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SWTOR Shield Tech Powertech Tanking Class Guide

A guide to SWTOR Shield Tech Powertech Tanking for PvE. Written and edited by Invinc and Vindrik of Harbinger.


The Shield Tech Powertech spec is the most balanced tanking spec in the game. The Powertech has the highest base damage reduction for any tank, the most balanced defensive stats, and is by far the most versatile and easiest tank to play with. They have one really good defensive cooldown, but lack variety. It is the only tank with ranged dps abilities, which is great for helping dps while offtanking, have a high threat generation due to a good dps rotation as a tank. They don’t rely much on procs and have decent AoE threat, as well as Jet Charge, Hydraulic Overrides, and Grapple for increased movement, with Hydraulic Overrides being an excellent way of avoiding certain mechanics. Unlike the Assassin’s Force Pull, Grapple doesn’t generate much threat, so using another ranged ability before the pull such as Explosive Dart or just Jet Charging in is more beneficial.

Offensive Cooldowns:

  1. Thermal Sensor Override: Your next ability costs no Heat
  2. Explosive Fuel: Increases your critical strike chance by 25% for a short while

Defensive Cooldowns:

  1. Kolto Overload: Gives you a buff for 1 minute, whereby if you fall under 35% HP, a fast-ticking self heal will trigger that will consistently heal you back up to a maximum of 35% HP for a few seconds.
  2. Energy Shield: Significantly Increase your base damage reduction for short while.
  3. Oil Slick: Creates an area on the ground underneath you which reduces enemies’ melee and ranged accuracy by 30% and movement speed by 70% while within the AoE

Tricks of the Trade:

  1. Single target and AoE taunts
  2. Hydraulic Overrides: Increases movement speed and gives immunity to knockbacks, snares and physics effects for a few seconds
  3. Grapple: Pulls an enemy target to your location
  4. Carbonize: Brief AoE stun
  5. Shoulder Cannon: Load 4 missiles over time which can be fired at your target. Firing these missiles does not respect the GCD and can be fired while stunned
  6. Stealth Scan: Reveal stealthed enemies in a small area
  7. Vent Heat: Instant Heat reduction.

Shield Tech

Optional 1: Shield Tech (36 / 7 / 3):

  • This build has 2 points into the Hot Iron talent


Note: Note: Points in Rail Loaders in the Shield Tech tree, can instead be put into Jet Speed in the Shield Tech tree for some fights that require an extra movement speed boost.

Optional 2 Shield Tech (36 / 7 / 3):


Note: Note: Points in Rail Loaders in the Shield Tech tree, can instead be put into Jet Speed in the Shield Tech tree for some fights that require an extra movement speed boost.

Optional 2:

1.1 Rates (1-10):

  • Single Target Dps / Threat: 9
  • AoE Dps / Threat : 7
  • Group Utility: 4
  • Rotation Difficulty: 2
  • RNG Dependant: No
  • Defensive Cooldowns: 6
  • Spikiness: 0
  • Signature Ability: Heat Blast

1.2 Gearing & Stats Priority:

Secondary Tanking Stat Distribution

a) Author Recommended

Note: Powertech tanks have two possible play styles that are both viable. To get your total secondary stat pool, add up your shield, defense, and absorption in the character stats with a stim on.

Method one, Maximum Shield Rating:

  • Shield Rating: 40% – 48% of your total secondary stat pool. 44% = 1100 Rating
  • Defense Rating: 16% – 24% of your total secondary stat pool. 20% = 500 Rating
  • Absorption Rating: 32% – 40% of your total secondary stat pool. 36% = 900 Rating

Method two, Maximum Defense Rating:

  • Shield Rating: 32% – 40% of your total secondary stat pool. 36% = 900 Rating
  • Defense Rating: 40% – 48% of your total secondary stat pool. 44% = 1100 Rating
  • Absorption Rating: 16% – 24% of your total secondary stat pool. 20% = 500 Rating

b) KeyboardNinja’s theorycrafted numbers for ideal distribution

To use these numbers, you must add up you shield, defense, and absorption in the character stats with a stim on to get your stat budget. These numbers assume you are using Reactive Warding and Fortunate Redoubt relics as they are less accurate with other relic types. Lastly these numbers are for hardmode Dread Fortress/Dread Palace averaged and may not be accurate for future operations/Nightmare mode. Read this post by KBN if you want the full run down.

Stat Budget Defense Shield Absorb Full set
1900 640 794 466  
2000 614 741 418  
2100 593 923 584  
2200 575 986 640 Augmented Arkanian (2181)
2300 559 1046 694  
2400 547 1106 747  
2500 536 1164 800  
2600 528 1221 851  
2700 522 1277 901 Dread Foraged (2721)
2800 517 1333 950  
2900 514 1387 998  
3000 512 1442 1046  

Other Stats

  • **Must Have** Accuracy: 104% Force – 94% melee (1% from companion + 3% from talent = 0% from Gear)
  • **Must Have** Alacrity: 0%
  • **Must Have** Surge Rating: 0
  • **Must Have** Critical Rating: 0
  • **Must Have** Power: 0 (except for that gained by augments)
  • **Must Have** Augments: Shield (Shield) / Defense (Redoubt) / Absorption (Absorb) to meet the above percentages
  • Relics: Shield Amplification, Fortunate Redoubt, Reactive Warding (dependent on the fight, you can pick whoever two you need)
  • Set Bonus: 4 piece Supercommando’s
  • Ion Gas Cylinder

1.3 Tanking Strategy:

As a tank Powertech, your main focus is to build Heat Screens from shielding attacks and Ion Gas Cylinder procs in order to use Heat Blast, as it is your best ability. It has a short CD, and buffs your Absorption for a short while on use. Rocket Punch and Rail Shot, thanks to the Ion Overload and Supercharged Ion Gas talents, will trigger your Ion Gas Cylinder to build Heat Screens. The Flame Engine talent causes any attack or ability have a chance to trigger a fast-channeling Flamethrower, which is one of your most damaging attacks. Powertechs have the only AoE taunt in the game that can be used a range, meaning you can use it on an enemy up to 30 meters away, and the taunt radius will emanate from them instead of from you.

