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GW2: The Origins of Madness patch starts on Jan 21

A new trailer was revealed on the GW2 official website showcasing some of the content players can expect on Jan 21 with a patch titled The Origins of Madness.

The heroes of Tyria face a battle on two fronts, attacked by a giant wurm from beneath the Bloodtide Coast and a twisted marionette in the mountains of Lornar’s Pass. Prepare to take up arms, join with your friends and fellow heroes, and fight off the rising threats.


Other relevant info gather from other sources

  • Jungle Worm world boss that resides in Bloodtide Coast with multiple heads that can regrow. Permanent addition to the game with a regular spawn timer.
  • Huge Twisted Marionette boss (aka giant watchknight) in Lornar’s Pass. Not a permanent addition.
  • New character joining Rox, Braham, Marjory and Kasmeer, this new character is an asura.


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54 replies on “GW2: The Origins of Madness patch starts on Jan 21”

I dont think it will be not done in 1h, maybe a week, I am sure for meta it will be delayed with some 3 steps daily etc, anyway, this will be end of scarlet story, so i expect something BIG (i want that fuckin ufo)

and wurm will be same way as new tequatl (new mechanics and own achiev) so its will take long time for fullfill (i dont have all teq achiev to this time done), but why wurm, wtf i want dragons, not wurm

Dragons will probably be exclusive to expansions/major content releases. Much like Zhaitan was linked with Orr, to get the other elder dragons we have to go where they are. Kralkatorrik = crystal desert. Bubbles = unending sea. Mordremoth = Magus Falls/Maguuma Wastes (another pale tree there as well). Jormag = Far Shiverpeaks. Primordius will probably be within the Deldrimor Front.

I really hope for this BIG expansion (datadisk), its only things, what keep me in game, I prise to God daily a sacrifice some of neighbor kids, but nothink works 🙁

And that’s not even the whole map of Tyria(the world) included. Cantha or Elona could be part of expansions too :p

It is *NOT* the end of the Scarlet story. It’s the beginning of the end. As in, the are at least three more parts (bi-weekly updates, etc.) before it is done.

If they roll straight through it, then I’d say a minimum of eight weeks. If they take breaks along the way for other non-Scarlet content, then it could go two or three times as long.

Either way, it’s consumable content. I bought and paid for this game nearly 18 months ago and I’m thrilled that I keep getting free stuff.

It does not matter if it will be done in the first hour, one week, or the meta in weeks, it’s that the living stories are all the same junk for the past months.

2 months waiting for 2 useless boss that i never do like tequal and so…but wait,since we got 3 big awesome updates for….CASHSHOP !

Come on ANET…where is the big content “as a whole expansion” promised since 1 year ? Where are new skills, news weapons,new zone, new donjon with new skins to win (outside of CS) ? Where are the new classe, race, pvp mode ect promised ?

Go on like this, and your game will fall down before end of 2014…Shame on you, after the awesome GW1.Give us what we want,as we want, not like YOU want !

Only thing to do is WvW…and its exaclty the same since begining ! You are just loosing your fan, stop to work and improve only your damn CASH SHOP, or boring Living story wich not make the game living at all…

TIC TAC, i see wildstar,everquest,black desert online,ect grind your fanbase…

They are already working on an expansion (yet to be anounce), and the time they tale was to work on a good ending of this living story, wich will be in 3 short patches to end with Scarlet… then a big reveal… and after, a new living story.

Don’t say they promised things when they only promised , and that’s a maybe, more pvp modes.
They haven’t said anything about expansions or classes or races.
Btw you never know, maybe they’ll suprise you with a expansion after the last 4 Living World(of this living world story) updates. They have enough lore, areas,…. to do plenty of expansions. Imagine being able to explore the whole Guild Wars 1 map.

So you admit,when they promised its like when they lie ? ( they proove it…)

And you still want to dream about expansion,this thing they haven’t promised right ? hum…

I said exactly this ” where is the big content “as a whole expansion” promised since 1 year ? ” don’t start to transform what i have said….

