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SWTOR Wingman and Dogfighter’s Starfighter Pack preview

SWTOR Wingman’s Starfighter Pack and Dogfighter’s Starfighter Pack preview. Pack released with patch 2.5.2 on Jan 14, 2014. Updated Jan 14 with high res ingame pics and videos.



Dramatic Extrovert’s Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show

Show-off’s Casual Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show

Polar Exploration Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show

Mountain Explorer Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show

Badlands Explorer Armor Set


Jori Daragon’s Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show

Gav Daragon’s Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show

Frenzied Zealot Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show

Battleworn Triumvirate Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show

Series 212 Cybernetic Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show


Kalakar Strike Fighter Simulator



Irakie Renegade



Sky Cruiser



Meirm Hyacinth


Korrealis Duke SE


Firmament Tauntaun



Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Aurek



Interstellar Regulator’s Assault Cannon Aurek



Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Rifle Aurek



Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle Aurek



Fearless Retaliator Lightsaber


Fearless Retaliator Saberstaff



Model GSS-5C Dustmaker


Model Blue Hutt Barge


Galactic Starfighter

Paint Jobs/Color module

  • FI-02 Imperial Strike Fighter Paint Job
  • FR-03 Republic Strike Fighter Paint Job
  • Republic’s Brown-Light Tan Color Module
  • Imperial’s Crimson-Red Color Module

Blaster Colors/Engine Colors

  • Imperial’s Black Light Blue Gas Canister
  • Republic Black Yellow Gas Canister
  • Imperial’s White Engine Reactant
  • Republic’s White Engine Reactant


  • K-52 Demolisher
  • K-52 Strongarm





  • Recline
  • Dejarik








  • Starfighter’s Collector
  • Dogfighter

Blizz Customization 6


Dye Modules

Dark Purple and Pale Brown Dye Module


Primary Black Dye Module


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

174 replies on “SWTOR Wingman and Dogfighter’s Starfighter Pack preview”

Im sure im not the only one who recognizes the first armor set mask/headpiece. Countdown to QQ explosion on bioware foruns 1……

Good lord. Whoever thought “Dramatic Extrovert’s Armor Set” was a good idea should not be designing clothing items. What’s next, Sith Dueling Leathers with nipple-sized cutouts and a fig leaf’s worth of negative space at the crotch?

Dulfy, I would appreciate it if you could try to post a side view of the saber/saberstaff as well. I’m wondering what that protuberance above your right hand looks like from the side. I’ve seen several that look good from 2 angles, but the third angle just looks wierd. Also wouldn’t mind a view of the guns from a first person perspective. Get to see what I will be seeing once I equip the item.
And most of all, since this is my first post, thanks for all the hard “work” you do for your various communites. My goto site for all things SWTOR.

Wow I actually really like this pack! Most of them I am pretty indifferent about, but this has some stuff in it I really like.

If the cartel pack developers read these comments why not not bring back one of the original types of swords from kotor the ‘darksaber’. Most recently seen in clone wars’ deathwatch leader Pre Vizla.

ive been meaning to make a thread about that fake saber and that rather than these WoW vibroblades make lightsabers with shapes like a katana

Ugh, no please!
I hate that piece of ****.

The only reason that exists is because georgieboy thought that explaining that a lightsaber can be blocked by certain rare metals would confuse the “core audience” (ie. the little kiddies) of TCW.
It’s a horrible halfway measure that should never have existed.

Well, that’s just my view of course.

Ooh, I like the look of the Gav Daragon set, particularly the chest. I was looking for something “pretty” that had a cape. I’ll have to see how it looks with different dyes and paired with other stuff, but it has potential. I like a couple of the mounts, the dejarik emote, and I think the hutt barge pet would be amusing to have out when I’m in my skiff.

Feels more pseudo-egyptian to me, and I never did like it…
I could never get into those comics just because of the look of it…

But that’s just me. And I’m still gonna use parts of those outfits to make my spoiled arrogant nobleman jedi 🙂

We must sell more content, let’s go for underboob? Haha. That first outfit I did not expect and I wonder if they’ll edit it before release. While it looks agreeable on a dancer’s outfit, it actually looks more trampy on an otherwise proper outfit. I’m sure it works with black/black dye, with red sith skin, but it’s quite ‘out there’, even more so for BioWare. It’s not wrong or bad, but it’d actually be more sensual or interesting if it has a tube top under it, like with the unfettered trenchcoat.