  • Heat Blast is free of cost, but requires and consumes 3 stacks of Heat Screen, venting 8 Heat and increasing Absorb chance by 25% for a few seconds. Heat Blast should be used on cooldown, and not held onto for any length of time to function as a cooldown.
  • Rocket Punch is one of your harder hitting abilities, as well as triggering your Ion Gas Cylinder, doing some damage, proccing Heat Screens and enabling the use of Rail Shot. It should be used regularly due to the cooldown being reset by the Hydraulic Shield talent.
  • Rail Shot is your best ranged ability. It can be used at 30 meters, will generate a high amount of threat, trigger Heat Screen charges and trigger an AoE Ion Gas Cylinder proc on multiple enemies close to your target.
  • Flamethrower is your highest damaging ability, and thanks to the Flame Engine talent it will have its cooldown refreshed and channel twice as fast. It should be used on cooldown for high damage output and to hit multiple targets.
  • Flame Burst is your best filler ability, and should be responsible for the majority of your damage due to its lack of cooldown.
  • Shoulder Cannon could be considered a defensive CD, but it is also considered part of your tanking rotation for threat generation, as the Shield Cannon talent increases its threat generation and causes each missile to heal you upon firing. Due to this, it is a great ability for extra initial threat, as well as for on-demand healing throughout a fight.
  • Flame Sweep is an important part of your AoE rotation, but for single targets should only be used to capitalise on the Flame Surge talent, which gives you 2 charges of free Flame Sweeps after using Jet Charge.
  • Rapid Shots is your free filler ability, but should only be used when you are beginning to overheat. It’s not entirely useless beyond Heat management due to causing procs of Ion Gas Cylinder and Heat Screen, so it’s still better than doing nothing.
  • Death From Above is an excellent burst ability that deals high damage, and generally should be used when offtanking for more dps, and as a ranged ability to kill adds or distant enemies without moving, even while tanking. Unfortunately it does have a minimum range, so while you can use it on some bosses with large hitboxes while you are tanking them, it does require some aiming to make sure it doesn’t miss smaller targets.
  • Unload also deals a high amount of damage, but suffers significant pushback while tanking. As such, it’s generally a good ability to use at range while you are not taking damage.
  • Explosive Dart is another option for ranged dps. It’s not recommended for use as part of your single target main tank rotation, as the cost is not worth the damage it deals, but some tanks prefer to use it as an initial pull, followed by a Jet Charge for the increased initial threat. Other than that, it’s another good choice while at range when your other abilities are on cooldown.

1.4 Defensive Cooldown Explanation:

  • Oil Slick is an excellent and very underrated cooldown. Unlike most CD’s, however, it affects all targets within an area on the floor, instead of giving you a passive buff, essentially creating a field of +30% defense chance against all targets in its AoE. It can be used when tanking or on long offtank phases, as dropping it on top of your target will still give the main tank the benefit. It should be used as much as possible in a boss fight to gain its full advantage, as its short CD means that it is up for most difficult phases and transitions. As it affects any targets within its AoE, it is useful regardless of who has aggro or how many enemies there are, as long as they are close together.
  • Energy Shield is a great flat damage reduction cooldown. As Energy Shield increases damage reduction by 25%, while other cooldowns like Invincible (Juggernaut)reduce damage taken, there is a slight difference in the way these are calculated. By increasing damage reduction, the reduction takes place before damage is calculated, whereas reducing damage taken causes the calculation to take place after the damage has already been mitigated. This makes cooldowns such as Energy Shield, which give you increased damage reduction, more efficient at overall damage mitigation.
  • Kolto Overload is a tricky cooldown to use, but thanks to the Coolant talent it has a bit more utility, and considering that you should always be healed as soon as possible in any high risk situation, the best way to use this CD is often to use it while predicting incoming damage. Doing so will instantly start healing you up as soon as you get hit under 35%, while it will continue to heal you via Coolant throughout its duration. Be wary, however, that predicting these situations may occasionally lead to a wasted cooldown, as a large incoming heal that you weren’t expecting may mean that you never actually drop below 35% at all. The Coolant talent will not heal you prior to the ability’s activation.
  • Shoulder Cannon thanks to the Shield Cannon talent, in addition to its excellent threat generation, will heal you by 5% of your maximum HP for every missile fired. While this doesn’t sound like much, with 4 missiles per Cannon use, a 20% heal works out to be rather substantial.
  • Heat Blast is not really a cooldown, however it’s already the most important part of your rotation, and due to its large buff can be considered as effective as a CD while active.

1.5 Group Buffs:

  • Combust (Talent): Reduces damage dealt by all targets recently hit by your Flame Burst or Flame Sweep by 5%
  • Oil Slick: Reduces Accuracy and movement speed of all enemies within its AoE

1.6 Ability Priority:

  1. Heat Blast: HB
  2. Rocket Punch: RP
  3. Rail Shot: RS
  4. Flamethrower: FT
  5. Flame Burst: FB
  6. Shoulder Cannon: SC
  7. Flame Sweep: FS
  8. Jet Charge: JC
  9. Rapid Shots
  10. Death From Above
  11. Unload
  12. Explosive Dart

Defensive Cooldowns Priority:

  1. Oil Slick
  2. Energy Shield
  3. Kolto Overload
  4. Shoulder Cannon
  5. Heat Blast

1.7 Opening Threat Rotation:

Note: Taunt use is relative, depending on the fight and your ops group. Read the “How Taunt Functions” section to understand when best to use your taunts.

Pre-cast SC + JC + Explosive Fuel / RP + RS / SC + FT + HB / FB + FT (if procced) + FB + RP / SC + FS + FB


1.8 AoE Ability Priority and Explanation

  1. Ion Gas Cylinder
  2. Death From Above
  3. Flame Thrower
  4. Flame Sweep
  5. Explosive Dart
  • Ion Gas Cylinder is your general-purpose high threat ability for multiple targets. Due to talents, using Rail Shot automatically triggers the Cylinder on that target, and up to 4 other nearby targets.
  • Death From Above is your best AoE ability, which is often used to pull groups or as a ranged dps burst your off tank rotation. It is very difficult to use while already tanking a group of mobs due to its minimum range, however if it is a viable option, Death From Above should always be your first choice.
  • Flame Thrower is already an important part of your rotation, so it should come as no surprise that it’s even more important for AoE groups. It doesn’t have a high threat multiplier, but deals a significant amount of damage to make up for that. Using it with or without a proc is a must for your AoE rotation.
  • Flame Sweep does decent damage, but high threat. Using it in combination with Flame Surge charges after using Jet Charge is very important, as it makes a huge difference for your Heat management. Using Flame Sweep without these charges is rather expensive, and should only be used for emergencies. Considering you rarely use Thermal Sensor Override in any rotation as a Powertech tank, combining it with Flame Sweep for extra threat in a pinch will give you the benefit without harming your Heat.
  • Explosive Dart is a really good AoE ability, but it happens to be the worst out of your arsenal. It deals AoE damage upon detonation, so if the target moves, stays out of range or runs away from the group, it’s basically wasted time and Heat. However, using it on packs you already have under control or can guarantee striking multiple targets, such as at the start of a pull, is a great Idea.

1.9 AoE Rotation:

Pulling a group from a distance:

Death From Above + Explosive Dart + JC + FT + RP + RS + FS + FT (proc) + FS


Pulling a group at close range:

FT + RP + RS + Explosive Dart + TSO / FS + FS + FT (proc)


Pulling a group at close range, who do not have boss immunity:

FT + Carbonize + Run out of range / JC + RP + RS + FS + FS + Explosive Dart + FT (proc) + TSO / FSswtor-shield-tech-powertech-tanking-guide-aoe-rotation-3

1.10 Video:

Video of a typical tanking in an operation


1.11 Tips and Tricks:

  • Hydraulic Overrides when used at the right time can be used to avoid many mechanics in a boss fight to simplify fight strategy, as granting you immunity to physics will prevent any pulls or knockbacks.
  • Carbonize is the only AoE stun available for a tank that will affect any kind of enemy, so using it while tanking multiple enemies is generally a good idea to help mitigate as much damage as possible.
  • Using Shoulder Cannon before the fight will ensure that your 4 missiles are finished loading before the fight begins, however the actual CD of the ability won’t begin until you fire your last missile.
  • Keep in mind that the Close and Personal passive ability lets you vent a small amount of Heat and recover some health when you take AoE damage, with a short internal cooldown.

