GW2 Gemstore update–Metallurgic dyes, nodes and metabolic primer

A list of items introduced with the latest GW2 gemstore update, which includes Metallurgic dye kit, basic ore node back, and metabolic primers.

Basic Ore Node Pack – 800 gems

Click to create copper, silver, and gold mining nodes in your home instance. Each node can be mined once per day. Account bound and one purchase per account only.

It is basically give you 3x copper, 3x silver and 3x gold ores once per day per account.



Metabolic Primer – 150 gems each, 5/550 gems or 25 for 2625 gems.

Once consumed, any food eaten for the next 12 hours will have at least the same duration as the remaining metabolic primer time (maximum 12 hrs). The timer does not tick if you are on a different character/logged off and it doesn’t not work on potions, sharpening stones etc (i.e. only foods).



Metallurgic Dye Kit – 125 gems each or 5 for 500 gems

Contains one random dye from a pool of 25 colors that includes six new, exclusive colors.

  • Amenity Dye    [&AgF1wQAA]
  • Fling Dye    [&AgF2wQAA]
  • Onset Dye    [&AgF3wQAA]
  • Perseverance Dye [&AgF4wQAA]
  • Prosperity Dye    [&AgF5wQAA]
  • Recall Dye    [&AgF6wQAA]

Amenity –Dye – [&AgF1wQAA]


Fling Dye – [&AgF2wQAA]


Onset Dye – [&AgF3wQAA]


Perseverance Dye  – [&AgF4wQAA]


Prosperity Dye  – [&AgF5wQAA]


Recall Dye – [&AgF6wQAA]


By Dulfy

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25 replies on “GW2 Gemstore update–Metallurgic dyes, nodes and metabolic primer”

amenity dye is already selling for 90G in TP. these new dye packs may be a good investment, provided rng is in your favor.

and the cost of the nodes doesn’t justify itself. i’d only buy it if the metals were more rare.

No thank you, 1200 gems would get you about 64 gold, that’s a hell of a lot of Orichalcum Ore that you can buy right now today (about 1800 by my calculations). Which would you prefer, 1800 right now or 3 a day?

You’re having hallucinations.
“It is basically give you 3x COPPER, 3x SILVER and 3x GOLD ores once per day per account.”

There’s always a spike while things are still super-rare and then it will drop as more people get them – that’s my guess, anyway. 100 gems for the chance to make 90g may or may not be worth it to you, but definitely don’t think of these as long-term investments. (Also is it just me or is that purple color sort of horrid!)

As for the nodes, none of them are “worth it” from a money perspective, regardless of the metal. It’s all about convenience. Same thing with the infinite harvesting tools: they’ll pay for themselves in like 10 years – but in the meantime, you don’t have to ever think about buying tools for that character again.

I like the purple dye – I’m wondering if they’ll release ascended jewelcrafting or something, seeing as crystalline ore/ingot and the Xunlai electrum ingot are in our collections tab but have yet to be implemented into the game. If that is the case, silver and gold may attain some additional value.

haha, everything in this update is utter crap. And anet devs said that we have so much to be excited for this year…way to start out with a whopping stale fizzle :P. even the upcoming patch next weeks looks underwhelming.

Don’t mean to be a jerk but there is VERY little information on the next patch so why are so many people bitching about it? Yes, it CAN be just some random bunches of temporary content with Scarlet going “teehee” (except I assume we finally kill her?) but that doesn’t mean it will always be (even for the case of this upcoming patch). ANet has already stated they have heard the feedback and understand the desire for more lasting content and telling them what they’ve already heard a thousand times (or other pointless non-constructive comments to others on the internet) doesn’t change anything.

Perserverance looks like a nice brassy sort of colour, although I’m not enough of a fashionista that it’s a must-have. The Copper/Silver/Gold nodes though… I think I will pick that up. I have a suspicion it’s ANet laying the groundwork for when r500 Jeweler comes out.

definitely gonna get prosperity dye 😉 from all the colors in the game this one matches my sunrise’s hilt the best ;D love it~ <3

when you purchase dye pack for gems, you CAN NOT CHOOSE which color you want, its random drop and I think accound bound

I support what I perceive to be ANet’s gradual move toward player housing, but I cannot spend $10 for 3 common ore nodes.

*did* buy all 6 infinite harvesting tools released thus far, but the
convenience factor of being able to harvest anything, anywhere is far
beyond what these nodes represent. These nodes… they’re not even
“rich” ore veins.

So. While I applaud the design direction
toward player housing, I will sit out this particular round. Hopefully,
I can vote with dollars the next time.

Thanks again Dulfy for making it easier to see the new stuff, love your work. I bought the nodes and maybe one of the dyes will go well with one of my characters. This made it a lot easier the choose 🙂

still waiting for the re-designed t3 armor that they took off the gemstore, I knew they won’t do it right away, but now its taking forever.

I’m actually considering the node… to make daily gatherer faster. I mean right now I get 6/20 in my home instance, this would make it 15/20. Potentially get to 20/20 in the future… I don’t really care to spend my gold on much else right now anyway.

It’s pointless, definitely. But whatever, not really a big deal, just a bit of gold.

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