LOL – I thought the same thing. Looks like a pair of black gloves doing the boob hold thing (ala Jennifer Aniston). What’s next, pasties? Tassels?

The Fearless Retaliator Lightsaber looks very good. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll have a good activation/deactivation sound. The one from the last shipment sounded terrible.

I found that the lightsabers (and pistols) in the last pack actually all had a different sound.
2 of the sabers sounded “empty” (don’t know how to better describe it) when you swung them, but the other 2 sounded just fine.

Dulfy – do you know if the Dramatic Extrovert headpiece works like a mask or like a helmet? IOW – when worn with a hood, will the hood automatically be removed (like when a character wears Despot’s helmet) or will hood stay put (like Revan’s mask?) I can’t tell based on the pics if the hood on that set is normally up or always down (like Thana Vesh’s chestguard)

Thanks a ton for all you do! Well, except when you show up in a starfighter battle and blow the crap out of me countless times! 😉

I added a pic under indiividual parts for all helms with revan’s chestpiece (which has a hood), this should give you an idea 🙂

To answer your question specifically, the hood stays on.

So the Guild Wars 1 Paragon made it into The Old Republic.

Thanks to the best SWTOR site for all this information!

With names like Dogfighter and Wingman I was kinda hoping for GSF items. That’s a bit disappointing. Of course, the underboob makes up for it a little.

Interesting choice of headgear for the Dramatic Extrovert’s Armor Set. I would want something more sensual for a headpiece on my female toons. That helmet looks like a motorcycle helmet 🙂

Dramatic Extrovert top looks cool….but then you see that UGLY flap that is forceably attached. “face palm”. Way to ruin a armor Bioware….every freakin time with those flaps.

I find this new pack to be significantly better than the previous ones in pretty much every aspect. I would love to see new Color Crystals included with these packs though.

I’m surprised to say, but I actually like most of these items. Some great new mounts, and some really good armor designs. The version of Thana’s armor set will be perfect for my Sith Warrior! I can’t help but think that they are just going start taking mid sections out of armor and calling it brand new. It gives new opportunities (mainly for female characters so far) for a unique look, I’ll say that much. Once again, I don’t like the Assault Cannon that much, but it’s not bad compared to the last few that we Commandos got.

The only thing that really disappoints me is the Mountain Explorer set. I saw the concept art and got excited for that chest piece design with a slightly smaller pack and shoulder pads, but the pads seem to be painted on to the skin tight design, just like most other similar designs. They really needed to add some thicker pads to balance out the rest of the armor.

Man, recently, I see some really good designs of armor that I personally wouldn’t use, but then the ones that I really want to use (Mountain set, Classic Republic Trooper set, etc.) get butchered so much that I don’t want to use it anymore. Basically anything that can be used to make my Commando (body type 3, still too big) look like a soldier with armor but not like a huge freak with weird attachments on his armor, or a backpack that looks like a lunchbox with rockets on it.

Sorry to ramble on, I tend to focus on making my Commando look good since I’ve got my PvE build/gear/rotation down to a science. Good pack overall, can’t wait to comb the Market for lots of these items.

I just don’t like that armor model in general. It’s vastly better without the backpack, but the armor looks nothing like the one which they based it off of, which was the Republic Trooper armor from the Alderaan “Hope” trailer. The armored shoulder pad should be more rounded, the red shoulder pad (signifies rank, I guess) should be resting by itself on the shoulder, not on top of another shoulder pad, and should be a lot smaller. It’s not supposed to be part of the bandolier.

Basically, they made the armor in the trailer and realized that their graphics engine couldn’t possibly handle anything that looks like that. Now it has too many angles instead of sleek, rounded off armored plates.

Awesome. Love pretty much everything about this new pack. Now my gunslinger can cross his arms! Still waiting for “play with the wall behind you” emote, tho (I don’t have them WITH me…..). Although I have to say the leg pieces that are obviously clipping with the loincloth in the frenzied zealot set have me stumped.

Hmm. I guess this means it’ll be two more packs until I can get that assault cannon in the white/red colour scheme that was data mined, assuming it even exists and the different weapon skins are released in the same manner as the last set of packs. A pity, but not that big a deal. I’ll be interested in hearing what it sounds like.

