SWTOR Interplanetary Component Exchange Reputation vendor items

A list of items offered by the Interplanetary Component Exchange reputation vendor. This reputation is gained via reputation earned from Starfighter packs.

General Info


Rank Rep Cumulative Rep Weeks to Reach
Weeks to Reach
Legacy Title
Outsider 2500 2500 0 0  
Newcomer 5000 7500 0 0  
Friend 7500 15000 0 1 Troubleshooter
Hero 10000 25000 0 1  
Champion 15000 40000 1 1  
Legend 30000 70000 1 1 Fixer

Items and their reputation requirements

Outsider Ubrikkian Industries Corporate Armor Set
Imperial’s Black Blue Gas Canister
Republic’s Yellow Gas Canister
Newcomer Deep Gray and Dark Purple Dye Module
Deep Gray and Deep Red Dye Module
Corso Riggs Customization 9
Doctor Lokin Customization 9
Zenith Customization 9
Jaesa Willsaam Dark Customization 9
Jaesa Willsaam Light Customization 6
Hero Glorious Charnel Mask
Champion Series 79 Aureate Cybernetic Armor Set
Legend Special Operations Tauntaun


Ubrikkian Industries Corporate Armor set – BoP – Outsider Standing

Piece Price (credits)
Belt 9450
Boots 12850
Bracers 9450
Cap 15550
Gloves 12850
Pants 15550
Shirt 15550


Individual parts

Details Show

Imperial’s Black Blue Gas Canister – 20k credits and 1 Cartel Market Certificate
Republic’s Yellow Gas Canister – 20k credits and 1 Cartel Market Certificate


Deep Gray and Dark Purple Dye Module –15k credits


Dark Gray and Deep Red Dye Module – 15k credits


Doctor Lokin Customization 9 (Agent) – 15k credits


Jaesa Willsaam Dark Customization 9 (Warrior) – 15k credits


Jaesa Willsaam Light Customization 6 (Warrior) – 15k credits


Corso Riggs Customization 9 (Smuggler) – 15k credits


Zenith Customization 9 (Consular) – 15k credits



Glorious Charnel Mask – BoP – Hero standing – 60k credits and 2 Cartel Market Certificate



Series 79 Aureate Cybernetic Armor Set – BoP – Champion standing

Piece Price (credits) Cartel Market Certificate
Belt 9450 1
Boots 12850 1
Bracers 9450 1
Cap 15550 1
Gloves 12850 1
Pants 15550 1
Shirt 15550 1



Details Show


Special Operations Tauntaun – BoP – Legend standing – 120k credits and 6 Cartel Market Certificates


Returning Items from Previous Packs

Outsider Imperial Practice Jersey – 10 credits
Republic Practice Jersey – 10 credits
Rock Lisk – 10k credits and 1 Certificate
Newcomer Trophy Hunter’s Mask – 20k credits and 2 Certificates
Emote: Chair 1 – 20k credits and 2 Certificates
Friend Meirm Bullfrog – 25k credits and 3 Certificates
Model Harrower Battle Cruiser – 25k credits and 3 Certificates
Hero Marka Ragno’s Armor set – 9k to 50k credits and 1-3 Certificates per piece
Series 505 Cybernetic Armor set – 9k to 50k credits and 1-3 Certificates per piece
Champion Grassland Varactlyl – 100k credits and 5 Certificates
Irradiated Varactyl – 100k credits and 5 Certificates
Legend Morlinger Aggressor – 100k credits and 6 Certificates
Mediation Chamber – 100k credits and 6 Certificates
  • AshlaBoga

    I like most of it, except the Companion Customizations seem ugly.
    Well, not the Dark Jaesa one, but the rest of them seem ugly.

  • darkfather

    As usual, ugly gear and reskins. Fail. Everytime.

    • Chakra

      Rep vendors for cartel packs are always reskins and trinkets.
      And that is a good thing since you need to buy the cartel packs to gain rep to purchase these things.

      • darkfather

        How is having to buy cartel coins in order to get reputation to get things a good thing when I already pay 15 bucks a month? Explain that flawed logic sir.

