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SWTOR Seer Sage Healer Class Guide

A guide to SWTOR Seer Sage Healing for PvE. Written and edited by Invinc and Vindrik of Harbinger. Updated for patch 2.7


The Sage healing class has been the all-around preferred healing class since the game’s release. This is partially due to a few nerfs to Sage dps over time, but also because of the simple and relatively easy manner in which they heal. A Seer Sage’s healing basically focuses on 3 core abilities; Force Armor (damage prevention), Rejuvenate (hot and support) and Healing Trance (Large, channeled heal), with Deliverance as the usual filler, Salvation as the AoE heal and Benevolence for any on-demand fast healing. Sages have the best 8 man AoE heal in the game, which is not only a great heal for the whole ops group, but when used properly can also help you regain HP while using Noble Sacrifice for Force.

Offensive Cooldowns:

  1. Force Potency: Gives your Force attacks an extra 60% chance to critically hit, and consumes a charge when they do. Has 2 charges.
  2. Mental Alacrity: Increases your Alacrity, grants immunity to interrupts and prevents pushback.

Defensive Cooldowns:

  1. Force Armor: Not technically a cooldown, however useful as defensive mechanic to shield yourself and friendly group members.
  2. Force Barrier: Channels a protective bubble that gives you immunity to all damage for a short while, however you cannot move or act while channeling. Grants a protective shield based on how long you were channeling Force Barrier after the effect ends which lasts for 5 seconds, and gives you immunity to interrupts while active.

Tricks of the Trade:

  1. Benevolence & Deliverance: Support heals, Benevolence is a fast, expensive and inefficient heal while Deliverance is cheaper, slower and heals for more
  2. Revival: Battle rez
  3. Force Mend: Instant self-heal
  4. Rescue: Pull a friendly target to your position and lowers their threat
  5. Noble Sacrifice: Instantly regenerate Force in exchange for HP. Applies a debuff that lowers your Force regeneration for a short time, and stacks up to 4 times
  6. Force Wave: Frontal AoE knockback
  7. Force Speed: Massive speed boost for a few seconds




1.1 Rates (1-10):

  • Single Target Healing: 7
  • AoE Healing: 10
  • Group Utility: 7
  • Rotation Difficulty: 7
  • RNG Dependant: No
  • Burst Heals: 2
  • Dps Capability: 6
  • Signature Ability: Force Armor

1.2 Gearing & Stats Priority:

  • **Must Have** Accuracy: 104% Force – 91% melee (1% from companion + 3% from talent = 0% from Gear)
  • **Must Have** Above 5% Alacrity.
  • 68-74% Surge
  • 100-300 Critical Rating
  • All other secondary stats in Power
  • **Must Have** Augments: Willpower (Resolve)
  • Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
  • Alternate Relic: Boundless Ages
  • Set Bonus: 2 piece Force Mystic PvE & 2 piece Force Mystic PvP (4 piece Force Mystic PvE will also work)

1.3 Gearing Overview:

  • Accuracy as a healer is a wasted stat, as your heals themselves will never miss. As such, you should always be taking other stats instead, with no exceptions
  • Alacrity gives the greatest benefit to the healer role, and is generally taken once you reach the soft cap for Surge, once the benefit per point becomes less incentive for Surge and more appealing for Alacrity. This generally occurs around 73%, but doing some quick personal number crunching based on your play style should give you a better understanding
  • Taking a small amount of Critical rating as a healer is a good idea, as the benefit of Critical rating is decent for the first few hundred points of rating. However, stacking it is generally a bad idea, as the high diminishing returns leave Critical rating granting a smaller benefit than Power
  • Choice of relics should be made on a fight-to-fight basis as well as personal play style. Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution will give you a greater overall healing increase, while Boundless Ages will allow you to focus your burst into a short window for fights with short phases of large incoming damage, or when you are required to participate in dps for tight burn phases
  • Getting your set bonus as quickly as possible is highly recommended. It will increase your healing efficiency substantially enough that having lower item level armorings with the set bonus is still a better option than higher item level armorings without it.