1.12 General Tanking Strategies

  • Differently from dps cooldowns, tank CDs are not something you should be trying to use as much as possible in a boss fight, because you never know when something might happens that may cause the healers to need an extra boost in order to keep you alive. That being said, on fights that have high standard incoming damage with no mechanic potential for burst, it is generally a good idea to hold on to one cooldown in case of an emergency, but cycle through any others in order to mitigate as much damage as possible for the length of the fight.
  • A common mistake from average inexperienced Flashpoint tanks is thinking that taunt will basically keep the boss on you no matter happens, without understanding how it actually functions. The reality is that taunts do have 6 seconds where the boss will be forced to attack you, however immediately following that, if your threat is not high enough you will lose aggro again. As such, taunt’s real job is to keep you at the top of the threat meter, since a taunt will always give you aggro equal to the highest person on the threat meter, plus an extra 10%. This means that if you taunt during your initial pull, you will hold the boss for 6 seconds, but that extra 10% will be wasted, as 10% of a small amount of initial aggro is not as effective as waiting for a few seconds until your threat is higher before taunting, which will give you a higher increase and make it harder for the dps to pull off of you. Due to this functionality, you are best off opening with your high-threat abilities to hold initial aggro for the first few GCDs, and once dps start doing their highest peak of damage and threat a few seconds in, or as soon as you lose aggro, use your single taunt, as this will put you above the highest current threat by 10%, at which time the dps should use their threat drops. Good dps should know that after the first taunt is an ideal time to use their threat drop, as it maximises the threat cushion gained by the tank. This will give you enough room to hold boss for another few GCDs at least, before perhaps having to use an AoE taunt to do the same thing again. Following that, your single target taunt should be available shortly thereafter, and this method should secure you as the top threat for the remainder of the fight. If you are worried about threat in general, using taunt as it becomes available will boost your threat generation significantly, just ensure that you aren’t using it on cooldown in fights that require tank swaps, as you should always have it available when it’s needed.
  • The highest burst dps done in any boss fight is generally at the start of the fight, since everyone will have pre-cast their abilities and buffs and cooldowns, Bloodthirst | Inspiration, adrenals and relics. Because of this, asking a dps to push their damage as high as possible is essentially hamstringing your ops group, especially for fights that have tight Enrage timers. Initial tank rotations are specifically designed to generate enough threat to hold aggro off of any dps regardless of how good they are, so you should never be struggling for threat.
  • A great deal of tanks confuse the Guard tooltip’s PvE and PvP aspects, and don’t quite understand how it actually works. In PvE, Guard reduces the target’s damage taken by 5% and reduces threat generation by 25%. The 50% damage transference is only activated in PvP combat. This means that you should either be guarding the two highest dps if you are worried about losing aggro, or anyone that will be taking excessive mechanic damage as part of the fight.
  • A good tank should always be doing their best to try and make everybody else’s job as simple and easy as possible. As such, the boss should be tanked in place as often as possible, placed in a position where they are easily accessible to all members of the ops group, and never moved out of ground AoE when it’s not necessary.
  • Assisting with the group’s overall dps is always a good idea. Doing your best to deal as much damage as possible while tanking will help to push Enrage timers and burn phases, and will still generate a high amount of threat.
  • Being able to adapt quickly to emergency situations, such as an impromptu Stealth rez, is a must, and you should always be aware of ways to mitigate your own damage taken, and maximising the chance of a successful rez when this happens.
  • Adjusting your user interface to help you perform well is incredibly helpful, including enabling the target of target and focus target windows in your interface editor. Always knowing who your target is hitting and what your focus target is doing will help you to call out predictable mechanics, swap targets when necessary and be situationally aware of what is about to happen next

1.13 How Taunt Functions

The taunt ability has a really simple mechanic that dictates how it works. Every enemy has a threat meter, which dictates who they will attack, the highest person on their individual threat meter will always be their target. Threat is generated via dealing damage and healing, and some abilities generate threat on higher multipliers than others. Taunting a target will instantly generate threat for you equal to the highest person on the target’s threat meter, plus an extra 10%, as well as forcing the target to attack you for the next 6 seconds. As such, if you are passed on the threat meter after this 6 seconds has elapsed, the target will return back to attacking the highest person on the threat meter. Taunting while you already have aggro will simply give you an extra 10% of your own threat. Keep in mind that the extra 10% threat generation is applied upon using the taunt, and regular threat generation continues accumulating for the duration of the taunt’s effect, so although taunt will give you an edge in threat, if the highest amount of threat on the boss is only low, then the 10% extra that you will gain is not particularly substantial. Because of this, especially early on in fights and during aggro drop mechanics, taunt is not a substitute for good initial threat generation through a proper rotation.

Asking dps to slow down at the start of a fight so that you can maintain aggro is something that will significantly hold back both your group’s dps as well as your own threat. Guarding two of your best dps is generally the best course of action, as it will minimise the chances that they will be able to catch up to you after your initial taunt rotation, but asking them to slow their dps is counterintuitive, as if they are dealing less damage then you can only taunt off of yourself, and as such may actually gain less initial threat. Due to the mechanics of taunt, you should be holding your initial taunts for a few GCDs to ensure that as much threat is built up as possible before you need to use it, and should a dps pull aggro from you that would be an ideal time to taunt. Immediately following this the dps should use their threat drop, so that you gain as much threat as possible, while they lose as much as possible and therefore the gap between the two of you is significantly increased

AoE taunt functions in the same way, and affects each target individually. Because each enemy has their own individual threat meter, each threat calculation is done separately, meaning that an initial AoE taunt on a fresh group of mobs can easily still lose aggro to healers if you don’t maintain threat on each target using other AoE abilities.

About the Authors

Invinc and Vindrik are both members of <Hatred> on Harbinger, an endgame progression guild with world 3rd clear of Nightmare S&V, World 2nd clear of Nightmare TFB, world 1st speed clear (under 2 hrs) of Nightmare S&V, and numerous server firsts at the 8m level.

Invinc is the guild leader of <Hatred> and mains an operative DPS but plays pretty much every and all classes for operations. He currently leads the parses on operative lethality DPS on multiple boss fights and dummy parses. Also known as Carlenux, Carlenix (sniper), Carlenx (Sorcerer), Pyrotec (Powertech)

Vindrik mains an operative healer and is the raid leader for group B in <Hatred> (World 5th speed clear of Nightmare S&V). He is the former raid leader of <Notorious Synergy> on Dalborra, one of the world top guilds pre-2.0 (World 4th).

While the information here are mostly written by these two players, numerous other Hatred raid members and guides were consulted. Questions, comments, concerns will be answered by Invinc, who goes by the name of Carlos Eduardo Mata in the comments section below.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

55 replies on “SWTOR Shield Tech Powertech Tanking Class Guide”

Great guide and thank you very much for adding the taunt mechanics section. So many people don’t understand how the taunt mechanics work so this should help the tanking community out a ton. It might be worth it to mention the amount of threat you need to take aggro is 110% melee (<2.74m) and 130% for ranged so the melee dps know why it's easier for them to take aggro from the tank then ranged dps. Then again that usually confuses people. You got all the important stuff up there:)

On separate note, I can't wait for these guides to completely replace Noxxic.

