GW2 Black Lion Intro Package and Mask of Wanderer in Gemstore

GW2’s gemstore has being updated with two new items on Jan 7, 2014. The new items are Black Lion Introductory Package and Mask of the Wanderer. In addition, weapons from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist will be discounted for one week only.

Black Lion Introductory Package – 1600 gems (44% OFF)

  • You can only buy one of these packages per account. Once you brought one, it says you have reached the maximum number of purchases for that item and cannot purchase anymore (even at the full price of 2880 gems).
  • Package Contents (if you were to buy all of them individually, it would come up to 2580 gems for those that can be brought on the gemstore)
    • 1 Box of fun (80 gems value)
    • 5 dye packs (800 gems value)
    • 5 Black Lion Keys (450 gems value)
    • 1 Recovery Package (300 gems value) – Contains 1 Revive Orb, 1 Instant Repair Canister
    • 1 Trademan’s Package (100 gems value) – Contains 1 Merchant Express, 1 Trading Post Express, 1 Bank Access Express
    • 5 Experience Boosts (550 gems value)
    • 5 Speed Boosters (not available in gemstore)
    • 1 Mini 3-pack series 2 (300 gems value)
    • 1 18 slot bag (not available in gemstore)
    • 1 500 point essence of luck (not available in gemstore)


Mask of the Wanderer – 500 gems

  • Face Tattoo – only 1 dye slot. Looks identical on all races and genders except on Charr
  • I used the Hot Pink dye but you can change it to any dye color
  • Chat code: [&AgEwvwAA]



Discounts on Black Lion Weapon Specialist 

This was not yet active at time of posting.

Starting today and running through January 13, all weapon skins available from Black Lion Weapons Specialists are discounted! Pick up any skin for two tickets off its normal price! Weapon tickets can be found in Black Lion Chests.

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30 replies on “GW2 Black Lion Intro Package and Mask of Wanderer in Gemstore”

It would be nice if that scar/tattoo thing didn’t replace a helm. It’d be great if it were its own customization slot. But it’s a cool new direction!

hmm, 1600 gems is 120gold, 18slot bag cost 3g, 5bl key is 2h of farming, I dont use speed bonus or instant merch etc, so what is meaning of this ??? (WTF)

create new charakter, follow my story to reach lvl 10 (I am able finish this lvl10 quest with lvl7 charr.), get bl key as reward, delete char & create new character, and again and again ……..profit.

i can make this in 20~30min, check ytube for guide, but this is biggest secret in the game, you will be killed if you tell anyone about this!

btw arena was spoken about this, this is NOT a exploit and you can doing this, but if you will make this in thousand, you can be banned

sincerely, I dont know, I do this farm run when Im waiting for dragon spawn, or have all work done (dung, daily etc). I try this just for doing some research, how much luck I will have with bl chest, I open 5 chest and got tons of trash (speed boost, karma boost) some silver, tonics, only in one chest was 1 black lion ticket scrap and you need 10pcs for black lion ticket (and two or five ticket for bl weapons/armor), so yes, doing this for fast profit is lunaci. But if you want try your luck, this is a way, how to obtain a free key, ONE key cost 125gems what is near 6gold now ($2 in real money), and 6 gold is A LOT of money to make (farm 6 dungeons ~ 3h work) and if you have a lucky day, you can find some valuable items, such a backpack (2g), weapons ticket (save 10chest) etc, but how i check some report from inet, its about +-10% chance for drop high value items, rest is just trash, wchich you cant sell, so its up to you, if you are willing spend a day or week doing this, just for fun and you will see 😉

Human warrior, raised by the barkeeper/normal folks
20min max(!)
After character creation run directly to the giant earth elemental. No need to do the event in the keep. Events range is pretty high. Wait in the water or chill with Logan.
Take Warhorn and do the storyline quests. Don’t grind or farm. Use Waypoints as much as possible. You will always have enough copper for that.

Other classes/story combinations are also viable. I find this to be the most stable and comfortable way to do it.

As I wrote. With proper optimization you can do it in 18-20 minutes.

Still 20 minutes of lifetime for a guild recommendation, 12 silver and a random dye.
Oh wait. last time I got a Scarlet holo mini. FML

sylvary ranger with cat (can fight underwater), run my story only in caledon forest (not far that first town with craft stations), I can handle final 10lvl event with my 7lvl ranger, 20min max if I want. I spend some time with hearths or events nearby, mine some copper/wood and sell, salvage everythink after end, so i make some coins during the run, as I was saing, I dont do it for fast profit, only for fun, so it does not matter for me, how long I will spend doing this

Yeah nice to have but keeps me cool if I wouldn’t buy it. So fine for me. (Cause I don’t have any money or ingame gold at the moment to waste.)