        • Charles Cantrell

          While your paying 15 a month the f2pers are tending to be paying for cartel packs instead… so they make money there as well.

          • Kwich

            According to BW information this is unfortunately false. Most cartel market sales (more then 3/4th) including packages are from subscribers not from F2P Players.

            • Who then post them, or their contents on the GTN, where they are purchased by F2P players…

        • Chakra

          The flaw is on your part.
          I never said having to buy cartel coins in order to get rep was a good thing.
          I said it is a good thing that the items at a CC rep vendor are nothing more than reskins and trinkets so that people wouldn’t HAVE to buy CC to get the “cool” things.
          In other words, as opposed to most other rep vendors, it is good that these vendors only sell reskins.

  • Areneth

    Dulfy, fix the title on friend rank, its Troubleshooter (or how it types :D) Seen yesterday on PTS

  • Guest

    What is gas canister? What use for it?

    • Averzaath

      colour of your starfighters’ laser cannon bolts

  • Naffnerf

    For a cartel pack reputation thing those items are very low. Just recycling…

    And still NO (not a single) SCORPIO customization!

    • AbnerDoon

      I wish there were more M1-4X customizations. But I would kill to see something other then default Scorpio. The other droids in the game can do it and if HK can look like a cowboy then they need to show her some love as well.

  • Murder Toys

    Wow Special Operations Tauntaun as the Legacy mount.. from this vendor thats pretty awful At least the last one looked good … am sure people say this all the time but I was going to open alot of crates to get legacy if it was good. this mount is not a 100’$ dollars spent to get it. such a shame looks like i l be just be putting my crate of Gtn now..

  • Siouxicide

    It’s the same re-colored crap as usual. Just like the new pack has a re-colored Revan’s Mask.

    • Wefi

      Mask is from the old Sith Warrior battlemaster gear.

  • metakel

    JUST HORRIBLE rep vendor items

  • Oscar Enrique Miranda


  • deathmetalnightmare

    i want my adult dolls to look cool while no one cares about it but me (and maybe two other virtual Hoarders) and i will be openly complaining about it all the time on the internet.

    love, swtorplayers

    • Deez Nutts

      and yet, here you are complaining about it

  • thetechnocrat

    Where is the vendor?

    • Cartel Bazaar, southmost end of Imperial fleet or northmost end republic fleet

  • AbnerDoon

    I’m glad the reputation for these packs has no hold over me. No cool speeder and no cool armor. I only want a handful of things from the new pack namely the Gav Daragon’s Armor Set and the mounts. The Irakie Renegade and Sky Cruiser look pretty good as well as the Kalakar Strike Fighter Simulator. All stuff I can trade for without spending real cash so I am happy.

  • zaiger

    I like the Zenith customization.

    • Alex G

      I just noticed that the Zenith Customization has cyborg implants…

  • DarthBiss

    Is the Special Operation TaunTaun sold at this vendor included in the Speeder spreadsheet? I cant seem to find it. I am an avid speeder collector and just want to make sure I have them all. Thanks for all your hard work Dulfy!

    • DarthBiss

      Never mind it must have been added since the last time I checked. Thanks

  • Myrc

    which pack do you have to buy?

    • Any of the starfighter packs

  • Rookyindiana

    you can only gain this rep from packs?

  • Whaka

    I just spent 100k on Chair 1 thinking by “returning items from previous packs” meant that I could trade it in for 25k and 2 certificates. Turns out you just meant that they are back again.

  • Parth

    How do I get reputation points with I.C.E? Starfighter packs aren’t out anymore?

  • Mythanotos

    Where do I get the Throne? What vendor has the throne for SH? I have the necessary prefabs and stuff, just don’t know where to go.

    • Hmm prefabs? Anyways the vendor is in the Cartel section of fleet. If you are Imperial take the southmost elevator. For republic it is the north most I believe

      • Mythanotos

        I figured it out in game. Someone helped me out. It was easy. Thanks though.

  • Koko Hekmatyar

    should add to this that these packs are not available in the cartel Market anymore.

  • Zigmund Lee

    How we gain this reputation now when the packs are no more in sell? 🙁
    no trace in gtn too

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