First of all I believe that “Integrated Cardio Package” talent is highly overestimated. When you’re 40k hp it gives you only 1,2k extra hp and I don’t think it’s really worth 3 talent points. What you really want to do with pyro tree is pumping your Rocket Punch.
Also I took “Advanced tools” and “Prototype Cylinders” in the second tier of Advanced Prototype tree pumping my passive damage and this way threat generation from Ion Gas Cylinders (which is about 6% of total damage) and reducing cooldown for Grapple and Flamethrower(used to spam it).
Flame Burst, to my mind, is too expensive to spam it this way. I use it pretty often as a filler (in case heat level is low) or just to keep the “Combust” debuff.

it is not overestimated, in fact not using it is a complete and huge mistake anyone would notice, let me put it this way… 1.2k hp = 120 Endurance… you need at least 6-10 enhancements / Mods upgrade to get 120 endurance, so you are saying that using a talent that is worth 10 pieces of modification is a waste, that is a mistake unfortunately :S.

Advanced tool is usually a wasted talent, Grapple is a complete waste on a real raid, the only use has been on nightmare EC kephess for bombers, and you dont need reduced CD, reducing the CD on something you dont use 99.9% of the time is pointless, this guides are made for nightmare raiding, not hm flashpoint, probably for flashpoints it is useful for the multiple groups. the reduced CD in Flamethrower is often missed, considering you will proc the Talent from your tank shield, and eventually half the time, either there is a mechanic or simple proc delay, u will have your fresh Flamethrower followed by a proc, you almost never get a Proc in the last 3 seconds of Flamethrower CD, that maybe happens once per fight at most, so reducing 3 second CD for an ability that most of the time will have a proc that refresh its CD and the other half the Natural CD will be off regardless of the 3 second Off is also a waste, It could help, but you will rarely get an advantage from it.

Prototype cylinder is also a waste, +6% dmg dealt by your worst hitting ability, +6% from a 200 tick is 16 dmg, just because the ability says “generate high amount of threat” doesnt mean it is actually needed, Ion Cylinder has a 1 x 8.03 Threat, on the Dot, the initial dmg is like a normal ability with 2x, this means first tick does x2 threat the other 2 ticks does x8.03… now heres the thing, the dmg is split on 3… so basically iif we estimate a total of 400 Dmg (spread in 3). 6% = 24 now lets imagine that 24 gets a 8x Threat, which is not true but lets go with that, thats 192 threat… 1 flame burst of 1700 Avg 6% = 102 x2= 204 so just with this simple (and wrong calculation because not all the threat from cylinder has x8 threat, only 2/3 does) 6% on flame burst has more benefit on threat, and has 4 times more benefit on Dmg dealt, eventually you would need 4 cylinder to do 1 Burst buff, and even worse in critical hits 1 full crit of cylinder (they are different proc therefor each one has X% crit chance separate from the other) which is almost impossible, would be 600 6% = 36 threat x8 = 288 Threat – 192 = 96 Threat difference between normal and crit… Flame burst 2550 crit 6% = 153 threat x2 = 306 threat – 204 = 102 Difference, so the difference between Flame burst crit dmg / Threat vs Ion crit dmg / threat (even when all the calculations were done with perfect ion dmg and more threat than it actually generates) will always be in favor of flame burst, doesnt matter how you do the math, Flame burst will always be in front of cylinder on the important thing that is damage, the extra threat generated by 6% dmg is completely useless and not needed, would rather take 8% on rocket punch before taking Ion cylinder buff. 24% of the dmg vs 5% of the dmg, i think it is pretty obvious you would rather have +6% dmg on something that is your highest dmging ability instead of a 5% just for useless threat pool , that at the start of the fight wont be useful considering Flame burst spam would generate more threat right off the bat, also 8% from rocket punch is worst than 6% burst considering the dmg difference between them in a fight and both having only 2x threat generation.

“Integrated Cardio Package”. Still saying it’s a waste. 120 endurance is what you get from extra mod and enhancement of 69 quality. 1,2 hp won’t save you in 99% of cases – 3 talent point for nothing? No way!
“Advanced tools”. Grapple is not the point, Flamethrower is. It shares 1st and 2nd place with Rocket punch in overall damage table just becuse in most cases I succeed in using it 2-3 times in 30 seconds.

Anyway, you cannot say this is right and that is not. It all depends on someone’s playstyle. You spam Flame burst? You’re welcome To take “Hot Iron”. I use it once in 10 seconds and see no point in taking it.

The last time I’ve been to a Flashpoint is… May? Or June? I don’t remember. I’m tanking DF/DP Hardmodes atm.

we are reading every comment and suggestions and arguing stuff in every guide and usually i agree or add stuff when people are right, unfortunately this wont be the case, i can not have an alternative in my guide that is wrong “””NOTE: anyone reading this, do NOT try not using integrated cardio package, dont even think about it, it is a mistake and its wrong, there is no valid argument about it””. Now let me try to explain more in depth the “mod” situation that it seems you didnt Understand, yeah 1 Enhancements has 74-96 Endurance thats true, but you are ALREADY using an enhancements… Lets go to Kell dragon gear it had like 69 Endurance? right, the improvement has 76 from dread forged… Each Improvement has 7 Endurance, therefor i need 17 enhancements UPGRADES to make up for that talent, under your theory basically there is no point on improving KD to DF gear because i mean 7 enhancements * 7 = 49 Endurance is not worth it right? its 490 HP, under your theory i would rather Grab couple of Power surge / Acc power Enhancements losing 50-80 Endurance and 0.2% shield to gain more bonus on something else, after all, 800 HP wont save you from anything if 1.2K doesnt, neither will 0.2% shield chance, after all in theory it will only help u shield 1/500 hits more than you already have.
So bottom line nop, you are wrong, any kind of improvement that goes towards your Main role IS AN IMPROVEMENT, as a tank you CAN NOT consider a reduced CD on a dps ability or a 8% boost that will end up being 5k dmg boost in total in Exchange for a Survival ability, the same way a dps should not consider Taking a Survival Talent instead of a +1% dps on anything (this can be arguable considering they do need to survive and depends on fight) but in theory, you optimize what your role does.

Advanced Tools is, arguable like i said Flamethrower reduced CD COULD be of help, ive done hours of tests in dummy, examined hours of boss fights from my parses, and i Rarely get the chance where my Proc happens under 3 second of CD (which would be the benefit of the Talent) i think it was something close to 1.5 Per fight which ended up being not much of an improvement, maybe if u feeling more lucky with procs, you could use it, and its valid, i wouldnt mind anyone that take that talent over Flame burst, but for me i would rather have Flame burst, thats my Advice at least :).

as far as flame burst, yes i spam flame burst, anyone spam flame burst, flame burst is your only ability that doesnt have CD, you SPAM it :), majority of dps classes top dps ability is not the highest hitting or most useful, is usually the Spammed, same here, there is no such thing as a playstyle, you use and have to use Flame burst by far way more than anything else and will end up doing more dmg unless you spam rapid shots because getting overheated as a PT tank is almost impossible, also in order to exploit Explosive Fuel + Vent heat DPS rotation you have to spam it too. lets break down a 32 Second Rotation here quick: lets imagine all your Procs happen perfect and no heat:

RS + RP + FTH (proc) + WB (6s) + FB + FB (9s) + FB + RP (12s) + FTH + FB + RS + RP + FB + WB (21s) + RP + FTH + FB + FB + FB + FB + RP + FTH (32s)

RP= 5
FTH= 4
FB = 9

Now of course to not get overheat you probably need to add 2-3 Rapid shots instead of something, but also, FTH proc only has 15% chance, so this is like 1 / 6.6 Ratio, Rocket punch is 50% OFF Shielding, this means you need to get hit first, that adds a 40% chance 1 / 2.5 ratio… now this has 50% chance so its a 1/2 chance from a 1 / 2.5 chance FROM a hit taken to proc.