1.4 Ability Priority:

  1. Force Armor
  2. Rejuvenate
  3. Healing Trance
  4. Force Wave
  5. Noble Sacrifice
  6. Salvation
  7. Force Mend
  8. Deliverance
  9. Benevolence
  10. Weaken Mind
  11. Telekinetic Throw
  12. Mind Crush
  13. Disturbance
  14. Project

1.5 Healing Strategy:

Deliverance has a long cast, low cost and large heal, while Benevolence has a quick cast, high cost and smaller heal. This makes Benevolence a significantly less efficient heal which should only ever be used when someone requires healing as quickly as possible. Relying on Healing Trance, due to its 7.5 second CD is a bad idea, as this will leave you with a great deal of wasted GCDs and an overall inefficient style of healing. Force Armor is not counted as healing done in parsing programs, so this should always be kept in mind when comparing parses.The Conveyance talent is the focal point of your healing rotation and how it should cycle through, as it buffs your Rejuvenate to give the following buffs to your other healing abilities:

  • Benevolence: Critical chance increased by 60%, only useful in high pressure emergencies
  • Deliverance: Force cost reduced by 30%, useful to assist with Force management
  • Healing Trance: Critical chance increased by 25%, grants the greatest overall benefit, and should be utilised for every Healing Trance
  • Salvation: Force cost reduced by 30%, grants a significant benefit for Force management, should be used for every cast of Salvation

The Resplendence talent, similar to Conveyance, is the focal point of your Force management. It buffs your Healing Trance such that every critical will give you 1 stack of Resplendence (3 stacks max), which can be used for augment one of two abilities:

  • Noble Sacrifice: Activates without triggering Force Degeneration, consuming 1 charge of Resplendence. This is a must use for proper Force management, as you will still lose health when using Noble Sacrifice, but you will gain Force without the regular detriment to future Force regeneration.
  • Salvation: Reduce the casting time of your next Salvation by 33% per stack (instant cast at 3 stacks), and consumes all available charges. This should only be used at high stacks in an AoE emergency, or if you have full Force and don’t require the stacks for Noble Sacrifice. Otherwise, it is recommended to only use 1 charge on this at most.

Force Armor should be used on tanks as much as possible, considering that they will be taking consistent damage throughout the fight, the shield will always help with healing. Shielding an offtank before a swap or prior to predictable incoming damage is ideal as well. Shielding a dps or heals in an average rotation is generally a mistake, as most of the shield during non AoE or low damage phases won’t grant any benefit. The best way to utilise your shields on non tanks is either before predictable damage (dots, timed debuffs, AoE, etc) or as a contingency if the person drops to <20%, as it’s a good backup in case the person takes any extra damage before you can get a heal off.

