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SWTOR THORN reputation items

A list and gallery of items offered by the SWTOR THORN Reputation on Nar Shaddaa (same location as the GSI reputation vendor). This reputation vendor is currently active on the PTS and will be active on live servers once the Rakghoul event starts (mid-jan)


Armor set

THORN Dark Vector Armor Set – Champion standing – Bind to Legacy

Piece Rakghoul DNA Canister
Belt 2
Boots 4
Bracers 2
Chestguard 6
Gloves 4
Pants 4
Helm 4


Individual parts

Details Show

THORN Epicenter Armor set – Newcomer standing – Bind to Legacy

Piece Rakghoul DNA Canister
Belt 1
Boots 1
Bracers 1
Chestguard 1
Gloves 1
Pants 1
Helm 1


Details Show


Outbreak Response Assault Cannon – Hero standing – Bind to Legacy – 6 Rakghoul DNA Canister


Outbreak Response Blaster– Hero standing – Bind to Legacy – 4 Rakghoul DNA Canister


Outbreak Response Blaster Rifle– Hero standing – Bind to Legacy – 6 Rakghoul DNA Canister


Outbreak Response Lightsaber– Hero standing – Bind to Legacy –4 Rakghoul DNA Canister


Outbreak Response Saberstaff– Hero standing – Bind to Legacy – 6 Rakghoul DNA Canister


Outbreak Response Sniper Rifle– Hero standing – Bind to Legacy – 6 Rakghoul DNA Canister


Infected and Plagued Companion Customizations

 All of Infected Customizations costs 4 Rakghoul DNA Canister. All Plagued Customizations costs 8, except for Treek which costs 12.All customizations are bind to legacy. Infected customizations have no reputation requirements while Plagued customizations requires Friend standing (Treek one requires Hero).

Plagued Treek Customization


Infected Andronikos Revel Customization/Plagued Ashara Customization


Infected Malavai Quinn and Plagued Vette Customization


Infected Mako/Plagued Gault/Plagued Skadge Customization


Infected Vector and Plagued Kaliyo Customization


Infected Tharan Cedrax/Plagued Zenith/Plagued Qyzen Customization


Infected Elara Dorne/Plagued Aric Jorgan/Plagued Tanno Vik/Plagued Yuun


Infected Corso Riggs/Plagued Guss Customization


Infected Kira Carsen/Plagued Rusk Customization



Relics that grant you temporary immunity to Rakghoul infection


THORN Priority Authorization


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116 replies on “SWTOR THORN reputation items”

Ah crap, so they removed the X-bows? I really like them way more then the ones from the Bounty Association and was the only reason I was looking forward to this event…

I thought the bowcasters (I assume that’s what you mean by x-bows?) were from the chevin race or whatever that second event was.

*Facepalm* I was missinformed then, oh well guess I’ll make do with the ones from the Bounty association…
On the plus side I get to skip this event!

So none of the stuff from the last event, crystals, other companion customization and i will guess that the DNA canisters will not be tradeable or legacy bound. Hopefully more will be added just like the last rep vendor got more stuff as the PTS got closer to the end.

I’m just glad that you actually get to pick the customizations unlike the last event where it was totally random. But I am currently rocking the infected Corso Riggs, Andronikos, and Vector. Looking forward to grabbing some more. 🙂

And looking on the Rep Vendor, Both the Infected and Plagued Companion Customizations are legacy bound, so WOOO there!

The original Containment Officer sets weren’t on the Vendors anyway, you got them as optional rewards for doing each of the Missions as they unlocked. If the new missions work the same way I’ll be happy (especially since I have had the Republic set since the original event and didn’t have any Imperial characters high enough to get the Imperial set at the time).

Hmm the only thing I really like from this collection is the lightsaber rest, as for the rest I’m not so keen on

Really tired of all the weapon and armor re-skins. 🙁

The plagued companion skins are cool, but but what’s insulting here is the fact that the Treek customization costs more than the others. Damn, Bioware… you already charged us either 2100 CC or 1,000,000 credits for Treek, and now we gotta pony up more comms for a customization? Given that Treek is a pay-for companion, her customization should be either less than the others, or FREE.

treek is a “prestige” companion GLaD the pricing is designed to reflect that if you have treek you’re proably a legacy elvel 40 vetern with a ton of money.

That armor and most of those weapons are UGLY. But, nothing new there. I dont get how Bioware actually thinks most of this stuff they release is even worthy looking at let alone making. Real ugly stuff. And, where is the black/green crystal? 🙁

Am I the only person who thought “wow, that really looks like the gree armor.”? Cant wait to see what special skins you can pick up for galactic starfighter for this event.

Like the companion looks, but i hupe they put some better armors etc in the store as the best event deserve some really awesome stuff,also some fun things would be nice.

Those rakghoul infection customisations for companions creep me the heck out D: Infected Yuun is the stuff of nightmares.

The pink set will go on the cartel market when the event goes live. Probably limited time like the gold scalene set.

So any knowledge on how Rakghoul DNA from the old event is compared to the new Rakghoul DNA cannisters, is there like a token exchange possible? I ask this because I’ve kept on about 91 Rakghoul DNA from last event.

Any information on whether these Cannisters will be tradeable (or at least Bound to Legacy)?

The original DNA was tradeable. I can’t recall whether the Chevin Scavenger Hunt “Token of Enrichment” was tradeable, but most other such event “currencies”, with the sole exception of the Gree Event’s Gray Helix Components, have been fully tradeable.

Where is the lightsaber crystal and how about some legacy Off Hands finaly we have more than enough mainhands at this point that quite frankly look allot !!better!! theres nothing here I will be grinding for !!