So, doesnt matter how you want to see it or think you can master the rotation to a perfect way to use less flame burst, even in the case of a perfect proc sequence, FB will always have twice as many uses, now considering the fact that just from Proc and %, those 5 RP should be 1-2, and FTH 1-2 as well, opening 4 empty GCD for rapid shots, this means an accurate number would be:

RP= 2
FTH= 2
FB= 9
Rapid shots= 4

doesnt matter how you look at it, the powertech tank rotation is Spam flame burst inbetween CD and RNG, there isnt a smart way around or different alternative, your only alternative is not using FB for rapid shots which will end up u not using heat as intended and doing less dmg / Threat, in any parse you post or compare you will always have Flame burst higher dmg than the rest unless Flamethrower hits AoE.

Okay, I originally DID understand what you meant about enhancement and mod improvements. That isn’t the case. Spending 3(!!!) talent points for 3% of endurance still doesn’t make sence for me. If it was 3% for 1 talent point – this would be unargueable thing, musthave talent. Since not, I can see a better alternative for these THREE talent points.

Advanced tools… Maybe you’re right, but pumping FB is surely not an alternative for me (as well as Jet Speed, I cannot even recall a situation where Jet Speed could be of use in PvE), since spamming it means getting overheated in 10 seconds.

Anyway, as I said before it all depends upon a playstyle. If you want your endurance or damage maxed – you’re welcome. My phylosophy of tanking states that tank has to do two things – generate enough threat and survive, of course doing his job depending upon encounter. My former GM doesn’t take neither endurance talent nor some defense talents maximizing his dps ratings, just because his group suffered lack of dps killing Styrak.

i agree MAYBE, not taking the 3% talent for using those 3 in extra dps for one specific fight like u said, styrak, because is tight dps and easy to heal is a good idea but i dont believe by any means not using that talent always, i guess there might be a dependant situation where you could use it, but i would always prefer the endurance.

getting overheated as a tank is really hard combined with mechanics and exploiting vent heat, you have a lot of room to spam, but yeah that is also up to personal choice.

My guild main tank uses jet speed as he has a different theory than you, he says the extra dmg from rail shot = 3k in total in the whole fight wont make a difference when jet boost is useful in few situations, i dont agree, but it works, then again our group rarely ever has a dps problem on any fight at all… fights like Dread guard nightmare kiting Kelsara with the booost and hydraulic, kiting sunder or kiting tuchuk with overrides to avoid a couple of hits, you could say he is one of those “moving” tanks he loves to move when tanking a non target boss to avoid couple of hits if possible to help heals, which helps a lot, so he has found use on a lot of fights believe it or not, so i had to add it in the options since hes one of our two main tanks :D.

So maybe it would be more reasonable to put 36-5-0 build screenshot with 5 free talent points noting ” You can put it in X or Y or even Z, and I prefer that one”? This would avoid such argues as we have just had because people are different and really have different playstyles. This guide isn’t 100% only right text, it suits you, but there’s always an option. Guides should send people to the true path, but not tell them what to do.

nah because as far as “i” can tell, that talent tree is my ideal, and what i recommend, the notes below add the different possibilities for plays style, if u like it on hot irons and you read it in the notes, then it is correct :), and should be updated later :), the fact that i agree with you on the play style and stuff doesnt mean i think is correct 🙂 so i add my recommended talent and all the reasonable good advices from people in the notes to clarify :D.

You know, you remind me Nikita Khruschov atm – “There are only two opinions – mine and wrong”

not really, you just giving an opinion, that i already said that will be added in the options for the spec, but unfortunately i dont believe it is the best option, so i am not editing the guide for something i dont believe is right, so there is no right or wrong, one is my opinion other is yours, my opinion goes as main spec, your goes as the alternative options because they are viable, but i prefer the info ive taken from myself than taken form anyone else :), anyways i have lots of comments to answer so should end this conversation here, was very nice discussion and thanks for your feedback, hope u enjoy it or any other class guide, and have fun playing friend!.

Sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean it.
Anyway you did a good job, this is the best starter guide for SWtOR I’ve seen. It’ll be really useful for those who start their way. I really needed such one about 6-7 months ago. Good luck in doing it, it’ll be of great need while the game is alive.

you didnt hurt me 🙂 i am just trying ways to be polite when not giving you the reason :), i dont consider it a starting guide, i am pretty sure anyone following this guidelines with good skills would be able to run nightmare, but unfortunately everyone in this game knows everything, everyone come read guides not to get help, but to prove everyone how good they are here and in fact somehow prove me wrong in 5 different things all together, but when they raid they cant kill anything :S lol.(not talking about you lol just the majority of the posts)

so i am hoping people stop being so “arrogant” and read and try to learn if they want to improve that way we could have more real guilds competing for progression and not just 7-8 :S, ive had too many raiders that “know it all” but were wrong on everything, were terrible raiders and eventually got removed from raids, because one thing is thinking you know it all (no one does, there is no such thing as perfect information) and other thing is knowing enough to be good… most people think they know it all and are TERRIBLE raiders, majority actually, so hopefully this guide will be of help for those kind of raiders so guilds and raid groups improve together :).

thanks for your feedback again it is appreciated.

Here’s the issue I’m having right now. This is Dulfy’s website and due to an awesome amount of effort it has become a go to place for a huge majority of swtor players. The release of these guides has the opportunity to provide discussions across a larger player base then we have been able to get anywhere else, including the swtor forums. As a community, we can use the discussions to determine things such as absolute musts for a build and optional things. We can learn from each other and become better.

Carlos, I know you didn’t need to put any effort into making this guide so I am extremely grateful of what you have done. I only ask that you be open to improving the guide if others happen to provide valuable feedback. I know you guys clear all content extremely fast and are very competent players, but just keep in mind that even though you wrote this guide, it’s in Dulfy’s name. People assume that this is fact. They assume this is something that has been proven to be true by the community as a whole. If it becomes apparent that that’s not the case and instead its only one person’s opinion, then I would have to take back my comment on this overtaking Noxxic, because that’s all that ever was. Please don’t let that happen, I beg you. These guides are awesome for the community and I am really looking forward to the effect they will have.

OK, so now that my rant is over, I feel I should at least offer my opinion as a TERRIBLE raider.

What is the role of a tank?

-If it is ONLY to survive, then the extra endurance makes sense.

-Some would also argue it would be to maintain aggro to keep the damage away from everyone else. I believe that this depends on the raid group. If aggro is more of a struggle than your survivability then go with the extra damage. If the healers are struggling, go with the health.

-The last theory is that they include the damage from tanks when they design the bosses. Its not much but they do consider it. If they healers have no issues keeping you alive with less health, then the extra dps is worth more than the extra health that you don’t need.