1.6 Ability Details:

  • Rejuvenate should be used on CD to buff your heals, and your priority should always be to use it on a tank or anyone else taking significant and consistent damage. The buff it provides has a 15 second duration with a 6 second cooldown, so this gives you the opportunity to use it on the main tank, followed by the off tank, then one other person, before refreshing it on the main tank. This is not only because of the hot that it applies, but also the increased armor rating, which is a great consistent boon for tanks to have, as well as anyone who is taking consistent damage, which includes yourself due to health leach from Noble Sacrifice.
  • Healing Trance is your primary heal, and as such should always be used when its available. It triggers your most important talents, has the highest healing capabilities, and the target to use it on is irrelevant, which makes it your most effective and versatile heal. Since it is channeled, it’s a great choice to use on low HP targets, especially tanks, since you don’t have to wait for a cast timer to finish before seeing a benefit, and it will keep them alive with quick ticks while your other healer drops a big heal to top them off. Healing Trance is not affected by ability pushback.
  • Force Wave is often ignored, and Psychic Suffusion is one of the most underrated talents that was implemented after 2.0. It has a 20 second CD, is free of cost, has some nice utility in the form of a knockback and small damage to any enemies it hits, and is one of the few heals that affects everyone inside its area of effect, regardless of how many that may be. This makes it a great ability for 16 man or larger ops, but it’s also very effective for 8 man ops. It should always be used when it’s off cooldown to top off a large group of players, and it’s a great ability to pair with Rejuvenate to top yourself up after Noble Sacrifice if the rest of the group is not taking any significant damage.
  • Noble Sacrifice is your fastest way of replenishing Force; with Resplendence stacks from Healing Trance you should always use Noble Sacrifice to keep your Force high, and try to avoid it without this buff unless you intend to burn the cooldown on your Force Barrier to remove the Force Degeneration debuff in emergency situations. However, as the debuff only lasts 7 seconds, it is occasionally worth using Noble Sacrifice in tight situations without any Resplendence, as in some particularly difficult fights you won’t have much time to naturally restore Force, and will eventually run out of resources even with Resplendence stacks. As long as you can stay alive and not cause too much stress on your other healer, in particularly healing intense fights it may still be worth doing, as described by the following. Using Noble Sacrifice 4 times for 32% total Force is equal to 192 Force (at 600 max), while 7 seconds of no natural Force regeneration is only 63 lost Force. As such, if you are able to stay alive, and the GCDs spent on Noble Sacrifice doesn’t put your ops at risk, that’s a net gain of roughly 129 Force.
  • Salvation is an incredibly effective AoE heal, which when used without Rejuvenate is an incredibly expensive ability. Because of this, you should only use it without the Rejuvenate buff in emergency situations when you have Force to spare. It’s generally a good idea to have Salvation active when you are having to repeatedly use Noble Sacrifice, as it will not only heal yourself for the HP leached, but will also heal the rest of the group while you are spending your GCDs managing your Force instead of healing the group.
  • Force Mend is a relatively straightforward ability. It is an excellent self heal ability, which is free of cost. There are two schools of thought on the use of this spell, as you can either use it on CD to heal yourself whenever you’ve got lower than 75% HP, or you can save it for emergencies when your health is significantly lower or after using Noble Sacrifice. Using it as part of your regular rotation will help with Force management and make healing generally easier, however this does mean that you might not have it available in a tight spot when you particularly need a significant heal on yourself, and you’ll have to spend that Force you saved on yourself anyway. Using it on difficult mechanics and when predictably dropping to low HP is a must, as Sage armor is weak, so you will be taking more damage than the rest of the group. Using Force Mend is the best choice to keep yourself up while still healing the rest of the group. It is also a great combination with Noble Sacrifice, as it can take you out of a low HP danger zone quickly.
  • Deliverance is your overall healing filler. It’s a decent large heal with a low cost, the biggest downside is its long cast time. It’s not a particularly common ability to use, but with Force Armor on lockout, Salvation active and Healing Trance on CD, there really isn’t much else that you can use. You’re better off using it and actually healing someone than standing there not doing anything at all. Using it with Rejuvenate is useful to further reduce its impact on your Force, but again, it’s not particularly high on your priority list.
  • Benevolence is in general your worst heal, as it’s a quick, but particularly expensive heal which doesn’t have a huge impact. It is essentially an emergency heal, and even so, most healers will use Deliverance over Benevolence in most situations. While buffed with Rejuvenate it’s significantly better, but should generally only be used as a clutch heal when a Deliverance could take too long to cast. It can also be used during difficult healing phases if you have full Force and you know that the fight is going to give you an opportunity to recover your Force before you run out.

1.7 DPS Strategy:

Dps as a Seer Sage can be tricky, but you have the best resource management and resource pool of all the healers to help with that. Unfortunately, you lack any decent AoE dps that is on par with XS Freighter Flyby or Mortar Volley, and if your dots are resisted it’s an entirely wasted GCD. The dps abilities that you have access to are as follows:

  • Weaken Mind is your best choice, as it has decent damage output, low cost and no cast time. In fights with only one target active at a time, you can just tab target and cast Weaken Mind to quickly get some damage out without disrupting your healing much at all.
  • Telekinetic Throw is also an excellent dps ability. It’s cheap, deals great damage, and grants an immediate benefit that can be cancelled at any time to either continue healing or to attend to more pressing issues. During fights with burn phases or tight Enrage timers, Telekinetic Throw is an excellent tool to help out your dps as often as feasible.
  • Mind Crush is a decent ability, which although it’s less effective than Weaken Mind due to the cast time, in periods where you think you can spend a few seconds dpsing it’s worth doing. Your best course of action is generally Weaken Mind → Telekinetic Throw → Mind Crush, as this will maximise on Telekinetic Throw’s high damage and short cooldown.
  • Disturbance is your general filler dps ability as a healer. It’s normally used only during burn phases or particularly easy fights that don’t require much healing, as you rarely have the time to spend more than 6 seconds without healing, which is how long it would take before you’d get to Disturbance’s priority in the dps rotation.
  • Project is your burst damage and go-to ability for high mobility fights. It’s useful to finish off an add with low HP, help push a transition or get through burn phases, as well as for decent overall damage. However, it’s also a very Force inefficient ability, as it’s very expensive for a single GCD and consistent use can put a large dent in your Force management.
  • Forcequake is your really only AoE ability. It does less damage than AoEs from the other two healers but it does not have a cooldown. It also has a component that can stun weak/standard mobs. You won’t be using this much on operations (unless on add heavy fights) but in flashpoints and soloing it can come in handy.
  • Force Wave is your knockback with an AoE damage component. Most frequently you will use this ability for its heal rather than the AoE damage but if timed right you can manage to do both at the same time.