The glowing eyes effect on the infected customization items are gone! now they all look like joiners. Maybe it’s just the previews? hopefully it doesn’t affect the current ones people have 🙁 (also infected Skadge but no Torian? pffftt)

Agree that is awesome. I have toons without relics due to being neutral. This is a nice change won’t have to sweat grabbing the shards now to make them.

Presence would certainly be helpful for “lone wolf leveling” as well as low-manning flashpoints and heroics. Also, the endurance would be helpful for the above plus regular flashpoints, heroics, and even warzones. These stats are an improvement for those who otherwise do not equip relics while leveling because of alignment neutrality. The BOL feature is even more awesome! I agree though that there are many better choices available when running ops at level 50+ and for endgame pvp, and that these relics would be pretty useless in GSF 🙂 .

They most likely will, my infected customizations from the old event never showed the glowing eyes in the preview.

Just checking out youtube video with rep items. Doesn’t look like anything will have an effect on it. Might change when it goes live… hopefully.

There is an “Infected” Doctor Lokin customization on the Security key vendor at the Illum Orbital Station. It has the glowing white eyes and everything (it’s pretty sweet).

There’s really nothing here that I want, but then, there’s really never anything I want from other rep vendors either…oh well. EDIT: Actually those relics would be pretty freaking awesome for leveling…too bad I pretty much already leveled up all the alts I want.

Yup, sure is a shame they don’t make any rep items specifically tailored to your (apparantly very narrow) desires.

Oh well, I’m sure that if you hang in there and wait, some item will pop up somewhere that you’ll deem “good enough” for your attention.

Developer Tracker reports “Reports of animal attacks increasing among Alderaanian forces. Killiks ruled out. Investigations ongoing”

They’re continuing to “build” the story via the Forums, Twitter, Facebook – so my guess is that either it’ll go live on the weekend, or after the reset on Tueday 21st.

This was supposed to be the event where you could obtain the black/green crystal. Looks like a huge oversight on their part. I’ll pass on the green guns and zombie skins.

so glad E.A. didn’t release the black/green crystals again. thanks for not slapping us founders in the face!! 🙂

I am also glad they did not bring the stuff from the last event back. But it would not have been ‘a slap in the face’ if they had.

Maybe not to u, however some of us founders cherish the fact that we were here to get those rewards and other event rewards that r now extinct. The rarity and desire for rewards loose their luster if u know an event is “returning” at some point in time. Its just nice to see E.A. not caving to the players complaining about not having something because they weren’t around for it, at least not yet. But all is not lost. U can still pick one of the old black/green crystals up from the gtn for 2 mil or so.

I see your anger surpasses your intelligence Ice. Oh well, thanks for the info dulfy I cannot wait until it goes live!!!

Facepalm…We’re on the same side, idiot. I just think you are ridiculous for using the term ‘slap in the face’.

We still need a couple legacy items like shotguns, shield generators and knives. Those items need to get made and put into the game.

However the OH Barrels are bound to Pistols and cannot be used with the Knives and Shotguns. Sentinels/Marauders Have it made.

True but one thing that gets me is how they locked the offhand hilts from being ripped off a vendor bought item. No matter what you do, you cannot put it in a main hand saber, unless I have missed something as of late.

I put an off hand Verpine hilt into a gree Lightsaber and am swapping around between my Sentinel and Marauder. Along side my Underworld Main hand in another gree saber.

Yes you can swap your gree sabers around as much as you want. Like i do. I have a maruader and a sent that I swap gear with. The last time I checked, which was a few weeks ago, I think. You cannot buy an offhand saber from the vendor, rip that hilt and put it in the mainhand saber. You can put it in, but then that saber becomes offhand only.

More fun would be something like a dye packs and non-removable color crystals that made any item legacy-bound, and that required, say, Legacy level 45 and Legend standing in five or more reputation categories. Price them at 300CC each and they would sell pretty well I think. 🙂

Does the legacy gear have any sort of animation, or is that only with the THORN sets that are going to be sold on the Cartel Market?

Somehow i am less and less impressed with the Stuff they implement 🙁
The Weapons look boring, the Armor Sets look 0815 rediculous…nothing to strive for.
The Companion Customizations are pointless, because Armor covers the Look anyway.

I wish they would bring something like Transmogrify…and redesign the Crafting in the Game.
My Heart still bleeds when i compair this with the old SWG Crafting System…
Redesigning the Daily Hubs would also rock, because you simply dont do them anymore once you got full reputation. We need more Options for Endgame, more fun Things to do.

I like the new armor and weapons. The armor looks good for an agent. The only one I don’t like is the assault cannon, but they’ve given us a bunch of cool looking cannons recently.

It’s official: The event started about 30 minutes before the server went down for maintenance. It’ll be back up (hopefully) at 8AM EST.

Incidentally, two of my characters are already infected.

Just wondering if the old containment armor pieces from the last event are ever coming back.

I was wondering since i want the sharp dresser legacy title. I only managed to get the republic containment officer set, but then i sold it because i didn’t realise they would eventually make event armor bind of legacy. 🙁

Can someone here answer my question? I hit Hero standing with THORN awhile back by saving the reputation tokens I collected. I decided later to go to Nar Shaddaa to purchase the Treek customization on one of my alts that happened to have 13 canisters. I am not able to purchase it. I am able to buy other companion’s but not Treek. I am preferred status btw… Thanks for any feedback!

Not on this particular toon….im guessing your going to tell me I need to spend 300K to buy Treek in order to purchase the customization. 🙁

I despise the fact that there is an achievement related to getting a rare drop from the Eyeless…Which you then have a miniscule chance of actually getting, and you can only fight him so many times. It would be better if they made it a certain drop.

So is the THORN rep vendor always available in Nar Shaddaa regardless of whether the event is active? Also, it says he’s near the GSI vendor but I don’t know where he is either? Promenade?

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