Out of those, I couldn’t tell every person what the MUST do, but I can determine that each person may have a different need. Best case for Subscribers is to have field respec and adjust accordingly. Either way, I absolutely believe points here are optional.

Ahh, Looks like yes. I see they listed Carlenux as a contributor. Awesome to see. Thanks again for your hard work.

sorry if my comment made you feel that way, but unfortunately i can not agree or say my information is wrong when its not, if anything someone say is true, i say so and edit it.
this have been the edits so far:
multiple type / mistake writing
someone fixed our coolant talent
added alternative gearing option
added alternative talent option
fixed info on WB tooltip

so yeah we heard what people say, but just because someone come here and say something believing its right doesnt mean it is actually right, thats my point.

tank role is to survive and make fight easier for the rest, dmg is an standard issue for them.

a raid group would never ever ever ever ever need 2-5k dmg boost from a tank, because any of those talent wont increase more than 2-5k (6% and 8% of such weak hitting ability). extra endurance can in fact give more room to healers for dps considering you have more hp to survive attacks, maybe instead of droping a heal right away, they drop an orbital or a dot, this done once its already at least 3k+ dmg, so your job instead of thinking how to do dps job is how to receive less dmg and be more durable so healers can do some extra dmg because you are doing yours already, also a group that requires a tank to reduce their survivability to buff dps, is a dps mistake that doesnt exist, and dps should improve their performance.
yeah agre on field respec and i agree everyone have different needs of course, but the dps bosst on a tank talent is not that high as u think, to take from a survival talent, everyone has to take what suits their role the most, then adjust depending on a fight. losing dps as dps for survival is good… losing survival as tank for dps is not, because losing 50 dps vs 10% dmg taken less is huge, with this dmg taken less healers can heal better and dps more. while losing Surviveability for a 5-15k lets say dmg boost on a boss with over 1-2 mil hp, is not recommended in my opinion :). i would rather have healers dpsing more if tank can survive more, than having tank surviving less and doing minimum extra dmg :D.

thx for the feedback btw!.

I get what you are saying and of the options we have to spend points in, I would probably go with the extra endurance 90% of the time. I don’t question the reasons why. Of course the main goal of the tank is to survive. I merely wanted to point out the different opinions out there and how this is one of many discussion points that are bound to occur as you release these guides. As long as you are willing to adjust if improvements are justified, I have no doubt the community here will continue to be successful.

I agree 100% with Jezz’sa here. Before reading the comments in this guide I have commented exactly the same in the vanguardcounterpart.

Extra HP is not totally wasted but its effect is limited to
1. the skill of your healers
2. The effect of your selfheals

Point 1 is very personal. As long as you are above something like 40k HP (forgot what level exactly) than no boss should be able to oneshot you if the healers are doing their jobs. Point 2 is also personal but less. I rather take more damage dealt than slightly more healing by selfheals.

The proc of pulse engine does trigger a lot for me right after I did a fullcast of pulsecannon. Your statement about almost never isnt happening to me.

Crap, got the mirroring mixed up. Thought Prototype cylinders was iron fist. Anyway, here a have to aggro with carlos. I’d rather invest in a harder hitting rocketpuch.

seems like you are mixing the Mirrors yeah lol, as far as the Flamethrower / pulse cannon, it is a viable option, but i dont like it, i prefer the other two points, to be honest it is a good option and there is no mistake on using that talent, on the other hand, Flame burst often does more dmg than Rocket punch so the 6% buff from it should be better than 8%, then again those 2 Extra points invested in either of the 3 talents is a complete viable option, i just gave my Preferred Build :D.

as far as the 3% extra endurance, i will go with this again, there is no argument on that, no valid argument, i dont see any other way to explain it, if you dont want to go with it, well its a mistake but is yours :S, i wont add an alternative that is completely wrong, not grabing 3% endurance because “40k is enough” is the same as not graing 2% extra dmg reduction bcause 48% is enough, or 2% shield because 38% is enough, there is NEVER enough useful stat to help your team.

when developers do boss fights and balance classes they often put Talents and stuff that are “obvious” there isnt really much choice on talent trees, the extra 6% shield (or whatever it is) and Defense and Absorb from talent tree ARE a must and they force you take it, as well as endurance for ssin / PT, when they do the calculation on boss fight they go, how much does this hit on a ssin with full Dread forged gear = Stats 20 defense 55 shield 40 absorb 46k hp, they add ALL obvious talents, shield defense absorb dmg reduction and endurance…. well the ability should do 25k the dmg is balanced, then they go with PT and do the same, dmg should do 21K balanced, same with jug… if you dont take in count 3% endurance instead of 46k Hp is 44K, now calculating an ability that should do 54% of your hp will do 57% unbalancing the situation between classes. in other words, boss fights are done and calculated so all the obvious Talents and defensive stats are taken in consideration, when they calculate dmg done / taken they take ALL defensive boost / talents all HP boost, they dont consider someone that doesnt take the extra 2% armor reduction or the 3% endurance that are obvious choices, so not taking ANY of this easily reachable abilities for your role will eventually handicap your performance because the calculations were done for a PT with 46K hp, not for one with 44K and 8% extra dmg done on rocket punch, rocket punch wont save you,that one time you died, you might have survived with extra 2K hp, what i am 100% sure is that no flame burst, ion cylinder, Flame thrower or rocket punch will EVER save you if your hp is at 15000 and the killing blow was 15001, maybe this make more sense on the talent, i really dont see how anyone would think not taking this :S

You are correct, having free HP is never a bad thing to do. Its indeed a playstyle favor. Even when tanking my DPS-hart can’t be silenced 😛

As a funny remark about your 15001 vs 15000 HP. When my guild was learning corrupter zero I used a fortitude stim on my slinger which pushed me just over 40k HP. I made a judgement error and got hanged in the red circle. This extra HP had just saved my life since I came out with 1 or 2% HP :P.

lol yeah, well you can say that was a fortunate mistake then lol, i hate when i do a mistake with laser and get hit with my Operative i get destroyed, when i turn around i see a merc that got hit too with his CD for only like 45% of his hp and i am like rly? fuck that lolol damn.

Well. There are a couple problems with your example and the attitude that taking the 3% extra health is an “obvious” talent choice that the devs designed the fight around. One is the problem is that a full dread forged geared pt with the 3% extra health from the talent tree, augmented for mitigation, using an endurance stim, and having obtained all endurance datacrons has less than 43k health. So yeah, if you have 43k health from gear without taking the talent for extra endurance you would have already satisfied the health pool requirement of the fight and not taking a talent that would increase your damage and threat would actually be the obvious mistake because taking the added threat/ damage would be making up somewhat for the threat you are missing by still using a bmod from the com gear. Really, we have enough stupid tanks playing this game that think health matters more than threat and mitigation. Why on earth would you consider the only correct build for a tank to be one that feeds this incorrect assumption? Second, you are assuming that taking a talent that does nothing but increase a passive stat pool is a choice the devs assume everyone has made. Do you have any support for this assumption? And finally, a fight that drops dread forged gear is not designed for a tank that is already wearing dread forged gear. If you are already in the gear, any variation you do between high mitigation, high threat, or high health is already above what the fight was designed for and all of those options are appropriate builds for the next level of content when it comes out.