1.8 Tips and Tricks:

  • Force Armor will heal you since you have Life Ward talent. It will heal you for 1% per second for every second the barrier is active on yourself. It can be a good way to keep your HP up while healing rest of the raid. If you do take a huge hit and failed to Force Armor yourself in time, Force Mend can be used to recover from it.
  • Rescue is a very helpful way to save people from deadly mechanics that they won’t otherwise be able to avoid, but remember that it will also lower the threat of the target. Because of this, if you are going to Rescue a tank you should always tell them to ensure that they can taunt the boss back afterwards to regain the threat that they will lose.
  • Force Potency won’t have any effect on your Healing Trance or Salvation, but it will affect Force Wave and the initial heal from Rejuvenate, so keep this in mind when planning its use. It’s particularly helpful to ensure a significant heal from Deliverance.
  • Besides Mental Alacrity being a great speed boost for your casting times, it can be very helpful in recovering some extra Force naturally during heavy healing phases due to boosting your Alacrity.

1.9 UI Setup:

The default UI setup is fairly horrible so I always make sure to adjust the following to suit my playstyle. Use ESC to open your options menu and go through the Preferences and Interface Editor.


  • Under Controls, make sure Enable Focus Target is checked. This allow you to use alt + f to keep a boss on a focus target so you can see its health and abilities that are casted out. Also make sure Camera Max Distance is turned up to 100% as this allow you to zoom out much further.
  • Under User Interface, pick Use Operations Frame as Group Frames. This will help you out in flashpoints as the default 4 player group interface is not very healer friendly.


Interface Editor

  • Selecting the Operation Frame will allow you to adjust the width, height of the red bars and also display health information. You can also adjust the size of the buffs/debuffs icons to suit your needs.


  • Click on Focus target, make sure Show Information is checked as this will display boss health % and other info. Also make sure Focus Target Castbar is enabled as this will allow you to see the boss abilities.


1.10 Healing Parses

Healing as a role is not very well represented numerically, as it has nothing to do with how much overall healing you’re doing, but moreso that you’re healing the right people at the right time. As such, both hps and dps numbers for healers aren’t necessarily representative, as the two healers may have a system whereby one heals as much as possible, topping up everyone as the fight continues, while the other deals as much damage as possible, stopping to heal when people are taking large amounts of damage that the first healer can’t heal alone. Being at the top of the healing parses is actually something that can only be done by gaming the system, and having these enormous numbers actually means that you’re not being efficient, and were not benefiting the group to the best of your ability. Having high hps in a parse may mean:

  • Your healing partner is either a poor healer or is allowing you to heal while dpsing themselves.
  • The group is taking significantly more dmg than it should, so there is more health being lost that you can heal.
  • You are gaming the system, being less effective but parsing higher numbers (e.g. Sorcerer | Sage not shielding but AoE healing at every opportunity despite the fight not requiring it, Operative | Scoundrel rolling hots when completely unnecessary).
  • The group is collaborating with you to get higher numbers (e.g. Fight requires the group to be spread out, but instead stacks together to take significantly increased damage that is then AoE healed over time).

While dps can be judged at least partially based on their number parsing, as healers there is no numerical representation that properly demonstrates how effective you are being. As long as the group is surviving and you kill the boss, you have done your job, and the overall hps for the fight means absolutely nothing. The only real way to judge a healer’s efficiency and ability is through feeling, which sounds out of place, but if they aren’t healing when they’re needed to, or they’re healing the wrong people at the wrong time, you’ll be able to feel the difference when compared with someone who is on the ball and always doing exactly what is required.

About the Authors

Invinc and Vindrik are both members of <Hatred> on Harbinger, an endgame progression guild with world 3rd clear of Nightmare S&V, World 2nd clear of Nightmare TFB, world 1st speed clear (under 2 hrs) of Nightmare S&V, and numerous server firsts at the 8m level.