I know that maybe, between 2 or 5 years they will maybe finally move their lazy ass to do something else than reskin,or boring LS content, and start heard all players of first gw1, or all disapointed players by the game or their politic about it….but it will be so late…

Personnally i just don’t dream anymore, something as really change in this game “philosophy”.

They didn’t promise ‘the big content’, and they didn’t promise new pvp modes. They said they’ll work towards improving pvp which might include pvp modes.
And no they haven’t promised an expansion, they literally said they’d rather do updates every two weeks over an expansion. So they’re currently focusing more on LS than on a possible expansion (they said this few months after the first LS releases). Because the first arc of LS is ending in a few weeks there is a possibility that they might say something about an expansion.

I hope they will return more to GW1 lore, then Scarlet crap, in time when I play wow and read wow books, I read first 3 wow books and then go in the game and visit places from books in the live and that feelings was incredible (got boner honestly 😉 ) and “live lore” in GW2?? spend 14 months waiting and (when I did not count story dung) what I got ? BIG NOTHING! WTF arena, whats wrong with you? this is not, why i buy gw2 :/

False, the living story and an expansion are not mutually exclusive. They’ve said as much in recent interviews. I’d also like to remind people that most MMOs did not have an expansion in the very next year. TBC was at least 3 years from WoW’s launch. GW1 doesn’t count because it was not a true MMO and was much smaller in scope. It’s like people would rather twiddle their thumbs and wait, then have something new and different to feel in the gaps, or they’d rather have a static game and not the dynamic one we were promised which is like being mad at Pizza Hut for selling pizza instead of burgers. A conventional MMO is not on the menu.

Finally GW2 news -reads further- “madness” -oh crap, another part of “Scarlet’s wondrous adventures of bullshit”….

When will Anet finally realize, that Scarlet was a bad idea and they should get rid of her.
I would love to have a poll ingame about this. Maybe I am wrong after all and people like her and her story. I could accept that.
But right now all I see (and I could be biased here) is people who are sick of this lazy written fan fic level character and her menagerie of cartoon villains.

Also, worm in bloodtide coast… if it is something like Tequatl this would be a good thing for the PvE community. You know, organized PvE events and the like.
BUT – if they haven’t learned from Tequatl and the problems he caused *cough* overflow *cough* unfair rng *cough* I am not too excited for it.

What overflow problem are you referring to? And the “unfair rng”, is that related to loot or something with the event itself?

rng was refering to the loot system. Without a guaranteed way to work for what you want such bosses just create frustration because doing them 50-100 times destroys any intrinsic reward that may have been there.
Even more so when xXRandomGuyxX gets what you wanted the second time he visits the boss.

Overflow was a huge problem for weeks for the worlds where people actively organized the kills. Putting a boss that requires max lvl characters into a zone where everyone and their mother are leveling and walking by is a bad idea.
It always ended up being a race to get a spot on the main map.
Why not make the bosses instanced or give players a way to “summon” them?

The overflow just comes with the way they decided to design the game. I’m not sure if they originally envisioned the zerg clusterf*ck that so much of the game has devolved into. One good thing of it being on a timer is that it makes it possible to gather enough folks to have a shot at it… problem is, like you alluded to, that getting into an organized attempt likely means waiting for a while so that you’re sure to be on the right map instance.
For better or worse, they have gone with these bosses as being events in the world. For instances, you get fights like some of the LS dungeons that I found to be more fun.
It would be interesting to see what the minimum number of folks that could pull it off, but hard to know due to scaling.
The rng part is pretty common for MMOs… don’t care for it myself but don’t see it changing any time soon. You can always try to buy it on BLTC…

The thing with the rng is this: the solution is so damn easy.
Implement a token system. Let people decide whether they want some gold for their kill or want to save the tokens for something else like a mini, a rune or a skin.
All they need is a new item, a new vendor et voila: problem solved.
The rng drops could stay were they are. You can still be lucky. I have no problem with that as long as there is an alternative.