my assumption has as many facts to prove it as math done by a player without any kind of approval from the devs, like theorycrafting… but yeah thats just an assumption, anyways the same way you say we have enough stupid tanks thinking endurance is everything (which is not stated like that in the guide) we have enough bad groups / low skilled players to believe or require taking over 6% dmg buff on something Vs survivability because their group dps is not enough (their mistake) or think their dmg buff is higher than what healers can do while dps or require that insignificant buff to hold actually better.

first off, most fights if not all, have tank swaps and dont require save for taunts, the only fight that has not been like that in last 4 ops is nim thrasher (saving aoE taunt)… so if you really need more threat in your rotation when using 3 taunts, first u are for sure not using my opener and either you are undergeared (terribly undergeared) or playing really bad, not only that using those 2-3 taunts yourself, having 1-2 tank swaps will pretty much secure the threat on tanks for the rest of the fight just doing an average rotation, unless you alt + tab or watch tv, 2-4 taunts in a fight should secure your threat in almost all fights.

now lets give it a bit more analyzing.

this is a nezra 16 man done with an 8 man group, this fight has 100% uptime on dmg, and this is using either rocket punch or Flame burst talent dont remember

flame burst total dmg 82k… avg dmg 1520 (counting crits)
rocket punch total dmg 50k…. avg 1900 (counting Crits)

6% of 82k = 4.92k dmg threat in crease in total from this = 9.84k
8% of 50k = 4l dmg threat increase in total from this = 8k

so is your group dps so low that it is required for you to get a 4-5k dmg buff on a full fight, not to say i am not using Flamethrower dmg or FB or RP so dmg is actually as high as it could be.


min hit FB 1470 max 2360
min hit RP dont know max 3200

now 6% off 1470 = 88.2 = 166.4 threat increase
off 2360 = 141.6 = 283,2 threat

RP 3200 = 256 = 512 threat

so now considering you need to hold threat 3 GCD which include 1 RP at most or 1 FB… eventuall after 2nd taunt u need 2-3 GCD more to hold until third taunt, it might or might not include 1 RP, but at least 1 FB… and after 3rd taunt you have probably full threat needed not to count incoming tank swaps.

you believe 166-283 *2 and around 110 – 283 threat increase in this rotation is really what you need to hold threat?, 2 ticks of cylinder do this much to waste 1-3k hp from talent. considering by the fact that apparently the group requires you to do 5k more dmg from this buff, i doubt it need this extra threat to hold aggro.

Bottom line, you dont need the extra threat, the only threat you need is in the first 15-30 seconds, after 30 secs of fight must of the time you will be on top of the threat pool from tank swaps and being average good, not to mention it is not needed, ive held aggro with 168 MH and undergeared vs bis avg 3200+ at least players from our best group, and our usual PT main tank without these talents using endurance taelnt usually holds threat without problem or losing aggro ever, vs our Operative carnage mara, pyro merc and mm sniper that trust me do wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more dmg than most average – good raid groups.

so, dmg that is useless, is useless, the increase is so small it is indeed useless compared to the hp, and threat that will just be wasted threat on a threat pool after few taunts is even more waste in exchange for great hp buff for survivability that gives them an edge against jug for example as far as that.

anyways ive explained this in many comments, people is free to choose what they want, i am just trying to explain here why people is underestimating such a great buff while overestimating such a small usually useless dmg buff -.-.

btw will add a note under for the use of Advanced tools or alternative for iron first up to preference for different play styles.

I agree with you that 3% endurance is a waste of 3 perfectly good talent points, but I think that Advanced Tools is not particularly good either. A significant portion of the time that I use Flame Thrower is off the Flame Engine proc, so reducing the cooldown is not very important.

Definitely take Iron Fist. I recommend Prototype Burn Enhancers over Hot Iron because I don’t hit Flame Burst that much and the enhancers help Flame Thrower. Prototype Cylinders is a shoo-in for the last point.

3% endurance is a terrible waste of points. 1200 hp is like a third of one heal. It’s never going to make the difference between wiping and clearing a fight–if you’re down that low, you’ve got other problems. The extra damage is extra threat, so those points should be invested wherever your play style lets you get the most extra damage.

Put it this way: the extra damage will always do something. Even if it isn’t the difference in a boss fight, it’s at least tangible. The 3% endurance will only matter if you drop below 3% hp in a fight, and that doesn’t happen in 99% of fights. In any fight where you don’t drop that low, you might as well have left those points unspent last time you respecced; they’re completely wasted.

Defense seems high. Math also shows Warding is better than Shield.

Though, I still need to test the Shield relic in live testing vs maths.

it is completely dependent on the fight, myself i like those stats, my guild main tank for example prefers more shield, both seem to work, he had more trouble tanking Tuchuk Nim than i did and nim trasher for lower defense, but had way easier job on stuff like titan and Styrak, so having 1-3 Enhancement and 1 Benched relic is always an option, looking to your log dmg taking and knowing where are u taking more dmg.

testing is fine and the Math on a tank always depends on boss fights, there is never an Ideal or perfect set up, it depends on fight, we are also adding that relic as an alternative for the other two, i forgot to update the guide for that one so should be fine :).

Kolto Overload with the Coolant talent doesn’t work the way you noted. The 2% healing doesn’t apply before the ability is triggered by dropping below 35%. Instead, it applies to any additional duration of the triggered buff once the initial healing pushes you past 35%.

you are right my friend, nice catch thanks for the correction. it should be fixed soon, thanks again.

All around a very spot on guide. People are going to argue all day long about gearing (maybe just link Keyboard Ninja’s threads?) and where to put the last few skill points, and those really end up as preferences. There’s two things I’d like to point out though, Powertech threat is relatively the worst of all tanks (but still good enough), and that’s due to its proccy nature. If your Rocket Punch misses on a pull, Rail Shot won’t light up and you’re done for. The double tick Flame Thrower can also hold out on its proc, and that’s your highest aggro move. In practice every pull on a Powertech will be different, and the player should know his priorities on the pull. It could also be mentioned that Hydraulic Overrides can be used on the pull to keep from getting knocked out of a Flame Thrower or DFA channel.

The second thing, is due to how big of a buff Heat Blast is, you can go into a maximum mitigation rotation at any point. This rotation keeps the debuff from Flame Burst up, and then follows the priority of 1) Heat Blast, 2) Rocket Punch, 3) Rail Shot, 4) Rapid Shots. The 5 ticks of Rapid Shots (7 ticks of VG Hammer Shot) gives the whole Rapid Shots attack a 53% chance to proc your cylinder (75% chance for Hammer Shot), and thus a stack of Heat Screen. This makes it viable to fish for Hear Screen procs by hitting Rapid Shots over and over, IF you are in a phase where Tank damage is not needed (2nd phase of the Terror). You could also mix this rotation with the normal one involving Flame Burst, Flame Thrower, and DFA to slightly reduce DPS and slightly increase survivability for a brief period.

Again, good job Carl, Dulfy and Vindrik for taking on this beast of a task with such accuracy.