Invinc is the guild leader of <Hatred> and mains an operative DPS but plays pretty much every and all classes for operations. He currently leads the parses on operative lethality DPS on multiple boss fights and dummy parses. Also known as Carlenux, Carlenix (sniper), Carlenx (Sorcerer), Pyrotec (Powertech)

Vindrik mains an operative healer and is the raid leader for group B in <Hatred> (World 5th speed clear of Nightmare S&V). He is the former raid leader of <Notorious Synergy> on Dalborra, one of the world top guilds pre-2.0 (World 4th).

While the information here are mostly written by these two players, numerous other Hatred raid members and guides were consulted. Questions, comments, concerns will be answered by Invinc, who goes by the name of Carlos Eduardo Mata in the comments section below. 

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

67 replies on “SWTOR Seer Sage Healer Class Guide”

Something not mentioned here are the Defensive / Utility Cooldowns of Force Lift and Force Stun: preventing damage is just as good as healing and can save your teammates when they are getting hit hard by adds.

Also, Project has the effect that it will stun any Standard enemy. It is a great way to start a fight against adds or mobs with Standard enemies.

Furthermore, Seers are slightly RNG dependant with needing crits for Resplendence. A few times I’ve wished for better RNG so that I could insta-cast Salvation or regen Force without the debuff.

And you don’t “Must Have” Augments: I do fine in HM FP and SM Operations without them. If you are going to augment, then choose Willpower Augments.

I guess the **Must Have** for the augments is more like: if you take augments, these are the ones you “Need”
and the accuracy **Must Have** is more like a **Will Have** as it’s hard to avoid without seriously doing something wrong (apart from the comp 1% ofc..)

This game is really not as dependent on gear as that other mmo is. People were amazed when I healed nim tfb in campaign/black hole with only some augments.. until that, my guild thought you had to be full min/maxed 63’s fully augmented or you wouldn’t be able to keep up with damage. SWTOR is very much mechanics > gear. But, just because you heal sm ops fine in your current gear, doesn’t mean you can handle higher tier. And, personally, I don’t understand why you don’t augment… you’re losing out on ~450 willpower and ~280 endurance. You’re losing out on basically 2 pieces of gear with those stats.

”Set Bonus: 2 piece Force Mystic PvE & 2 piece Force Mystic PvP (4 piece Force Mystic PvE will also work)”
2 pve + 2 pvp armorings ? have to try this

The 2 pc pvp armoring is to take advantage of the lower cd on force armor since the 4pc pve set only give you an additional 50 force and if you don’t have force management problems it is pretty useless. However by using the pvp armoring you do lose out on some stats since it has expertise

Carlos Eduardo Mata?? Es portugues?
good guide dulfy but i don´t like 2 set from PVP it´s a waste of status.

Really great piece, I hope all sage healers read this. I notice you do not mention the PVP relic for primary stat – this is the relic I have been using, any reason I should switch, pros/cons?

Also, all sage healers should be proficient in “rescuing” their raid/guildies into lava/pits/etc. 🙂

Its worth taking the points from pain bearer and mend wounds and putting them into egress and master speed when running bosses such as Dash’Roode.

When i’m running HM SnV with my sage, this is exactly what i do and then respec back after we’ve killed the boss

Thank you for the section on Healing Parses. In my old guild, we only made dps do parses, figuring that as long as we survived to enrage, the healers were doing their job. When I joined a new raid group that required everyone to parse, even when we survived a boss fight I felt a lot of pressure, like I wasn’t pulling my weight compared to the scoundrel healer. It helped a lot once I realized that Force Armor wasn’t counted in my healing–particularly in boss fights with frequent spike damage to non-tanks (e.g. Tyrans), Force Armor can be a very significant part of the healing. But also, Scoundrels have small heals that don’t cost energy and even help regen, so during down time, they can top off people who barely need it, while Sages are doing damage to themselves. Not an even comparison.

Scoundrels out parse sages in 8m, while it is the other way around in 16m. You can essentially add 100 to your effective heals for each force armor per minute. SO if parsec says you were at 3.3 force armor per minute, add about 330. It isnt exact, but it is close (and is most likely higher)

Then you havent run with a good sage. Other than Bestia or Tyrans (neither of which are hard enough to push HPS to have a top parse) there arent any 16m fights where scoundrels/ops are out parsing sages/sorcs. And this is before you add in the extra “hps” for force armor.