Not sure how much I like the whole ‘cut a hole in something and call it new’ thing they’ve got going, but the rest is pretty cool. That starfighter battle camera has definately piqued my interest.

Well the “cut a hole in stuff” thing is because of a pretty large thread on the forums asking for more skimpy versions of the outfits available already.

Can’t say I like them, but there certainly seems to be a demand since the thread is 51 pages long with looooots of pictures…

What they have here isn’t bad, but some of the things suggested in that thread (if it’s the one I’m thinking of) is just tooo over the top.There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed and that thread crosses it quite a few times along the way.

Actually, you might get it in the next pack. they might alternate the colours so that this pack has the dull brownish one, the next one the red/white one then the one after that has the brownish one with “extras” and so on.

seriously? why did they have to use the Thana Vesh set in such an ugly way??
I like the boots though, might grab those of the GTN 😛

If you wanna know why you should look for a thread called “Skimp’d male character gear” in the FanArt subforum of the Community Forum on…

lol, those are actually pretty nice xD
weird that BW that it though, it’s not like the Thana Vesh set looks better this way :/
the chest looks more like body paint than cloth

yeah, it’s kinda nice, but imho it has 2 problems, one: the green on the helmet, I think it’s ugly/doesn’t fit the rest
two: like I said (at least in preview) the chest looks more like paint than anything else

what I DO like: the boots are pretty cool, and the chest to, if you like that kinda look, rest is pretty much the ‘same old’ set 🙂

Question: is it 100% sure the Dramatic Extrovert mask and the Frenzied Zealot mask will go under the hoods? 🙂

Dulfy is there a Vendor ? yet in the Cartel Bazaar area for this pack? could you get some screen shots of the items you can get with the cartel tokens

lol gotta love ur gender equality, dont like the skimpy female gear and I sure as hell dont like the male one, but none the less i have to hand it to you for gender equality

show some love for the kalakar strike fighter mount. i love groups of huge big bulky blocking mounts gathering over the pvp / fp mission nodes.

The main reason it looks different is that most armors seem to be “painted on” to the model in SWTOR, making anything that isn’t armor plating look skin tight. So while the above images are drawn to look like a layer of clothing, in game it looks more like colored spandex.

To be honest it is because those two are concepts.
Obviously the design changed along the way.
Personally I would have preferred the concept one tho.

1) In the concept art, the shoulderpads are pieces of armor plate that stick out. Ingame, it’s just painted on.
2) That helmet model is awful, and it doesn’t fit to the chestpiece the way it does in the concept art.
3. Bad textures.

you guys do understand, the devs have no freaking idea what they’re doing, this whole cm thing was made so they could sqeez every last penny out of us, why else would they make 34 dollar mounts?.

the devs do not care about how we feel or what we want, why else would they make the same freaking series armor 7 times over at 3 its clear they have no more creative idea’s, in they’re messed up little heads!!!

Let me guess, the Kalakar Strike Fighter Simulator is one of the super super super rare mounts…?

The Series 212 Cybernetic Armor Set looks like a lay figure. But I think it will fit perfectly to the /droid emote.

i only purchased about 9 individual packs and got like 6 cartel certificates the tauntaun and all the upper body pieces u can get and the irakie renegade,kinda luck suppose,i also purchased 2 packs 2 dys ago of a different sort and got revans mask in the first one

dulfy what about those strange facebook and twitter posts? new event?

Reports of animal attacks increasing among Alderaanian forces. Killiks ruled out. Investigations ongoing.


Details of meetings between GSI CEO Addalar Hyland and members of the Alderaanian nobility remain scarce. Are new arms deals in the works?

Rakghoul will be on alderaan?

One thing I don’t like about this game is how you interact with your vehicle. I would prefer summoning the speeder next to me, then getting in/on it, and vise versa. With the Kalakar Strike Fighter Simulator, what’s the point of the door opening if you don’t actually have to climb in? It’s one thing copied from other MMOs that I wish they didn’t. It doesn’t fit in with the Star Wars theme to me.

Exactly, they should have an animation where you get into the vehicle and then close the lid. Instead, you somehow magically wrap inside the vehicle and close the lid lol

The same way you can magically summon a “shuttle” for priority transport / quick travel from most interior locations.

Some things are simply done for quality of life. The number of people who would complain and grow tired of that level of realism far outstrip the number who would enjoy those little details. Even as an RP’er, I’d much rather my speeder be instant or near-instant than have to watch a draw-out animation every time.