However I’d like to say “By the Hammer of Ogden, THESE prices!”. 500 precious gems for a spot of color in the face? I was so damn happy when I still could buy the Hood of the Lich at Halloween for the price of 200 gems like last year, but that was an exception, 200 gems is like peanuts nowadays in the gemshop. There are maybe too many people around with tons of gold and trade that to gems, but I also feel that the marketing department of Arena could just be greedy. – Hey they still trade gems for EUR at the same amount they trade in Dollar, what is obviously a ripoff. :-/

if you want tatoo/face scar, you can create mesmer or norn with tatoo on face (what i was) and save 500gems 😀 rofl

lol bl ticket discount : farm 1 bl key = 20min of farming, open hundreds of bl chests for tickets = nightmary january 😀 I can see thousands of ppl running queensdale right now 😀


Eh, I think I’m rather gonna keep the time that it would take to farm BL-keys. It’s so rare that something good is inside the chests, that it already hurts thinking about opening a few chests after spending hours for nothing than these keys. …I curse Arena for making all these nice skins based on that foul game-mechanic of Black-Lion chests/keys. 🙁

Good luck for anybody who is going to try it though. 😉

I m in a voluntary absence from this game for 1 month now, I was just checking out on dulfy if there is something actually worth of playing for. This game has to stop the grind madness or I will finally quit for good. The things worth of working for is far out of reach like precursors and the piece of crap BL keys demands tons of grind. No wonder people lost interest fast.

I’m looking forward to the diablo 3 reaper ofmsouls grind where everything is account bound 😉

At least there you know you won’t be trivialized by someone with a credit card.

Are you me?

Been checking here for weeks. Left with ToN after I got the obelisk for my home instance.
And now, for the new year we get a lazy package for the gemstore and a lazy texture armorpiece.

Either there is something big down the pipeline or they’ve given up…

Oh, have I told you about the 500g I dumped in the mystic toilet before I left? 800g in total but, hey, xXx420NarutoxXx surely deserves his Twilight.

I’m starting to get tired of this game’s grind… I’m tired of having to rely on ever-shifting TP prices to get my legendary. I wish getting a legendary was based on more account-bound items more than stupid materials and precursors that I have to watch the TP for. I wish the TP and all the people screwing with the prices just disappeared.

I’d rather take a quest to to grind a million mobs for my legendary knowing that each mob I kill is one step closer rather than grind for a 1000 gold only to find that my legendary now costs 2000 gold to make because market prices rose. Screw the TP. Screw this market BS. Sick of this system. I’d have had Juggernaut months ago if the price of a stack of Silver Doubloons didn’t skyrocket to cost as much as a precursor. Ridiculous.

getting a legendary… cuz thats what matters in a rpg not the good story or a well made sense of adventure. Idiot.

My friend farmed 2 legendaries within 3months of started playing a new account just from world boss events and going dungeons. It’s not ridiculous, it would be if way too many ppl have legendaries tho.

So really, it’s 1600 gems for:

5 dye packs (800 gems value)
1 Mini 3-pack series 2 (300 gems value)
1 18 slot bag (not available in gemstore but worth about 3g, which is about 50 gems right now?)
1 500 point essence of luck (not available in gemstore, hard to give a value but maybe worth a gold or two’s worth of salvaging random junk greens, or again maybe 25 gems tops)
Everything else is just trash (you get loads of this stuff from dailies over time), but these items above can be useful to nearly anyone. Technically the BL Keys can be used, but the odds on getting anything other than maybe a total of 1s out of 5 chests is so low I think you can ignore it. But hey, let’s be generous and say you got a gold’s worth (~15 gems?). So really, you’re paying 1600 gems for about 1200 gems’ worth of stuff, and some trash.

If the speed boosters and EXP boosters are worth it to you, then you’re probably going to break even on this “discounted” price. However no one should buy this thing at full price, ever.

wow awesome six bucks for a random mishaped splotch of color on your face, SO COOL IT WILL DEFINITELY KEEP THIS SHIP FROM SINKING

Maybe it’s expensive, and maybe you do not like it: but they cannot mind-read…

If you want something usefull post so in the guildwars2 forums, if you have done it hope for people to embrace it, if not pls just be happy they are working on things or just shut up and go play something else like WoW, Skyrim, or any other MMO out there….

I really had it with people just stomping everything into the ground, If this game is not for you just accept it and move on. If it is your game try to be constructive in your comments instead of just saying everything will be amiss, and even though things will never be right for some, for me it its. But I got a norn with face-tatoos already so I don’t need the splotch.

Sorry for raging on your forum Dulfy.

I think he rather minds the crazy high price of that tatoo than the whole game. And how couldn’t you? Look, at the moment the gemshop prices become higher and higher while the gold2gems trade is pretty bad since months.
And now Arena even try to sell this tatoo and this package way overpriced. That’s a pretty bad progress.

I agree with you. People need to stop complaining about the game. If they don’t like it, don’t play or put it in the GW2 Forums…Let the rest of us enjoy it. I am not going to buy the tattoo or the intro package. But that doesn’t mean I need to rage about it…

1 18 slot bag (not available in gemstore)

That isn’t true, as you can upgrade to Digital Deluxe and it will give you an 18 slot bag 🙂

and second things with this tatoo, if you have character with tatoo on face and put this tatoo on, it join together and not see even one properly, this is very bad done :/

btw how much of you buy 4000 gems for mr sparks ? I do, its bigger then asura 😀

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