What are good Sages parsing at then? Because on my alt Scoundrel I regularly top 5k HPS…and our Scoundrel healer main has topped out around 7k HPS.

Around 7k. But if you really wanted to you could have everyone coordinate and group up. Ive seen sage/sorc parses around 7500 and assume thats what happened. I had around 8500 hps before the laser phase of corruptor zero where everyone had to move back when it was bugged. Once people started dying it obviously dropped, But those numbers are there, you just need more coordination then you do with scoundrel.

As an experienced Seer Sage; this guide is quite good. Most of the healing stuff is spot-on.
It may be worth adding Force Slow to the DPS section though as it does more damage than it gets credit for due to people thinking of it as exclusively CC.

I’m a (fairly) experienced sage healer on The Proginator (and my guild have cleared all HM content apart from Brontes and The Dread Council and some NiM content), and I’m currently using power stacking on augments over mainstat.

I was wondering what is the advantage of using Mainstat over Power was on the augs? (Or is it just the bonus to the crit rate out does the extra bonus heals you get from the power?)

So close that it isnt worth the cost to change. Force armor is WAY better with power. Everything else is slightly better with willpower.

thanks for this very good guide. as you said the main benefit of Seer Sages is the liberal use of Force Armor”. I think you did not mention it but this cast is an absorb and this cast doesnt benefit from crit and surge. Also, with the crit bonus (+25%) of rejunevate with healing trance, crit seems to be less usefull than alacrity if I refer to Orderken or Nibbon ‘s BIS models. for my partI have got no crit but sometime, i have the feeling that i miss some crit on my trance but this is not a big deal. I wonder if you have tested both my point of view it might be a way to play more than a must have but more than 200 in crit rating seems to me too much. Thanks again for this guide

Force Armor should be used as a save heal only, do not use it liberally as suggested here.

Sages can pump out some serious HPS and should not waste time single target shielding unless it is part of a fight mechanic or for a save.

Ears – Not Good Enough

Going to have disagree here, using Force Armor on tanks can drastically reduce the amount of “visible” healing you need to do and is essential for some tough healing fights such as doing 16m hardmode Nefra done with 8 players. The Force Armor you put out can stabilize the tanks and give you enough time to heal them up before the next blow.

Sorry Dulfy you are incorrect, Parsec tracks shielding and although I agree it will smooth out healing it is most definately not the priority for a sage.

This guide intimates it is a priority and should be used liberally. Incorrect. Otherwise why not play the Disc Priest game and constantly shield.

Force armor is great and has a very high HPCT effect but is most definately situational.

Feel free to carry on your liberal use of force armor if you like and see how the progress race goes on release of NiM mode :p


I don’t see how something that stabilize your healing on the tanks is situational use but use whatever works for you I guess. Healing isn’t exact science so if that works for your healing style then go for it.

Because many players reading this guide will want an indication of rotation or ability priority.

Priority is to rejuv before everything, trance on cooldown, then decide on salv or deliverance as fillers depending on type of raid damage.

Force armor is situational, used as a save, used before a high damage ability on a tank etc which is detailed here, it’s the “liberal use” comment I don’t agree with, it just won’t work with mega raid damage being dealt, never use it if there is lots of damage being thrown out it would be suicide. That’s what GS shields are for.

Sages IMO should be pumping out high numbers of healing leaving tank healing classes to focus on tanks.

I think I should point out we are a 16man progress raiding guild (formerly friendly fire) and I can see how force armor would be used more in 8man I just feel the guide is misleading.

Well 8m and 16m healing are different since on 16m you are usually doing more raid healing. Anyways I will remove the part about liberal use so it doesn’t get taken out of context.

Considering that this guide was written by folks from a top progression guild, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it works fine in the progress race…

LOL, OK listen to the guys that always come 2nd/3rd to us (hopefully not due to “liberal use” of force armor :p

Do your research sir!

Are you talking about 8m or 16m? There are different progression races and we don’t really do 16m other than just do it once for the achievement/record. So yes we do come 2nd/3rd to 16m guilds on 16m clear as that isn’t our focus.