It’s been my experience that Powertech threat is easily better than the other tanks on single-target, and that their dps is higher as well. Only the Assassin manages better AoE threat.

assassin has the best threat by far, all abilities does high threat including force pull.
what he says on pt is true, but i dont consider it worst than Jug, by the fact that their abilities are first tech, so hit harder, also even if they are low threat, most trigger ion cylinder which generates a lot (rocket punch and rail shot) also missing RP wont hurt your rail shot since there wil be a dot on target, so rail shot will always generate high threat from cylinder. it is also the only tank class with vent heat style ability and a somehow powerful offesinve CD, so mixing with explosive Fuel, your rotation plus endless spam of flame burst + vent heat, will generate a bigger burst than any other class therefor generating more than enough threat to hold aggro and way more than jug in most cases.
jug depend on high threat abilities which not neccessary hit hard, but generate much threat, specially for opener, taking a boss an add without threat pool or tank swap mid fight with either CB or specially backhand on CD, and with 1 taunt only is a Heros Job, almost impossible to hold, since your fillers wont be available to do high enough threat, ssins dont have this problem since all is on a short CD they are the best to grab threat at any time. and as far as PT they are good too, theyr procs trigger 6-9 sec which even if u have stuff on CD it will come out of CD eventually sooner than Jug long CDs also rapid shots itself has higher threat than slashes ability for the cylinder, not to say regardless of what they have they are allowed to spam multiple “anything” u want plus WB to not get overheat for 6-7 GCD, and even if getting overheat few couple rapid shots for high threat and venting wont hurt u as long as u have threat, while jug have to play with way too limited resource making them the worst tank for that kind of job.

When running parsec, I do not see the 10% boost from taunt happening to my threat. (practicing on a Training Dummy). Are you 100% sure it gives you that extra 10%?

While looking over your guide I agree with almost everything you have done. I however find the coolant talent to be extremely weak, I don’t see how something that has a chance to happen once every 3 minutes, healing for at best 14% hp is a worthwhile talent

Thanks for this guide, it’s very useful.

Do you have a screenshot of a tanking UI that you use / works best? I’ve been experimenting with my UI, and even though I feel it’s pretty decent, I think I it can still be improved. So I would be grateful if you had an example of a tanking Ui.

I was looking at your %. It said that 44%= 1100 for a defense stacked option, but right now on my 55 PT tank my defense is at 24ish % and was over the 1100 rating. Are these %’s based off of 55’s or possibly 50’s. Before 55 came out 44% was 1100.

Remember, the %s in that section are about dividing up your pool of 2500 points among Defense, Absorb + Shield. We are not targeting 44% defense chance (though that’d be sweet!!), we are using 44% of our applicable gear points to boost up our defense chance.

Aaagh! The way that section is laid out makes it seem like you’re listing the target percentages AND the percentage of the stat budget. I made the same error as the person who asked this question.

Shield Rating: 40% – 48% of your total secondary stat budget…
–> This seems like the target on the character sheet is 40% shield and 48% is the % of the stat budget you’re allocating

I recommend replacing the “–” with “to” so it reads:
Shield Rating: 40% to 48% of your …

I have a few questions regarding the talent build (but trust me not about the cardio package). I come into this stating I main a heals so endgame tanking is not something I would call myself an expert in by any means.
My first question is in the shield tech tree in picking flame surge over jet speed (assuming I put points in rail loaders. Since I usually get the combust buff from FB instead of FS and FS doesn’t usually come into my rotation a lot in terms of bosses…. can you explain the thought of taking flame surge and rail loaders over the jet speed rail loaders (esp if the main tank you can keep the proc up for quite a bit to avoid boss mechs as you said one of your guild tanks does).
My second question is regarding the final 2 points in the secondary trees (I fully understand taking cardio package, puncture, and power armor). I have read previous posts/discussions about advanced tools, hot iron, iron fist, and prototype burn enhancers. Since these all seem to be dps talent choices, is there really a preference/major difference on any of them or is it mostly a priority preference? For example, my rotation priority I seem to use RP or FB the most so I would naturally assume iron fist or hot iron would be my choice but does it really make a difference b/n which two I pick? I understand if ppl like toolkit if ppl are unlucky getting procs. Burn enhancers also appears enticing as it can boost more than just one ability. I tried following your math earlier in terms of the dps on RP and FB but was a little lost so any clarification would be grateful and thank you in advance

From dulfy on reddit:

“Covered (include faction translations)
Sorc/merc/op heals
Jugg DPS/tank
Merc DPS
2/3 of the sniper disciplines
1-2 of the marauder disciplines.
Infiltration assasin

Rest I have to find people who are willing to write about them. They will be eventually covered, just I didn’t havn’t had time to search out potential writers yet”

So it should be coming Soon™

For now though, gear wise, look at this thread by Keyboardninja ( ), and go for the average gear sets.

I am getting conflicting information from sources. I will repost here what I put up on official forums..

So I am shield tech tank. Only PVE no PVP.

I have 192 offhand and chest.

The rest are full 186 including absorb and defense relics.

I am augmented for shield, absorb and defense (3 defense, 6 shield and 5 absorb).

Last night a guild member stated the following:

Shield chance is hard capped at 45%

Defense is hard capped at 18% and i need to add 3 ‘Fortitude’ augs. (***?)

His statements flies in the face of all I have learned and read.

So can anyone point me in optimum stat distribution for my tank? Is there hard caps to our ‘defensive’ stats and what numbers (breakdown) is ideal? I can read and apply KBN’s stat breakdown after a tanking sim.

I have 16 purple tanking stims so I am good there. I also have stacks of (lvl 60) absorb and attack adrenals since there are times I may need those either for dmg or such.

Since 2.5, I have never read anywhere that endurance is better than defense type augs.

Also i have both an artificer and cybertech. Should i replace the ‘armoring s n mods’ in my ‘basic’ gear if they are better?

Quote: Originally Posted by Larsenex
Technically, there are hard caps. These are:

Defense: At infinite defense rating, you will have a 30% boost to your defense from stats alone
Shield: At infinite shield rating, you will have a 50% boost to your shield chance from stats alone
Absorb: At infinite absorb rating, you will have a 50% boost to your absorb chance from stats alone

For now, go for the following:

ARMORINGS – Try and get a Dread Forged/Dread Master set bonus if possible, if not a Resurrected set bonus. There are a ton of HM DF/DP runs going now on the fleet, so it should be rather easy to get one.

MODS – Since you can craft the really good enhancements, feel free to use B-mods (from either comm gear or from a cybertech for the 186s) to escape spike damage. Of course, if you can get the unlettered mods, use them instead.

ENHANCEMENTS – Immunity/Sturdiness from an artificer. Everything else is pathetic.

AUGMENTS – Shield, Absorb or Defense ones. Typically right now, you just want 14 shield ones, based off what people who tank the harder raids are using as augments (as powertechs/vanguards, we really like shield rating, and the spare absorb/defense we are missing out on comes from the fact we get the good enhancements again finally)

So yeah, NEVER get endurance augments. if you have to get extra health, just use B-mods.

Get all your augments as Shield augments

Use a “Fortunate Redoubt” and a “Reactive Warding” relic, and get yourself an “Ephemeral Mending” relic for fights that have lots of AoE damage going out (it doesn’t have to be a high percentage of damage, just high frequency – e.g. Malaphar the Savage, Dread Master Brontes, Sword Squadron Commander), as in those fights the Ephemeral Mending is your best relic. Why? Vanguards/Powertechs have a passive ability from level 10 onwards that causes a self-heal on being AoEd (3 second lockout) that can proc the relic, which makes said relic the best option out of all of them when you can reliably use your passive health regen

Anyway, I think i’ve covered everything.

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