10% was gone thats 2k-4k less it will absorb. Remember static barrier prevents damage and any damage you an prevent can mean the difference in a fight. so trading the 10% increase to absorb for 10% force regen (let’s say your rate is 10.0) that means that for 10 seconds you will regen 10 force. which is not enough to heal anyone. I am no even taking in consideration the amount of force you spent to cast lighting strike. Also take in consideration that if a healer is dps’ing then most likely they have a “surplus” of force to use.

Considering that skill tree points increase crit by 5%, the agent buff is present for another 5%, and while stacking willpower, (which increases crit chance), it’s fine.

I meant that I have 26% critical chance total in force (including % from skill tree and agent buff). I went only for 100 crit rating. I just don’t see critical heals that much, especially on Dark Infusion. I tried increasing crit rating to 200, but that didn’t make any difference.

Crit is completely RNG. But it has diminishing returns the larger you get it, so 25% with buffs and everything is good (Leave the 100 where it is)

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