Hey look! More re-skins! /sigh

Been taking a break from SWTOR since Thanksgiving, because I was burnt out and had zero interest in Starfighter. Waiting for some really substantial PVE content (Ops, Fp’s) before I renew my sub. But Bioware seems content to churn out crate after boring crate of cash shop items instead of investing in expanding end-game. 🙁

This one is a bit weird, it has less pets and armor sets than before but the speeders are really nice. There are alot of GS stuff too which are character only 🙁

They got me this time. The usual 40 bucks with what I assume will be all 2k filler GTN stuff. Kudos to the number cruncher at Bioware who made the Speeders&Emotes (the good ones) super super super (wait for it) super rare.

Under the individual items for the Frenzied Zealot, I think you got an image under Greaves that was supposed to be under Helm.

That Jori Daragon Armour set, why does it make me want to yell out “Toga!” Repetitively?
Also side note I actually quite like the look of the Show-off gear but the rest is a bit meh…

Looks pretty good! I like the mounts and I’m glad they finally added a black primary dye.

Is there not a new color crystal this time around?

Anyone else tired of getting the same stuff? How about a new class or some new things to do. Wake me up when that happens.

A new class is likely not going to happen. Sorry. I’d love to see it too, but getting a voice actor to do ALL the existing quest dialog and to make a new personal story, as well as voice actors and writing for all of the companions it’d have…

And all of this would be two-fold because you’d need a new class on both sides…

It’s a lot of work that I can’t imagine being a financially viable option.

They don’t have to start the new class at 1. They can start the new class at 40. Anything is better than nothing. For me if you can’t make a new class for your mmo you have a big problem. Customers like playing new classes. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Weapons sounds!

I hold my breath…

listen to them…
and tell you that I dislike them.

Edit: I had a little hope that BioWare doesn’t disappoint me, but of course they did!

Blastersound: 3/10 maybe 4/10.

how long untill some folks try to line up the dejarik tables to make it look like a multiplayer round. or maybe one uses the table while another uses recline… prolly the best pack since crimelord 😀

did any1 get the new tauntaun yet i havent seen it posted or any1 riding it on my server yet,i got it in 2nd pack today and wondering how rare it is

2 hypercrates and I pretty much got everything except a few pieces of armor and the Kalakar Strike Fighter Simulator, which was the mount I really wanted 🙁 The Hutt Barge is very cool – the 600cc to unlock it in collections not so much. I am looking forward to dressing Skadge in Gav Daragon’s Loincloth and some Covert Energy armor once I get the full set.

I decided to go crazy and buy a hypercrate this was in one of the packs it’s called a “K-52 Demolisher” persumably a new skin for the Gunfighter?

I was hoping for more from this pack. So much is repetitive. I already have versions of a lot of this like the triumvirate armor, the barge looks similar to the skiffs, polar exploration is just a different color. If I were to buy these in bulk, I’d only keep about 10%. The only armor that’s appealing is the Daragon siblings (at least to me). So thank the maker for GTN!

is there a print run etc.. for these packs, so people can understand the rarity of each item? in couple other games I know everybody knows the rarity of each item, which helps with trading , selling etc..

Not exactly what you are asking for, but the description of the items in collections at least gives “rare” and “very rare?” for some items.

Hey Dulfy, do you think you might be coming down to Phoenix for the Canina tour on the 31st? I would love to meet you if so! 🙂

This is the first I’ve heard of the Cantina Tour coming to Arizona. How much does it cost to attend? Are tickets still available? If so, where do I buy them, and (Probably a dumb question) but do I need to be 21? I’m only 20.

Can anyone confirm if they’re able to list FR-03 Republic Strike Fighter Paint Job on the GTN? I just haven’t seen a single one even though there are plenty of the Imperial version.

Anyone else having this problem with the Frenzied Zealot chest piece? I only previewed it, I didn’t equip it yet – I don’t want to bind it if that is how it’s actually looking.

They’ve changed the Gav Daragon tunic and belt. The belt is now just the band at the hips. The decoration below the belt is now part of the tunic (similar to how the Jori Daragon tunic and belt are structured). I preferred it the original way, but apparently this is what was intended all along.

Anyone happen to know what the chick is wearing in the Primary Black module image. I like it a lot : ) thanks!

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