I have no problem with flaws in general. Some flaws have two sides to them, some are just really hard to come by.
But some are so easy to fix is is a shame no one is doing it simply because “our holy pipeline demands other things”.

Buying those things just off the tp is a way, yes, but a bad one.
(Part of the big problem of everything being substitutable by ever inflating gold – i.e. : you don’t farm what you need but whatever has the biggest worth right now to trade it for what you need)
Also, the skins aren’t tradeable.

this idea with token is imho pretty nice, I personaly have BIG problem with killing teq on my server, all top players already have all teq achiev and/or teq minis and give big fuc k to another try killing teq, when rewars is “random”, and me ?? i give teq uncount try before i completly abandoned him, bcz i am unable beat him with low lvl newbees and retardet players around, and yes, this PISSED ME A LOT! with any token given for even unsucceful try will help me slowly get some equal reward (why not use similiar system from black chest, or fractals token ..?) I think with wurm will be same way as teq, even dragon drop players, I experienced killing jormag in 20 players (early in the evening), and this is not fun :/

They already told us 4 more updates. Deal with it and move on. (And yes, some people do like her and the story, personally I’m indifferent to her but love our new companions.)

What’s wrong with your ppls? I think that GW2 is the best MMO game of now existings. And all you cry about this amaising staff done by ANET. Why? There are lot of updates skins dungeons were during last year. We also waiting for the Edge of The Mist map come online where we can fight. They also updating pvp system and working on balance ingame. ANET doing their job and I rly enjoy it. Don’t forget that ALL of this is FREE!!

nobady say, that gw2 is BAD game, but that I expect MORE LORE content, and I think for all mmo RPG with large lore base (books, fan etc) is essential put this in the game. wow doing this for 10y, why not GW2? I want believe that Anet was not that stupid so they did not see it.. btw I believe that lack of lore is reason , why Age of connan ends so badly

when Anet come with idea of Living Story I was really excited with this way, how bring some content, south sun cove (new map), bazaar of the four wind (hidden glint reference) or cutthroad politics was extremely fun and “lore” things, but after they went LS in the way with Scarlet, disappointed attended 🙁 yes, its new content etc. but i still believe, that LS system have more possibilities for lore stuff

if someone from Anet read this forum, I really want to know, why Anet ignore lore things in the game, they already have lots of stuff ready (dragons, areas etc) why not come with some LS, where I will fight with Eir and Edge of destiny with Jormag, or experience some flash back from GW1 and visit Glint, I will be fully satisfied with that little of lore, why they did not give me this 🙁 😥

btw, Anet was not doing this for free, i saw some interwiev, where they say, that income from buying gems is sufficient for running game without monthly fee, and I appreciate that (I buy some gems too), but I think they overuse gem items a little more then decent use is..

They should really look hows Rift pvp system works. Rift have best pvp levellin/ gear update system ever. GW2 pvp system sucs totally. And why theres no duel possiblity.

Also there should be update lfg. Penalty when u join group and leave. 30min penalty that you cant join group again. Also some options when make lfg. Accept only higer than level X.

Also im one who wants mounts also. Theres so many areas where wp is not working bcause fight. so sometimes you have to run whole map. I cant see any bad adding mounts on pve world.

I would disagree mostly, exept the thing about pvp.
Iwould like to see the Team Arena are actualy team, so u must use lfg to find the team, then communicate and after this start fight 5 vs 5. But with this change also I wound like to see change Solo+Duo arena where u can play with friend. thats how I see this )

Mounts – no need, rly no need. But even if they apear, I don’t care. BUT ONLY IN PVE (don’t touch wvw) =)

since beta, Anet was told, that in GW2 never will be mounts or anything like mounts, bcz GW2 have waypoints system, and mounts make this useless and game is not made for that happen 🙁

hmmmm… that means lady kasmeer is a sylvari with an Illusion…. and… we have a new destiny’s edge…! hurray…!!

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