So they are only able to clear the content after seeing what the first guild does? I’m guessing that isn’t the case since they are still using information that doesn’t jive with what you say.
If they are able to clear using this info then I would suggest it may have to do with execution of particular fights instead of the basics of their healing sages/sorcs at that level… of course, I could be wrong…

I’m no mister-wonderful-world-first healing stud, but I find the *liberal* use of force armor to be quite appropriate in a lot of fights. It costs practically no force, is an instant, provides a significant amount of damage prevention, and of course when cast on yourself gives you a HoT. In fights with tons of raid-wide damage (e.g. NiM Writhing Horror), I throw it out as much as possible to all party members and have very little force management issues, and overall healing seems easier, as agreed upon by my combat medic partner. Our progression was never inhibited by healing issues.

Do the people realize the classes and abilities are different? 100-250 crit rating just like on the scoundrel? Just like the typical scoundrel does not have enough crit (try to get as close to 440 as you can without going over) the normal sage has too much. Sage heals should have 0 crit. If you think you should have more, then you arent using force armor enough. Alacrity and surge: make them both 470 which is 5 level 78 pieces each. If you want to go unbalanced, have more alacrity than surge. Augments: It was always SLIGHTLY better to have power until 78s. Now it is SLIGHTLY better to have willpower. Slight as in if salvation hits all 8 people then willpower is better by 61/173655 or .04%. But Power is better if your salvation/force wave hits 4 or less targets. Willpower is obviously better the more 16m ops you run but the difference is so small that it is not worth the cost of changing.

1)Salvation is highest priority. Use it after a rejuv.
2) Healing trance. Use it on cooldown after a rejuv.
3) Rejuvenate. Use it on cooldown because the above 2 abilities need it. If you had to choose, use it on a healing trance (but still better to use it on both)
4) Force wave. If this isnt your 2nd highest heal in a 16m, then you are not using it right. Heals for a good amount, Costs 0 force, and adds between 200-400 dps to a fight making the dps jobs easier.
5) Force mend. Use it on cooldown when you are not full. The cooldown is short enough that it wil be back up for the emergency. Plus it costs 0 force.
6) Force armor. This is the filler when stuff is on cooldown. It will also be your most effective heal since it is almost never wasted “healing”. Force Armor casts are counted in parsec because it is important to know, but its effectiveness cannot be counted because of too many variables. If you are in 78s, then expect it to be 6800 if you have no adrenal or relics going. Its pure effective mitigation with no waste on a tank. Use it on your tanks as a filler on their own force armor cooldown.
7) Deliverance – This is a trap. Dont use it (unless everything is on cooldown and you use potency and mental alacrity and it is urgent) MAYBE this happens once a fight and you cast 2 back-to-back. Usually you wont use deliverance at all, but occasionally you will double cast it twice.
8) Benevolence – A bigger trap than deliverance. Do not use.

You must do 16m raid healing alot as your priority is completely different from what someone would do in a 8m when you have to do tank healing etc. Using Salvation when the group isn’t taking aoe damage is a huge force drain and a waste. Force Armor goes first if someone is taking or about to take damage to mitigate some of that, then it is rejuvenate + healing trance or rejuvenate + Deliverance depend on the cooldowns and how much HP was lost.

Crit is also useful as a sage healer, and not completely useless as you might think. Crit on healing trance allow you to regen force faster via more noble sacrifice and basically it helps pretty much everything except force armor.

I heal both 16m and 8m. Salvation is still useful to cast on just the tanks. Once it is cast, you have healing go on for the next 10s so it can be preventative as much as reactive. You are looking at something like an extra .20 stacks of resplendence per cast of healing trance with the less than 5% crit you get from 250 points. As long as you use your rejuvs on healing trance, you are getting on average of slightly more than 2 stacks per healing trance anyways. Using a rejuv on deliverance is so much less beneficial than on salvation or healing trance. As far as the rest of the abilities, I suppose if you dont use force armor, and use salvation on cooldown(which you are saying not to do) then you would be good with a tiny bit of crit – assuming of course you are hitting multiple people with said salvation and your healing is as effective as the mitigation from force armor.

Question, I know this is the sage ‘healers’ guide.. I’m new to the game, and your site was recommended to me. I have looked but cannot seem to find a sage dps guide?

It is more of a priority system than a rotation. If I were to give a rotation for heals it would look like rejuv, salv, fa, rejuv, ht, fa, rejuv, fw, fa, ht, rejuv, salv, etc
obviously there will be noble sacrifice and force mend in there as well

Slightly confused with stat direction. I know willpower is always a first, but I’m currently stacking power and surge as much as possible. Some alacrity here and there, but virtually no crit. Bear in mind, I was “raised” in the game that crit comes naturally for sages so getting it on armor is a no-no. Any idea or are the numbers so minute that going all the way one way or the other is moot? I am a healer.

