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GW2: New Years Weekend Sale in the Gemstore

GW2 will be having a New Years Weekend Sale on the gemstore from Jan 3 to Jan 5. This sales includes both existing items and some new items.

  • Friday — Transmutation Splitters 50% Off! (1 for 150, 5 for 675, 25 for 3000 gems)

    Transmutation Splitters can be used to return the stat and appearance items in a transmuted piece of gear back to their original, separate states.

  • Friday — Character Slots 25% Off! (600 gems)

    Expand your family of characters with steeply discounted character slots!

  • Friday — Permanent Royal Pass! (1000 gems)

    This has never before been available – pick up a Permanent Royal Pass for unlimited, life-long access to the Queen’s Royal Terrace. The Royal Pass will teleport you directly to the Terrace from any PvE map!


  • Saturday — WvW Booster 40% Off!

    Rise through the ranks in WvW with a 50% bonus to WvW XP gain!

  • Saturday — Total Makeover Kits 30% Off!

    Find the new you with a Total Makeover Kit! Kits give you an opportunity to change your character’s gender, stature, hair, facial features, and more – including several exclusive options!

  • Saturday — Harvesting Tool Bundle!

    Pick up a bundle of the first permanent gathering tools: the Molten Alliance Mining Pick, the Chop-It-All Logging Axe, and the Consortium Harvesting Sickle.


  • Sunday — 35% Off of All Aetherized Armors!

    There’s an Aetherized Armor set for everyone! Show off your fashion sensibility with these striking armor skins.

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