You could go either way to be honest. Some people prefer crit (i.e. me) while others don’t. Crit doesn’t benefit some of your abilities like Force Armor but I find a bit of it helpful for your other abilities.

So any word of the dps, setup for Sage’s yet. Been a few days and I can understand the busy but I am sure there are a few out there that would like to see whats happening with the spec’s and rotations.

2 piece healer pve and 2 piece dps pve is also a viable heal setup since you get -15seconds on the cooldown of mental alacrity rather than 50 force. This also slightly offsets the loss of total force with more force regen.

hey Dulfy one question for ya, how do I get the pvp and pve set bonuses without having a couple armourings that have expertise on them?

The talents taken are still the same. You just move 2 points from tier 2 into tier 4. Egress, Pain Bearer, and Psychic Suffusion got rotated counter-clockwise in a recent patch, and the skill calcs on fansites haven’t been updated yet. You still skip the Humility, Egress, Confound, and Master Speed talents.

Since will of the Jedi is gone any thoughts about two points in Concentration to improve force management? Or is buffing Force speed to break CC better?

I don’t know what you’re looking at, but Will of the Jedi is still in the Balance tree on Live, and going back 15 pages in the Dev Tracker there’s no mention of it being removed in a future patch.

Should it get removed, it would be a toss-up between Concentration and Egress, imo. It would depend on what you personally need. If you’re running out of Force often and actually DPS while healing, Concentration would be the best choice. It would add an aditional 2.4 Force/s to the base of 8 at three stacks, so its usefulness would depend on your Alacrity (which increases Force regen) and your ability to DPS while healing.

But if you’re constantly getting caught in CC effects, it’d be better to put into Egress. Egress would be more of a crutch until you learn encounters better. It would also be more useful for PvP.

Actually that is my bad. The talent calculator I was looking at while writing it was incomplete and inaccurate

I’m currently trying to adapt this build for PvP since I can’t find any good PvP healing guide for a full spec. Everyone only swear by hybrid healing 🙁
Anyway. From the 3 usefull skill in healing tree for PvP only one is absolutely needed : Egress. To get it I have to sacrifice either Psychic Suffusion or Claivoyance. Which one will impact less my healing?

This is a little late, but I’ve noticed that the layout for the skill tree has changed (obviously, due to the patches). Thus changing the placement of the perk that gives Force Wave the healing buff.
So as of 2.8 I am using Noxxic’s PvE skill tree for the seer, which does not include this perk.
I have thought about mixing and matching 2 skill points into that perk, but do not see any perks that I can remove points from without decreasing my healing capability.
I decided to try out the Force wave heal, just because I find that my resource management isn’t the best, and that while I’m sacrificing HP for Force a free AoE heal (even if it’s very little) can help stabilize a few players while I am recuperating.
I mainly met this problem during NiM TFB, I had 180 armour pieces and 168 implants and a 180 earpiece at the time, so it could’ve been the lack of gear (or perhaps my Scoundrel buddy was not up to it, since we had a general problem of keeping up with the raidwide damage on the dread guards.)

So I would really like to know if it’s worth sacrificing 2 skill points from something else in order to get that buff.

Here is a link to Noxxic’s skill tree (the perk is the rightmost in the 4th row from the bottom):


You don’t need egress and master speed. I used noxxic build at first, but changed that 2 sp to get Force Wave healing buff. Those two perks is only needed in PvP.

Thanks dude. Yeah, I saw Egress as a pointless perk.
Master Speed never caught my eye (since it’s at the top).
Thanks for the reply 🙂

Wondering that now in 3.0 why i have mostly “90%” available utilitiess at lvl 11 that increase dmg,but not really healing utilities at Seer Discipline Path. Weird stuff Bioware..So now doing dmg is almost as effective in healing path as it was in pure dmg tree before 3.0 or what is this lolz.. :/ Swtor was simplified more when 3.0 landed..Eaware a.k.a as Simpliware..Procced ability ready flash and so many simplifying came..

Dulfy Just starting off my sage healer!! Any chance of a screen shot of your HUD so as I learn to how to reduce clutter? Also whens new guide for patch 3.0?

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